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Breakup without breaking down

State of Anxiety is a website dedicated to helping you through a breakup in an unprecedented manner. It’s practical breakup advice and humor unlike any other – and, with huge results. If you’ve already done an Internet search and landed here, then you know there are more than a few tons of useless resources out there – especially for women. And, if you’ve been lucky enough in life to dodge a bout of anxiety up till now, a breakup might, unfortunately, end that streak. Everyone suffers from a breakup and the resulting anxiety at one time or another. Anxiety and breakups go together like a colonoscopy during a Justin Bieber concert – in that you never want to experience either – especially both together.

But, a breakup doesn’t mean a breakdown. And, breakup advice doesn’t have to be the banal variety mostly available thus far. Why not tap in to a new breakup recovery paradigm? The worse you are feeling, the more imperative it is to access a unique approach that works quickly to alleviate your pain. How long your breakup anxiety lasts will determine if it’s the problematic type. The duration is what separates the normal from the neurotic. No one knows neurosis like we do. And, neurotic or not, Tom and I will get you through it. Since anxiety is a normal reaction to a breakup, there’s nothing to fear. Anxiety actually helps us deal with a tense situation. Whether it be in the office when someone eats your sandwich from the break room fridge, or keeping you focused during a job interview (at a company where people don’t steal sandwiches). In general, anxiety helps us cope with the swerves of life. Think of it as the fire under your ass that jump-starts you into some sort of action. Sometimes that action is detrimental to your well-being – which is why we’ve brought helmets and breakup advice that’s better than bubble-wrap.

State of Anxiety is both spot-on breakup advice and perspective, and a handy resource that you won’t find anywhere else. This site and the accompanying soon-to-be released book is a lot of uniquely wonderful things – but, it isn’t the status quo breakup advice littering bookstore shelves and online book retailers. Rather, the State of Anxiety website and book provide relief and the, “Hey, I’m not so crazy after all” type of self-reflection sorely needed by the hundreds of millions suffering from a breakup at any given moment. State of Anxiety utilizes humor, heavy doses of introspection, and sound clinical advice as an unconventional approach to the personal chaos of a breakup. State of Anxiety is the first, and maybe the only, website designed to placate pain and anxiety as it chronicles the comical manifestations of a breakup. If you don’t think there is such a thing, read this.

When it comes to breakup advice, clinical studies repeatedly show that laughter heals. According to Discovery News, “The protection apparently comes from endorphins, a complex chemical that helps to transmit messages between neurons but also dulls signals of physical pain and psychological stress. In addition to humor and the much needed relatability/perspective during a breakup,  State of Anxiety promotes healing while providing a collective identity through a community of like-minded, insightful visitors who learn to quickly navigate a breakup with the precision of a ninja. State of Anxiety is also a checks-and-balances to help determine if what you’re feeling at any point during a breakup is valid, while acting as a healthy distraction to provide levity and  a way through the potential agony. State of Anxiety is the perfect accoutrement and social utility to check-in with peers experiencing similar angst, while taking something positive away. Sometimes, a dose of perspective is all that is needed. But we offer so much more. In doing so, we’ve turned breakup advice on it’s head.

The State of Anxiety website and book are a testament to our dedication and life’s work to getting you through your breakup pain. State of Anxiety is the quintessential source to breaking-up while breaking-out of your mold. When it comes to breakup advice – hang-on tight – things are about to get real …

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