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Anxiety Related to a Breakup, Divorce … or Anything Else

State of Anxiety is the first and only website and book series (in production) designed to placate stress and anxiety by chronicling the lesser-known comical manifestations of anxiety, and then enveloping you in a cozy smattering of the most unique advice and tactics available. And, it does all this without drugs or booze, so you can savor the healing properties at work or while operating heavy machinery – like a wet screed. I don’t know what a wet screed is. But, I’d like to say I could operate one while anxious. Or, in general.

What this site, the accompanying blog posts, and book titles will provide you are insight, perspective, and the targeted professional counsel you need to overcome your loss like a boss. Remember: This isn’t the recycled self-help genre you see littering bookstore shelves. This is awe-inspiring, spot-on, recognizable, and actionable relief that you need now. No workbooks. No pills. No more needless suffering. No kidding.


RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Sleeping diagonally across the bed

Some relationships end quietly in mutually flowing tears, while others terminate in a volley of profanities and Tupperware®. Men are often oblivious to the underlying signs preceding a breakup. We’re guys – the gender caught [...]

October 19th, 2016|0 Comments

The sky is falling … right?

Today’s Anxiety Threat: “High” Only 35 years ago, anxiety did not exist as a diagnosis. Today, it’s the most common form of mental illness. Why? Ours is hardly the first troubled era humans have endured [...]

July 27th, 2016|0 Comments

JULY 2016 BOOK RELEASE: 101 Ways to Conquer Teen Anxiety

101 Ways to Conquer Teen Anxiety In addition to the much -anticipated Breaking-Up Badly book (in production), Dr. Tom McDonagh and I recently completed 101 Ways to Conquer Teen Anxiety. It's a funny and significant resource [...]

July 23rd, 2015|0 Comments
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