How to Avoid Self-Imploding After a Breakup

Love hurts ..

It is common knowledge that breakups are the heart’s equivalent to getting stabbed in the crotch with scissors. To the recipient of walking papers from a relationship, even the brightest, most sunshiny day can feel like a canker sore. And, barring the passage of time, there is no single effective cure for the gut-wrenching angst associated with heartache.

The typical breakup is comprised of a series of standard phases through which everyone progresses in roughly the same manner. However, the “actions” associated with each phase differ for men versus women. The male breakup is typically uncomplicated and simplistic in comparison to the female version – unless considering an anxious person – in which a routine breakup for either sex becomes a case-study in maladaptive social bizarredom. For the anxious individual, the symptoms and manifestations associated with the breakup phases are measurably more self-defeating, sadistic, lengthy, and, oddly – awe inspiring – than that of a split for the less anxious populace. And, though the phases for a breakup involving an anxious person can affect both males and females – it is far less socially acceptable in a man. This is the primary reason there are so few books available to men regarding breakups. You have to look no further than the breakup book covers and titles to validate this claim: “He’s Just Not That Into You“; “The Smart Girl’s Breakup Buddy“; and “Breakup Girl to the Rescue“, for example. The list is long, and each cloaked in pink, pastel, and effeminate covers. As general practice, men do not frequent bookstores following a breakup – except for the anxious man. Men go to bars and strip-clubs. Most guys just hook-up with a random stranger, stalk their ex, or binge drink upon having a significant relationship terminated. But, not the anxious man. He becomes an emotional crash-test dummy. Sulking within the aisles of a bookstore is just one of many places you might find this hapless soul seeking consolation. And, you can spot him from 50-yards: watery eyes; heart on sleeve; morose; slow talker; wreaks of pessimism; all while seeking asylum to mourn. He is the poster child for Kleenex, alcohol, and anti-depressants. And, he was recently … “me”.

Post breakup advice from a guy is seldom, if ever, helpful. “Man-therapy” is worthless – unless the man has “LCSW”, “MFT”, or “PhD.” following his name. After my very first breakup, my dad bluntly dispensed some advice while we worked on my Dodge pick-up. It was one short, memorable statement he made as he torqued on something important under the hood with some large torquing type of instrument. In referring to my ex, he said, “Son, there is nothing between her legs that you won’t find between another set – so, move on.” Sage advice. But clearly, my father assumed I was as shallow as my brother, whom rolled through breakups like a pimp with a titanium heart and sealed tear ducts. But, dad made a decent point – I have yet to discover some elusive North American rhinestone and sequins, vanilla-scented vagina – outside of a strip club, anyway.

There are basically three phases of any breakup. And, the following are how each plays-out for an anxious individual:

Phase I for the Anxious Breakup Victim is “Shock & Awe“:
This initial period feels like a cannonball fired directly into the abdomen, accompanied with a false sensation of, “I can totally fix this“. It is marred by feelings of inner turmoil, all-consuming grief, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, jealousy, lack of food or sleep, complete disregard for personal hygiene, and sprinkled with regular moments of irrationality. It is further accompanied by a sense of defeat that this was the single greatest partner you will ever have, that you will never meet anyone as good, and you will die alone with only a stray cat and a self-propelled Roomba vacuum to care for you. The downward spiral continues until you have plummeted into a dark abyss of self damnation. Sure, you’ve somehow recovered from previous losses, but this one is seemingly insurmountable. It is within this early state that you believe the resultant heartache will actually kill you. Furthermore, your current state of emotions feel worse than had your love interest actually died in a freak beer bong or hair straightener/White Rain aerosol accident. Had they actually died, you would not be picturing them naked in ritualistic Conquistador-type sex orgies. And, in the instance of their death, you would receive paid time off from work with copious sympathy from colleagues and peers. Not so with breakups. People quickly tire of your incessant whining and ideological droning about times past. The Serenity Prayer rarely makes a dent here – no matter how many times recited, or how aggressively. And, the hours begrudgingly whittle away like a constant panic attack with alternating chest and stomach pains. If this stage of heartache was our national security, it would be “DEFCON 5″ – a most precarious state, in which appalling, regretful antics such as calling his or her mother to plead your case is not uncommon. In my most recent breakup, I phoned my ex’s mom in Idaho in an attempt to have her facilitate my planned reconciliation. When this failed, I sent a litany of texts and emails to my ex to argue my case and somehow win her back. And, after my pathetic writing campaign solicited little response, I went where no man – anxious or not – should traverse: a Tiffany’s jewelry store at the local mall, where I purchased a “Tiffany Novo” engagement ring, and vowed to make her happier than The Wiggles.

In the campaign to win back the object of your desire, this phase will most often include regular and methodical text diatribes (aka, “terror texting”), along with emails and
voicemails in futile attempts to recon the defector – while each time, vowing not to send another – only to do so within hours. This stage is rife with a fuzzy logic that there is just the right combination of words and dire pleading to get them to reconsider. Like reminding them that no one will ever love them the way you do. Sure! How could this not work? And, what if you add some tears? How ’bout a $15,000 engagement ring?! It is wise to keep a dose or two of Ativan, Xanax, or Klonopin readily available to prevent the inevitable emotional meltdown or impulsive purchase. I took some during a long mountain bike ride after my breakup, and passed-out midway on a remote hillside. At least I didn’t pedal to another jewelry store. And, offering to do everything now that you were unwilling to do while in the relationship is a colossal ‘red-flag’ to yourself. Pay attention to it. The color of desperation is ‘safety orange’, and people will only pass you by with a look of extreme caution.

Remedy for Phase I:
If you take away anything from this article, let it be this: Do not ask him/her to sleep with you one more time in the hope it will somehow woo them back. Walk away before you ever mutter this hopeless request. If you pose this question, you will be denied without even a sliver of dignity upon which to rest. Just think how bad Moses had it while wandering the desert for 40 years. If you plead unsuccessfully for reconciliation sex, the Gobi Desert will be paradise compared to the emotional banishment you will reap after proposing this request. Notwithstanding begging for breakup sex, The only souls who appear less fortunate than you during this state, are those exposed nationally on a “Dateline’s, ‘To Catch a Predator‘” documentaries. This is proof-positive that things can always be worse, and perspective is a very helpful tool at this juncture. But, just in case, stay out of internet chat rooms, and do not keep a 6-pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade and condoms in the car with you. It is also imperative to limit self-humiliation and to avoid further contact with your ex. You would not leave your mangled arm in a running wood-chipper, would you? An effective technique to implement at this early stage is deleting the object of affection’s number from your phone contacts list. Even better, is turning off the phone and keeping it in the trunk of your car. If – as in my case – the number is permanently etched into your mind from days of deranged dialing, then change the object of affection’s name within your phone to something repulsive such as, “Rotten Crotch”, “Skank”, “Lucifer”, “Man Whore”, “Douchebag”, etc. This will limit moments of nostalgia and the certain romanticizing of his/her name. And, be proactive regarding the division of shared friends and alliances. This act may feel eerily reminiscent of 5th grade, where two team captains alternately select the best classmates for a game of dodgeball – sans the gratification of legally pummeling your ex’s face with a rubber ball. Additionally, perform an exorcism of all relationship mementos: Emails, cards, photos, half-used massage oils, candles, Chinese love beads, concert tees, CDs, the bedroom sex swing, etc. Despite how expensive, memorable, or impressively crafted, they must all be discarded. Jewelry is excluded, as it should go directly to a consignment shop, with the resulting cash used on strippers or facials. I still miss the beautiful desk globe my ex got me for Christmas – but, it looked much better at the bottom of my garbage can. The sheets we slept on – given to my landscaper to bundle yard waste and grass trimmings for disposal. My shirts she loved to wear – now used to wipe the mud and bugs off the front of my truck. Her toothbrush – perfect for removing hard-to-reach toilet algae from under the rim. Bath gels, shampoos, lotions, hair clips – all trash. I found that ridding of her hair was the final and most tenacious forensic leftover of which to dispose. I found it everywhere – for months. In my truck, all over my floors, in the dryer, permanenty intertwined in my hair brush, in my sock drawer, adhered to my shower tile, clogging pipes, etc. It’s a wonder she had any hair at all, with a shed-rate equal to a Wookie.

Next, change all venues you regularly frequented together, such as gyms, bars, naughty shops, theaters, cafes, Pottery Barn, etc. You could probably use the change of scenery
anyhow. And, no matter what month the breakup occurs, it will seem everyone else you know is in a happy, healthy, sexually charged relationship. Even your ugliest and socially stunted of friends will somehow secure mates during this time, then say asinine things like, “Hey, when you get a new partner let us know so we can double-date!”. Ignore these dumdums. Look at them with pity as you would passengers on a doomed flight. They are headed toward imminent demise on account of their absurdity and lack of self awareness. And, skip rebound dating for now, under the presumption that “The quickest way to get over one, is to get under another“. This is a brief distractor and, invariably, turns into date-therapy and sound-boarding your problems on to some innocent philanthropist kind enough to get naked with this woeful, depressed version of you. Your sole focus is making it to the next phase while limiting any carnage to yourself or some unsuspecting prey from

Phase II for the Anxious Breakup Victim is “Death-by-Analysis“:
This white-knuckle period of time is infused with just enough “What’s wrong with me” self-loathing to completely derail any chance of near term recovery. And, as the rest of the world seems to pass by on the giant teacups at Fantasyland, you publicly disintegrate into a plume of smoke and debris. It feels like a vapid waste of life that varies in length – though, always too long – and wreaks havoc on the synapses, short circuiting the neurons while your exhausted brain runs endless scenarios trying to solve the severed bond piece-by-piece in some macabre “CSI” type of relationship re-enactment. I wish this phase upon no one. The gestation further involves painstakingly dissecting every past conversation, event, moment, expression, and nuance of the relationship in a futile attempt to construct a reconnaissance and recovery strategy. It is a dark period where guys copiously violate many statutes of the “man code” through constant unsolicited contact, drunken weeping, the making of mixed CDs, and “un-friending” their love interest from Facebook, only to panic from their cyber absence and sending a new friend request days later. I deleted my ex twice during our first month apart, then sent follow-up requests to add me back. She went along with it – but, clearly out of pity. Pathetic? Only a ton. This insidious phase takes a hold just as you feel you could not sink any lower, and upon realizing the breakup was probably all your fault and that he/she is really never coming back. It is kind of like breaking-up all over again. Each day you awaken yearning for a mere 1% reduction in sorrow and heartache, and more than 4 hours of sleep. This assumes you get any sleep at all, with that constant reel of self-berating thoughts streaming your conscious like the news ticker on CNN. Immediately after my anxious breakup, I avoided my bedroom entirely, and slept on the living room couch for the next two months. Additionally, I spent all of my time outdoors and ‘on-the-go’ in an attempt to stay distracted till I was physically spent, then I would down a couple of sleeping pills to ensure unconsciousness for a few hours. I felt like a strung-out street junkie. I avoided my memory-tainted bedroom altogether. Her aura hung in there like a fat, lazy demon – always looming, while unresponsive to exorcisms. And, oddly, one whom sadistically hid her scrunchies and hair-ties throughout the night for me to find later. Her ghost was a bitch.

Remedy for Phase II:
To counter the morbid feelings inherent to this phase, it is imperative to spend time outside, get regular sleep, eat right, and exercise. Seems basic enough, right? Not so much. Because, by this point you’ve probably succumbed to considerable weight loss. Wean off the liquor and Mylanta, and introduce your body to some calories in the form of broth, dry toast, and perhaps graduate to an actual fruit smoothie. And, wash it all down with some heavy metal. Because no matter when you breakup, you will hear only sappy, dismal love songs on the radio to feed your anguish. Richard Marx, Air Supply, The Commodores, John Waite and the grocery store Muzak play-list – all ready to drive a rusty stake into the tiny piece of heart you’ve got left. I found that even my local weather channel would play morose, tantric background instrumentals while illustrating the pending cumulus cloud patterns on a forecast map. There is often no mental escape except the unexpected solace brought on by the death metal genre. You won’t find any pantywaist power ballads on the Sirius “Heavy Metal-XL 40″ channel, for example. So, embrace your inner head-banger and savor some Goatwhore, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hatesphere, or Napalm Death. Sure, it feels a tad Satanic and insubordinate at first. But, this audio ecstasy greatly facilitated my own recovery … at least while commuting. And, rather than sulking into the lump of moist waste that John Mayer and Maroon 5 will produce, death metal will usher you to the “healthy” angry stage of a breakup. As for television, it’s a semi effective distractor. But, watch only sitcoms or episodes of “COPS“. No dramas, no sophomoric “Bachelor“/”Bachelorette” series, and no episodes of “Cheaters“. Though, I have occasionally found solace from watching “Cheaters“, simply through “misery loves company” and nationally televised ‘train wrecks’ overshadow my own pain and grief.

Hopefully, you have already done so; if not, stop sending flowers and/or gifts and recoup some losses – mainly your dignity. Stop idealizing, and
begin reducing your love interest’s grandiosity by confirming with family and friends that he/she was not that attractive, and will only get uglier/fatter/dumber/ or herpes now that you are not together. Friends usually have your best interests in mind, and make convincing liars. In my case, however, my male friends only added to my distress by stating that my ex was doing some other guy at random moments – and, probably – multiple guys. And, even though she was not sexually adventurous with me, she is certainly now an amateur porn star, while pulling ecstasy-induced all-night sexcapades. She was a former gymnast after all. In my mind, she made the “Kama Sutra” read like a beginners guide to yoga. And, whom will I be with now?? A girl can have sex at anytime with nearly anyone she chooses. Whereas a guy must constantly troll and toil at it – or, pay. It’s an imparity of nature. And, I was hideously cloaked in desperation and insecurity. Retail therapy often helps women within this state-of-mind regain some self assuredness. Many spare no expense when purchasing their way into temporary bliss. New clothes are not as cathartic or therapeutic for an emotionally wounded straight man, however. Retail therapy for a guy means a muscle car or a new truck with thousands in aftermarket modifications, followed by a serious bout of “buyer’s remorse”. This is precisely how I acquired a new $45,000 lifted, customized 4×4 truck. The high lasted about 60 hours, and until I had to fill the gas tank for the first time. Women also tend to splurge on new hair styles – also something that is wasted on men. Well … not on this anxious man. I once got a hair weave following a breakup, at an African American salon called the “Hair Kingdom”, simply because my ex loved long hair on guys and my nappy blonde hair would only curl and get bigger as it grew, until I looked like a giant microphone. But, the Hair Kingdom stylist hooked me up, and I walked out with a straight, foot-long, blonde mullet. It was the late eighties, so this was perfectly acceptable. I looked like any effiminate member of Poison, Motley Crue, or Winger. That horrible decision lasted for one week. But, only because the anti-itch scalp spray could not save me from the constant scratching I performed using a dinner fork where the extensions were tied against my scalp beacause – realistically – my hair was far too short for a weave. What is more disconcerting is that I even sucked at growing a proper mullet. I may be the only guy on record who has bought a mullet that was not part of a “Joe Dirt” Halloween costume.

The Final Phase (III) for the Anxious Breakup Victim is “Reattaching Genetalia
Congratulations! You are beginning to feel some emancipation from your emotional purgatory. Liberating, isn’t it?! It is this stage where you no longer wish hair loss and STDs upon the ex whom so callously discarded your heart. You do not feel as physically repulsive as before, and you actually have some real marketability to leverage now that you’ve given-up the pastime of wallowing in anger and self-defeat. As a dumpee, you are on the right path if you think the guy (Alfred Lord Tennyson) who said, “It is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all” could be right – but is probably still an insensitive jackass. Thankfully, the visceral imagery has stopped, and no longer do you fondly muse over your ex every minute of each day – maybe once every 30 minutes or so. But, what a glorious reprieve found in those 30-minute windows! A couple of months ago, the loss seemed insurmountable and definitely fatal. You have even moderately accepted that – depending on your ex’s “promiscuity index” – he/she has been naked with someone you despise. Somewhat unsettling to know, but no longer a deathblow. And, you can watch as the season changes and know that you are not going to perish from a bleeding heart. On the upside, you’ve even lost enough weight to rock those skinny jeans. But, don’t.

Perhaps the best part of this phase is that you have stopped idealizing the relationship and see it for what it was: A two-party ‘shitshow’. All of their annoying behaviors – the reason you should have broke-up in the first place – were in fact irksome – not endearing. In my scenario, I clearly recall not wanting to be with her anyway. Her shrill cackle of a laugh was reason enough to flee the relationship. In the end, I did not want to hurt her, and I still loved our time together … when she wasn’t laughing. After she was gone, I came to realize it was solely the friendship I missed …… and, the yummy egg sandwiches she would make for breakfast. Use this time to accelerate gaining distance from the person and the past. It really is okay that your supposed “perfect” relationship is irretrievable. It’s a delusion that
if you had back, would end in the same twisted wreckage. You may even consider going on a date and not verbally vomiting the name of your ex. There is a limitless frontier of “strange” showcasing itself within bars, grocery stores, salsa clubs, festivals, concerts and even at traffic lights. Intersections are not my preferred venue. But, everything is fair game now that you’ve removed your head from your ass and rediscovered your innate potential. What is important is that you get out there and take some swings, or jabs, or cracks – or, whatever your preferred sports analogy. Your individual success will hinge on how high you set the bar. Anyone with low enough standards can post some impressive numbers. My recommendation? Start high and adjust accordingly. Hooking-up with an ogre on your first attempt may qualify. But, anything that you have to muscle out your back door under the cover of night, or chew off your own arm to avoid waking, does not count. So, save yourself the extended shower and bad conscience.

Finally, it is important to note that is within this final phase of your recovery that your ex will fortuitously make a reappearance. This assumes you followed the aforementioned recommendations, and their reappearance is not in response to a court subpoena for your criminal stalking trial. The moment your ex senses you have moved on, will be the moment they cannot stand knowing you have. The sick irony of this, however, is that they will absolutely not contact you prior to you getting over them. It’s yet another cruel discrepancy of nature. Plan for this momentous day by readying yourself for the moral high-ground. Quiet confidence speaks volumes here. There is no need to remind him/her what they lost in you, because This isn’t about you. It’s about their own fragile and bruised ego, and the fact they only care that you have managed to somehow prevail in their absence. It’s one of life’s oldest traps to test your mettle. Keep moving forward – preferably with someone else.

Remember, “It’s Called a Breakup Because it’s Broken“. I read that on a neon pink breakup book cover somewhere …

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351 Responses to How to Avoid Self-Imploding After a Breakup

  1. Awesome article and great replies…
    So I am 32yr old personal trainer in south tx. Having met plenty of women throughout the years and never letting myself become emotianally attached to any…but two. I went through my first 3 year relationship,but that was young love and all about the mind games. #2 lasted 3 years but then I thought i was with the love of my life and my soulmate after college and heading into proffessional big boy life…well, someway somehow I managed to sabotage our relationship and managed to loose my partner And best friend. I can honestly say that I fell into the darkest of holes and anxious times always telling myself she was the one and always having my mom and brothers reminding ne of how great she was and how big a loss she was and how I might never have that chance ever again. She wasted no time in finding her new partner and eventual husband, as I sat there after a longdays of work,on my couch,bottle of wine…cuddled with cairo(my true and most loyal labrador friend) i swore Id never fall for anyone again as long as cairo lived or i atleast turned 35!!!

    Well 4 years later here I am…I moved from austin to brownsville,tx…new career and new begining… Although you might think I am a fool after what I will post…i hope to get your honest opinion on what this can be called.

    Long story short- day before superbowl game, my good friend invited me over to his superbowl party and insisted that I went(odd) after deciding not to go, he seemed a bit let down… Well the following saturday, i got home at night, tured and sleepy i decided to crash out…then i heard a knock at my door and it was another one of my friends who very randomly decided to show up and invite me to a country saloon as he was very excited to go on a blind date he was set up on with a very attractive attorney girl. So what the hell, i got up, had a few beers to wake up and made my way there to meet up with the group. As I stood there and admired everyone dance…but me, this girl who was supposed to be my goid friends date, reached out to me and asked for my name…so i tell her my name and she asks why I didnt go to michaels superbowl party! So i looked around the saloon,looking for mike playing his prank, niwhere to be seen I ask…wtf!?!? How would you know this? So she replies saying that her and I were set up to meet the prior week and that the sb party was meant for us! So then it hits me..”what a freaking small world!!!” Was this fate? Was it destiny for us to find each other someway somehow? Did my friend pretty much drag me out to eventually take what was supposed to be his date? After hitting it off with her, she decided to have her friend give me her # so that i could text her. We soon spoke on the phone and talked about how special it was the way we met and everything clicked. We went out on a first date and we actually kissed when i dropped her off…the next day she was to drive off to angelfire ,nm to her ski home Nd vacation for a week as attorneys and courts were off. We talked on the phone the first few night and we were just going nuts to see each other asap, so this girl hot in her car and drove twentysome hours straight to be with me…that in itself felt soo special as I knew i found the one. We spent the rest of the week in bed ( ;-) ) and getting to know each other more and more. We started moving fast and it got to the point where she admitted to opening up soo fast to me and acting like never before.
    Now…i am 32, never married no kids
    Her= 35, married for 11yrs,divorced no kids proffesional criminal attorney with great education.

    So everything was going amazing and fast for these past 8 weeks. We even drove up to austin and spent 4 days with my whole family. She was an instant hit and I reassured myself I might and should have “the one!” Everytime we were together we got along amazing and just seemed soo right for each other. I respected her busy schedule by not calling her during work hours and she did the same…although she was always the one to cone to my work and workout with me or take me to lunch and what not. I never really got the go to show up to her work. But it never bothered me. So this friday, she shows up to my work and asks if Id like to go to lunch with her and I happily said yes and so we went. We actually spent 3-4 hours at cafeteria and just talked and talked and laughed…finally we drive back to ny work and i sat in her car a few minutes in parking lot to kill some time. We set up a plan to spend the night with each other and workout the following morning before she drove up 3 hours to attend an event at her second law firm…but before that she informed me tha several guy attorneys were getting together for drinks and she had to make apperance as it was the right thing to do as they always sent her clients and made her business. She said she wanted to only be there an hour or so… Even asked if i wanted to attend with her or meet her there and i replied no…that it was fine and that i trusted her and knew she was a good girl and would get drunk and leave me for an attorney guy…but her response totally butt hurt me and it was all downhill from there. She said “of course I wouldnt, but remember that we are not exclusive!” So immediately It hurt me and I took it the wrong way and assumed the worst. I told her she didnt need to remind me of our status and that i wasnt planning on asking her to be my gf yet as I was truly enjoying working at it and getting to know her. So for the sake of not arguing about it, i reched over and gave her a kiss and told her she was a beutiful and great girl and i walked away and into my car…we spine on the phone a bit after and she gave me an altumatem…you want to continue working at it and see where we go or give up bc im not ready to be a gf yet. She explained what exclussiveness was to her and reassured me there was none else. To her it meant making decisions together and always having to inform me of everything she did. So someway somehow things didnt get better and she stayed a bit longer at her drinks and eventually came to my house to drop off my house kets but refused to talk to me about anything and said she was tired and needed sleep as shed be driving 3-4 hours next day. So she left ne in limbo i felt. I tried to call and text the next day to see what was wrong or talk to her about it but she ignored me until finally she replied we will talk in person. I asked how we could make it better and she replied I had to start be respecting her personal space. I thought about it and wondered why i had to respect her space as she was the one whod show up to my work,house and always reminded me hiw lonely she felt without me in her bed and how badly shed miss me during the day…. So yesturday i texted her a few more times and no response and so i call her and she lets ne talk and then finishes by telling me shes done,she cant do this and hangs up on me. I felt angered and betrayed and texted her a few innapropriate things trying to justify me being a bad person and truly giving her a reason to blow me off…she immediately went on to block me on fb and my #. What was this all about? I met this girl in the oddest of ways, felt like I never did with my gfs of years…. Was able to be myself around her 100% and felt at peace once more…was i just infatuated with being with an older, proffesional very independent woman attorney or truly and fastly falling for the girl i was waiting for all my life? I actually had serious thoughts of even working hard at being the guy for her and settling down and taking this thing all the way.

    Or was she telling me everything i wanted to hear just so she can pass the time and have a temp night companion? Or does she have serious issues…( accirding to her, her 10yr marriage ended because her husband after 7years told her he didnt want to have a kid)

    Now im here in my house, didnt even attend to my clients and am feeling either shamed,used or confused….

  2. Isabella says:

    JP, I loved your article and i love your comments. I’m brazilian so english is not my first language, sorry for any mistakes.

    I cannot understand my situation. My boyfriend dumped me because he cant trust me. He say he loves me and wants to be with me but can’t trust me. I was single for four years before him so of course i hooked up with different guys and some of those guys turned out to be my friends later. He hates this, he hates that i have them on facebook, even tho he knows i have and want nothing to do with them. He said we think differently about this so we must break up. I would never delete or stop talking to my friends, ever. Do you think i’m wrong about this? He hates that i get male attention, he thinks i’ll cheat on him with one of his friends, or with someone stronger, muscular, smarter. I never did anything, i always treated him right, i love him so much. He said horrible things to me, it was a scary emotional abuse. Do I deserve this? I’ve always been faithful. I feel like this is so unfair.

    I keep calling him, emailing him and crying all day. My friends cant take this anymore, my mom is fed up. I am absolutely sure he will meet someone soon and this freaks me out, I keep having anxiety attacks and its driving me insane.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Isabella! Great name. Your English is phenomenal – nice work! I certainly cannot speak Portuguese – so I would never fault you. In reply to your posting, it seems you are dealing with (based on your description) a very controlling, manipulative, insecure, and jealous guy. I am basing this only on what I have read here. I agree with your mother and friends – you should not be sad – you should be running the other way with joy that you will not see him again. This is NOT the kind of guy you get heartbroken or sad about. This is an abuser – plain and simple. Run, Isabella. The best advice I can give you is to cut all ties with this guy. There is no future with him. Only more abuse, and more severity of that abuse with time. Please listen to your friends and family. They have your best interests in mind. Do yourself a favor and stop all communication with him. And, if possible, see a counselor/therapist right away as well. It’s important that you learn why you chose a guy like this so that you never repeat the choice in another. YOU DESERVE SO MUCH MORE. -JP

  3. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after reading through some of the post
    I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely glad
    I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

  4. ND says:

    Here I am, back on here again. I still love this article. It’s been a year and a half since the ex and I broke up. And I have to say I feel so much better. I really never thought I was going to emerge from that horrible sadness and awfulness. But I did, just like you said. I’m in a sad place again though.

    I was sort of seeing this new guy. I thought things were going well. I wasn’t completely head over heels but I was starting to really like him little by little. And we were starting to relate on a bunch of things (or so I thought). I wasn’t comparing him to my ex for the most part, which I thought was huge progress. And he kept making an effort to talk to me, so I let him. He was incredibly smart and so sure of himself. And then he kind of just kind of stopped trying. He barely touched me the last few times we hung out except to give me a sideways hug hi and bye. I’m seriously confused and sad. I don’t know the hell I said or did to make him stop trying. I feel so guilty and dumb for hooking up with him because now I feel like all he wanted was to be physical. But I can’t believe that because I know he’s had a girlfriend before so I know he’s capable and I really didn’t think he was that kind of guy.

    I just wanted some sign that I could be liked and someone else besides my ex could want me. I put so much time and effort into feeling good about myself and making myself a better person over this past year and a half. My ex got into a new relationship 6 months after breaking up with me and I’m still alone and no one wants me. Do I have like do not date this dumbo stamped across my forehead?? I don’t know what else I need to do.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Welcome back, Nidhi! It’s a great pleasure to hear from you again. Well … I mean, in general. I’m not at all glad to see you within a similar predicament. But, that’s how love works sometimes. I really want to stress the likelihood that his behavior is about you is so very slim. It’s impossible for either of us to know what his state-of-mind was during and immediately after the relationship. But, your mind is automatically drawing “worst case” conclusions that are all about possible shortcomings by you! STOP IT. Thoughts do not equal facts. Feelings do not equal facts. And, you do not need “some sign” that you could be liked enough by anyone. You don’t need that kind of validation, because that is the exact type of validation that needs to come from within each one of us. Why are you giving him the power to determine your self-worth? He holds no authority on your value whatsoever. Maybe he just wanted to get laid and is incapable of anything else. That is just one likely scenario. But, for whatever reason, you are wanting to designate him the official approver of your intrinsic value. I call bullsh!t. You know you’re just as valuable and special as any one of us. You simply chose to hitch your wagon to a bad horse. Bad analogy, I know. But, I love analogies!

      You recently spent a great deal of time on yourself, while making considerable progress. But, did you spend time on what types of guys you would allow into your life? It sounds like things with this one weren’t very serious – that it was more physical. As a guy, it sounds like he got what he wanted and acted like a few million other guys afterward. But, you are wanting to personalize this as some reflection of your worth. Look, I know it feels crappy. But, that’s all it is. A crappy feeling. Do not let his hapless, self-fulfilling actions erode at your self-confidence. Get it?

      “I want somehow to tell the story of how the dispossessed become possessed of their own history without losing sight, without forgetting the meaning or the nature of their journey.” -Sherley Anne Williams

      Past cruelties we experience can remain powerful in our lives — yet to take possession of our history means to free ourselves of the bondage to past events. Nothing can ever change them. If we are to make the future good, we’ll learn what the past can teach us. But our freedom requires us to make choices based on the needs of the present, not the past. You can act at every moment in such a way as to honor the past and enhance the future. -JP

  5. Ben says:

    Wow, this article brightened up my day.
    So when I got to college, I met a girl who would eventually become my first girlfriend (I know, I’ve got tons of swag). We had a great relationship for 3 and a half years. The second half of the 4th year started going sour though, because she was graduating and going off to work, while I ended up staying in school for another year. We got really distant and started fighting a lot. We eventually broke up near the end of the semester (She was more willing to end it then me). That’s where I entered phase I. I think I was in this numb stage for about 4 months. I then started to miss her, and progressed a bit into phase II, but I wasn’t a wreck. Just last week, I found out that she got a new boyfriend, and that just crushed me. It seems like I can’t go a minute without losing it.
    My bed is likewise my enemy, but not because it reminds me of her (I am in a new apartment since the break up), but rather due to the fact that when I’m trying to sleep, all I can do is think about her, and all of the stupid things I did to drive her away.
    Millions of people go through this every day, but what is it about a break up that makes you feel like the only person in the world who feels this way.
    Anyway, the article was a huge morale booster, and I’m going to show it to any friends of mine who are unfortunate enough to fall to the same fate as me.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Well, hello Ben. I am grateful for your posting, and stoked to hear the essay assisted you. Your story is eerily reminiscent of the relationship my cousin recently experienced. The parallels are many. As for your current pain, that part actually parallels pretty much everyone of us on the receiving end of a breakup. And, you’re right – the entire experience is VERY isolating. Hopefully, in coming here, you see that you’re in abundant company. Breakups are replicated across the world in great volume each and every day. No one is immune. Does that help?? About as much as getting hit with cancer, while knowing so do millions of others. So … not at all. What does help, however, is utilizing the coping and distress tolerance skills successfully used by our peers. And, you can read about many of these within the “Comments” section here. On a side note, I’m glad you’re in a new apartment. The “ghosts” of your relationship aren’t lingering around your new place. It’s the vivid memories in your mind that you’ve got to shut-off. And, this is most difficult to accomplish when we lay down to sleep. Myself, I cheated through this part. I saw my doctor and was prescribed Ativan and sleeping pills to calm my nerves and facilitate sleep until I was able to implement some thought control. You’re going through one of the top 5 stressors in life, Ben. So, why not seek out counselor, or – at the very least – reach out to your physician and tell them what’s going on?? They’re around to help you, and there’s no shame in reaching out for a lifeline! I’m telling you that there’s no good reason to white knuckle through this when help (i.e., counseling, temporary medication, etc.) is within reach.

      I know this may seem trite at the moment – but, please keep in mind that the doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live. Everything has a beginning and an end. When our travels on one path are completed, another path lies ahead. Clearly, it’s not easy to feel a door close. Relationships, friendships, careers, and lives end. Although we may not understand why a door closes, it’s important to remember our Higher Power has everything to do with it. By the same token, we may not understand why certain doors open, revealing opportunities we may have longed for. Again, our Higher Power feels we are ready to pursue that new experience. The doors that open and close today help prepare us for our experiences tonight. The doors that open and close tonight will help us grow toward tomorrow. We are not mice in a maze, randomly pursuing paths for a reward of cheese. We are children of a Higher Power, guided towards our chosen goal through the many doors we open and close along the way. The key to our sanity is learning to trust that our paths have been prepared for us by our Higher Power. -JP

  6. Rachel says:

    Hey, your article was really funny, and well-written.

    I just got out of a 6-month relationship (it’s not even been a week since we broke up) in which my boyfriend was amazing, compassionate, really into me, and I fell in love with him. It was magic, doe eyes, stuck like glue train rides, and a feeling of having “found a home”. He admitted that he was in therapy but didn’t talk about what for till after issues came up between us. After about 3 months into our relationship, I noticed he would shut down and be unable to talk, and one night, it was more extreme. I freaked out at first because I didn’t understand it. I had a panic attack in front of him and cried and expressed my insecurity. I wasn’t mean, just vulnerable and scared – I myself am a very anxious person, have been burned in the past, and don’t deal with break-ups well…
    Then it happened a second time shortly after. Anyway, it caused him to become more distant with me, and for the second half of our relationship, it was him saying he didn’t know what he wanted but would try to see where it would go. I didn’t want to lose him, but after us hashing things out on several different occasions with him still feeling unsure of things (undecided) and me wanting to keep going (definite “yes”), I realized the situation was unfair to both of us. So I initiated a break-up with his input so it was a mutual agreement.

    The problem is, now I feel like a horrible person because I had those panic attacks in the beginning. I feel like I messed everything up. I also realize, in my saner moments, part of being in a relationship is that working through obstacles together is what makes a relationship stronger by developing deeper trust. That is the hard stuff, the “work”, which can be very fulfilling if two people are willing to do it. But it takes two, and he was unwilling or unable to do the work, no matter how much he cared about me, or wanted to, or wished he could.

    I’m pretty raw and heartbroken right now. This f-ing sucks!!! I don’t want to be single the rest of my life. It had been nine years of single-hood since having a relationship that ended in a traumatic break-up (that guy cheated on me in our bed with me walking in to see it), and I was so hoping that I could finally have a good experience with someone. At least we did have a good break-up experience – he didn’t lie to or cheat on me. I just want something to last, a man who can stick it out. I’m just a damn fool for getting involved with someone who is younger and unsure of what he wants. It’s my fault for being unable to read the signs sooner. Anyway, he’s awesome, just not into me, I guess.

    Anyway, thanks for your article. I look forward to reading your book – when will it be written?

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Rachel! Thank you for writing. I was first struck by your heavy ownership of things I don’t feel you should be taking on. For example, you mentioned that your anxious behavior “caused him to become more distant with me, and for the second half of our relationship, it was him saying he didn’t know what he wanted but would try to see where it would go.” I personally don’t necessarily agree with this interpretation. Your ex had his own “stuff” going on. To what extent – I don’t know. But, he definitely had his issues. He even admitted to at least some of these. So, don’t be so eager to fall on the gauntlet here. I highly doubt you messed anything up that wasn’t already starting off on a shaky foundation. And, in your heart, I believe you know this. You even stated, “I also realize, in my saner moments, part of being in a relationship is that working through obstacles together is what makes a relationship stronger by developing deeper trust.” You’re right! Relationships are fraught with obstacles. And, if we all bailed at the signs of the first few, there would be no relationships. Anywhere. For whatever reason, he wasn’t willing/able/capable of being fully present in your relationship. Perhaps he is just not wired for one right now. He’s seeking professional help to deal with something. I commend him for recognizing this, and for seeking assistance. But, maybe some of what he’s working through also yields him incapable of giving more than what’s required for a healthy relationship.

      I know it sucks. And, I know it’s gut-wrenching at times. But, keep in mind that “dating” in and of itself is an extended trial period. And, inasmuch, we are to continually evaluate the “state of the relationship” – no matter how new or old – to make the determination if we are to proceed. I feel confident – with what little information you provided – that by initiating the break you did, you were absolutely correct. Trust your instinct. It’s so much worse to stay in the wrong relationship just to avoid being alone. I’ve been alone since my last bad relationship over a year ago – and, it’s SO much better than being one-half of an unhealthy, unsound couple. But, please stop ripping yourself apart for dating the wrong guy for you – even if it’s more than one. That’s what dating is! Whether he wasn’t into you, or just not capable of being into you or anyone, I don’t know. It doesn’t matter, however. Because he wasn’t a fit for you. And, you should be okay with that. You will be. In time. You can hardly project into the future and assume that now you’ll die alone! That’s egregious. Just get back out there and put yourself back in the mix. If you’re not meeting enough men, then cast a wider net by attending more events, joining more social groups, and getting outside of your comfort zone to meet people you wouldn’t otherwise meet. I need to take my own advice here. But, life often gets in the way. Work on branching out of your comfort zone to meet more people who share common interests.

      For now, the most important thing you should be doing is thinking nice thoughts. Just thinking nice thoughts sounds very simplistic. But, the power of nice thoughts, the impact just such a simple decision can have on our lives is awesome. Stop yourself from judging – both, yourself and your ex (especially yourself!). Stopping a judgment in its tracks, will reveal how swamped your thinking has been by the self-critiquing side of you (or, what I call our “Boo voice” – in that it boo’s us). Seldom do we cultivate a quiet, peaceful mind. Seemingly out of control, our minds race from one idea, one judgment, and one negative opinion to another one of equal harm to ourselves and others. Perhaps we don’t realize that every thought we harbor has an impact, whether it’s voiced aloud or not. Every time we favor a negative rather than a positive thought, we add to the turmoil around us. The good news is that we can choose between the two at will. Keep this in mind, Rachel, while you begin to praise yourself for the goodness within you.

      As for the book, I took a long hiatus, but I’m back to working toward it. It’s gonna take awhile, and I had a wonderful offer from an agent/producer to assist with the endeavor. But, more than anything, it requires that I put “pen to paper” and just crank-out the words. Thank you for reaching out to me and this online community of peers. -JP

  7. Krissy says:

    Perfect. I was in a 5 year relationship with my first love… broke up for the 5th time or so.. but that time was different from the rest because instead of texting every other hour after breaking up and getting back together in like two weeks, about a month after breaking up (and still texting) I met another great guy. I got completely distracted and ended up dating him for about 6 months (on and off.. but that’s a whole other story). The second guy broke my heart continuously by ending it with me then coming back (basically giving me false hope; just breaking up again after a few weeks because of his problem with commitment)… but when it was REALLY over with him because he ACTUALLY had the willpower to stop crawling back, I started thinking about the first guy more because I wasn’t distracted by the second guy. I basically never really dealt with the breakup with my 5 year relationship because someone else distracted me so quickly. Long story short, after the relationship with the second guy ended, I inevitably started to contact the guy I truly loved (after about a month the second guy dumped me for good), and we of course were flirting and reminiscent with the undeniable chemistry we had always had. I started having idealistic thoughts of us reconciling and starting fresh and that me dating someone else was just a bump in the road and was what I needed to realize that the first guy was my soul-mate and that we would get back together and make everything perfect! Wrong was I. I hung out with the first guy about 3 times which I had to initiate, and eventually lead to a conversation I had with him about me wanting to be with him forever and that I had made a mistake and blah blah blah and at this point…. he had already moved on.. and did not want to be with me anymore. He said he still loved me and would forever, but was just ready to focus on himself and didn’t want me anymore. For me, I was like WHAT?! How could you be over me so quick?! (In my mind, we took a pause on our relationship, so it was like no time had passed. But for him, he had started getting over me about 8 months prior when he knew I was starting to talk to someone else). So in my eyes, our breakup pretty much JUST happened, even though it happened months ago for him.

    Even though I’m the one who seemed to “move on” first, I am actually the one who is still caught up months later because he has had his time to heal while I just avoided it by distracting myself with someone else. Since it was my first love and a relationship that lasted for so long, I understand while I’m still hung up on him even after we have only really hungout a few times in the past 10-12 months or so. The anxiety I experienced these past few months was eating away at me! There were countless times where I was either at work or out with family or friends and started obsessing over thoughts of how my relationship that I spent 5 years dedicating my life to was “wasted” and felt like I was going to have a nervous breakdown… then have to excuse myself to the bathroom and TRY to get myself together in about two minutes…. and then feel like I was crazy for even having to do that, because I’ve never known anyone else to get so distraught like I do. But after reading this I feel WAY more comforted knowing that there are other people out there who have really gone through it like I have. I think a lot of people going through a breakup may feel similar to this but are way better at covering it up or convincing themselves they are fine, but for someone like me who wears their heart on their sleeve (and also has anxiety), its hard to just push these intense feelings aside… its something I had to deal with the minute I woke up until the minute I fell asleep. But it does get better over time, and I bookmarked this article to refer to on bad days when I’m losing hope!! So thank you, it was awesome to read and with today being one of those iffy days, it definitely made me feel hopeful again!

    Also, you still single JP? ;-D

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hey, Krissy! Love the posting. You’re so right about never dealing with the original breakup. So many people think they can circumvent – or, bypass entirely – the healing process by diving into another relationship. Sigh …. wouldn’t this make live so easy?! It would be epic, actually. And, most of us (me included) have tried this approach, hoping it’ll work. I can say with absolute certainty, that in 100% of the cases, it doesn’t – no matter how hot, wonderful, rich, sexy, awesome the rebound is. It just doesn’t work. Nature won’t allow it. But, kudos for tryin’! Your breakup sounds like most – where one person mentally/emotionally “checks-out” far earlier and unbeknownst to the other. It happened to me, and it’s what spurred this essay. It was as if she stealthily slipped out the relationship door a couple of months before I realized she was gone. I deserved it, however – because I didn’t fully appreciate her until she had taught me what it would be like without her. “Lesson learned,” I thought. I could now fully appreciate her, acknowledge this, and we’d get back together and be fine. Nope. She realized that she could do just fine without me, while I spiraled like a Kamikaze into the deck of an enemy frigate. I imploded into a million fragments of my former self. I did everything I wrote about here. BUT, after some time had passed, I came to realize what you might realize – that I didn’t appreciate her and fully invest in a lifelong commitment for a reason: She wasn’t the right one for me. She knew it before I did, and was strong enough to take action. My point is this: Is he really that special to you? Is he really “the one?!” If so, wouldn’t you have recognized and appreciated this a long time ago? I mean, he was your first relationship – so, you had no basis of comparison. I’m telling you this so you can let yourself off-the-hook. My guess is that you have yet to meet the best guy for you. You “moved on first” for a reason. Oftentimes, we panic and second guess our judgement following a breakup, for fear of being alone. Feeling alone can appear insurmountable, so we sprint back toward the familiar. It may be dysfunctional – but, it was dysfunctionally familiar, dammit! But, if he afforded you the opportunity to be with him again, don’t you think the final outcome would be the same? Just something to ponder. If you read some of the other great posts here, you will soon discover that many of us fall into the same trap. We all remember our first love. I, for one, am glad I didn’t marry mine or it would’ve ended horribly with me wanting to know what else was out there – all while questioning if I did the right thing. But, that’s just me.

      As for your anxiety, your peers and I totally get it! I can’t begin to tell you the crazy-ass sh!t anxiety has driven me to do when left unchecked. I’m glad you were able to glean some perspective from the other posts. I once thought I was crazy too – until I started receiving all these phenomenal notes from writers such as yourself. Turns out, we’ve got a whole anxious coalition out there :-)

      As for me, I hate coping. It’s not living. It’s not being free. It reeks of surviving. But sometimes it’s the best we can do, for a while. Cope if you must, and if it’s still helping. Distress tolerance is the best we can do when facing a hurtful life trial. But maybe today is the day you could set yourself free, as only you can, Krissy.

      And, “yes” I’m single. I’m so much happier this way – for now, anyhow … -JP

  8. RedButterfly says:

    Thanks for this post, it helped a ton! Compared to other articles I’ve been reading online I can actually relate to this one due to my anxiety.
    Here’s my story, it was painful and at the same time ridiculous and even funny.
    I started dating this guy a few months ago. We had met and been friends only for a month before we started dating. The first month was great, we had so much in common, our communication was great and we were very affectionate towards each other. There was just one thing that sort of bothered me… His age, he was 18 (almost 19) and I’m 23. I let him know about it but eventually I guess I got used to it and almost completely forgot he was 4 years and a half younger. It was during the second montg that I changed with him for some reason. I just had a bad feeling about the relationship and started feeling anxious. I never told him but I guess he could tell something was wrong since we started having arguments. I really liked the guy and I had fallen hard for him so I took all this as me being paranoid and insecure so I tried to change it and make things better with his help. Everything was great again. Then it was until the night of New Years that we were watching a movie and I saw him texting a girl I hadn’t seen before. He didn’t have her added on Facebook but they were messaging there, I asked who she was, he said “I don’t know, some stranger who started talking to me”, I asked him to show me but he only showed me a small part of the conversation. She was asking him what he was doing, he said “nothing, just doing homework, you?” – “Just dropping some presents at family’s and friends’ house”… Yeah right, he didn’t know her. I would have let it go if he hadn’t lied to me about her but he was being secretive and got really defensive when I started asking questions. That night we couldn’t even celebrate New Years because we stayed there arguing until 6:00 am! And it was until 5:00 am that he finally decided to show me the conversation… He clearly had deleted some messages. Honestly, I felt like I couldn’t trust him anymore and that bad feeling was there again so I broke up with him because lies are not something I can tolerate. The next day he begged me to take him back and told me the truth. She was some girl who used to be his neighbor when he was little and before he move to where he is right now. He used to have a crush on her when he was 8 years old but that’s about it and the girl was 4 years younger than him according to him. He then gave me his Facebook password so I could check and see there was nothing and that he had blocked her. I was about to log in so I typed his email and the password, he then freaked out and said “Not with my email! It’s with my phone number!” I was like “oops” but guess what?… It worked anyway… He had two Facebook accounts and guess who he had added on this new account? Yep, that’s right, the girl he had been talking to the night before. I went crazy and blocked the girl. At this point it was too much already… Basically he put this girl before me by making this new account and adding her there then keeping me hidden in another account where he only had like 5 friends including me. He had made this new account the night before after I fell asleep, after the argument. He had only added his family and this girl. I asked “how come your family can know about her and not about me? And how am I supposed to feel? I mean you make this new account and hide it from me, your girlfriend, only so you can keep talking to her and your family can see her while you keep me hidden in this account that you barely use and where you only have four people that you barely talk with”. He cried and asked me to give him a chance to prove that he’s trustworthy, he said he wanted to earn my trust back and get back together. I said “we’re not getting back together and proving that will be up to you, at this point I really don’t care because I doubt I’ll trust you again”. He added me on that new account saying he was planning on doing it anyway and the only reason why he made it behind my back was because he was mad at me for “not letting him have female friends.” We set the relationship status on his new account even though we were not back together and hours later I go on his Facebook and see that he had changed the privacy so only me and him could see it… He was hiding me again! I got so mad I told him off but he started crying again and kept begging. During the next two weeks, he started telling me where he was going, who he was with and he had been taking pictures to show me so I could trust him again. I guess my guard went down a little bit so I forgave him, besides the gut feeling wasn’t there anymore but… I started having nightmares about him cheating. I started doubting the relationship again but I didn’t know what to do… So then I decided to snoop since he had given me all his passwords. I know it’s not right and since that incident on New Years I tried avoiding doing this because honestly I don’t want to be in a relationship where I feel like I have to be snooping all the time but in this case I felt like it was necessary. Well, I found pictures of him sent to a girl named Jessica on his email. I asked some of his old friends (old but not really close friends) and they had never heard about her. I was concened because I saw the date and he sent these pictures last year (2013) on March and during that time he told me he had been dating a girl named Ana, I was wondering if he cheated on her. Then I decided to talk to his “old neighbor”, I had to ask her for some girl support even though I didn’t know her and asked her to tell me if what my boyfriend had said was true. She said it wasn’t. They had met each other almost at the same time him and I met. She had approached to him and he told her she could message him on Facebook and she did. She says she added him too but he never accepted her friend request. She says they texted for months but whenever he saw her he wouldn’t talk to her or would just subtly blow her off. Then it was after New Years that he stopped texting her and she started chasing after him asking him why he wasn’t talking to her anymore, he lied to her saying his dad had done something to his phone so she couldn’t text him anymore. The truth was that he had blocked her and I told her. This girl and I were just as disappointed on him. She apologized saying she didn’t know we were dating. I said “I know and it’s fine, we both got played.” My boyfriend’s dad had always been concerned about our relationship and he didn’t seem to like me so I went to talk to him and explain why I was deciding to break up with his son. He said “I really don’t understand your relationship”, I said “I know and I’m sorry, I know he will be going to college soon to a different place and I also want to pursue something different” then he looked all confused and said “you know he’s 16, right?” I was like “…what? He told me he was 19…” then his dad said “I’m sorry for letting you know this way but he just turned 16 last month and he’s in 10th grade” oh my god… I apologized to his dad and told him that I had no idea, he had lied to me! I strted texting one of his old friends who is now a friend of mine too and he said “no way… Now that you mention it, last year there was this weird 26 year old chick bashing on him all the time and saying he was 15″… Tuns out I hadn’t been the only girl in her twenies he had dated… He dated many others and he lied to them as well. Then while talking to the dad, this guy texted me again “I just talked to a few people… Last year the mom found out because she took your boyfriend’s phone and threatened this girl saying she’d call the cops on her for dating a minor”… God, was I scared! But I was talking to his dad and I was showing him the messages, he was just as shocked and disappointed as me. He tried comforting me and telling me I could wait for him so I could finally dump him. His step mom had gone to pick him up from school, he got home and looked at me in confusion, I said “I know everything now. You’re a minor and you cheated on me with that 14 year old girl so… I guess it’s obvious that it’s over and I had to tell your parents because this is not something that can be taken lightly”, his parents and his brothers were there listening while I exposed him and dumped his ass. I said “I’m sorry and I hope that you don’t hate me for doing this but I thought the best thing to do was to talk about it with your parents since you are only 16″. We talked for like 20 minutes, he didn’t even know what to say, he just looked scared and sad at the same time saying that he’d like to talk about it with me some other time because yes, he had so many things to explain, I said “if you want to but I don’t see the point, I mean, I just broke up with you, come on”. Then his dad said they were going to talk to him. He thanked me for talking to him, letting him now about what his son was doing and also thanked me for being so kind the whole time. A few hours later his dad talked to me on Facebook to let me know he wasn’t going to bother me anymore and that he wouldn’t be allowed to text/message anyone but his family and that he would be making sure he’s not doing anything stupid anymore. He thanked me again and I thanked him for being so supportive and understanding. After this, my now ex couldn’t contact me anymore because of his dad’s new rules and I’m glad they stopped him. He had been doing this for years and if you’re wondering, no! I never noticed because he’s really tall and he never looked 15 to me or anyone else! Anyway… I don’t regret my desicion, he’s someone I wouldn’t take back at all, not even for all the money in the world but I have to admit that I miss spending time with him. I know it’s weird because… I mean he’s 16! But he was a good company and I always had so much fun with him. I got used to him, and even though I did the breaking up, I feel a lot of the things that you described on this article.
    Again, thanks for posting it, I really can relate to this and it makes me feel like I’m not alone. :)

    • JP Hatcher says:

      WOW … what a story!! I can only say that I’m VERY happy that you got out of that situation mostly unscathed. I appreciate that you shared your experience. Keep in mind that we often miss someone with whom we’ve spent much time, despite how wrong that person may have been for us. Just be thankful for his understanding and helpful family, and never look back. -JP

  9. Farah says:

    Thank you..Thank you! This article is the best thing I have read..I have just gotten
    Out of a very bad relationship..we were together almost 3 years..& we had to split up because of religious differences, I am so hurt and I have so much anxiety that I’m not even able to get up from my bed. I don’t feel like eating going out or doing anything. Sometimes I feel suicidal which is crazy that I would let one person become so important to me that life without them seems impossible. This article made me get out of bed and go see a doctor. So thank you! I just don’t know how to move on, I get such bad anxiety attacks that I feel like I cannot breathe an cry for hours, the pain seems to be getting worse. I’m trying to be strong and I’m reading this article again every time I think of the worst outcomes! So thank you! He says he loves me and cannot live without me and I will be the only girl he loves but because of the religious differences his family will never approve. Sometimes I hate myself for falling in love with someone who couldn’t make me the number one priority like I made him. Isn’t love suppose to be to overcome all difficulties and face everything together? I’m in mid 20s i know I’m young but I feel like I will never love again. I cry myself to bed and wake up crying..I don’t know when this pain will stop. Thank you for making me smile today! This is my 1st comment ever to any article I’ve read because it was just that amazing!

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Awwww, Farah – I’m so, so sorry for what you’re temporarily feeling. I am so glad that the essay moved you to seek some help. How courageous of you!! NONE of what you’re feeling is “crazy.” None of it. It’s anxiety, and in such large doses, it feels insurmountable. ALL of us on this page know your suffering intimately. Three years is a long time, and you’ve got to give yourself adequate time to adjust to the huge changes you now face. It’s not uncommon for a breakup to turn one’s life upside down, while changing nearly every facet of your daily habits. It’s very upsetting to the system – to say the least. It’s more important than ever that you stay in close contact with your counselor. You need help navigating all of this. We all do when faced with the same trial.

      Since I don’t know the nuances of the relationship with your ex beyond religious differences, I cannot comment with much credibility. That said, I’m a fairly religious person myself (Christian). Consequently, though I wouldn’t date an atheist (too many concrete differences between us), I also genuinely respect the religious beliefs of others. And, it’s not my family’s place to approve/disapprove of anyone I date based on such beliefs, etc. My family is very loving, accepting, and non-judgmental. I cannot imagine having it any other way. So, I agree with you that the two of you should be able to work on this one-on-one. Assuming he’s not using the religion category as an excuse – since he must’ve known your individual beliefs three years ago. If he genuinely loves you as he says, then I would think the two of you could’ve found a workable solution. Again, I don’t have all the facts – nor, do I know what religion with which either of you affiliate yourselves. I know that some religions and its followers are much less flexible than others. It’s just the way things are – for better or worse.

      I found a relevant quote from the book, “The Promise of a New Day,” by Karen Casey and Martha Vanceburg that I wanted to share. “Although the act of nurturing another’s spiritual growth has the effect of nurturing one’s own, a major characteristic of genuine love is that the distinction between oneself and the other is always maintained and preserved.” (M. Scott Peck. M.D.) The book reads, “Those we love must be free to love us in return, or leave us. The honest evidence of our love is our commitment to encouraging another’s full development. We are interdependent personalities who need one another’s presence in order to fulfill our destiny. And yet, we are also separate individuals. We must come to terms with our struggles alone. One gift of life available to each of us is security, the sense that accompanies the recognition of our spiritual center. Helping someone else discover their spiritual gifts strengthens our own. Nothing is too difficult when we act in unison as separate entities, relying on the spiritual core that strengthens us to meet any situation.” Just something to think about.

      It sounds like he loves you as much as you do him. I believe real love trumps all. Always. -JPAC

  10. James says:


    Awesome article! Definitely gave me some inspiration to get back out there and break out of my rut. Also, the fact that you are providing people with so much feedback and encouragement is such an uplifting thing to see. Keep up what you are doing!


    • JP Hatcher says:

      Thank you for the kudos, James! It really helps me to stay on top of all the wonderful writers. It’s actually an honor to assist others in some small way. So, I promise to keep the healing torch burning! And, my personal best to you in getting back on track! -JP

  11. ben says:

    wow, its as if i wrote it myself. it made me cry then made me laugh. absolutely brilliant !

    havent slept for a week, sent about 1,000 crazy texts but only received about 3 back. i swear i was actually going for the engagement ring this afternoon. omg , just found this in time, so thats at least $15k you ve saved me !!!

    i love heavy metal anyway and been listening constantly. 2 great tips i would like to share is positive thinking books. the law of attraction is a great one,
    and download an affirmation app on your phone which flashes positive messages as often as you like. so every 5 minutes when i check my phone to see if she has txt me i see something positive. although i seriously promise to delet her number now !

    thanks again, and thanks to all the people for sharing !


    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Ben. THANK YOU for the extremely kind feedback. I’m glad I could save you from further detriment. It’s always best to learn from the mistakes of others. Whenever I’m in the throes of low self-esteem, I remind myself how unattractive my lack of self-confidence is to the other person. Confidence is sexy and alluring. And, unfortunately, the inverse is also true. When we feel/act desperate, we cloak ourselves in an ugly veil. We’re all attracted to confidence in others ….. no matter their appearance. It’s kinda crazy, really.

      You added some great gems here! “The Law of Attraction” is the name given to the belief that “like attracts like,” and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results. This belief is based upon the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from “pure energy”, and the belief that like energy attracts like energy. I am a steadfast believer in this premise. Positive begets positive, and vice versa. It’s imperative that while facing a horribly negative event – such as a breakup – the sufferer works to not feed the negative thoughts, while focusing upon whatever small nuggets of positivity can be gleaned. This is the crux behind finding 3 things each day for which we are grateful. This technique shifts the mind’s tenacious hold on negativity and begins to work the frail “positive muscle.” It’s as much about learning to become positive, as it is about diverting energy away from the negative. And, the affirmation app is just clutch. Great idea! I’m going to download one to my own phone.

      Here’s to hoping you deleted her number by now ;-) -JP

  12. Damian says:

    Just wanted to let you guys reading this the forum is organized and spam-free, anyone who wants to tell his/her story in relationships/breakups is welcome.

  13. clancy says:

    Man JP… big thanks
    I wanted to make sure to comment. Not only was the article incredibly moving and I feel a kindred spirit but i wanted to say thanks for responding to all of the comments… truly impressive.

    You also nailed the stages… I’ve been through 2 really bad breaks in my life with girls i truly loved with everything in me. First one was an 8 year relationship that ended 3 years ago and the most recent has me reeling for the last 3 weeks.

    My last relationship is ending simply because she is moving out of state for school unexpectedly and isn’t sure if shes ready for a more committed relationship (shes 25 and im 31) long distance or have me move there for graduate school as well. I found myself laughing at the fact that I have been in contact with her mother trying to win favor (which i have) like it was going to make any difference in the world. I guess i’m teetering between stages 1 and 2… like a neurotic mental patient. So far i’ve been pretty good at giving her space and only called her once to pick up my passport from her place. While i was there though I might have broke and pleaded my case like a hostage at the wrong end of a gun… never worth it… it just hurts worse seeing the confusion and lack of conviction on their face. What’s worse is i got the “i love you more than i’ve ever loved anyone”, “I don’t want to lose you”, “i just need time because im so confused”…. yeah, perfect response for us anxious guys who need closure statements to hit us like a bus before we stop wanting to fight to make it work, right?
    I canceled my facebook 3 times too…. only to come back in tears this week when I noticed that she removed our relationship status and changed her profile picture from one when we were on vacation together…. ha, what a mess i was that day. That and i’m noticing shes out with the same guy (in small groups) 4 times in the last two weeks (thank you for the tag feature facebook). I know shes not doing anything but the testosterone starts pumping… and i want to reach out to her new consoling partner in a less than gentle way (not that i am in a position to be able to do anything having lost so much weight in the last 3 weeks).

    I’ve been to 3 therapists… requested drugs (the prescription kind) to try and allow me to eat and sleep (doesnt help… i managed 2-3 hours last night and im still losing weight that i cannot afford to give up). I canceled my lease on my apartment because everything is a reminder and im going to volunteer in Africa for the next 3 weeks at a medical clinic in the middle of nowhere (seriously im a medical student).

    Ha, one thing you might find funny is i made a “tear jerking” video and posted it on youtube last night. It has 30 views as of now… i think 26 are from me and 4 are from my mom.. Plan was to get it to her on Valentines in 3 weeks while i’m gone… i know i shouldn’t… but ill probably have a weak moment and let it fly. Hell im even contemplating sending it to her mother… haha

    Anyhow brother, thanks again… your video bought me about 30 min of peace this morning. Later tonight ill be a wreck again but we take what we can get right? Oh yeah, let me know if you want to watch a cheesy youtube video.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Clancy, you’ve got a gift my man. You had me laughing out loud while reading your post. But, NOT at your pain – rather your insightfulness. You’re clearly self-aware of your anxious state. The article you’re responding to was written when the 25 year old I was dating, also left for school (med school) in NY – while I’m in CA. The similarities are many. Anxiety is the great equalizer, and will make otherwise sane men wreak havoc upon themselves. I swear, you’ll laugh at this someday. I’m guessing the YouTube video went out?? I wouldn’t have even stopped you. It’s so damn creative and original that I’m glad I didn’t think of it, or I would’ve done the same. Like you, I lost a ton of weight, ended up on anti-anxiety and sleep meds, and ran hills until I tore a ligament in my heel resulting in surgery! I was completely derailed, and I never felt more alone. Additionally, I felt like the only man on earth whom was mishandling a breakup to that degree. It wasn’t until I wrote this essay, that I learned how wrong I was – that men and women alike … anxious or not – were handling their own breakup in much the same manner. Suddenly, I had some camaraderie and solace in the realization that I wasn’t completely nuts. You and your ex are both young and at points in life where things change dramatically. You’re obviously sharp, capable, humorous, and driven. You’re destined for greatness, Clancy. You’ve got nothing to regret here. You can walk away with your head held high – wishing for a different outcome – but, all the while knowing you’re going to be great in the end. You both will. And, who knows what the future holds. That’s the part fraught with both anxiety and excitement. Maybe, life will bring you back together – or, more likely, you will end up somewhere and with someone you never anticipated. All I know is that you’re right where you’re supposed to be. So, try to enjoy the journey. And, remember – the hardest thing about practicing goodwill is believing that when we’re happy for other people – even when they’re happier than we are – it will make us the happiest people in the world. Try and practice this technique – it works. And, let us know about Africa! -JP

      • Clancy says:

        Thanks again for the response brother. I was going through my emails this morning and noticed I had emailed myself a link to your article. So, since I was looking for the email to my therapist anyhow I figured I’d pop in to check on things. Thank you for your words of inspiration and confidence. Africa was great and if anyone is going through something like this I would fully recommend a change of scenery… Preferably one with lots of young volunteers from Sweden and Europe…. Mmm blonde hair and blue eyes.
        To be honest before I left I was so anxious I was convinced my world was going to end from some sort of strange lack of “love” oxygen… Omg breathe! Africa slowly helped to release the vice grip on my throat as I watched how small my separation problems were when malnourished children with tuberculosis wheezed and coughed in my face as I tried to feed them a bit of peanut butter. Even then it was a slow process and I still left a lot of tears on Namibian soil each morning… Losing someone you really love is always going to hurt… And rightfully so.
        Landing back in Los Angeles inevitably brought a bit of that back though. Seeing familiar places, reminded of memories, and worse yet I was planning on being busy as hades with classes today and surprise it’s Presidents’ Day! Panic.. Call the therapist before I go drive by her house like a stalker every 15 minutes! At least it’s foggy this morning… It might conceal my actions.

        The thing that helped the most though was meeting lots of people in long distance relationships who were doing really well. It allowed me to slightly harden my heart as I realized this was all just an excuse from a girl who’s fear was stronger than our love… The person we all deserve would fight and not walk away at the first sign of needed effort. I gotta stress though it only makes it slightly easier. Us neurotic guys have a tendency to hope that we can somehow help them overcome that fear and teach them “how to love” as if we had all the answers.

        So, yeah I sent the video to her mother right before I left and sent it to her the minute the plane wheels landed on the tar in Los Angeles yesterday. Now I’m refreshing my browser every 15 minutes to see how many times she watched it… Brace yourself… In 24 hours and nearly 100 refreshes she might have watched it…. Once! Ha, at least it’s out there and when I learn to let it go I know I’ve said my peace and made sure she knew how much I loved her.

        The tough times aren’t over but I know I’ll get through this no matter the outcome. Thanks again JP best of luck in life brother :-)

        • JP Hatcher says:

          Hey, Clancy! Welcome back. And, thank you for the update – entertaining as expected! I too am a fan of the blonde hair/blue eye combo. Probably because that’s my own color scheme – and, who doesn’t like themselves?! Regarding Africa, you are proof positive of what I’ve preached here: That the single best way to get out of your head during a difficult time is to HELP OTHERS!!! It works. It’s as if God wanted it this way. I cannot over-emphasize the healing power of volunteerism and joining something bigger than ourselves to heal thyself. And, we don’t even need to go as far as Africa to do so. We can start in our own backyard:

          And, you’re right, Clancy – Love transcends most obstacles … like distance and fear. We fight for it. And, we can’t teach another to do the same. They either do it, or they’re not worth our time. Doesn’t change the fact that most of us will have to learn this lesson the hard way, with a lot of sweat equity.

          I love the YouTube idea. Hell, if someone doesn’t appreciate such a grand gesture, save it for the one who will. It’s clutch! And, yes, I know you’ve got some healing to do. But, it happens with each day until one day you awake, and the first thought that crosses your mind isn’t her.

          Every day is a different day. You never know what it will bring. That’s the exciting thing about getting up every morning.” -Alpha English

          No doubt, we all hit spells when we don’t feel the urge to get the day going. And, there’s nothing wrong with occasionally resisting the next twenty-four hours. Generally, there is a simple solution. Maybe we have forgotten to pray and meditate regularly. Perhaps we have become self-absorbed. Being appreciative of others generally changes how we see every aspect of our lives. Recounting with a confidant or in a journal all the blessings and achievements we’ve accumulated over these many years often pushes us out of the doldrums. Expressing daily GRATITUDE for three things continues to make a huge difference for me. Let’s remember that most days surprised us with their outcomes. We never got exactly what we expected. This is one certainty about life that we can always count on. Keep on keepin’ on, Clancy! -JP

  14. Matt says:

    Hey dude , nice post. I’m reading this at 3 in the morning because I can’t get to sleep because of anxiety over my breakup. I’m 18 aNd we were going out for 9 months, and this was my first relationship, and pretty much the first time a girl had taken a real interest in me. She broke up with me just after New Years And it felt like it was out of the blue. The first few days were so bad I couldn’t eat anything and every time I thought about her breaking up with me I vomited. Stage one sucks. I don’t know what I’m feeling now, but it’s still the anxiety causing immense pain, but now it’s just fucking annoying and I want it to go away. I realize time is going to heal me but I just want it gone now. At night it’s the worst because I can’t get to sleep, and because I can’t eat much food my stomach hurts a lot which makes it even harder to sleep. Anyway, after I was feeling a bit better, a few days ago I did the bad move and went on her Facebook account to check her messages and see what she’s been up to. Turns out she just blatantly asks this guy she met a few days ago to start having sex with her. Major stab in the guts there and I was back to the start of stage one. I’ve stopped going onto her Facebook to check her messages because I know it’ll just get me back to square 1. However, reading through those messages also revealed that she didn’t want our relationship to be serious. We’ll thanks for fucking telling me in the first place otherwise I wouldn’t have become so emotionally involved. This was a good thing, as yesterday I spent some quality time with my best friend and I ended up burning her birthday, Christmas card and also a letter of apology after she broke up with me the first time (after 3 months, should have realized it would happen again). Doing that felt really awesome as I saw all those words that were lies burn up and made me feel free’er.
    I know what you mean about music. It’s really helped me take my mind off things (if only for a brief moment). I’m learning to play guitar again and me and my friends are thinking of setting up a fee gigs which I’m super excited about.
    So anyway, using this post as a vent of frustration I want to say thanks for the article :) fucking chicks man, not worth it. I know that I’m 18 and I’ve got plenty more break ups to look forward too (haha) but yeah it’s just a new feeling which totally sucks balls and I’ve got to get used to it. Thanks again man

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hey, Matt! As you can discern, I’ve fallen very behind on my online responses. Please forgive me. Sometimes life gets in the way, and things have been more than crazy on my end. That said, I am hoping things have settled a bit for you. I’ve been so upset that I’ve hurled before – it’s the body’s “fight of flight” response. It’s a bitch to be that anxious and upset, and I’m sorry. Young love is rife with disappointments because it’s a learning period. Now, that you’ve got this first real break-up under your belt, you can navigate it as best you can, learn the lesson, and be careful with whom you invest your heart and time going forward. Matt, we ALL have to learn this lesson the hard way. There’s no way around it, unfortunately. There are no shortcuts, and there is not fast-forward … unfortunately. Do the OPPOSITE of what the anxiety drives you to do – i.e., checking-out her Facebook. Social media is the effing worst when it comes to breakups!! Hell, it causes a lot of them. But, you need to stay on track, and divert your thoughts away from the past. Do your best to stay in each moment, and try your damnest to avoid looking back. There’s nothing back there but a lesson you’ve learned. Keep up with the guitar! There’s no better time to take that up and hone your skills than the present. That could be the other silver lining to all of this. Finally, be glad she’s someone else’s nightmare now, and not yours. Girls like that have a way of creating torment and chaos in their paths. One day you’ll be glad you made it out of there alive ;-) -JP

  15. Austin says:

    Hey Jp I broke up with my girlfriend 2 days ago and I’m taking it rough. I can’t stop thinking about her and what we used to be. I know it was a healthy relationship but I’ve completely let her go and it’s hard to do just need some advice on how to cope with it and move forward! Thanks

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hey, Austin! As you can determine from the other comments here, you are in abundant company, unfortunately. I’m not sure if you already have – but, if you read through what others have written here, I believe you will obtain a lot of sound feedback and assistance. Obviously, I don’t know the details of your specific breakup, but I’m guessing you will find similar situations here.

      Keep in mind that it is the act of forgiveness (towards ourselves and others) that opens up the only possible way to think creatively about the future at all. (Father Desmond Wilson)

      Today is full of endless possibilities and dreams. In many cases, we are limited only by our fear and lack of hope, in others and ourselves. Each new day we are given a clean slate to start anew. We literally experience a sense of freedom when we practice forgiveness. Forgiving others and ourselves will allow us to step into a new day as free human beings. Not much can hurt us in the present if we have the key to daily forgiveness. It is the gift we give ourselves when we choose not to let the sun rise on yesterday’s script. -JP

  16. JS says:

    Wow! Can I say hilarious!! Thank you, for this helps put things more in retrospect on how I feel and been feeling for the last 2 years. Mind you, getting out of a 11 yr. relationship with first LTR, first love, and father of our child. It has definitely been a battle of self vs. emotional anxiety vs. inner demons with me. I go back and forth through phase I and phase II and back again to Defcon 5. (Being military, also.) I know this was written for the male audience, but you caught this feminine Tomboy’s anxiety ridden attention. I am glad you say it gets easier b/c that shines some light of hope to me actually feeling somewhat sane and normal. I fight daily with sleepless nights, feeling’s of high anxiety, head strain due to anxiety, and super amounts of adrenaline. I am currently, also, celibate due to my situation and get aggravated to release the beast, but I will keep strong and keep to my goal of attaching myself to relive my Co-dependency. It’s been a hard road with processing these awkward feeling’s, but from writing this masterpiece you give us extremely sensitive people hope that there is light at the end of this dark, cold, lonely, anxiety ridden tunnel. For that, thank you.

  17. Mr. SuperAngry says:

    This article , my friend, was G$O$L$D. Not the kind you can find in a jewellery store, but like a fat chunky piece found after vigorously digging the earth for days and months. I myself went through almost every negative emotion you’ve been able to pen down in this article.. but I never had that sardonic sense of humour to accompany my depression. I don’ t think I’ll yet be able to muster up the courage to delete my ex’s phone number cos the rush of anger i get after stalking her is orgasmic compared to the depressive blues i suffer whenever I miss her. Moreover, i don’t know why but this article gave me the strength to move on and enjoy my post break up months by accepting that I am a sore loser rather than dwelling on the fact that I did not deserve to lose.. cos there is no way I am winning something which is already over. So i think instead of being all pensive and heartbroken and forcing myself to suffer an existential crisis; I’ll just choose to accept that I lost this battle and that I’m a loser because I just realised that I’m not the only one who’s so fucked up after the break up. THANK YOU for giving me strength; or rather for making me more stupid cos I’m listening to heavy metal right now *oh how i missed it* and all thanks to you and the stupid “rotten crank” who I occassionally stalk at times. Time to reclaim what i had lost and time to lose what i want to claim : ) Thanks a lot mate. *Bro hug*

  18. James says:

    Great read, it really rings true to how I’m feeling. 2 weeks for me as a dumpee and I feel so anxious, unfriended her on FB when I was drunk. Now I feel like I’m climbing the walls because I can’t see what she is doing! driven past her house a few times like some mad stalker, I keep saying to myself what the fuck are you doing but its like I am on autopilot.
    I think she was in contact with another guy on FB before the split, she totally denies it but I think its only a matter of time before they are an item, so angry she really doesn’t give a shit and is moving on, when I feel like my life is over and I can’t stop imagining her getting boned off that bastard! Argh

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Greetings, James. I’ve done the EXACT same thing – including having an anxiety attack afterward. But, you did the RIGHT thing. Just ride out the anxiety. It’ll pass. Don’t let it harness you. Wondering what you’re not seeing is far better than SEEING what she’s doing. You’re not a stalker. You’re just letting the anxiety and emotions control your actions. You’ve got to take over your emotions and get back in the driver’s seat (excuse the pun). You’re not on “auto-pilot” – rather, you’re letting your emotions take over and control your decision-making. I know full-well what I’m asking you to do. It feels insurmountable. But, it’s not. Anxiety is a bitch. And, it causes us to think things that aren’t true, and act in ways completely against our norm. Remember: Thoughts do NOT = Facts. And, feelings do NOT = Facts. The reality is typically much different than what anxiety is driving you to think and believe. Get distracted with some healthy actions and tasks. Truth is, you really don’t know what she’s doing, who she’s with, or what she’s thinking. You’re just in the crappy mind-bog portion of a breakup, where every thought is a “worst-case scenario” where she is getting gang-banged in an amateur porn. It’s not happening. But, that won’t stop your mind from playing out some pretty horrific, self-torturous visions on you. The mind is a very powerful tool – but, use it’s power for good, not self-damnation.

      There is an end to grief if we have the courage to accept our personal goodness and our ongoing right to happiness.” (Justin Langley)

      James, making peace with a loss takes time and trust. You have a choice – Decide that you don’t deserve to feel good, that clinging to your pain, guilt, and self-loathing will somehow make up for some of the damage. Or, you can choose to believe that change is possible, not all at once but slowly. One day at a time you will feel better if you take small steps to do the opposite of what the anxiety is pushing you toward. When we take the leap of faith necessary to grieve and let go of the past, we take back our best selves, and the lives we were meant to live. I believe you have the strength and the courage to grieve and overcome this loss. And, honestly – she might not be a loss at all. Recall the saying, “Opportunity often comes disguised as adversity.” -JP

  19. Jon says:

    I’m 2 1/2 months out and yes, i have called her acting all pathetic and crying, showed up to her house with gifts, and have begged her to come back only to be told she’s not in love with me.

    Like every other comment on here, despite all of the self-help books I’ve read (and yes, i have been that dude looking for a f-ing girl’s break up book to console me), this is the only thing i’ve read which made sense. Just had to see myself getting to phase 3….

    Keep up the great work

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Sometimes in life, things happen too fast. We barely solve one problem when two new problems surface. We’re feeling great in the morning, but we’re submerged in misery by nightfall. Every day we face interruptions, delays, changes, and challenges. We face personality conflicts and disappointments. Often when we’re feeling overwhelmed, we can’t see the lessons in these experiences.

      Hi, Jon. You’re doing much what I have done myself – especially the gifts, etc. One simple concept can get us through the most stressful of times. It’s called gratitude. We learn to say thank you for these problems and feelings. Thank you for the way things are. I don’t like this experience, but thank you anyway. Force gratitude until it becomes habitual. Gratitude helps us stop trying to control outcomes. It is the key that unlocks positive energy in our life. It is the alchemy that turns problems into blessings, and the unexpected into gifts. It seems counter-intuitive at first. But, trust me – it works. I’m honored that you found some relief here. I’m also impressed that you searched for the same books I did! Try to find 3 things at the end of each day for which you are thankful – no matter how bad the day – and, even if they are trite. I do this when I lay down to sleep. The technique does so much for us that we don’t even realize. It also forces the mind to build-up the positive focus, and detract from negative thinking. If you do this everyday, you will soon reap the benefits. Try it! Thank you for writing, brother. -JP

  20. Broken says:

    Thanks JP for the inspiring and comforting words in your article. Well written! Not sure what Phase I am. Probably Phase I and for a long time. Here’s my story. 6 years ago I wound up dating a coworker of mine. We instantly hit it off and he confessed to me several weeks in that he loved me and felt I was his soulmate. That he never felt this way towards anyone before. I was 37. He 29. I asked him if our age difference mattered and he said it did not. Things went fast and furious for three months. He brought up marriage and kids. I was never one to push that on any guy for fear they’d run. I had learned to play cool girl in the relationship. One that is easy going and never applied pressure. I am wondering now if that’s my problem. I’m too nice and too accommodating. Anyways we started dating in June and right before Thanksgiving I noticed he was not affectionate. This from a guy who couldn’t get enough of kissing me. I tend to have a very strong intuition so questioned him on this and he said he didn’t know what was wrong or how he felt. He thought maybe we should breakup. My works came crumbling down. I thought I would marry this guy. I had been in long term relationships before – one as long as 10 years – and never did I feel this way. He was it for me. That night my world came crashing down. We had a work Christmas party coming up and now I’d have to go alone. So we broke up but kind if didn’t. He still called everyday. Week one passed and we had the Christmas party where we went solo. He kept looking at me all night and coming to my table. That night he came over and slept over. He told be he loved me. So I didn’t question things. We fell back into the routine if calling daily and seeing each other several times a week. In January we got a dog together and he asked me to move in. I had kept my place but moved in with him. Things were fine. Until right before his 30th bday when I had my radar up about a coworker who he was friends with. Right after I threw him a huge 30th bday I got the sense he didn’t want to touch me again. I called him out on it and I asked why are you not into me and I got I don’t know. I am thinking how can you not know. So I moved out and we broke up and shortly thereafter he dated out coworker. I was devastated. Couldn’t eat or sleep. Major anxiety. Nauseau. The whole 9. It was hard seeing them together at work. I never moved on. He was it for me I dated but not seriously. Fast forward 5 years. Now the weird part. So a friend of mine worked with a woman who on the side was psychic. She said she was amazing and spot on. At the time I was worried about my job do decided to go for a reading. During that reading she said that I dated someone a long time ago who broke my heart that works with me. That would be one guy. She said our story is not over. He’s coming back. I was like no way. He just moved in with the girlfriend. She said he is leaving her and will come back to me. That we are soulmates. She said I hit a home run in the love category with the tarot cards. She discusses certain events that would transpire. I couldn’t believe this and doubted it. That was in July. Come October her first prediction came true surrounding a business trip. I went back shortly after and she said we would get together soon. She saw us together and him ultimately moving in with me. So March rolls around and I go to a happy hour and he’s there. Huh. He never goes to these. He winds up talking to me all night and gives be his cell. Rumor has it that they broke up. So later in the week he texts me they broke up. All the reasons why the psychic predicted were the very reasons. She was spot on. So a few weeks pass and we are in April. He says he enjoys talking to me. He confesses though he is not ready to jump into a relationship because his ex emotionally abused him. Would I be ok seeing him without a commitment. At first I was shocked. Is he implying friends with benefits. I was like no way. However knowing what I knew from the psychic I decided to take a chance as this would springboard to a relationship. So we see each other. It was more than friends with benefits. We would go to dinner. Movies. Hang at each other’s place. Cuddle after sex. I never pressured because in my head we’d move forward last this. 9 months go by. Every 3 I visit the psychic and things are on track. Well I saw her 3 weeks ago snd she said in my head I am his girlfriend and she sees we are only just beginning snd that things will pick up in 3-6 months with 9 months a couple snd living together. She didn’t see him seeing anyone else. Well it is now Christmas and he pretty much fell if the face of the earth. No texts for 3 weeks. I reached out on Christmas and got a reply but nothing major. Now it’s New Years. I would have liked a Happy New Years text to know he have a crap. Nothing. So I get home that night from a party and my intuition tells me to check his Facebook page. Big mistake. He writes so glad 2013 is over. 2014 will be a great year. Feeling amazing. And she comments with smiley faces. Them two days later she posts a Pinterest pic that says new day new year new life. And she writes remember these lyrics I believe it’s a song we both love. He writes feeling good of course. Radar is up. Jealously sets in. I’m pissed. I am hurt. I feel a crushing weight on my chest. I feel like I am going to puke. I can’t sleep. Thank God for Benadryl which calmed me down and hit me 3 hours sleep. I text the psychic in the am and meet with her that day. Prediction changed. He is with this girl. It won’t last but they are together. I will hear from him in 9 days. He will come back but not for reasons I want which is love. Basically she sees he is an opportunist. She sees us together. Living together. But he is not madly in love with me. Where did this change. How did it go from soulmates to roommates. So of course I am pissed. Hurt. Sick to my stomach. Angry that I was just a good lay. I never would have agreed to the friends with benefits terms had the psychic not said we’d be together as a couple and either living together or married. I felt used. So now I will see when he will text me. She said 9 days. He will want a favor. At that time I guess I will say we need to cool things. I want more and he can’t give it to me. I deserve it. He can give it to this girl but not me! Unless he can commit there is no deal. I feel like my works once again us upside down. Third time being dumped by this guy. Why? Why would God out him back in my life only to screw with me. I feel like al my hopes and dreams are shattered. The only way I get through the day is Benadryl which takes the edge off. I dread hearing from him in 9 days. And we have to eork together on this project. Awkward. A friend told be I deserve more snd maybe I don’t get more is because I don’t feel I an worthy and don’t hold people to high standards. I out their needs first and subdue mine. Maybe if I raised the bar people would start rising to the occasion. I just wish there was something to stop the anxiety. I am doing everything to not look at his Facebook page. Again I wouldn’t have gone down this path had it not been for the spot on predictions. I guess I hanged my hat on the fact that we’d be really together. So now life consists of Benadryl to shut off my head and help me sleep. Sleep is the only place I find piece. Now 6 years later I am broken again.

    • Broken says:

      To follow up on this with subsequent events..I told this to a coworker who is also a friend. She said odd the other night she attended a happy hour for which I could not attend but he did. He showed my friend a pic of this new girl. Like check out this hot chic. She’s mine. Pathetic. So enraged I text him. I say I get that we were not in a 100 percent committed relationship but a decent guy would have told me it was over and was involved with someone else. I said you have hurt me beyond words. His pathetic reply was first of all I have been going crazy these last few weeks. I am not “involved” with anyone yet I have only gone on a few dates. Sorry if you feel double crossed. I texted back that it was completely insensitive of him to publicly flaunt his new conquest around to my friends knowing it would get back to me. He said I will call you tonight to explain. I said don’t bother your explanations will not help me and will only upset me more. Good luck with the new girl but unfortunately it won’t last. You will find fault with her and also break her heart. So tempted to Facebook message her and warn her to run. That he was still seeing me when he took up with her. Just didn’t have the balls or was supposedly too busy (yeah dating her) to let me know. But I refrained. For now anyways. I came to some good realizations this week. I questioned how God would allow me to take this loser back a third time only to once again rip out my heart. And then bam I realized it. I realized what a jerk this guy was. I made myself itemize what I loved about him and my list was pathetic. The list I would have produced within the first three months of dating was not the same list. He was no longer that guy. And was he ever really that guy. I think not. That guy was an enigma. All smoke and mirrors to reel me in and once the newness if his toy wore off he discarded me to the back of the toy box. God couldn’t call me in the phone to tell me what an ass he is. Instead he allowed the guy to do this again so I can realize this and finally move on. And stop idealizing this guy and open my heart for someone new.

      • JP Hatcher says:

        Unfortunately, sometimes we just aren’t listening to God or our Higher Power. My own wants/needs become paramount. I know this has been the case for me at times. -JP

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Dear, “Broken” – I carefully read every word of your posting. The overriding premise that I need to bring forth is that you – like so many others – provided your very own solution: “I don’t hold people to high standards. I put their needs first and subdue mine. Maybe if I raised the bar people would start rising to the occasion.” YES!! This will not be an easy exercise for you, and that’s why you need to do it. But, if you could divert all of your mental energy off of your ex, and spend it on you and why this was an acceptable relationship for you, you will find peace and solace. You hold the key to your recovery – to peace, to solace, and to self-confidence. The crux of the problem is not at all about you not being good or worthy enough. Rather, it’s about who you allow into your life – or, whom you allow to remain in your life once you have knowledge to do the opposite. A common theme we ALL experience within these breakup scenarios, is that we (myself included) ignore so many red flags and our own intuition. We need to listen to those little voices in our heads, because in most cases (100% of the cases for me!) they are absolutely dead-on. You are hardly alone in ignoring your own best judgement in the name of love and happiness. So, please don’t berate yourself one minute for that. Instead, realize that you ARE worth a ton, and it’s high-time you acted accordingly. If you read through many of the postings here, you will notice how many of us discounted our own value, wants, and needs only to be exploited by someone else – whether they did so knowingly or not. Listen – we get what we feel we deserve. When we’re feeling lowly, we attract and allow the same. The good news is that you’ve got plenty of time to correct this and land on your feet with someone great – IF you spend some time making yourself more of a priority and tapping into your unique differentiators. Believe that you have valid perspectives on every experience in your life. And, that you have the power to dictate how the rest of your story of life and of love play out. You are not at all broken. You are not what you feel in this moment. You are an entire, complete, and wonderful entity. Redirect your focus and efforts on exercising the muscle that recognizes that. -JP

  21. Meredith Catherine says:

    Hi JP! First off- thank you for this heartfelt, funny, honest, smart and enjoyable to read article. Coping with a breakup with an anxious mind is like fighting a battle inside your brain. Your personalized and caring comments to everyone are truly amazing. This morning I woke up in a state of panic and deep despair. 2 weeks into a breakup with my boyfriend of 2 years I had a delayed onset of phase 1. (I think I had been in denial the past 2 weeks) anyways the past 3 days have been messy and miserable filled with drunk conversations, pleading texts and feelings of physical aches and pains. But your article did an amazing job of snapping me out of my delusional funk. I appreciate your advice on how to cut off all ties in order to move forward properly. See, although I was dumped, my ex cruelly has kept me hanging on for dear life. In his words ‘ not wanting to lose complete contact/stay friends etc’ Ofcourse I went along with this, painfully hoping he would say just kidding lets get back together. It thought hanging onto hope would help me but instead it just tears you up inside and prolongs the obsessing, craving, and romanticizing the other person. As of today I have informed my ex I would like to be given time to grieve and move on alone, without his ‘friendly’ texts. I realized it’s pretty selfish that because he isn’t as anxious/sensitive as I am he can just enjoy the casualty of communicating with me as he pleases. If he wanted to be with me he would have worked things out together, not said goodbye. Anyways thanks for the inspiration and positive reminders to all those people like me who suffer from this sort of mind fucking.If I get the crippling pangs to text him ‘I can’t stop missing you’ I will remind myself that’s just my anxiety talking, and I will be just fine :)

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Meredith! This is my second lengthy reply to you because I inadvertently hit the wrong key after the last reply, and lost it all. Thank you for your warm feedback. I am happy to be of some assistance to you in such a dire time of need. EVERYTHING you have been experiencing is par-for-the-course …. unfortunately. One of the toughest things to do is to cut all ties. It feels counter to what the heart wants. But, it’s typically precisely what must be done. At times like these, the head must rival the heart. Rational Mind must rule the day – rather than Emotional Mind. Social media is one of the biggest pitfalls following a breakup. My strongest advice is to divest from all means of contact. Not doing so, only results in additional pain and a longer recovery. It’s rather selfish of him to have kept you around – knowing you had so much hope for an alternate outcome. The bonus of moving away from the source of pain/angst/misery/hurt/diabolical torture is that if the situation is ever going to workout in the long-run, you will never know until you obtain some distance from one another. If after being apart for a time, you are not missed, then you have even more relevant data that this was not where you are supposed to be. Like one of my brilliant commentators wrote on this page – oftentimes, the best thing to do is to “Go ghost.” And, you don’t owe your ex any explanations as to why you are retreating. Just distance yourself. And, you said it 100% correctly: “If he wanted to be with me he would have worked things out together, not said goodbye.” And, you further added a nugget of advice when you stated, “If I get the crippling pangs to text him ‘I can’t stop missing you’ I will remind myself that’s just my anxiety talking, and I will be just fine.” EXACTLY!!! Anxiety has its own agenda, and can drive us to do the antithesis of what we ought to be doing. Counter it with all you’ve got. Life is not always what one wants it to be, but to make the best of it as it is, is the only way of being happy. (Jennie Jerome Churchill) We are generally so certain that we know what’s best for ourselves. And, we are just as often certain that what we think is best will guarantee happiness. Try reflecting on all the times in the past when wishes didn’t come true – FORTUNATELY. Did any one of us expect to be doing today, what we each are doing? We may have expected a particular relationships, children, a particular kind of home, a certain career; but, did we really anticipate all that life has brought? The happiness we experience today probably doesn’t visit us in the way we anticipated a few years back. But it is measured out according to our needs. The choice to be happy with what is, is ours to make – every moment. Try to take life as it is, and trust that it is just right – just what it needs to be. The big picture guarantees you lasting happiness. Today’s experiences will move you a step closer. -JP

  22. ak says:

    it’s been like 8 months…still feel like i’m totally broken, i’m a bit better than i was but…this shit is terrible

    • JP Hatcher says:

      AK – “Relying on God has to begin all over again every day as if nothing had yet been done.” -C. S. Lewis
      Sometimes, while in pain, we try to turn our will and our life over to the care of God, as we understand God – but, we’re not always successful. We are human. We change our mind. We talk ourselves out of our good resolutions. We forget. We fall back into old, destructive habits of mind and mood. But all we have to do is make a decision. We don’t have to do the actual turning over. We are, in fact, incapable of sustaining this action. But we can, very simply, make the decision. Surprisingly, when we do, turning over our will often gets taken care of for us. We find that we are indeed enjoying what seems to be God’s will for us. The secret lies in making the decision as often as needed. We can decide daily or even hourly. We can, in fact, rely on God every time we need help. This is where I find my solace. -JP

  23. Simonster says:

    What a humorous way to face a break up.!! Am going through one right now and I have to say I feel like crap although I think this article’s sense of humour will really help me get through with less pain. Its not really over but the red light is on and I guess the best thing is to follow your advice early enough. Great article

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hey, Simonster! I’ve been bogged down with life as of late, and I’m hoping you are on an upswing. Thank you for your kind words. I know your pain intimately – as do our esteemed peers who’ve also written. I’m hoping you’ve had time to review some of the comments from others suffering similarly. I also hope you’re leaning on your friends and loved ones to make this an easier transition. We are the masters of our own fate. We carry all of the emotional equipment necessary to meet each new challenge. We aren’t on a solitary journey. The only way we can climb our own mountains is by doing it with others. We learn to be alone by learning to love and trust others. We carry our own lifeline connected to the love and caring of our friends. Eyes forward, friend – your future awaits. -JP

  24. Damian says:

    Hi, It seems the forum is down, Do you need any help setting it up?

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hey, Damian! I’ve actually been emailing you the past couple of weeks to determine if you want to manage the Forum. I am working with the developer on ending the amount of spam hitting the site. If you’re interested, shoot me an email at and I will send you the username/password and update you on settings, etc. THANK YOU for checking-in! -JP

  25. Lindsey says:

    This article made me laugh for the first time in weeks! Yes I’m a girl but I relate to all of this right now. Me and my ex of 2 years broke up a month ago over a terrible stupid pointless drunk fight. We probably would still be together if it didn’t happen infront of his friends. But anyway. We got in the fight, still stayed the night then I moved out in the morning. Things were said. And things were thrown. Yeah we’re both at fault. The first week after he was considering trying to work us out. Til his mother somehow heard about the fight (she’s very dramatic and loves to involve herself in things she has nothing to do with) so we went nc after that. My stages are all over the place. At first I was relieved. Then I was I’m shock. Then I was depressed. I’m kind of back to relieved right now, but honestly I still have a tiny bit of hope. This guy was my best friend. We lived together. Forgot to mention this fight happened on the one year anniversary of my fathers death. No excuses I know, but I was obviously having a tough week already.

    As of now I moved back home, trying to rebuild friendships and hangout with family. Last time we talked he says this is my chance to straighten myself out and maybe we can work it out eventually. I would of rather him said that were over for good because now I feel like I’m just waiting around. I can’t seem to get him off my mind. Going from being with someone 24/7 to not at all is overwhelming. We weren’t perfect before our fight but we definently weren’t planning on breaking up anytime soon. We both have tempers. So maybe this break up is good? Give us time to cool? My minds all over the place. But thank you for writing this article. I know for a fact my demon is haunting his apartment. From the brand new comforter set I bought, to my hair probably being everywhere. My food still in the fridge. My shampoo still in the shower.

    I hate breakups. But thanks for making me smile

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hey, Lindsey! I’m stoked to know I was able to bring a smile to your face. I carefully reviewed your post, and have some feedback. First, I’m concerned about the volatility of your recent relationship. And, if serious domestic disputes are part of your recent past, you will want to analyze that more closely, for sure. It’s much better to just flee the scene and give things the 24-hour rule in such instances. Also keep in mind that what we want isn’t always what we need. Perhaps you two aren’t supposed to be together – despite how it feels right now. It’s tough enough to make a relationship work when ONE person has a temper – let alone both people. That’s a recipe for disaster and imminent arrest(s) down the road – at best. And, I’m very sorry about your dad’s passing last year. I’m certain the anniversary was a trigger for you. It would have been for me as well. But, you’re absolutely right – your relationship was probably far less than perfect before this latest bout, and you definitely need time apart. This will give you both time to obtain some perspective and reflection on what is best for the long haul. Rather than focusing on him and your longing for what is comfortable; focus on what is best for you both going forward. I’ve had 10 shoulder surgeries. After each one, I’m in a sling for at least two months. When I get to the point of being out of the sling, I miss it every time. Did I still need it? NO. But, it became a comfortable aid for me. Once I was able to use those familiar arm muscles again, I was glad to be out of the sling. I still wanted the sling back every time. But, I didn’t NEED it to be able to get by on my own. Maybe this is an odd analogy, but maybe he’s been your sling. Even if you don’t need him – even if he’s as far as being bad for you – you’re used to him. He fills a void for you. Therefore, you miss him. Two years is a long time. Of course you’re going to miss him. I would miss most anyone that I spent two years around. Again, there’s a difference between what is good for you, and what you simply miss because it’s a new gaping hole in your life. You need to make that determination.

      Making peace with our losses takes time and trust, Lindsey. In the past, you may have acted in ways that were heartbreaking to yourself and others. But now you have a new choice; you can walk the road of self-forgiveness and stop punishing yourself for past deeds, or you can decide that you don’t deserve to feel good, that clinging to your pain, guilt, and self-loathing will somehow make up for some of the damage. Believing our wrongs are too great to be righted leaves us in a perpetual state of mourning. It’s a risk, but we can choose to believe that change is possible, not all at once but slowly, one day at a time. Believing that God loves us and wants us to be happy gives us the courage to make amends and face our past head on. When we take the leap of faith necessary to grieve and let go of the past, we take back our best selves, and the lives we were meant to live. Going forward, you both deserve happiness and a healthy relationship. Maybe that’s with each other – maybe not. I’m in no position to make that call. But, what you had isn’t working. I am hoping for the healthiest of outcomes for you both. -JP

      There is an end to grief if we have the courage to accept our personal goodness and our ongoing right to happiness. – Justin Langley

  26. Parets77 says:

    I came across this website randomly and just wanted to write to say it is fantastic. With dozens and dozens of resources available for women, it is very comforting to know that there are other men out there who are crushed by break up anxiety. Our culture says men have to suffer silently, which is neither helpful nor productive. Again, it is nice to know that other men have the same issues.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi! I agree – nearly everything written is for women. Honestly, I only wrote a simple essay to somehow deal with the pain and angst of my own breakup. I had nowhere to turn for breakup advice. Not good advice anyway. So, I did what came naturally – I just wrote. Somehow, others found the essay and gleaned hope and commiserated with my pain. Now, I just want to help anyone and everyone who feels the sudden, tumultuous feeling of despair. Anyhow, I am very pleased that you found the article. Thank you for your kind words! And, yes – us guys have plenty of issues too. Some of us just maintain better illusions. -JP

  27. cat says:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I am over two months into a break up and each day feel like day one (altho im sure im not doing myself any favours). My relationship was nearly for 6 years and was a volitile one at that, we broke up and got bak together countless times and it was mostly me ending it, yet this time he has done it and I think that only adds to my pain. I have laughed and cried reading ur post and its of great comfort to know there are people feeling the exact cheer pain I am feeling!. For me the grieving is tinged with utter shame and anger at myself for being with someone who treated me so vile! What does that say about me as a person if I will quite willingly allow/make excuses for someones disgusting behaviour. I will defo take comfort in this reality of events article and just hope that at sometime soon im happy to walk into that tunnel, the light is at the end I just have to keep walking x

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Cat! Hello there. It’s almost funny sometimes how each day following a breakup can feel like the movie, “Groundhog Day.” It’s like the pain is on “repeat” endlessly at first. But, as the emotional dust settles, you realize you can and will survive, and the pain will indeed lessen. Six years is a long time for anyone. I’m wondering how “volatile” things would get. That’s not a good indicator of a healthy relationship, of course. Reading that you were treated in a vile manner is disconcerting at best. I hate reading such things, as I was once in a similar relationship. It took me awhile to get fed-up and call her out for being a satanic bitch, but I eventually did just that. There is NEVER a reason for someone to treat another poorly. It’s inexcusable and I am very happy to hear you have broken free from the tyranny of his abuse. The trick is to REMAIN free. Since he broke things off, my primary concern is that you would have stayed in this abusive situation – whether emotionally or physically – for a lot longer. Now that you’re on the outside looking in, it is my hope that you can begin to see things for what they were: UNACCEPTABLE. But, no matter the reason, you are now free from whatever kept you there. That said, abusive types often cast their victim aside, only to try and reel them back in later. Your goal is to obtain a little more strength, self-love, and hope for a better tomorrow each day. This will – God willing – prevent you from ever giving this coward the opportunity to wield his treatment upon you again. I see that you’re in the UK. I don’t know the resources available and near to you. But, I would start by calling: 0808 2000 247

      This Helpline can give support, help and information over the telephone, wherever you might be in the country. The Helpline is staffed 24 hours a day by fully trained female helpline support workers and volunteers. All calls are completely confidential. You can then ask them if they offer counseling services, or what they recommend. Okay? I truly hope you make the call. If for nothing else, just to explain what verbal/emotional abuse you have incurred, so you can recognize it for what it is: Abuse. You can then take the necessary steps to distance yourself from your ex, AND make much better dating choices in the future. I’d like to hear back from you, Cat. And, I hope it is with news that you are taking steps to take better care of yourself. -JP

  28. lucy says:

    thanks this article made me smile when i had just been dumped. i got dumped yesterday so still very very emotional. i didnt see it coming at all. it was a long distance thing and we both had a good time when recently together this wkd. we had been together for a year and she liked me a lot more than i liked her at the beggining then i fell completely in love with her. apparntly she doesnt feel the same anymore, i have been a burden and it was really nice not speaking to me for a few days. anyway i cant wait to feel better but at the moment i havent been to work and im hoping so much that she says she regrets it and misses me. I wont reach out to her though. im not going to beg for her to have me back as i can tell whatever i do or say will not change her mind. im hoping that not speaking will give her time to realise that she misses me but if not by that time i hope to be in a much better place so it will be ok either way. I havent been this upset over someone for years. i havent eaten properly in three days. all i had yesterday was a piece of toast in the morning. i am clearly needing some thereapy here as now im going in to all kinds of crap! lol anyway your article made me laugh when i was so low, and im so impressed that you reply to everyone who comments.

    (it even reached out to me a girl, in a relationship with another girl)


    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hello, Lucy. It’s so nice to hear from you, as I fervently type in an attempt to catch-up to those of you who have reached out. I truly honor each one of ya. That said, I also feel your pain and empathize with you. I know full well the emotional intricacies of your current state. I am really sorry you are feeling so badly. I’m not sure why you stated you were a burden, and the break from you was nice. If these are her words, that’s really hurtful and visceral – along with being a poor choice of phrases to inflict upon someone. I must say that your choice to “go ghost” and not reach out would be the exact one I would’ve taken in the same scenario. I am curious how things are at the moment. Another reason why I’ve got to stay on top of these comments! Ugh – I sincerely apologize. Oh, and you are one of the few “female to female” relationships to reach out – and, I’m honored that you did. Look, you’ve got to make yourself a priority right now. I’m not sure where things are with her at this moment – but, if you are still suffering through it, you need to (1) Eat as best you can; (2) Get enough rest; and (3) Get exercise. The more rigorous the better right now. If you can throw some kettle balls through a concrete wall, all the better ;-) I’m hoping she reached out by now, and at least gave you some helpful words and some peace. Oftentimes, however, this is not the case, and we are left to our own innate skills to cope. I always recommend professional therapy. A good therapist can make a world of difference. I think we all need a personal life coach now and again. Please let me know how things stand. I’m pullin’ for ya! -JP

  29. Courtney says:

    I’m a girl, but seriously this is the only thing I have read lately that made me feel the slightest bit better. Thank you so much. I suddenly feel not so alone & am trying to think of this phase as being temporary. I really appreciate this article. And good luck to everyone else going through the same agony as me! :)

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Courtney! Personally, I love when women write in. Your feedback and insight are quite welcomed. Both genders suffer in a breakup. I just happen to have a penis, so I write from a man’s perspective ;-) Thank you for your words, and I hope you have garnered some relief with each passing day. -JP

  30. Scorpio9119 says:

    Breakup’s … no breakups are easy, be it your first, tenth. The fact is humans are bound to relationships, the warmth one feels when the feelings are mutual. The feeling that somebody on this planet somewhere would be thinking about you right at this moment, someone who would love you back, show you that someone is there to take care of you is amazing. And all of sudden, especially when the breakup is not mutual, hits the dumpee hard. All of sudden there is a huge hole to fill, all of sudden life seems not livable.

    My story, hmmm where to begin with, was in a relationship with a girl for 2.5 yrs. We were happy together, loved each other sincerely. Not sure what went wrong or what could I have done otherwise to not see this day. 3 yrs ago today was the day when I told my ex I love her. Took care of her like a baby, and she left me for good.

    I now feel like a zombie. Everyday I wake up, realize that we broke up which kills me to the bottom of my heart, go to work, come back home, eat and sleep. This is happening to me since past 4 months. Can I let her go? I am trying. But now it feels like an impossible task.

    The one thing I have realized after breakup is you can feel all the stages of breakup but you cannot move on unless you can be cool with the fact that you might have feelings for her.

    But this article is amazing. I could relate myself fitting into the mentioned phases several times. And it helps a ton reading the responses of the others. I just hope that everyone who is now going through a breakup see the light at the end of the tunnel soon.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Thank you for writing, Rahul. I sincerely apologize for the delay, as I’ve been offline and experiencing some big changes on my end as of late. I know it hasn’t been long since your painful separation, but I am hoping you have experienced some bit of relief and/or improvement. It doesn’t help that the Holidays are upon us – I know. I always hated the feeling of finally falling asleep, only to awake with the realization that the relationship is over. It’s like reliving the pain over and over each day, until it gradually lessens with each morning. If only we could erase sections of the mind, like deleting files on a computer drive. If only. The takeaway for you here is reading what so many others have written. I have avoided a serious relationship for the past year, simply because my last one was so bad. Truth is, I just picked a horrific and miserable person – the entire scenario could’ve been avoided. But, like many guys, I fell for a pretty face, without paying enough attention to the toxic personality that accompanied it. You WILL get over your ex. It’s actually impossible not to, as the healing and recovery will take place with the passing of time. You just need to feel what you feel, hang on to none of it, and keep moving forward – even if your momentum is begrudgingly slow and painful. Just keep looking into the future. Here is a quote from the book, “Listening to Your Inner Voice,” by Douglas Bloch.

      “A truly powerful force in the universe is that of optimism. Optimism lies at the root of our mental and physical health. Feelings of hope can stimulate the body’s immune system and inspire recovery from a critical illness. Optimism expresses itself in the persistence and resilience of living things. A child learning to walk repeatedly falls down and picks himself up until he stands erect. A decade after the eruption of Mount St. Helens destroyed the local ecology, life had reestablished itself on this volcano with amazing abundance and rapidity. And despite its hostile environment, a sole dandelion miraculously pushed itself up through a crack in the concrete. That dandelion was optimistic that it could and would survive. In the long run, the forces of love and life always triumph over those of fear and death. No matter how challenging the obstacles or difficult the tests, there is always cause for optimism.”

      The natural flights of the human mind are not from pleasure to pleasure, but from hope to hope. -Samuel Johnson

  31. Damian says:

    Sorry to insist with the forum thing, but is it working? replies seem to be moderated or something. Thanks ;)

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hey, Damian! THANK YOU for checking back in. I must sincerely apologize. The Forum is so new that I did not realize I needed to go in and somehow administer things. I was under the impression it was self-sustainable. I will log-in and take a look. -JP

  32. TS says:


    I have read so many awful blogs full of useless advice written by women full of “if you love her let her go” bullshit. This blog is the amazing truth.

    First of all, I am on a “break” with my girlfriend, after 13 months of bliss…she has moved away to Uni. And I ultimately have not adjusted or prepared for the severity of the change, after leaving her one month to settle in I made the journey to go see her, it was awful. Tense, uncomfortable and not the same, so we are leaving it 13 days before she comes home for a discussion. I am very much in phase one, I cant eat I cant sleep, but my saving grace is I haven’t made the slightest effort for contact, the only contact she has attempted are attempts to make me jealous, no doubt a ploy to make me text her being all “what the fuck bitch why put a video of your hilarious flatmate on facebook!?”….in my mind its her way of trying to provoke a reaction from me so I can give her the attention she craves, I however will not rise.

    The fantastic information I have taken from this entry is to ease off, I perhaps was too intense, but when we meet I am going to be cool, composed and tell her how I feel, I do still love her and I feel we work together and still have much to offer each other. And from reading this now I am confident that if I ease off and take the higher ground there may be a chance of us settling things….if not, I had fun, I learnt, ill move on and ultimately ill survive (even if it doesn’t feel like it now)

    Thank you again

    (Please feel free to reply)

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Andy! THANK YOU – that’s why I had to write this. To expose the gritty truth about heinous, anxiety-ridden breakups and all their gut-wrenching manifestations. More than anything, I just wanted my fellow sufferers to know they were not alone. That sole fact makes a sizeable difference. I love that you have not been reacting to her antics – especially those via social media like Facebook. Sounds like her attempts to solicit a reaction from you have been unanswered. And, when in the heat of relationship drama, the best thing to do – and, I am a HUGE advocate of this – is to to do NOTHING. You cannot have regrets if you don’t act. I only wish I had taken my own advice more often in the past. This was a lesson I learned through trial and error and after the advice of a counselor. It was the single best advice I ever followed – WHEN I followed it. Here’s the thing – you can always choose to react to something at any time. Even well after the fact. But, choosing NOT to react allows you freedom from regret and sorrow for acting in the heat of the moment. It sounds like you’ve read some of the other responses here, and were able to glean this sage advice from others for yourself. For that, I am greatly pleased. There are a lot of brilliant commenters on this page, and they’ve done a great service to one another – and, to me as well. Andy, you nailed it when you stated, “I am confident that if I ease off and take the higher ground there may be a chance of us settling things.” Excellent insight, my friend! And, in doing so, you can have no regrets in whatever outcome takes place. You can rest assured that you did YOUR best and took the best possible path. Great to hear from you. -JP

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Andy! I am curious how things went with your ex. I have to say, your attitude and mindset were very healthy when you last wrote here. The power often shifts back and forth between people in love. It’s a delicate balance. Your plan to ease off and allow things to settle into place is precisely how I would have handled the situation.

      According to the book, “In God’s Care,” by Karen Casey, Whatever we give away returns to us, many-fold. When we show love or understanding, when we are gentle or express genuine concern, usually the same will come right back to us. Perhaps not in kind, maybe not in ways we expected, nevertheless our gifts bear fruit. Many of us have longed for love and security to come from others with a promise of forever; inevitably, we became anxious that, in time, that love or security would disappear. When we view life from such a narrow perspective, no amount of love can bolster our sense of worth. How different the world looks when we unselfishly give out love rather than longingly await the love, attention, or understanding of others. We guarantee receiving the good feelings we crave every time we share those feelings with a fellow traveler. You are in charge of what you receive from others today. You will get back what you willingly give.

      Keep putting the love out there, Andy. But, love yourself also. I hope you got the best results possible from your last meeting. -JP

  33. Andrew says:

    Thanks so much for this article, especially the final paragraph: “Finally, it is important to note that is within this final phase of your recovery that your ex will fortuitously make a reappearance.” This happened to me exactly – I was dumped by a girl six months ago, then after nearly three months of doing the hard work to get over her I was just starting to form a deeper friendship with someone I’d known for a while. My ex saw us together and was consumed by jealousy which led to her asking to have me back. Being so in love with her, and desperate to make things work, it seemed like a no-brainer. Everything seemed to be going well and then *bang*, “sorry, the relationship isn’t working”. That was just over three weeks ago and I’m totally devastated again, just trying to get through the days. This time, at least, I know I will recover and also know that I can never trust her again.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hello, Andrew. I enjoyed learning of your tale of redemptive validation – though, that was not the outcome I wanted to hear. I should’ve added a sub-clause that if/when they DO, in fact, make a return that you should run the other way. As you learned, it was more about her bruised ego than anything else. I’m so very sorry. There are a lot of egocentric, jacked-up people out there. It’s our job to circumnavigate them as best we can. Myself, I attract them like a stark beacon on a starless night. Next time, you won’t fall for her manipulations. In the interim, please do NOT judge yourself for taking her back. I’ve done the same (more than once, I’m afraid). Some life lessons are only learned by living them. Hang tough, friend. -JP

      • Andrew says:

        Thanks so much for you reply. It’s because of people like you, my family, and my friends that I’m ever so gradually getting through this.

        To add insult to injury, the girl I was developing the friendship with had now moved onto someone else – it’s taken considerable bridge-building just to get back to the point where we can see each other even as friends (and I need as many of those as I can get right now).

        It probably wouldn’t have mattered if you had advised me not to go back – so many of my friends told me to be careful because of what had happened before. But I so wanted to have another chance that I didn’t listen. Even now there’s this residual fear that should she come back again I may weaken. Right now I’m in this mode of constantly reaffirming to myself that the relationship was wrong, that it wouldn’t have worked long-term, that she couldn’t give me what I wanted, and that I shouldn’t want to be with someone who can treat me like that. Just writing these things down helps to embed them in my tired old brain.

        • JP Hatcher says:

          Andrew, I am really happy to hear that things are gelling for you mentally. It sounds like you are doing what I do – consistently remind yourself of what is obvious to others. I do this to the point of taking copious notes that I can reference whenever I’m having a weak moment, or considering allowing someone toxic back into my life. Sometimes, we just need our own reminders. There are many similarities between recovering from a breakup, and recovering from a drug addiction. The chemical processes in the brain are actually very similar. Hence the difficulty in recovering, and the constant withdrawal symptoms. We often would rather have the negative force back in our lives – no matter how bad for us – than to have nothing at all. Therein lies the danger. If we can just get over the hump, and get through the initial “relationship withdrawal” period, salvation is on the other side. I so wish this for you, Andrew. In the interim, keep leaning on those family members and friends. Lean hard and lean often. You can make it up to them later. We’re all her for ya. -JP

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hey, Andrew. Thank YOU for writing in. Damn … what an ego that girl has on her, huh?! She just hated the fact you were able to move on and find happiness without her. She lured you back. It happens. I hope you aren’t kicking yourself for it. I’ve been there. Oh, have I ever. Oftentimes, we need a particular lesson more than once before it sticks. Now, you have even more data that this chick isn’t worth your time and emotion. I love good data! It’s impossible to refute. So, just continue to reflect upon what you know – and, cannot ignore – as you move away from this girl forever. But, don’t stop exhibiting the caring characteristics that make you a good bet. When we treat our friends, our families, even people we don’t know well with kindness, we’ll experience kindness in return. Our own actions and attitudes toward others are what we can expect from others as well. Sometimes, we just need a better filter! -JP

  34. JK says:

    As with so many others that responded to this article, I could not agree more with what you have said. Just by reading this, it is like a huge weight off my chest and I am sure many others agree with me. The funny thing is that in the beginning I was the one that actually didn’t want to get into a relationship and she pushed for it and I thought that i should give her a chance, weird how things work sometimes. But nontheless great job thoroughly enjoyed this article.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Jay, thank you for taking time to write in. Just as our words have provided you with some relief and solidarity – so, your words will assist others in the same throes of suffering. Perspective is a great thing when we’re feeling despondent. I wish you expeditious healing. -JP

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Forgive me, Jay, as I am so very behind in replying to my esteemed commenters since last month. I am now playing catch-up. It means the world to me that the article helped you realize how common and “normal” your feeling are. It’s crazy how our first intuition is almost always the right one – yet, we often ignore our gut and blaze a trail toward the wrong thing. I give my intuition a lot more voice these days. I actually go with my gut instinct 100% of the time now. I am definitely sorry that you experienced this setback. Wishing you peace and the love you deserve this season. -JP

  35. Katie says:

    Thank you so much for this article man, hope you’re doing well since your breakup. I’ve (very) recently been dumped after a two year relationship with a guy, and now I’m in a mix of both the first and second stages of grieving. I honestly think it makes it worse that I didn’t see it coming; I felt like things were going sooo well and he out of the blue decides he is no longer happy in our relationship. It sucks to feel like you’ve been given up on by someone who you were so willing to fight for. But anyway, both stages are simply awful for me right now, but the way you described your situation is EXACTLY the same way I currently feel. It’s very comforting to know that although I’m lonely, I’m not actually alone, so thank you for that. Keep writing, you’re absolutely amazing.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Katie. How are you feeling?? I truly hope you are experiencing some relief with each passing day. I would try not to personalize your feelings regarding his stated reasons for the breakup. Oftentimes, no matter how well we think we know someone, we didn’t know them at all. It’s impossible to crawl into someone else’s mind to know the real “what” and “why,” or the labyrinth of their mind. And, if we guess, we’re most certainly wrong. Often, there is no sensible explanation. Your goal is to really try not to get bogged down with the torturous post-breakup analysis. It’s an abyss that will sap every last bit of mental and emotional energy you’ve got left. If you can somehow just work to “accept” it and be okay with never knowing the “why” it will free you to heal and move forward. This has always been my biggest personal hurdle – so, I know what I’m asking. Hopefully, you’re able to accomplish this integral and necessary step. Obtain solace in knowing you were the best you possible in the relationship – so, his reasoning and motives are secondary and irrelevant to how you should feel about yourself. -JP

  36. Dave says:

    mine scratched me, punched my face, yelled at me screaming I hate you, and then left as the saint while I was left in all of her agony. wtf do you do in this case when someone dumps all of their shit on you then fucking leaves?

    Should I inform her new “bf” she is psycho and was cheating with me while she was with “him”

    getting back at her will teach her not to fukin dumb crap on me then disappear to another state. Its like she agreed to meet right before she would leave just so she could do that.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Good grief, Dave … I’m very sorry to hear. She sounds like my last girlfriend, to be honest. But, to answer your question, “No” – it’s best to just take the high-road and let karma work it out on her. Vengeance isn’t ours. As for anyone else she may now date, they will learn soon enough. No matter how bad she was/is, let God and the universe deal with her. I wish you quick healing and a peaceful heart, brother. -JP

  37. Ani says:

    Great article. I haven’t laughed so much in the 3 months since we broke up. I recognised myself in all of what you wrote and I’m so glad to realise that it’s not just me. I had actually started to go crazy.

    We were on and off for 5 years, lived together for the last year and although I was the one to end it by kicking him out after finding out he was still meeting up with his ex behind my back I still love him dearly and have been desperately trying to reconcile with him. He says there was nothing going on with his ex and that he did not feel like he was getting what he needed from the relationship due to my lack of enthusiasm for life and general depression. Three months on I am able to acknowledge the truth in what he says. He says we should remain friends and both work on our issues but I have tried and find myself reverting back to stage 1 & 2. I value his friendship but it is causing me great anxiety as I just want to know for certain whether we will ever get back together. Iam not very good at letting go or letting things run their natural course.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hello, Ani. I am very happy to hear that my words resonated with you. If nothing else, this essay provides validation that most of us traverse a painful breakup in much the same way. And, I completely empathize with the feeling of going nuts. You’re like me (and, most of us) in that you want to control the outcome of this. It’s not an easy task to let things play-out as they should. But, I can assure you, if you first work on yourself and what YOU need to feel mentally and emotionally competent and fulfilled, the other things will fall into place. I’ve said many times that we attract that which we feel about ourselves. This is true when we feel great, or if we feel low. You don’t want to be each others crutch. Rather, you want to come to the relationship as healthy, individual entities who compliment one another. It doesn’t sound like either of you are currently in that place – and, that’s okay! We all cycle through periods where it’s best to spend time with ourselves, rather than “date therapy” with someone else. Work on you and what you need for awhile. The rest will fall into place as it should. -JP

  38. Phill says:

    Bloody great article! – thoroughly laughed and laughed, isn’t it crazy on what you would do to get a girl back that in all likelihood would be a life of misery?
    I just recently got let go- we were supposed to be going to Iceland, Sweden and Denmark on Friday but alas now I find myself heading out on the trip alone. I will be going with Intrepidation but it’s either go and be in stage two or sit around my apartment in stage 2- I think it will be hard but a good distraction. My ex broke it off with me because she was not ready or willing to give up her time as my children and I were going to move in with her, the closer to the move in date the more distant she became, hanging out with new friends and myself not getting invited. In reality I should have stopped it all six weeks ago when I asked her about becoming distant but she made me believe it was not true! This time around it’s not as bad, I broke up with her last Oct but that was my own issues, I found myself a therapist and got to the bottom of my anxiety sand realized that I’m trying my very best to be a good father and support two homes, it’s been a great struggle financially but at least my kids have had a stay at home mum for there young years and now they are at full time school I know things will get financially easier. Although my ex had a hard time of my financial situation I feel that I tried and attempted to give my kids a great start to their childhood.
    I’m feeling the pain but this time it’s not about what I’m not worthy of etc etc.
    Sometimes I picture myself as my little boy and think what is it that he needs to make him feel good about himself- it actually works. Hang in there everyone and consider what you all need.
    Thank you for being do dedicated JP and know that it’s a great relief to come to these pages.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Phill! Thank you for writing and sharing your insight. And, “yes,” – it’s so ridiculous what I did to try and get her back that I actually had to put it all in writing. And, I wouldn’t have been happy if I got what I wanted. That’s the kicker. So many great people who write me are in dire straits – understandably – and, do not yet realize that what they want isn’t what they need. I am wondering if you’re back from your trip. I am so impressed that you opted to go! KUDOS, brother! Nice work. And, you’re priorities are right in line. It appears you are handling things quite well. Personally, I think we should all see therapists. I’ve mentioned this previously. But, who wouldn’t want a personal life coach to assist us in our decision making and navigating life at times?! Anyone who doesn’t see a therapist is asking SOMEONE these same questions – albeit friends, family, bartenders, hairdressers, or the like. Why not just hire someone with a license to advise? That’s just my take. Anyhow, you’re a testament to men everywhere in the same tough spot. You wrote something that really hit me when you stated, “Sometimes I picture myself as my little boy and think what is it that he needs to make him feel good about himself- it actually works.” How incredibly insightful of you, Phill!! That’s brilliant and loving. I am very happy to be of some small assistance to you. I hope you come back and visit these posts again. And, hopefully, our new Forum will gain some momentum soon as well. -JP

      • Phill says:

        Wow- I wrote back in October a few days before the trip I was to take alone, life has been strange and wonderful since then! The trip was a great distraction although it was bloody heartbreaking every time I checked in for a flight and then had the empty seat next to me. In Iceland(my first destination) I met an Icelandair flight attendant and we really hit it off, we’ve kept in contact and she’s visited me in Vancouver a few times:)- she’s so nice and it’s a good comfort, I know nothing will come of it and right now I’m in no state of mind for a relationship anyway but it’s comforting. I can’t help but laugh how it has worked out. I find myself a lot happier these days and even got a promotion at work. I still miss her but no longer is she constantly on my mind. It’s amazing how somebody can make you feel and act. I know I will never have her back in my life and now I’m comfortable with it, I’m feeling energetic and you’re right, there is strange everywhere these day’s! Time, self worth and optimism are think maybe the keys required for the first few months of a break up. Hang in everyone and JP you’ve found one of your purposes in life, congratulations:)

        • JP Hatcher says:

          Great to hear from you again, Phill! And, what an uplifting update!! Love it. Your statement about “Time, self-worth and optimism” being the necessary attributes to navigate the first few months following a breakup is a nugget of information. And, you’re right. The self-worth component is particularly relevant. I am really happy for you. I know you still miss her, and that’s perfectly natural. But, you’ve seen that things can and do improve for the better. And, you have no idea what good things are around the corner for you. I wish continued happiness and success for you, brother. It’s just so good to receive this follow-up story, and I know that it will help so many others to see this. THANK YOU for writing! -JP

  39. Tim says:

    p.s – i’m so so sorry about the terrible grammar in my essay there- I seem to have also lost the grasp of the english language/being able to successfully proof read.

  40. Tim says:

    Hi JP

    I really enjoyed reading your article. I’m 7 weeks in since I’ve had completer closure in my relationship. Since June when it she said that she couldn’t see a future in us, it has been the worst phase ever of my 27 years. I have spent so much on self help books, but they have not seemed to do any good accept distract me momentarily and then feel foolish trying to do the ‘stress reduction’ exercise. Having had a series of splits before (although they I was only dating with them), I have felt like I have been utterly doomed. Reading this article assured me that unfortunately I am a man who is generally anxious, and a break up from a loved one kicks me the hardest of all – Well the rejection especially. I hope you don’t mind my essay – but having read your article and other people’s responses, I feel that at least I am not alone here.
    So with the girl that has caused all this grief. I met her last October doing a play (we are both budding actors). We were in separate shows, but had loads of banter in the dressing room and had brilliant chemistry from the start. Only snag, was I then found out she had a boyfriend (Who lived abroad). However later on, she dropped that he was an ex boyfriend now, as she was going to go to see him in a week and finish it. Inside I was dancing (which now I feel terrible about – as the poor bloke had to go what I am going through).
    Anyway to my delight she asked me out for a drink (with the assurance that it would be after she had split up). Fast forward to our first date. It was brilliant, we did sleep together, and then it transpired she had still not left him, plus she had posted all the holiday snaps of her with him. I wish I had seen these extreme warning flags earlier. However, I did put my foot down and tell her she must end it before we went on another date, as I was not happy to be the man she was cheating with. I realise this was one of the only time I had major control, and she responded quite quickly ending her 2 year relationship a few days later (via whatsapp) hmmm.
    We continue dating. By christmas, she says she still isn’t 100% over her ex and still has feeling for him, yet loves what we have and is annoyed at the timing. However she says these feelings will go, and she wants to build on what we have. I just want to add, that I felt I had struck gold, as not only was she stunning (is should i say), we had the same humour, the same interests, the same careers and the sex was really adventurous (probably the most adventurous of a girl i have been with).
    Then it gets to new year, and we are at a party (where another one of her ex’s is)- which is a little uncomfortable, and she starts texting her ex who lives abroad whilst sitting next to me. I blow a fuse later over this, and she realises she has been foolish. Come late Jan, she still is not ready to commit to calling me her boyfriend. She says that she STILL is not quite over her ex – and they are still whatsapping. She knows my feelings on this of course and assures me the chit chat they are having is very dull and that it’s not going anyway (he probably should have heeded the no contact advice there). Eventually in Feb, she prompts me that we should be going out by now – even though I had brought it up loads. So from here we have a great few months, and we do some filming together and then by May we use the love word. Now here’s the bit i have not mentioned. She has a very unusual mother. I never met her family – her dad and mum are separated, her dad living abroad, and her mum lives with my ex. My ex was really frustrated in the lead up to our break up, as she was tired living with her mum who used to emotionally blackmail her and guilt her when she was not staying at home. She also I believe has mental health issues, but she has often ‘been the cause for her break ups’ she says. Her dad and mum split up when my ex was 8, and her mum made her lie in court, so she would not have to live with her dad. It’s all very messed up, but either ways- the day my ex came out with the words ‘where is our relationship going?’, she was the most miserable I had seen her. She was so down, how she was never going to be able to live away from her mum and that she was always going to have that guilt – her mum used to say things like ‘i’ll jump off a bridge if you move away’ and heavy shit like that.
    I initially thought the break up was a cry for help but over the weeks, she said that she felt she had made the right decision to call it off. That she felt when she was with me, it was great, and that i was the only person she knew who she could say anything to. But when she was away, she felt the right decision had been made. I even tried to do three days together where we could patch things up, which she agreed was a good idea, but in the end she felt the same, and wanted to remain friends. I could not be friends with someone i am in love with and said that I had to cut all contact to get over it. This was nearly 8 weeks ago now. I have remained since then without contact (ooh except via facebook as she sponsored me for a bike ride) – then i had to delete her off that, as she kept liking my stuff on the wall posts and i couldn’t bear seeing her profile.
    Since these three weeks, it has been so so hard. I have lingered from phase one and phase two. Places constantly remind me of her, when i go back to my parents, I instantly feel teary – and i think it’s because she came there in the spring to meet them. She also got on with everyone in my family, and they loved her too, so I’m finding it so unbearable as that future i dreamed of, that purpose I had, has been crushed.
    The serenity prayer bit made me laugh out loud- as I have been reciting this to myself like a mad man. Talking of mad men, I have felt like i am insane. It’s all i ever think of at the moment. Honestly – i don’t know what to do. And as theres little acting work coming in at the moment, and im working in a cafe to pay the bills, i feel like i’ve hit the biggest rut ever.
    Last week i thought i was getting over it, but then I had the worst thing yet- several anxiety attacks in the night – and a fever. The anxiety attack was just after a series of repeated dreams that made no sense, and i woke with my brain feeling as if it had been fried, and that nothing was ever going to get better. I went to the doctors a few days (felt slightly foolish as i started to cry) and said I felt i might be depressed/anxious. He recommended I contact a therapist to talk it through with – which I think i will do and to stop taking the st johns wort tablets that i bought. He says there may be underlining things that make me anxious. I have always been a neurotic anxious person. From having to have my shoes put together to worrying about not being liked, or being generally useless. The irony though, is i got my bike nicked the other day and i then smashed my iphone screen. I didn’t seem bothered by this at all, as i realised materialistic things were nothing to the feeling of lost love.
    I’m really sorry how long this waffle is going on, but you all seem like a caring bunch, and i just want to get this off my chest.
    My biggest concern at the moment, is theres a small possibility I may have to work with her again in this comedy group im in. If these companies like the filming pilot we did, then I will have to face her again to do this, and I have no idea what my mind will do. I’m hoping that it won’t be as bad as i think. My main worry, is that i will be sent to square one again like a woeful playing piece in snakes and ladders.
    I’m still waking up thinking ‘why did this happen?’ and ‘I did nothing wrong’. Then i replay the ‘CSI re-enactment’ from every possible phase of our relationship. It’s quite honestly killing me. I cannot imagine meeting anyone as beautiful, intelligent or interesting as her. It’s also killing me, that it’s an outside problem that broke us up – (her mum causing her depression) and then it making a dent on our relationship. She even said a month before the break up, ‘why don’t we put the relationship on hold, until i have my own place, as i’m worried you will start to despise me, as i’m becoming my mother’.
    Another part of me realises that her mum would always have been a problem in the relationship, and would have probably got worse later on. And it also may be a reason she was so flighty to start with when we dated.
    Either ways the worst things to grasp, is the constant replaying in my head, the mornings which seem to be the most depressing for me, returning to my empty spooningless bed and the feeling that I will never have that love ever again.
    I would love to hear anyones thoughts on this, because my brain is exhausted by it all.
    many thanks.
    love and best wishes

    • Damian says:

      Sorry to hear that. I really feel the waking up from bad dreams part, but the good thing is that it eventually goes away. You’ve got to make the conscious effort not to look back, to stop over-thinking.
      In the moment you’re on you will feel like there’s no other girl as good as her, but little by little you will also remember the bad parts of the relationship (it seems hard now) and in a few weeks/months you’ll realize not everything was so good as you thought it was and that there are lots of girls like her.
      Crazy mothers give crazy children most times, maybe they were alike, but you couldn’t realize, yet it doesn’t matter, there are lots of girls and one will be as good and better than her. Just wait and keep trying to meet girls.
      Just be patient, it won’t be easy but as long as you work on yourself, keep looking ahead,try not to think too much about it and have fun, you’ll be fine.
      PD:Yes this place seems like lots of anxious caring people, starting to like it ;)

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hey there, Tim. Ahhh … self-help books and stress reduction exercises. Well, in all fairness, they do help if taught correctly. So, I’ve heard. I’m a horrible example of practicing what I preach when it comes to alleviating stress sometimes. But, DISTRESS TOLERANCE is what you need to be practicing about now. I know you’re head is spinning and you just want to get through each hour of each day. Ohhhhh, do I ever know. So, you need to be very kind to yourself and do those things that decrease your immediate pain and stress – no matter how small and/or trivial. Breakups are a bitch for anyone – anxious and unanxious alike. But, they seem particularly troublesome for anxious males for two reasons: (1) We are, by nature, not supposed to be anxious or otherwise emotionally incapacitated; and (2) We are supposed to steamroll through breakups with apparent ease. No such luck for most on either account. Most men just HIDE their ability to ease through a breakup. Truth is, we suffer … a lot. And, anxiety is the great equalizer. It doesn’t care about genders. It’s gender non-specific. So, if you’ve got anxiety, the manifestations are typically very similar for all affected. And, it definitely makes a typical breakup anything but. That all said, you’ve come to the right place. Which reminds me, Tim – my webmaster launched a new anxiety/breakup support forum just today. It’s located HERE. Even I have been shocked by how many male anxiety sufferers are willing to man-up and voice their pain. Hell, it’s not our fault anymore than sickle cell anemia is to blame on the sufferer.

      Regarding your ex, wow …. I just have to say the poor lass has a crazy background with her parents and relationships. So, your hypothesis is most likely spot-on: She more than likely has some mental/emotional issues going on that will certainly fall upon you no matter what you do. I experienced this with a recent ex. Did I ever. One of my first questions of any woman I now date is, “How do you get along with your father??” This is a key indicator in what will happen next. You have been on a wild ride with this one, my friend. And, CONGRATS for taking her off of Facebook. This is a small, but integral key piece of obtaining some distance and healing. You made a statement that resonated with me, Tim. “Talking of mad men, I have felt like i am insane. It’s all i ever think of at the moment. Honestly – i don’t know what to do. And as theres little acting work coming in at the moment, and im working in a cafe to pay the bills, i feel like i’ve hit the biggest rut ever.” Believe it or not, you’re right where you’re supposed to be. This is often how a low plays out. BUT, it WILL shift. Just keep doing the things you need to do in order for those small shifts to take place. It is impossible for you to remain in this present state – I can assure you. As long as you don’t stop moving. As for genuinely feeling “insane,” that’s all part of this phase you’re in. It’s a hum-dinger, I know. But, this too shall pass. Pray, see a counselor, lean on friends and family, and do the small things you enjoy until you actually DO feel some enjoyment again. You will. And, don’t go blaming yourself for anything – nor should you be working to dissect any part of this relationship. Look, she needs help for all that she’s been through. And, I don’t think you want to be her litmus test and emotional outlet. Us creative types are often the most tortured – aren’t we?? ;-) I gotta tell you, it seems you may be dodging some regular bouts of major pain by hitting “eject” now and steering clear of additional emotional involvement with this woman. Wish her the best from a safe vantage, and thank God you have no marriage/kids in the mix from which you must extricate. You are hereby free and clear to make a CLEAN break. As for possibly seeing her at a gig again, you are clearly not ready. I would avoid it at all costs for the duration. Just my advice. Why subject yourself so more emotional tyranny. Finally, as for “never having that love again,” I hope you don’t. You deserve a much safer person to love, and to love you. I truly hope she finds the peace and help she needs to get emotionally healthy. -JP

      • Tim says:

        thanks so much for your kind response JP. It’s really very good of you to take so much of your time to help others. And I really hope you do get a book published about this. You do have a great way with words – especially when you stated ‘I don’t think you want to be her litmus test and emotional outlet’.
        I almost had a crazy moment of getting in touch with her tonight to see if i could meet for coffee. It’s mainly due to the fact i had a dream of her last night (that she had met someone else) and then i felt extremely lonely when i got back to my flat. But tiny bits of logic are telling me, meeting for coffee will do sod all- and make it worse, and make me look weak and feeble.
        Thank you for your advice and help, and i shall check this forum out.
        love and best wishes

        • JP Hatcher says:

          Tim, your words are immensely appreciated – thank you. Regarding your dreams, they’re par for the course, I’m afraid. Absolutely normal, and I’ve had the exact same ones. They stick with you for at least a day or more, and feel surly and real. I call them “user dreams,” because they’re quite common with drug/alcohol users when they quit using. Well, as you may know, the withdrawal of a person triggers much the same chemical processes in the brain, resulting in similar dreams. They’re more nightmares then dreams, however. Keep in mind that dreams/thoughts/and fears are just THAT. They do not equal facts, and it’s mind trickery. Our minds are very powerful, and they don’t always work in our favor when we need them most. Resist your urge to reach out, brother. Ground yourself in what your rational mind KNOWS you need to be doing in the present moment. Sometimes, you have to tell yourself your not going to call/text within the next hour – then, extend it to the next hour, and so on. I know how tough this can be. Live moment by moment, until you’re able to lift yourself above this crappy fog. It WILL lift. Stay busy and stay distracted with whatever distress tolerance activities help you most. Sometimes, that’s just watching TV with a good friend whom holds your phone for awhile ;-) -JP

  41. Damian says:

    Hi, first of all thanks for the article, it really rings my bell.
    I’ve passed through these phases from march till now.
    I had been with this girl for two years as a couple, after that the relationship started failing and after some time off, we started an open relationship thingy. I then decided I wanted her back as a girlfriend, so I started my “get her back” campaign. It consisted of trying to get her to re-think our relationship, talking about it all day with her, even spying on her, or being aggressive about it. In the midst of this she met one of my friends, we started hanging around together, etc. And after it was clear we wouldn’t get back together and it was a final break-up. They hit it off, and every last chance of getting together banished.

    Phase 1 ended after a few weeks, but Phase 2 was the hardest for me, I thought and over thought every detail, what would happen if I hadn’t invited him to that party, what could I do to make her realize I was better. Also I started questioning EVERY aspect about myself, feeling trash for not being “as good as him”.
    I’m the kind of guy who sleeps too much in these stressful times, so I stayed in bed all day depressed, and dreamt about her all the time. Sometimes awful stuff and some times really vivid dreams where I was back with her, and was suddenly happy until I woke up half offended and half depressed it was a fake.

    I was in a loop of over thinking leading to anxiety, leading to depression, leading to more of all three, what really got me off of it, apart from good friends, time, and self improvement, was purposefully grabbing those thoughts that had no value in my mind, disassembling them, countering them with reason, and finally putting the remains of them in a “mental box”.

    Now I do fine unless someone remembers me something about them ,hearing their names is like receiving a punch, I recover after a few minutes though. My biggest problem right now is that there’s always a chance I might meet any of them at a commons friend gathering, and I have no idea how I would react. Some part of me thinks I will have instant nausea, dismay and ambulance, or something along those lines. While other parts just feels it will be extremely awkward, with a mix of shame of past acts, regrets about not making a clean cut on the relationship before, and envy/jealousy of any good thing happening in their lives (any minuscule thing). Yet another part of me wants to explain all my history to them, what happened to me after what they did to me, it wants to sort of confess and redeem itself after all the mistakes.
    Does anyone else feel like this?

    PD: Awesome page, I found a lot of people in the comments which seem to think the same way as me (anxiety psyco kind of guy :D). I tried reading the answers to this post, but I couldn’t read all of it. It would be awesome to create a forum to discuss these things and have it organized. I would love to give and take advice about these matters, But post comments is a bit messy for that lol.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hey, Damian! Thanks for writing in. Moreover, thank you for suggesting the Forum. Guess what?? GREAT idea! I loved it so much, that my webmaster is creating one as I reply to you. I will be up and ready for action in 1 – 1.5 weeks. So, you’d better participate, because it was YOUR idea ;-) And, a great one at that. This should facilitate a much simpler conversation between anxiety/break-up sufferers … of which we are many. Anyhow, back to the issue at hand – your ex.

      I think one of the craftiest things I’ve read on here was your statement: “I was in a loop of over thinking leading to anxiety, leading to depression, leading to more of all three, what really got me off of it, apart from good friends, time, and self improvement, was purposefully grabbing those thoughts that had no value in my mind, disassembling them, countering them with reason, and finally putting the remains of them in a “mental box”.” ESPECIALLY, the “countering them with reason” piece. Bravo!! This is how ALL anxiety should best be handled – COUNTERED WITH REASON. Most often, reason trumps the anxiety null and void. Anxiety requires constant countering action. Everything from the smallest of thoughts, to the largest of actions. OCD is best mitigated by such countering. Doing the exact opposite of what the anxiety is driving you to do. This goes for handling the constant barrage of torturous, post-breakup thoughts as well. Great advice, Damian. Trust that I know the abysmal feeling of Phase II. But, your suggestion is more tactical fodder to get through it more expeditiously.

      Regarding your thoughts about what you might do if you run into an ex – we all have the same anxiety about this scenario. I recently ran into one of mine VERY unexpectedly at a bar. Fortunately, I didn’t have any drinks in me yet, or I would not have handled it as best I did. I took the high-road, killed her with kindness, and enjoyed my pitcher of beer with friends on the back patio, far away from her. Before I knew it, she had left with her friends, and I felt good knowing I was the best “me” possible. Sure, I felt crazy anxious and unstable inside at the time. But, I faked it until it felt natural. No matter what you do, counter what your anxious mind drives you to do in such a scenario. Use your WISE/RATIONAL mind in the situation – not your EMOTIONAL/IRRATIONAL mind. Does that makes sense? That means you make decisions after thinking about them from a rational viewpoint, rather from immediately responding from a place of raw emotions. And, if you feel like you might say something, or act in a way you might regret – then the best thing to do it to retreat from the environment graciously and with your head held high. There is no shame in avoiding a potentially awkward encounter for either of you by simply leaving the premises. This is your option and right, and it’s often the best course of action.

      I hope this helps. All in all, you seem to be in good spirits, and on top of your recovery. I’m impressed! And, thank you (again) for the insight regarding a Forum. I am happy to accommodate you and our like-minded peers. Godspeed, Damian … -JP

      • Damian says:

        You bet I will.
        Thanks for answering. The advice about putting my rational mind on control and leaving the emotional on the back seems like a good idea. And realizing I can always “have stomach ache” or anything and leave without any embarrassment is a reassuring.
        It will be hard to be in the same birthday table (small house) with him or her sitting there, but I hope to survive, lol.

        • JP Hatcher says:

          Survive you will! Myself, I would avoid the such a scenario altogether, and people would understand. That’s my advice, but you have to do what’s best for you. And, by the way, you asked and my web master launched it today: ;-)

          • Damian says:

            Already a member, Thanks ;)
            If you need any help just let me know.
            About avoiding, It’s my best friend and this guy is part of the group from his school, so he will go. And I have to put up with it. I already didn’t go to a party in his house for this reason, but this is more important.

          • JP Hatcher says:

            Thank you, Damian. Your support is greatly appreciated! Regarding seeing her again at one of the events, you know best. Just root yourself in your core belief that you’re a complete and competent entity without her. Ride the high road and tap into the things you know are great about yourself while you are there. Don’t let any invalid insecurities creep up and in – not even for a second. -JP

  42. ak says:

    well, how do i begin? it’s been about 5 months since we officially broke up and about 3 since she basically really kicked me out of her life for pretty much no reason. ( well she gave normal bs reasons) like she actually said it’s not u it’s me lol. The point is i still am in love with her and i think about her daily. I feel like there is something wrong with me, i know i shouldn’t be thinking of her but i can’t help it, i guess when i love someone i really do love them. When we first broke up i did’t leave my room for like a week, i felt like a part of me was missing ( still do). I can’t really even imagine myself in a relationship again, i feel like she broke me. I was taking 2 summer classes and could not concentrate worth shit but still managed to pull A’s out of them. My sex drive is like gone i really feel like i lack the ability to truly find a woman attractive right now. Having her in my life made me so happy and after she left me i realized how crappy my life actually is. Before i met her i was walking the earth just fine though, not too many cares i was content , But now everything is so…blah. The sun does not even shine as brightly anymore nothing has it’s spark you know? I broke down and contacted her over the summer like july, wrote her this lonnnng email, we ended up meeting up for drinks and that lead to sex but after it just went to the same thing us not talking and it hurt and i felt very confused and used like the only thing she cared about with me was sex, not even like she missed me as an actual person. It probably does not help that we work at he same place ( airport) although i don’t see her, work just reminds me of her because that’s where everything started and we took a lot of trips together so there’s a bunch of memories tied in with that. I just hate having to miss her and have this soul crushing void in me

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, “AK.” Welcome to our humble fray. My sincerest apologies that you are in need – but, we’re glad you found us. I know it’s a cliche – but, maybe it really IS her. What if it really isn’t you?? You realize how likely a possibility this is, yes? It’s at least as likely as any other. And, there is nothing wrong with you for dwelling on her – especially if you love her. Conversely, there would be something wrong with you if she wasn’t on your mind. The key is how much she remains on your mind. You are not completely powerless with regard to having an influence on this to a degree. It’s probably the toughest thing to do – I know what I’m asking here, believe me. Keep in mind that you did not lose a part of you. You are fully intact. Rather, you feel a gaping hole and a loss that was VERY close – but, external to you. It’s a fine line, I know. But, you are an entirely separate entity from her, and it’s dire to keep those lines from crossing – no matter how close you become to another person. We must always resist the temptation to let someone be our beginning and end. Because, in reality, we need to always have the ability to steadfastly stand on our own. Other women and relationships will not seem appealing to you right now. Things are too fresh. This is the healthy part of you responding. You are nowhere near ready to be with someone else, and your emotions are well aware. What you are in desperate need of, is a change in disposition. That’s why the world doesn’t look as pretty to you anymore. You are well inside your own head, and you need to get out of it. Seems odd, but trust me on this. If you can distract yourself with volunteer work ( or – at a minimum – spending copious time with friends and family, you can begin to see from around the dark clouds that seemingly surround you. This woman could have all sorts of conflicting feelings, emotions, and problems that neither you nor anyone else is aware of. We just don’t know. What is clear, however, is that you’ve got to move forward without her. And, you can. It just feels insurmountable at the moment. It’s not. The void will dissipate. That’s how this works. I know you know this. But, not without time and some work from your end. Working in the same industry makes things tough. If you cannot change your employment situation – and, I don’t necessarily recommend such – fill your downtime outside of work chock-full of activities. Be your best at work and elsewhere. Even if you’re faking most to all of it for now. Eventually, you will come through to the other side of this practicing those same “being your best” behaviors, and it will pay off in wonderful ways. Right now, however, STAY IN THE MOMENT. Live minute by minute with purpose, MINDFULLY, and with the open mind that can accept that things will get better. At where you find yourself right now, this is your goal. Mindfulness and remaining in the moment. Try not to project forward. You’re not a psychic, and no one but God knows what is there for you. Lean on family, friends, and your Higher Power. I thought my last breakup was literally going to kill me. I kid you not. I specifically asked my doctor if heartache could kill me. I did not believe her when she told me that I would get through it. I not only got through it, I am a better man in so many ways now. Hang tough – healing is coming. -JP

      • ak says:

        i appreciate you writing back and i am working on it, it’s just weird to think that someone that you were so close with could just drop you like you’re absolutely nothing at all to them, i really considered her like my best friend at one point because of how close and open i felt with her, people can just be terrible

        • JP Hatcher says:

          I completely empathize and understand what you’re saying about feeling left. That said, remember that many people – especially women, I’ve found – handle separation by severing all ties at once. It’s just another method of splitting-up. It doesn’t mean it’s easy for her by any means. Just a technique to try and cope. If you think of it as her mechanism of coping – rather than implying it says anything about you – then it might help ease your mind a bit. Nevertheless, it feels horrible to be on the receiving end, I know.

  43. Donny says:

    I found this article(essay?) because of obvious reasons however.. And fortunately for me I beileve I have handled the situation as best as possible… Having this year been diagnosed with a general anxiety disorder.. My ex was the one who helped me open up to family and friends and become honestly a better person, she helped me realize I had more potential within myself and I deserved more that what My life had been up to that point. She not only helped me go off my anti anxiety medication but also encouraged me to break out of my comfort zone.. This summer was bungee jumping, racing motorcycles, and travelling Nepal for a month. Also I am now back in university studying to become an engineer. For reasons that still escape my logic she ended the relationship. When she did her last words to me were ‘I still love you and I still want to be with you, but right now I can’t I need to be single and its not fair to string you along’. So the part of your story I can’t relate to is the wanting to breakup before she ended it…(although past relationship I totally understand that…) I was and still am unfortunately in love with her.. I haven’t contacted her and I have no plans too, fortunately I am back in school which helps keep me distracted but often times during the day and almost always out of the blue I will feel like I have been kicked in the stomach.. Almost gasping for air because at that precise moment the feelings of loneliness and worthlessness and hopelessness all hit me at once leaving my hands trembling my breath quickend and my heart and head aching…. I don’t know what is going to happen to us I want to give her space and there is no way in hell I am going to give in to trying to communicate with her… Also I am not waiting for her.. I am moving on or at least trying to everyday…. Anyways I don’t think my story was very well written or even easily comprehended but that wasn’t the point of me writing… After searching through web pages looking for help or answers or a magic cure all this was the first thing I had read that genuinely made me smile for the first time in a while and at the same time for a moment or 2 helped convince me that I will be fine and I will stop hurting…. So thank you… I sincerely appreciate you writing this.. Writing this I know tomorrow (mornings are the worst for my anxiety…any advice…) I will hurt again I will probably feel l like I was kicked in the stomach again but I am also confident after reading this it will hurt a little less…. Enough of my incoherent rambling… Thank you.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Donny – Thank you for writing. I also suffer from GAD. It’s something I comprehend fully and manage daily. I know full well the peace of mind that comes with knowing you handled the situation as best you could. That’s hugely satisfying. Especially considering the amount of regret and post-analysis that comes with anxiety. It seems that your ex fulfilled a very specific calling within your life – and, she fulfilled it well. Perhaps, she was not meant to serve beyond that capacity. I don’t have the answers. And, we are not always meant to understand why things happen. What truly matters is how we handle the events external to our control. This is one of those events for you. If you have read some of the comments from others suffering a similar fate, you will notice the common premise that we oftentimes don’t know the “why’s”. We are only left to deal with the aftermath of a chaotic, emotional situation. We do this with the skills we already have, and a whole lot of acceptance. Accepting a situation – no matter how painful – is an often overlooked, integral first step toward healing. You WILL be fine. And, you WILL stop hurting. How soon this occurs has a lot to do with your mindset, and how you currently spend your time. I’ve gotta say, it seems you are spending yours very productively. Nice work, Donny – really. Regarding the swings in your anxiety, and mornings being the worst for you, you need a plan. For me, it has always been the opposite. My nights have been the toughest. To counter your anxious a.m. feelings, have a solid plan for each morning. For me, it has meant being out and about, around people – even strangers – and, as busy as possible. Maybe you can hit the gym each morning?? Schedule breakfast or lunch with friends? Work/study sessions around friends and colleagues in a an open environment like the student union, etc.? My anxiety typically drives me to be alone, where I feel my worst. It drives me into isolation. You should always focus on countering your anxiety. Again, for me, this has meant being around others – especially friends – as much as possible, and remaining as distracted and busy as possible. So, schedule your mornings with as much activity as possible. Try to have a plan by the latest, the night prior. This one act should have a very positive affect on your anxiety and moods. Write again at any time, Donny. I hope this bit of advice helps in some small way. -JP

  44. leg says:

    Man! i’m laughing and holding back tears at the same time. This article is totally me lol although i’m bouncing between stages i’ll hopefully be heading towards the final stage very soon. it’s been months but i still think of her daily and my eyes still water when i go back in memory, probably doesn’t help that we still talk and have sex occasionally but hell i’m working on it

    • JP Hatcher says:

      This article is totally you AND me, my friend! Meaning – you are not alone in your current trials. You’ve got not choice but to give yourself the time you need to heal. And, healing will come – I promise. And, nostalgia is a monster at times. But, I would be remiss if I did not remind you of the obvious: You are keeping yourself stuck by keeping in contact – especially with the occasional sex. That’s just torture. But, a self-infliction I’ve been guilty of myself. We do it to maintain the connection, however toxic and bad for us. This is where you must remind yourself that there are worse things than being alone. Every time you go back and rekindle things – albeit briefly – you restart the recovery clock. Perhaps it’s time you gave yourself the chance to get over this relationship for good?? -JP

  45. JLT says:


    My ex really was a gymnast, a very good one. I am still in stage(s) 1-2 and can’t get the thought of her (and our bedroom encounters) out of my mind! This is one I don’t know I will every one-up. I made a couple of the early mistakes – expressed jealously once; had two or three meetings/attempts to get her back over dinner (what I now understand was probably groveling). Man this is not fun. Am hoping for that moment of getting over her, but not sure it is going to come anytime soon.

    • JLT says:

      . . . to give some back story. I started dating my ex 2 weeks after a big breakup of a bad relationship that had lasted 2 years. My ex started as a rebound, but she was awesome so it turned into dating. After 3 months she told me she loved me and all of a sudden all of the unprocessed feelings from the earlier breakup flooded in and I withdrew like a champ. She told me I would need to be the one to talk about feelings the next time. A month or two later she asked me to a wedding and I declined stating I was still dealing with my last relationship and was not over my ex (dumb I know, I was drunk when she asked me and I subsequently apologized). That statement cost me. She held on to that hurt for 5 more months as she withdrew from me and eventually broke my heart. Needless to say, in those ensuing 5 months, I was healing from the past and became ready to express the love I had for her. Alas, too little too late. I can’t stop thinking that all I had to do was open up to her, just ONCE during that time and things would have taken a completely different course. I am definitely feeling the self hate and think of myself as an idiot, selfish a**. Doesn’t help that I subsequently learned that my ex lost respect for me and thinks I am a weak shell of a man because when she withdrew she started brushing me off/treating me with some disrespect and I would take it without getting pissed (or take her bait). Didn’t do myself any post breakup favors either. I still want her back because I feel we were great together, but the timing was just off. I loved your column. If you have any other specific advice it’d be great. If not, thanks again for the column.

      • JP Hatcher says:

        JLT – Thank you for writing, and I empathize with your pain. You probably know this already, but I will help drive it home for you to help get you on the path to healing. You nailed it: She was a rebound and you were NOT ready for another relationship following your two-year bout only weeks prior. It has been said that “The quickest way to get over one, is to get under another.” This is a temporary fix. Most of life comes down to timing. And, you said it yourself – the timing was off. Way off. The ONLY thing you can legitimately assign blame to yourself for, is for not allowing yourself to heal BEFORE getting into another relationship. You cannot skip past such important stages in life. And, the worse thing you can do NOW is to jump into another one. And, if you’re anything like me, you probably want to. Instead, give yourself time to heal from BOTH relationships. If you don’t, this will only compound. And, your sentiment that you won’t “one up” the most recent girl is just crazy talk. First off, it’s not about “one-upping” at all. That’s an ego thing us guys struggle with ;-) Second, there is not ONE right person for any of us. There are many great people out there. I do not subscribe to the premise of a “soul-mate.” You will find an equally wonderful woman, I can assure you. Perhaps, and more likely, one that is even better for you WHEN the time is right. I think you already know these things, but it doesn’t hurt to remind you. To reiterate, the best thing you can do for yourself now, is spend a few months (at minimum) on your own. Only then will the necessary healing and self-reflection take place. One more thing – I am not discrediting your last relationship. I’m sure your feelings for her were real and you care for her a great deal. Again, it comes down to timing, and you were simply not ready. You cannot heal from a relationship with another. It just doesn’t work that way. Try not to perpetuate the cycle so you can obtain the time you need alone. -JP

  46. Gilbert L. says:

    It’s been a while since I been here but felt compelled to see how you (JP) and everyone are doing. Hope all is well and the suffering has subsided. We are difinately not alone. It’s been a few month now but I still get my occasional regrets of what i should have done different and clinginess to the pass memory’s but its gotten much much better. Oh how I wish the road to recovery was as straight as the Morroso Speed Way! I guess the clinging of memories shows its ugly head do to the fear of starting over, lonelyness, or maybe fear of getting back out there. Sometimes i think im the worst at breakups. But anyhow I’m sure I will get over it and get back up like a champ and put some more awesomeness back into the world!! Best of wishes to every here!

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hey, Gilbert! It’s a great pleasure to see you doing so much better – truly. I am doing fairly well, thank you for checking-in. Trust me – you are definitely not the worst at handling breakups. I could still mess one up pretty impressively myself ;-) We are all imperfectly human. That’s what makes us individually awesome. I can discern that you are feeling the normal bouts of anxiety that come up now and again following a breakup. Try to counter those feelings by creating new memories, new experiences, and tapping into those things you are good at. Oftentimes, our minds work against us with bad trickery, doubts, fears, anxieties, and insecurities. I call this our “Boo voice.” As in it’s the part of our mind that boo’s us, telling us we can’t do something; that we’re not good enough, or that we’ll never be happy. Oddly, we control this naysayer part of our brain. It shows itself when we don’t fill the voids with more positive, affirming, and empowering subject matter. Trust me, I still get nostalgic over exes. But, it’s always because I need to remind myself of what things were really like at the time. They weren’t good. Regret is just another form of anxiety, Gilbert. It’s your mind’s trickery making you feel like you screwed-up somewhere. You made the best decisions you could at the time. Be secure in that! You did the best with what you had in the situation. That’s all you can ask of yourself. Silence the regrets that creep up with counter thoughts about how competent you were at the time. Anyone can look to the past and analyze it for mistakes – and, find them! If you did this at the end of each day, you’d find lots of things you could have done better that day. But, you don’t do this. Why? Because you know you gave your best effort in the moment with what you had in you. So, don’t start analyzing the past. It’s a surefire way to trip you up and make you feel badly about things you’ve got no right feeling badly for. I think I’ve beaten this to death, and you get my point. Best wishes back to you, my friend. Looking forward to seeing the next chapter play out for ya! -JP

  47. Elena says:

    Thank you so much for this post and amazing humor! Although I am a female, I can relate to 90% of this though salsa music replaced death metal, and no trucks/rings were bought. Much better than reading everywhere: ‘Accept he is not that into you’

  48. Brett says:

    Thank you JP. I take comfort in knowing I am not alone in this. I have at least started to eat and half way fall asleep at this point. I will be getting my children for the first time this weekend since the breakup. I am so afraid it will trigger strong emotions on my parts but I will take the chance to be them. I can’t stop calling her and asking her the same crap over and over. Pathetic right? I know it will get better as you say. I would like to tell everyone on here to hang in there. We are in this together! My thoughts and prayers go out to you all. JP, keep up the great advice.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hey, Brett! Great to hear from you again. And, I’m glad to hear you’re making progress – though, it never comes fast enough. I hope things have been good with the kids. Breakups are so much more difficult with children – obviously. But, they also provide the opportunity to rise above all the bullshit, pain, angst, and chaos to provide the most stability for them as possible. They need you on your “A-game.” Fake it until you believe in yourself, Brett. Rise up and be the best man possible. The man you know you are inherently are! Even if you don’t feel it right now. You are NOT your situation. Nor are you defined by such. This is what is happening to you. It is not you. And, you’re not pathetic by any stretch of the imagination. You’re a caring, compassionate, living being. As such, you will feel emotional at times. Congratulations! You’re wired correctly. FORGIVE yourself for repeatedly reaching out. For pleading. For wanting her back. For letting her know just how badly you want her back. It’s okay!! The only thing worse than ending a relationship, is being the “end-ee!” But, every moment is yet another opportunity to start fresh. It’s only pathetic if you stop trying and let the pain consume you. You’re stronger than that. Plus, you’ve got little ones vying for your love and strength through this ordeal. But, you nailed it – We are all in this together. Have some peace knowing you are in rock solid company. That great men and women alike are fighting the same fight as I type these words to you. We are all kindred souls, Brett. Not just us – but, you’re Higher Power. “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of darkness, thou art with me …” -JP

  49. Brett says:

    Thank you for the great article. You couldn’t have explained it any better. I am only in stage 1 and 2 since it’s only been a week after she dumped our 7 year relationship. What’s bad is that we have a 5 year old together. We had 5 children between the both of u whom I all loved. It hurts like hell and I feel like a big crybab at times. Ur article helped some with knowing there is hope ojt there. I wish I didn’t have to talk to her for a long time but since we have a child, I can’t avoid her. Can u please give me some advice on this? I just want the pain to die away.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Brett, I know you are hurting. I wish I could will away your pain. But, the pain is a sign you are moving toward better days. There is just no way to circumnavigate it. Personally, I’d rather feel just about anything than heartache. It’s torturous. But, as I always say: “The way through the pain IS the pain.” You can’t start feeling better until you go through this trial. Your situation is tough in that you must continue to see her due to your child. If you read some of the other posts here, you will certainly see that you are not alone. You’ve got to dig deep and be the strongest “you” possible right now. It’s going to entail a lot of “fake it until you make it” kind of work, I know. Lean on God, family, and friends right now – Heavily. There is no shame in crying or getting help. You are not meant to traverse this alone. When I went through my worst breakup – not even long ago – I literally stayed on a friend’s couch for weeks. I didn’t want to be alone. It’s a great time to call upon anyone close to you for help. And, talking to a professional is highly advised. Personally, we can all benefit from having a therapist to advise us and guide our decision-making. Brett, you are top of mind and in my thoughts. We all know you are suffering some incredible pain. Let it move through and over you. Hang on to nothing. It will pass through you with time. Manage the hurt – don’t let the hurt manage you. Tall order, I know. We’re with you here. -JP

  50. James says:

    This is a great great article. Thank you so much for writing it. I honestly thought I was one of the only dudes who handled breakups as poorly I do. But after reading your article and the subsequent comments, I now realize that I am nowhere near alone. Everyone keep the faith and stay strong!

    Anyways, I am a 24 year old male and am entering my final year of law school. I feel like I’m pretty decent-looking, in good shape, and have a lot to offer. Unfortunately I tend to be a very anxious and worrisome person. From April 2012 until about 3 weeks ago I was dating a (now) 27 year old girl who is far and away the most physically attractive girl I have ever been with. We had a really great connection- a meeting of the minds, almost- and saw eye to eye on nearly everything. The problem, however, was that she had been in one extemely abusive relationship and had also been married for a year in her early twenties until she caught her then-husband cheating on her with a man. These two events/relationships caused her to drop out of college, and she had to seek counseling and therapy. A couple years ago she returned to school to get her degree and we met about 8 months later. About three months before her and I began dating, she had ended a relationship with another man who desperately wanted (and probably still wants) to get back together with her.

    Once we started dating it was clear that we had a pretty good connection, and I fell for her pretty fast. However, I began to notice that just the smallest things would give her incredible amounts of anxiety. For instance, I would say something and she would take it completely the wrong way and then freak out on me, and would not want to see me for a day or so. Also, when we started having a few months into our relationship- we wanted to wait to make it special- I began having performance issues (ED). Every time this happened she would flip out, ask if I was gay, say I wasn’t attracted to her, and then say “let’s just be friends.” Of course this didn’t help my performance anxiety, so it quickly turned into a vicious cycle of bad, flaccid sex. Also, she would often say that the sex with her last boyfriend was much better, and that our awful sex made her miss him. Further, she would also say that her last boyfriend knew how to handle her better when she had anxiety-attacks/ meltdowns, and that would also make me feel like shit. Also, during this time she unnecesarily kept in contact with him, and i think she may habe even been leading him on somewhat. It also seemed like she would use him as leveage to cause me anxiety. And though we had good times during these few months, all of fall 2012 went in this up and down cycle, and I was definitely beginning to get depressed.

    When I came back from winter break in January 2013, our sex life really turned around. But even though it was really good, it wasn’t anything insanely spectacular, even though she offer said it was; but then again before her I had only had sex a couple dozen times, so maybe I’m not really sure what spectacular sex is). Also, I felt like during the spring of 2013, our relationship really improved, and I felt like I knew how to handle her freak outs and anxiety attacks better. During this period she frequently told me that she loved me and that someday she wanted to marry me and have cute smart kids together. While this made me really happy, I often felt like our relationship wasn’t right; that she was too up and down; and that I loved/cared for her more than she did for me. I also felt like I did a lot of little things for her which were rarely returned, and this left me feeling somewhat unloved. By mid-June she never wanted to have sex anymore, and just stopped doing things for me altogether. Once i even foud her vibrator out and confrontet her about it, to which she just said “sorry… I thought about you during though.” This definitely hurt a lot, and made me feel very inadequate. Also, she eventually stopped calling me to get together after work; I should note that she did start a new job over the summer that required her to work a lot of hours, but I still know she could have made more time for me.

    About 4 weeks ago, she told me that she thought we were growing apart, and that she realized that she was never in love with me the way that she loved the guy that she married. This hurt because I knew that love between her and that guy wasn’t real. This caused a lot of emotions and severe anxiety. The next day we originally decided to go out on a date together, but she eventually invited a few of her girlfriends to go along too, and during our time out I felt like I was being ignored. Eventually, they kind of ditched me and I couldn’t find them, nor could I contact my gf on her phone. At this time I felt unappreciated and became angry, and just decided to walk home. About 10 minutes later my gf called and asked where I was. I told her I was walking home because I felt like she was ingnoring me and having a bad time. She immediately hung up on me and didn’t call me back, nor would she answer my calls. This caused me even more anxiety, and I felt compelled to walk back to the bars and confront her about it. Once I did I asked why she was ignoring me. She appeared to not even want to discuss it, so I grew angry and began telling her that she was selfish, that she didn’t care about me, that she always had to be center of attention, and that this was exactly why we weren’t working out. She immediately turned around and started walking away from me. I walked beside her and said “fine, don’t fucking talk to me again,” and walked the other way down the street. Of course I immediately regretted saying this, and spent the next two hours looking for her at various bars. Once I found her and attempted to apologize, however, she started screaming at me to get away, caused a huge scene in front of her friends, and basically acted as if I was some sort of monster.
    She yelled “get the fuck away from me,” and when I kept trying to calm her down and just talk she ran into the women’s restroom and hid from me. I thus went home, and didn’t sleep an ounce that evening. When I talked to her the next day on the phone she said that I was being abusive by talking to her the way I did the evening before, and that she could only be friends with me from now on.

    I was completely devestated, and Phase I from your article took hold. I couldn’t sleep unless I took sleeping pills or ZzzQuil, and even then I would only get a couple hours per night that were filled with dreams of her. I also experienced the i relentless thoughts of her (like a CNN Ticker), and could not focus at my job at a law firm. However, she would sometimes call once every few days to tell me that she missed me, and that she wanted to get together to talk sometime. However, whenever I would call her to set up a time to meet up she would either not answer or would say that we could and then blow me off when the time came. Yesterday she said that she would call me after her jog so that we could talk on the phone, as we had yet to have any type of “closure” conversation to figure out why we didn’t work out, and to make sure nothing went unsaid. However, she never did call me back, nor did she respond to me texts. My parents, who had thought she had mental issues and thought I should have broken up with her a while ago (but were always nice to her and said they would support our relationship as long as we were together), said they thought I need to stop letting her walk all over me, and just end it. So I sent her a text (as she wouldn’t answer her phone) saying that she had strung me along for three weeks and had numerous chances to talk to me. I also said that whatever sort of relationship we had was over, and not to contact me anymore. I then blocked her on Facebook, twitter, and even her phone number as well. I just didn’t want this to drag on any longer, and I simply couldn’t go on constantly wondering if she was going to call me, and whether we were going to get back together.

    Right now I feel relieved but also feel guilty for cutting her off from me entirely. But my friends and family unanimously said I did the right thing and that she wasn’t doing me any good. With the fall semester fast approaching, I’m just hoping I will be able to minimize my anxiety to a degree where I can focus on school and meet new poeple, make new friends, and hopefully meet a girl I like more. I know that I am better off without her, that she had some emotional issues that I simply couldn’t deal with and that might only get worse over the years. However, I still miss her a lot, still care about her, and part of me really wishes we were still together. And even though she said some pretty hurtful things throughout the course of our relationship, I feel like there is a really good, caring person in there as well, which only leads me to dwell on the good times and the times that I messed up/fell short in the relationship. Do you have any advice on how I can best move on? I’m just worried that I won’t ever find a girl as beautiful again, nor one that I had such a great connection with. I also feel a lot of guilt and like a bad guy almost. I’ve never felt that way before. I’ve always felt like a caring, genuine guy who is always nice to everyone.

    Thanks so much for reading this, and sorry that it’s kind of messy- I wrote this all on my phone haha.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, James! Please forgive the delay in getting back to you. Rest-assured that I take each of these posts very seriously, and read them multiple times in order to provide the most accurate response. In reading yours, the overriding piece that resonates with me is how supportive your friends and family are. And, guess what?? They’re absolutely RIGHT. You did the best possible thing you could have done. Your apprehension is 100% anxiety. Don’t let it mindf*ck you. You handled her flip-flopping and jerking you around like a champion, my friend. And, know this – if she really wanted to communicate with you, or obtain closure, or convey anything of importance – she wouldn’t be playing these games. And, despite cutting her off from the online world, etc. she knows how to reach you if it were really important. You’ve taken a grand step in preserving your own well-being. I only wish we all had such a command of things when shit goes down like that for us. Impressive. Your anxiety will come masked as guilt and sorrow and remorse …. and, a lot of things. Don’t give it any power. Know you did the right thing, and keep the focus on you and your life. The single best thing you can do is get back to school and around other people. The distractions will do you great. Missing her is perfectly natural – even if she was a head-case. I’ve missed more than a few crazy chicks, believe me. I love that your family was so supportive, but they made their stance about her known to you. My family did a similar thing with my most recent ex (the most psychotic woman walking this earth, I can assure you). Everyone hated seeing me put up with her inhumane treatment, but they stood by me until I grew a pair back. When I did, everyone was relieved, and I could finally see with perfect clarity how demonic she was. A classic abuser, essentially. But, enough about me! I’m not saying your ex had problems. That’s simply not for me to state. But, trust in those who love you. Being external to the hot-zone, they can see much more clearly than you what was going on. Everyone wants the best for you, James. Now, YOU need to want the best for you. I’m glad you see her for what she was – someone definitely worthy of love, but not at all a good fit for you, or worthy of anymore of your time. I hope she gets the help she probably needs. It’s always sad to see anyone acting out their hurt on others. Remember: “Only hurt people, hurt people.” Wish her the absolute best, and move forward. Missing her is part of the natural healing process. There is no easy way around it but to focus on what you know: “I know that I am better off without her, that she had some emotional issues that I simply couldn’t deal with and that might only get worse over the years.” Bingo. So, do you want to rip-off the Band-Aid now, or when you’ve got even more time and emotion invested?? Because, I can assure you – with this girl and this scenario, your best course of action is to walk. And, it would only be tougher later. And, the more time you would have spent with her – the wrong girl – the less time you would have for the things that matter. And, the less time and availability you’d have to encounter a truly great girl. And, beautiful women are EVERYWHERE. You need someone to whom you are attracted, and whom treats you the way you deserve to be treated. So, CONGRATULATIONS on your liberation from her. You’ve got all the closure you need. Stop callously throwing your heart and emotions into a black hole, and start psyching-up for a great Fall!! Oh, and as for worrying about never meeting someone so beautiful and to whom you were so connected – that’s just hilarious, James. Stop it. In the back of your mind, you know better, brother. And, time will prove what you already know. Great things are in store … -JP

  51. Rach. says:

    Congratulations on the article and the 1000000 comments you got! :) Guess we really are not alone!
    I am 24 and I went through 4 “breakups” with my ex during the 5 years we were together (actually the breakups only happened during the last year, before everything was great!!) : mostly because of fights, or because I wasn’t a very “stable” person (I had a depression 4 years ago…) because I wasn’t happy with my life – no job, no school – so I complained a lot and he got sick of it, so as an anxious being, getting over the breakups was horrible, and yes I went through phase 1 and 2 and never got actually to phase 3 because we always got back together. And we always get back together because I guess despite everything we really love each other.
    But in September I decided to move to another country to continue studying and things got really strange, we fought even more on the phone (LDR insecurities, specially for me, an anxious person), and so one day in March he just got sick of fighting hung up the phone and just didn’t talk to me for weeks (not the first time this happens!) and then just texted me “enjoy life there,you deserve it, we talk when you get home”.
    I went through phase 1 and 2, and finally, after some hard weeks thought that I couldn’t do this to myself and got to phase 3… and you are right, he wrote me, that we should talk when I get home and that we are perfect for each other.
    When I got home 3 weeks ago we talked. BUT he said he needs to be alone, that he really likes me but he can’t be in a relationship right now, that he needs to figure his life alone (irony of destiny: now that MY life is great, that I finally got into a good place in my life where I feel happy – but still miss him like crazy – he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with me). He said he has a cousin that dated a girl for 5 years too and they fought a lot, then split and years later they met again and got married… that gave me hope.
    Strange thing is that somehow even though he said he doesn’t want to be in a relationship, we still spend time together as boyfriend/girlfriend, we go to the movies, have lunch and dinner and I even sleep at his place.
    I am leaving again in September (continue my studies) so I am “okay” with the situation because we are enjoying ourselves while we can, but whenever I go home I start having panic attacks and can’t breathe and cry because I really miss him, and LOVE spending time with him, and when I will leave it will be “over” (at least until I get back again).
    I actually don’t know what to do.
    Any advice?
    Thank you,

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Raquel. It’s a pleasure to hear from you. I am sorry that you have such intimate knowledge of an “anxious breakup.” They’re a beast, for sure. The first thing I want you to try is to stop blaming yourself for anything. We are right where we should be – and, YOU have made some incredible strides at a young age. Most people would not have the cajones to leave the country to go study. My anxiety would never have allowed me to do the same while I was in college. It took me a long time to master my anxiety – rather than vice versa. So, I want you to focus on your strengths and all the great things about you. And, I don’t mean that in some trivial manner! You truly have some phenomenal insight, strength, compassion, and drive about you. Harness those things and you can accept any shortcomings (we ALL have them) and rely instead upon those characteristics that will define you. Second, I love that you are making YOU a priority. You are putting your studies first – as you should! You are also studying abroad, which will greatly enhance you as an individual, while making you much more “marketable” as a candidate to hire. So, stay the course!! If you don’t, you will have long regrets. Do the things you would do if he did not exist. It is on him to step-up and show you how much he cares. All you can do is to let him genuinely know how you feel. Be okay with telling him what is in your heart, how much you love him, and how the distance is so hard (but, a necessary part of your education!). The rest is up to him. You feel empowered, healthy, and whole when you are taking care of yourself. As it should be. Do not get into a situation where you need him to make you feel whole. You don’t. You will continue to feel better and better about yourself as you get closer to completing your studies. You need to stay on your path and complete that which you set out to accomplish. If he is truly good for you, he will be there at the end. If not, then there are better things in store for you. Enjoy one another this month, and be completely open and honest with one another. Work to stop the insecurities and arguing. They stem from a lack of open communication. If you establish that open dialogue where both of you put ego aside and want the best for one another, the best outcome will follow. I hope that makes sense. Being true to ourselves and respectful toward one another is the only way to go. If you do this, the right course of action will follow. It just will. And, the bonus is that your panic and anxiety will subside because you will have done all that you can and should do, and the rest is out of your control. So, LET GO. Be confident in your decisions, and let go of your fears and anxious thoughts. Okay?? Do not chase him. Instead, love him, share your feelings, be true to you, and accept what God and life have in store for you. Then you’ve got nothing to be anxious about. I hope this advice is helpful for you ;-) -JP

      • Rach. says:

        I really want to THANK YOU for your advice! It really helped me. I guess an outside opinion is always the best. I will read and re-read your message until it sticks. Thank you very much :)

        • JP Hatcher says:

          I am happy to be of humble service, Raquel – truly. Tap into your own core. You have all the resources you need within you. Reach out any time. -JP

          • Rach. says:

            Hello. So I need another advice please JP because I have been having quite many anxiety attacks lately. So when I wrote to you in August this story, I actually left out one thing that was quite important and that changed my situation completely. (Please re-read my post maybe). So back in March, as I told you, I was living abroad, and we had another fight with my boyfriend and he ignored me for a long time, in April I asked if I should wait for him, he said no and then he even said that he didn’t want to continue with our relationship, that I should live my life and try to be happy. The thing is, in the meantime, I was REALLY BAD, in a terrible state, as you know how anxious people get, and those 2 months that he didn’t say anything to me were really horrible. I thought it was the end, it was it, because for the first time (it happened 4 times!) he said “I dont want to contunie with this relationship”. And so one day, this cute guy from my residency (who had recently broken up with his long-time girlfriend because of long distance too) started to talk to me, and he was very supportive, very nice, and gave me many advices about my ex and every time I had pannick attacks he came and reassured me, that everything would be fine with my ex and that was just a phase. Not in a flirty way, just in a nice supportive way. I thought it wasn’t, that time I was certain it was over. AND, one thing let to another, and the state in which I was (weak, sad, depressed, lonely) didn’t help, and so we ended up getting involved with this guy. And it started one night and then it became this “sex friends” thing, when at 2 am he came or whenever I was feeling low because of my ex he came and we did it and for a moment I forgot my situation. I was really using him as a distraction. Later when my ex started texting me again, I realized that maybe it wasn’t over, and so I started being mad, how he (my ex) just abandons me for weeks, ignores me and then just texts me and thinks everything will be fine. Well then as I told you, I came back home, and we with my ex spent that month and a half together, things were PERFECT (that’s when I wrote you). I relaxed, we were enjoying ourselves, and happy, and I could see a future for us, a year later whenever I would get back. The thing is, one day, he asked me about “boys” during the time we were apart, and I just talked about the 2 that had hit on me, but that was it. He said “I am glad you know what to do in those situations” (smiling). I thought all summer if I should tell him about the guy from the residency, but figured that NOT telling him would be wiser, because it would just really hurt him, and we weren’t even together so why would it matter. But, one day, 2 days before I had to leave again for the other country for my studies, in a panick attack/I should tell him/I am lying to him/I should confess/I fell bad/I will hurt him, sudden moment, I decided to tell him. I told him “you know how you asked me about boys, well there was one…” and then it just collapsed. He looked at me in shock, eyes filled with tears, “you were with someone?” And as I said yes he just stood up, and started taking his things to leave only saying “you betrayed me, my trust, you should have told me earlier, I would have never spent this time with you” and he just left slaming the door. The next day I went to his work place, and waited outside for 2 hours for him to leave, at night, he got out of work saw me and just screamed “NO!” and slamed the door back to the office. He finally got out after another half an hour, just said “get in the car, I’ll leave you home”, and during the entire car trip he said “You don’t exist for me anymore, I dont care, HOW COULD YOU?” I apologized, apologized, cried my eyes out, said that I was sorry, but that I was depressed and that he didn’t care for me and that tecnically I was single, but that I was soooorryyy. It didn’t matter. I left then for the other country.
            He drunk called me once at 4 am, and then texted me “You really managed to put me down, I am destroyed, I am miserable”. I texted him apologizing, sometimes mad that he quit on me easily, he texted me “yeah, go fuck other guys, how could you, i cannot trust you anymore, how could you, you quit not me!”, then I texted him, and we spent several weeks just fighting over texts, because of course whenever i tried to call him he wouldn’t pick up! Then one day he just said “Of course I love you, but you can be certain that I will STOP loving you. And that’s the last message you get from me”. I begged, I cryied, I got mad, I tried to be mature about it, I screamed, I asked for forgiveness. Nothing works. It has been 2 months since I told him, now he just says “I don’t care, live your life, I want you to be happy, but I just dont care, its over”.
            The thing is I DONT WANT IT TO BE OVER! He is the love of my life!
            I remember in the beginning, when we started dating, 5 years ago, I didn’t want to date him imediatly, I said NO several times, I just didn’t want to, but he insisted, and made me smile, and made me laugh, and tried so hard for 5 MONTHS until I finally agreed, and it lasted since then…
            It just showed me HOW MUCH he wanted me and cared. So right now, I don’t want to quit but I really don’t know what to do! I feel really sorry, because I do feel that I betrayed his trust, I should have waited as I did the other 4 times, but this time it just felt diferent, I really thought we were over, but I feel SO bad! I can’t sleep,I can’t eat, I am always trying to find a solution. I don’t want to just quit, but I am scared that he will find somebody else, a girl that will treat him right, someone who won’t fight with him, and won’t have “problems”, a simple girl, in the meantime, if I decide to give him space. Or that he will simply not care for me anymore after a while, or that he won’t want to get back together.
            I don’t know what he needs, maybe he needs to see that I will figth for him (every other breakup I was the one making him surprises and trying to get him back really, and then one day he just said ok lest get back together, that’s how it happened.), or he just needs space and not see me, or I don’t know. Also I am a little mad because I don’t know if he is not exagerating right now and being childish. I dont know. I don’t want him to forget me and I don’t want to loose him!
            I really don’t know what to do. Also my school year has started, I can’t manage very well to focus, I try to get involved in many porjects and I will start tomorrow to go regularly to a shrink to deal with my anxiety attacks, I am trying to get better alone (in my head and grow up as a person, live and experience, and be HAPPY). But this is all so damn hard. Could you give me any advice please?
            Thank you so much!

          • JP Hatcher says:

            Hi, Raquel. I am glad you wrote on this site again. This is a safe haven for you to give and receive honest feedback. First and foremost, I believe you can never go wrong being honest. Okay?? You were up front with him, and no one can ever fault you for that. Here’s the deal – the guy is a manipulator whom left you hanging in the first place! You are not supposed to just sit around waiting on him. Honestly, I’m glad you moved on. It may have only been a distraction – and, not necessarily a healthy one – but, I’ve done the same thing in your place myself. We are human, and we seek connections with others. His reaction to your honesty was …. well, pathetic and childish. The fact that he expected you to remain loyal to him, while he did whatever he wanted – all the while ignoring you – well, that’s not caring at all. It’s a mind-fuck ploy he is playing with you, and it’s not cool. He just expected you to be there for him if and whenever he wanted, while not moving on yourself. His behavior is beyond selfish. You call him the “love of your life.” I don’t think so, Raquel. Would the true love of your life really treat you with such abandon?? Wouldn’t he have treated you the way you acted so lovingly toward him? How long are you going to chase this guy? Why isn’t he fighting for you? It seems that is always you fighting for him and the relationship, while he can take or it leave it. For him, it’s more about convenience, when you are around. You asked for my advice, and I apologize for my directness. But, I do not like seeing you – or, anyone – suffer at the hands of a callous person. My advice to you is that you distance yourself emotionally as far from him as possible. It’s actually good that you are geographically far from him. But, I truly think it’s best that you now focus entirely on YOUR life, YOUR present and future, and what YOU deserve from a man and relationship. You have invested far too much into this, while making far too many apologies for things that I do not personally believe you should be apologizing about. This is my advice, and you can choose whatever path you feel is best.

            According to the book, “Body, Mind, & Spirit” (Anonymous) Today is full of endless possibilities and dreams. In many cases, we are limited only by our fear and lack of hope, in others and ourselves. Each new day we are given a clean page to live in our book of life. Consider making TODAY your clean start. What freedom we find when we choose to practice the art of forgiveness. Forgiving others and ourselves will allow us to step into this new day as free human beings. What can really hurt us in the present if we have the key to daily forgiveness? Forgive yourself for the things you THINK you did wrong. And, forgive him for his manipulation and poor treatment of you while you’ve been away. Freedom is a gift we give ourselves every time we choose not to react to a hurtful comment. Holding on to old resentments keeps our creative energy trapped and stifled. Our choices are these: new freedom or old resentment. Choose new freedom. It is the gift we give ourselves when we choose not to let the sun rise on yesterday’s script. Again, I hope that you can move forward, and not look back on any of this with resentment toward yourself. I think you handled things wonderfully – except for the part where you berate yourself for your good intentions and honestly, while pleading for his forgiveness. Release yourself from his judgment, and move forward feeling grounded in your wise-minded decisions to be loving and honest with him. YOU DESERVE MORE.

            It is the act of forgiveness (of yourself and of others) that opens up the only possible way to think creatively about the future at all. – Father Desmond Wilson

            I hope this helps you. -JP

          • R says:

            Hello. I only noticed today that you answered to my message. I really appreciate your honest answer and the advice you gave me. You are right his behavior is manipulative and mean.
            Things evolved during those last months actually. I have been going to the psychologist and working on my anxiety attacks and it has been working quite well… Also I almost finished my studies and am looking for an internship, i am involved in many projects, so honestly, this year, professionaly is going very well.
            4 months went by since the summer. With my ex things in the end got smoother. I stopped texting him and only did when things were going great and had “news”, and sometimes he answered ” i am happy for you”.
            And, now, during christmas I went back home and we saw each other. In the begining the atmosphere was really heavy, he was still mad at me and I was feeling unconfortable, and with my comment “well this is going to be fun” I managed to make us laugh and lighten the mood.
            We sat in the car for 2 hours and talked. Calmly. He explained to me why he continuously ignored me for weeks and why he acted like he did. He said that for the 5 years we were together he always listen to me and my problems, but that lately I was complaining a lot, and always crying and that he didn’t know how to deal with it anymore and that he felt more like my shrink than my boyfriend. And that is true. I realize that i was crying a lot and complaining a lot, but never imagined how much, to a point that even my boyfriend wouldnt stand me. You know, things havent been easy for me in many ways, my parents have financial porblems, i had depressions, i moved away from my family, and many many other things, so instead of trying to be happy I was constantly complaining.
            My ex even apologized for ignoring me!
            The conversation really went well. I could see the real nice person he is and was for 4 years (only during 1 he was this mean manipulative egoistic person, but again, i was a cry baby, depressed and moody). He then said that he reacted in a wrong way, that he was pissed, and that that was in the heat of the moment, and that he understands that I was feeling lonely and sad and that I needed some comfort and a friend…
            But he said that he couldn’t stop thinking about it. That he needs time to forget. I told him that I love him, and that I want things to work out, he said “i can’t do this right now” but in his eyes i could see how hard it was for him to say that. He then wished me the best and that I was really happy, and that I should do my things and when i would get back we would see… He didnt want to say I love you nor give me hope, because he didnt want to complicate things, so he just said that with a smile and gave me a hug. A week later he even texted me “everything is going to be fine :) “. We got to a nice point, where we talked, we explained things to each other and we wish the best for each other. I think things got out of hand during the laste year and a half! We were always fighting, I was crying and trying to fight for my realtionship,a nd he was way to sick of the fighting and the crying and the porblems that he was just quiting on the relationship. I am glad that we talked and that things are good now. The thing is I dont know what I want anymore. It went from being a love problem to being an existencial one!
            I am back in Paris (yes, I am living here) and am almost done with school as I told you, and am looking for internships. The thing is I miss him A LOT. I miss the nice times we had together and how he took care of me (he really was perfect for 4 years!) and I don’t know what to do with my life! As you said in your first message “do whathever you have to, and if he really loves you he will be there in the end”. The thing is I dont know if i am going back! There are no jobs in my home country, and here i am on the right track! But i really miss him and the nice weather and my life there, but i also need to think about my professional life and my career, but I feel lonely in Paris. We are not talking, I am giving him time to process. He likes things on my facebook page, so that is good. But this whole situation is annoying. I would like him to move here (which will never happen) but I am scared that if I move back I will be ruining my life professionally. But I love him and don’t want this to end. Any advice now?
            I should write a book about my life, so many dramaaaaa! haha Thank you!

          • JP Hatcher says:

            Hey there, Raquel! Great to hear from you again. I am VERY happy to learn of your professional progress, and that you’ve reaped some major benefits from your counselor. I’ve always said that EVERYONE should have a counselor. Who couldn’t benefit from a life coach now and again?! As for your ex, I am stoked to learn that he was honest and forthright with you. But, be careful not to shoulder all the burden. He certainly had his role in all of this, and he could have handled things in a far less hurtful manner toward you at the time. But, that was the past. I just don’t want to see you taking accountability for more than your share. That said, it’s nice to gain some distance from a breakup and more clearly discern what the problems were from each side. That’s something most of us cannot effectively do when we’re “in the trenches.” I recognize that you’re lonely in Paris, and that you’re missing him. A lot of this longing is nostalgia for the good times of the past. And, much of it is simply because you’re lonely at the moment. Ask yourself what you’d be feeling if loneliness wasn’t part of the equation right now. What might that look like? I really believe that if things are supposed to work out, they will. It’s just that simple. That means you don’t need to give up everything you’ve worked for and return home just yet. Nothing is heavier than regret – trust me. Perhaps, he is supposed to be nothing more than a nice part of your past and a wonderful learning experience. I cannot answer that, as I simply don’t know. What I do know, is that he doesn’t seem to be putting as much out there as you have. Is is really worth risking so much on so much uncertainty? Especially, when he’s not willing to offer much of himself up to you right now. If it were me … and, I want to reiterate IF IT WERE ME – knowing what you’ve shared thus far, I would stay-the-course and complete your mission at hand. Guys will come and go – really. And, if you’re open to such, you may just meet someone far better for you going forward. No one can say right now. Just be very cautious about making emotionally-charged decisions, or decisions from a place of loneliness. This is a great subject to run by a panel of your peers and/or your counselor. And, heed their advice.

            I often wonder why it’s so hard to share real love with a spouse or partner? Why, instead, do we often want to possess them? And from them, we dream of selfless devotion. Yet neither possession nor devotion guarantees the security we long for. Real love is not selfish; it frees both the giver and the receiver. Knowing we’re loved sustains our hearts and diminishes our difficulties. It doesn’t bind us, yet paradoxically it bonds our hearts. These encouragements to grow, to change, to dare to depart if it’s for our own good, are expressions of real love. Real love is never ownership, only stewardship of this moment’s experiences. -JP

  52. Sharon says:

    This was brilliant, thank you! I’m female, and as far the pink-covered books with curvy print are concerned, you’re not missing much apart from the acknowledgement of your right to regret. Which I’m assuming you didn’t miss since you were too busy with the original regret anyway.

    No contact is the worst bit. :/ Wish me luck!

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hey, Sharon! Great to hear from the females too :-) Anxiety doesn’t care about gender, and it is usually present in some capacity within every breakup. It amkes those of us who’ve NEVER been neurotic about anything, become temporarily neurotic about everything. I am sorry you are at this crossing point of life. It happens. But, I’m guessing you will traverse it just fine. You’re right – no contact is a shock to the system. But, most oftentimes, it is the single best course of action …. or, non-action. I have stretched-out so many breakups simply by remaining in contact. If it’s meant to work, it will work without the full court press. And, sometimes we get the best light from a burning bridge. Godspeed … -JP

      • Sharon says:

        Thanks, JP. I guess I’m adjusting. But why, why, WHY are you not writing anymore? :(

        • JP Hatcher says:

          Hi, Sharon! It’s definitely an adjustment. Your responsibility is to do the best you can with what you have where you are. And you don’t do it alone. You have help in learning how best to respond. You have a support group, you have a Higher Power, and you have an inner guide if you will listen for direction. ;-) As for writing – I am extremely flattered – thank you! I have been writing some essays, but cannot publish them to my blog yet, as I am shopping them around to agents. That said – you are right – I’m overdue for a follow-up to this essay. Thank you for the inspiration, Sharon. Hang tough, and write back anytime you need a boost. -JP

  53. feelinggreat says:

    Wow! Thanks for the wonderful and insightful article. After reading a large amoujnt of comments i realize JUST how many people you have helped! Good on you, man. Youre truly an exceptional individual!

    As someone who has suffered extreme guilt afteer a relationship ends, its nice to see hat i am not alone. I use to always hate myself for feeling weak. Id get dpresed, not eat, lose a large amount of weight from starving myself. On top of that, I would beg my ex to come back to me. Thankfully, those days are gone.

    I recently ended a long distance relationship (we had a one night stand while she was in towm for her sisters graduation from college). We hooked up at my grad party. Had a blast, and decided to start dating. I began to realize certain things about her that drove me absolutely nuts. The stress was a bit much to take from a long distance relationship amd I decided to let it go. I immediately regretted my decision and missed her. Whem i sent her a message and expressed interest in being just friends , she threw a bunch of shit i did wrong in my face. This was a devastating blow, but i stood my grounf
    I told her that i have never held anything against her (and she did some messed up shit) and if she couldnt extend me the same courtesy then the our contact should end wih that message. She got it, said she would try to be friends but it would be weird. It was at that moment i realized that it just wasnt worth it and i simply replied with “i understand”.

    Shes gonna be in town visiting her sister for a couple of days later this week. It makes me feel weird, but i know i have a lot to offer the world, just like everyone else who has posted here. Stay strong! You guys are great!

    And i aplogize if there are any errors, im typing this novel on my phone.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Jonathon. It’s a sincere pleasure to make your acquaintance via this site and essay. I am humbled by your feedback – truly. As I’ve mentioned, I simply wrote the essay to help me get through a VERY tough stretch. When I started to see a humorous side to my suffering, I started to document the occurrences. Hence the essay. Helping others also helps me to “stay the course” and try not to repeat past choices and mistakes. Have I repeated them?? Hell yes. I’m human, and a sucker for a pretty face. Women are the finest works of art, and I love art! But, interacting with you and everyone else, really helps to keep me focused on what’s important. I am stoked to see that you fully realize you are FAR from alone. For everyone who has written here, imagine how many have not. We are all in plentiful company. I am also glad to see you are past the worst phases of your breakup. The lack of food intake and dire pleading are common, yet soul-sapping. There are fewer things that break one’s spirit than being in such a down position, while feeling so dependent upon another human to fill a void. It often takes a long time until it clicks in our heads that the void we are often trying to fill can be filled by …. ourselves! Another person is always and enhancement – a compliment to ourselves – never a necessary component. We are a full entity by ourselves. This is too often a hard lesson to learn. You have clearly discerned that this relationship was a “square-peg, round-hole” scenario from which you needed to extricate yourself. Bravo!! Seriously. Most of us spend untold amounts of time in dead-end relationships, thereby making it thrice as difficult to leave. But, let’s get to the fact she is coming to town this week. You sort of glazed over a very big matzo ball there, my friend. Do you have a plan?? Are you going to stick to it?? Ay chihuahua. Depending upon how you are feeling in the moment – and, whether or not she contacts you, etc. – you could get sucked right back in to the situation. My thoughts are with you that you make the best choice possible. I’d love an update at some point, however. And, I hope it involves you continuing to feel on solid ground – no matter what. -JP

      • feelinggreat says:

        She did contact me! Last night I got a message from her apologizing for not calling. I didn’t reply, since I needed some time to think on what I wanted to say. She sent me a message when I was out with my buddy saying, “well I guess you don’t want to be friends.”

        I basically replied saying that I was busy and that door was always open, and she knew that. We finally got into a normal conversation.

        It’s strange knowing she is only a few blocks away (her sister lives very close to me), but I have my battle plan: not hang out with her. I’d doom myself if I did that. I’m one of those people thathas a very hard time letting people down, and if she handed me that shovel I’d willingly dig myself into another hole. So I’m avoiding that completely!

        Thanks for taking the time to reply. So many people on here are dealing with worse things, so it’s awesome you’re taking the time to reply to everyone.

        • JP Hatcher says:

          Hi, Jonathon! Whatever happens, I hope you took the best course of action for your well-being. You’re doing well in that you fully realize that what you NEED is your priority – rather than giving in to what you want. Way to go, my man. Stay the course … -JP

  54. HeartBreakHurts says:

    Nice article, thanks for writing.

    I’m in a pretty sour spot right now after being dumped by my girlfriend of 1.5 years. Truthfully, I took her for granted and didn’t show her the love or appreciation she deserved, something I normally would show. I think I let a lot of external factors get into my head and influence me, causing me to lose focus on ‘us’

    Now I’m in that pit of despair. It’s been three weeks and I’m still in lots of pain, wishing for that second chance to show her that I am not the person that I’ve been the last few months. I can’t sleep, barely eat, and constantly feel like my heart is beating as if I’m running a marathon. I only wish I could have that second chance.

    Is nice to hear I’m not alone though in how I’m feeling, if nothing else.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Eric!! Hey, thank you for writing. So, here you are caught in the cross-hairs of a painful breakup. First of all, I am extremely sorry to hear. Second, we ALL know precisely how you feel – as if we’re right there with you. Finally, you mentioned that you “lost focus on us” and that you “let external factors” influence you. Are you certain of this? I only ask because oftentimes, we subconsciously lose interest in someone for valid reasons. Then if/when they pull the trigger and cut the cord, we feel devastated and want them back. I am not saying this is the case in your breakup. But, it certainly has been in one of mine. If you had that second chance and you got her back, how long would you genuinely be happy? I am merely posing questions for you to consider and playing devil’s advocate here, Eric. I want you to really reflect on if it’s HER you miss, or the idea of her. Being left sucks no matter what. But, she may have felt that you unintentionally left her with a loss of interest or distraction. If so, she should have brought this to your attention – not just left. But, I don’t have all the facts here. My concern is you at this point. And, you may be hurting more from the feeling of abandonment than from anything else. I just don’t want to see you berating yourself for life and whatever you may not have been feeling at the time. If we could all go back and correct moments in life we’d like to have done differently, we’d be perfect. And, if we were all perfect, we’d all be exactly the same. Not so great after all, huh? Stick with being okay with how you chose to handle things at the time – okay? Regret is a killer, and a colossal waste of time and mental energy. And, from what you’ve stated, I don’t see where you should have any regret whatsoever. Show me one person whom isn’t affected and influenced by outside factors, or whom doesn’t lose focus on their relationship. You won’t find one! Stop wishing for a second chance at anything. You need to be okay with how you handled things the first time. Seriously. It IS okay. Practice some self-forgiveness and self-soothing. You desperately need it, brother. Again, I just don’t see what you did wrong. If you got caught screwing her mom’s Labradoodle, I’d get it. But, c’mon. And, if things are feeling at all unbearable, PLEASE SEEK PROFESSIONAL COUNSELING. There is NO shame in doing so. Conversely, it takes strength to do turn to help. All that matters right now is your health – mental, emotional, and physical. Got it?? -JP

      • HeartBreakHurts says:

        Thanks JP.

        Regarding how I felt and that I was rather indifferent in the relationship, after reading one of those Mars and Venus books on breakups, I’m fairly certain that it was my lack of being fully healed in my previous relationship that caused me to behave this way. The book says, in part…

        “If a man experiences a broken heart but is unable to acknowledge his more vulnerable emotions, he may become overly demanding, defensive, or indifferent in subsequent relationships”

        Sounds just like the way I was behaving. Maybe it was other factors and I just wasn’t satisfied, but as I look back at what I had, it is hard to imagine that it wasn’t just due to a lack of healing from my last relationship, and I do suspect I wasn’t healed.

        I think that’s part of why this is so difficult for me… I had a really great thing, and may have blown it for good. Or perhaps it just wasn’t meant to be. Either way, it’s very hard not to beat up on myself for being so demanding and indifferent, as that’s just not who I normally am.

        I appreciate the empathy and words of encouragement. Thanks again for all your insight.

        • JP Hatcher says:

          I want to reply to what you stated, Eric. If you entered into that relationship before you were healed from the last, and you truly were not ready – then how can you blame yourself for it failing? The only thing you can fairly assign blame to yourself for, is not giving yourself time to heal. I let a relationship fall apart recently in PRECISELY the same manner. When I conducted my postmortem on the thing, I realized that had I given myself time prior to entering the next relationship, I never would have entered one so soon. Life comes down to timing – 100%. Forgive yourself for not allowing adequate healing time. You weren’t whom you normally are in the subsequent relationship because you shouldn’t have been in one yet (from what it appears). It doesn’t matter how great the person if the timing is off for either party. We must first accept where we are in our lives and be perfectly okay with it. -JP

  55. Shaneow says:

    Firstly all I can say is THANK YOU!!
    This article hit home with me so much I was astounded after I read it!
    After a considerably lengthy relationship with ‘the high school sweetheart’ and the constant anxiety and depression that followed I can truly say I’m well on my way to being me again! Even though the dreaded ‘hey..yeah I’m great,everything’s great’ conversation hasn’t happened yet when the ex unexpectedly pops back into your life for the final blow. But like a soldier going to war I’m prepared haha.
    I honestly wished I had come across this earlier and from the previous comments I’ve read it seems like you’re helping a lot of us anxious guys out. Bravo!

    Seriously though man good work on making us see a silver lining on a terrible situation! And I’m keeping this bookmarked for when a fellow friend needs it ‘touch wood’ that they won’t.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Shane! First of all, I am equally astounded and assisted when I hear from my kindred souls – such as yourself – who write in to say that my essay or site resonates with them. I benefit GREATLY from knowing that, I too, am not alone. That my distorted thinking, self-damnation, anxiety, relationship failures, etc., etc. are often (unfortunately) mirrored amongst my contributory writers. So, thank YOU for your support, camaraderie, and for corresponding. Second, I am extremely happy to learn that you are recovering well following your own sizable break-up. To say, “We know how you feel” would obviously be a trite understatement. I wrote this article as a means of trying to stay sane when I thought I was alone with my anxiety-based thoughts and behaviors. And, as a man, you and I both know it’s a lot more difficult to admit we struggle with this stuff. I said, “Screw-it.” I am going to embrace my anxiety and own it for what it is: A chronic, MANAGEABLE condition that is no more my fault than the multitude of afflictions that affect anyone else that doesn’t deserve it. Sure, it would be far easier to explain diabetes, cancer, or a broken femur. But, even anxiety has it’s upside. For example, it has made me a FAR more compassionate and feeling being – and, I love that about myself. One of my exes used to comment that I was the woman in the relationship solely because I felt more than she. I, naturally, let that impact me negatively to a huge degree. Until, I didn’t. I soon realized that I was a rarity among men! That I am very much a man. But, the endangered type that can actually communicate his feelings while also exhibiting empathy and understanding. I think I got off-track here. But, it’s important to me that you and the multitude of great-minded men like us learn to embrace that which sets us apart from our less anxious counterparts. Sure, anxiety has it’s downside for sure. But, that side can also be managed. It isn’t easy, and some moments/days can seem unbearable. But, refer to the portion of my web site where I list all the talented artists who also have anxiety. The flip-side of the “condition” is a very active and creative mind. Kinda cool, huh?! The bonus for me is how cathartic and healing it is for me to help others. Every word that I write – no matter when it was written (including the break-up essay itself) is as true today as it was when I wrote it. The difference is simply that I now use my “anxious powers” FOR me and not AGAINST me. I get just as much from reading your posts as you say you get from reading them. Win/Win. It’s an honor to be your bookmark, my man. -JP

  56. Jeremy C says:

    Hey JP.

    I’m crying as I write this. The anxiety I’ve felt throughout the last week has definitely gone down a lot after reading this article and going through all the comments here. It makes me feel so comforted to know that you and so MANY people are going through the same anxiety, heart-ache and pure misery that I’m going through as well. My heart especially goes out to all the guys out there who’s ex-es have moved on quickly by finding someone/hooking up with someone new because that’s what I’m going through right now.

    I thought my case was a little unusual until coming here and then realizing that everyone goes through the same thing, in one way or another. I’ve been broken up with my ex for almost 5 and a half months now. I’ll be 26 in 2 months and this was my longest relationship until to date (over a year). Towards the latter quarter of our relationship, I realized that I could not be with this girl. I just couldn’t love this girl the way she deserved to be loved . We were either in a strained mode or arguing at least 50% of the time we were together. After having sex, it wouldn’t be uncommon for me to start being annoyed at her for something she did or her being passive-aggressive with me. Our last road-trip together with friends was fraught with drunken arguments and her crying (I remember being so frustrated and irritated with her). We had make-up sex; that was the only time we were intimate with each other and it didn’t involve much communication. Just physical pleasure. We just didn’t see-to-eye on many things and I believe this was because we were in very different stages in life . She was a super-senior in college living with her parents and she had a curfew, whilst I had my Master’s degree and had been living on my own in since I was 18.

    She was a GREAT girlfriend. One of my best ever. She really cared for me physically and I will always cherish her for that. But the timing was not right … I always like to think that had she been closer to where I was in life, it might have been different. But there’s no use in speculating right? And tried as I did in prolonging this relationship, we barely talked in the last 2 weeks of our relationship. She broke-down in front of my house-mate (who happens to be her best-friend) and called me to say we had to talk. And that’s when we decided to break-up. Not going to lie, though I felt immensely sad … deep down inside I felt an overwhelming sense of relief.

    Before we broke up, we removed each other as friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. We promised that we would not talk to each other until we were ready to be friends. I’ve learned the hardway from previous breakups that this was the only way to go.

    The first 2-3 weeks (phase 1) were, of course, ridiculously torturous … she was the first girl I ever cried over. Like you JP, I slept on the couch for weeks because so much of ‘her’ was still in that room.

    Then phase 2 came really quickly. It was still winter, and since I live to ski (winter is my FAVORITE season, no joke) … I had no problems taking her off my mind when I skied. During this time, I’d get an urge to steal a look at her Instagram or Twitter account, and I’d regret it and feel like shit. So I stopped cold turkey and then suddenly, I was in phase 3!

    I started to think less and less of her in Phase 3 and started hanging out with some girls. One was too good of a friend to have a fling with, the other girl was caught up in some drama with the friend trying to set us up (this caused me a lot of anxiety, actually). But ultimately, I was okay. I was starting to talk to girls, and having a good time (with some anxiety related to rejections, of course. But that’s natural).

    I reverted back to Phase 1 a few days ago when I decided to look at her pictures on Instagram and Facebook. I came across them when I was trolling around her friends’ pages (I’m not connected to her you see), and I immediately felt that heart-sinking feeling when I saw her with a new guy. She looked like she was having a good time and totally happy. To make it worse, I started to eavesdrop on my housemate’s conversations with her and I would hear the guy’s name. My anxiety SHOT through the roof and I’ve been taking Ativan to dull the anxiety.

    I started going through the usual Phase 1 things, but at a full force now. Did I make a mistake in breaking up with her? I thought it’d take her awhile to get over me … but how could she be so happy? How could she get a boy so quickly … did what we have mean nothing to her? I start reminiscing about all the times we’ve had and it just makes me incredibly sad that I’ll never have them again. And that makes me even MORE sad and anxious. This is a horrible, HORRIBLE cycle to be in JP.

    You see, with a clear head, I can tell myself that my emotional spiral was nonsensical … it was resultant of me having seen her with a new guy. And then I read your reply to another commentator’s post where you said the reason for the anxiety I’m having now is mainly due to where I am in life, rather than where she is … which is absolutely true. I’m single, with no one … while she has someone.

    The truth is JP, I miss her a lot. I haven’t talked to her in almost 6 months, and it really makes me sad that I can’t. But I know that I have to stick to my guns by cutting off all contact until I’m in a place where I can truly be friends with her without reverting back to Phase 1. But for now, I’ve finally thrown all her stuff in a box to the back of my closet. I’ve unsubscribed from all of her friends’ newsfeed. And I swear to god, I will never try to look at her friends’ pictures of her until I’m ready. I don’t want to see her. I don’t want to talk about her. I don’t want to think about her. I’m done.

    My goal right now is to work on myself. I actually am happy that she has found someone, but the anxiety is killing me … refusing to allow me feel that way. I want to be able to genuinely wish her happiness WITHOUT feeling the anxiety. So for that, I want to focus on me. I’m headed to Australia for a 2 week vacation to see friends and family in less than 2 weeks, so I’m definitely looking forward to that and colder weather! After that vacation, I’ll be hitting the gym to prep for the upcoming ski season. In addition, I’m working on saving up capital for my stock futures trading business that I want to start soon!

    I’ve stopped crying now. Writing this has been very cathartic for me. Thank you so much for reading this JP. Since I’ve read this article, I’m not afraid of crying anymore. I am who I am and this is how I deal with things. You have no idea how much your article has helped me. What has helped me even more are your comments on the replies. I’m going through what these guys are going through now and to see you give us advice, encouragement and hope … this definitely makes me feel better my man. I hope when I write back to you here in a couple of months, I’d have made significant progress since then.

    Until the next time, my friend … best of luck to you!

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Jeremy. We ALL feel your pain. Trust in that statement. The first thing that struck me as I read your post is how on-track you are. Meaning, you are doing all the right things to console yourself through a trying time. Tears? Yep – had ‘em. Par for the course. Don’t judge what you’re going through. You are a feeling, compassionate human. To be anything else, would render you a man not worthy of loving, and one that most women would pass by. You can be tough and still have emotions. Shocker for most to hear, I know. I’ve been a bad-ass my entire life – but, I cried at “Forrest Gump.” Turns out, we men DO in fact have a heart and feelings!! Who knew. If your ex seemed to have quickly moved on, as you stated, that says more about her state of mind, and far less about your relationship. She may be running and distracting in the worst way possible. Not a healthy path, and not indicative of your value to her or anyone else. Everyone deals with hurt and loss in their own way. Try NOT to focus on anything external – especially her. Keep your eyes and laser focus on your own path and trajectory toward healing and a healthy recovery. Your beliefs that she has simply moved on are merely thoughts. As I have told others, “Thoughts and feelings do NOT = Facts!!” In our hurt minds, we contort all kinds of information against ourselves and better knowledge. That’s why it’s best to just keep redirecting your attention back to you right now. Make sense? You’ve got youth on your side, brother. This will hardly be the last woman that you meet! You’ve got all sorts of phenomenal encounters in your near future. Keep lookin’ forward so you don’t miss them. You had very sharp insight into your relationship, and you knew full-well she was not the one for you. And, you’re right: Life always comes down to timing. You have been exceptionally wise about letting her go and doing the right thing for both of you. Again, oftentimes, what we want and what we NEED are in direct conflict. It seems you pursued what was best for you both. Kudos, my man! Exactly what you should have done – despite the pain. In my personal opinion, and based on everything you’ve written, you did the right thing in parting ways. I believe that 100%. What you are feeling now is perfectly natural. For all you know, she is rebounding and trying to fill a void. It does not matter. What matters, is that you did the right thing, you parted ways, and you want happiness for you both. Truly. This is a goal of attainment for you – to wish her happiness wherever she is. It sounds crazy, right?? It’s not. It’s the best thing you can do for her AND you. Put that out there – even if it feels fake and foreign for awhile. You will soon feel a shift in your own state-of-mind. This was the toughest thing I had to learn myself. It’s almost excruciating. Hell, it IS excruciating! At first. But, the shift will come. And, better things will come for you too. Plus, 99% of what you are feeling by stealing a peak at her pics and listening to hearsay are simply because she has appeared to move on before you wanted her to. It’s a blow to the ego. If you take your ego out of it, it will be immensely freeing. I promise. What you are feeling is perfectly natural. You want her to miss you and wish for you back. And, I’m sure she DOES miss you. But, she is trying to do right by her too – and, that means she can’t stay in neutral and mourn forever. And, you truly don’t want her to. Just try the wishing her well mantra for awhile. Do it to yourself, and just put the positive vibes for her out there each day, WHILE FOCUSING ON THREE THINGS FOR WHICH YOU ARE THANKFUL EVERY NIGHT AS YOU GO TO BED. Do this!! Three things – no more, no less. Recite new ones each night for what you are thankful each day – no matter how small. It might be a sunrise/sunset, a smile you receive from someone, or a great lunch, etc. THREE THINGS EVERY DAY, while quietly wishing her well. Okay?? You are such a sharp guy, Jeremy. I can discern this from what you’ve written. Everything you are now doing is how I would advise you. You are focusing on yourself and you are practicing “Opposite Action of Love” by making no contact. Tell your friends you do NOT want to hear anything about her right now. And, keep working-out, eating right, and sleeping a full 8 hours. Have a kick-ass vacation in Australia (jealous!), and focus on your business proposal for awhile. You are 100% on-target for what you need to be doing. You reverted by looking at her pics. Big deal. It happens. Everyone on here has done the same. It’s a self-inflicted wound that I’ve done more than once. Setbacks are nearly always part of the process. Stoked to see you doing all the right things again. Truly. Keep us posted, brother! -JP

  57. Chris R says:

    This is truly a great article. I’ve suffered from very severe anxiety for a long time. My girlfriend just broke up with me and this article is helping me a lot. She was truly the best thing that’s ever happened to me, which really makes me wonder if I should look back on the relationship and smile, or look at the breakup and grieve. Anyways, thank you for putting this article out there. It’s clear that your words are helping a lot of people.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hey, Chris! I need to refer you back to your statement that she was “the greatest thing that ever happened” to you. That’s impossible. You don’t know what will happen moment to moment, or who you will meet tomorrow. I can tell you with absolute certainty that EVERY time I have uttered that same statement – which is like every time I go through a break-up – I met someone even better. I finally learned not to even make the claim again. I’m single now, though I date frequently. I know full-well that great things are in store for me because we attract those who reflect how we feel about ourselves. Every girl that I had dated previously, was a woman whom I had chosen from a low point, or while feeling not-so-great about myself. I picked some hot-mess, shit-shows to say the least. Alas, no more. Flip your script, my friend. You were the best thing that ever happened to her as well. You just haven’t been feeling that way. I’m sure she was every bit as great as you say. But, so are you. Start believing it, and look back on the relationship fondly, while striving the keep the focus on feeling and being the best you possible. Your anxiety does NOT define you, brother – it’s what you have, not who you are. You manage the anxiety – not vice versa. Now, read this paragraph again. You deserve a great woman. Period. Thank you for your very kind words. -JP

  58. Nic says:


    One thing I have realised after all the hurt, not only through relationship break-ups but the world in general, sadness, grief, misery… and anything and everything else in existence…is that there is only one incentive that is actually worth a shit. LOVE

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Good grief, Nic – that was so well stated that I want it on a plaque. Great quote, my friend. Impressed. Thank you for writing. -JP

  59. C.C. says:

    First and foremost, very helpful information that we can all use. Your insight with a comedic twist is easy to follow, validates my own feelings and experiences, and most importantly provides straight-forward, easy-to-follow advice. I read this twice because you not only have great words of wisdom, but I also found myself humbled by your creative, entertaining writing. Looking back at past breakups I can say you hit the nail on the head with your three-phase approach. Thank you for sharing your in sight. I look forward to following your blogs and will be sharing this with friends that could use your advice. Thank you

    • JP Hatcher says:

      THANK YOU for the kind words, C.C. The feedback keeps me going on my other essay projects – a tough task with my day job. If only I could sell churros on the beach and write all day. I would need some beer of course. It is a beach after all. ;-)

  60. Keith says:

    I don’t believe I’ve ever read an article on the subject of a breakup that has resonated with me so completely. I felt as though you had reached into my head and pulled out almost every neuroses I’ve ever had during and after a failed relationship. At 37 years old, I’ve been a sufferer of anxiety disorder and depression for most of my life. A large part of that life has been spent in various degrees of misery as I’m constantly stuck in my own “mouse wheel” of a feedback loop of regret and self-doubt over virtually ever decision I ever make. I’ve seen numerous therapists and taken a variety of medications for my condition, none of which have seemed to be very successful at helping to improve things.

    As a result, I’ve allowed myself to “coast by” on my young looks (I look generally about ten years younger than I am) and, while I know they won’t last much longer, maybe another three years at best, I’ve let my anxiety and depression, as well as my appearance act as crutches to keep from maturing as much as I should. I’m fully aware of the problems I have in my life and the things I need to change to start being happy but my emotional and mental difficulties continue to plague me to a state of minimal effort to move forward. I live in a single bedroom, I work a part-time job at a cafe, and I’ve just recently returned to art school for another bachelors in graphic design since I basically coasted through my first time around and barely graduated with a generic liberal arts undergrad degree. I’m doing it because I’ve run out of ideas. I have no real passion or drive because for some reason, nothing really interests me enough to get worked up about. Nothing besides a relationship.

    Through a combination of blind luck and immaturity, I’ve consistently dated younger women, most recently a 23 year old, before that, 27. In fact, I haven’t ever seriously dated anyone over 30. Inevitably these relationships always end the same way. These women discover that I have really nothing going for me. That I’m essentially a loser with no drive, ambition, or talent. I don’t deceive them about who I am, but I do make a lot of noise about how much I desire change and want to be happy, but I explain how hard it is with my anxiety. My longest relationship (with 27 year old) lasted for two and a half years because fortunately, she was mature enough to have patience and wait for me to start making changes. When I never followed through on my promises, she’d had enough and left me for a man who had his shit together. I don’t blame her and I’m very happy for her and her current boyfriend.

    Four months ago, I met the 23 year old at a party and the same euphoric bliss that comes over me every time these things begin, began. The same promisses, this time from both of us, about how much we wanted to improve our lives were exchanged. She was just getting out of a four year relationship with a guy who sounded a lot like me, but she was ready to move on, with me and I was absolutely ready to start making some real changes together. Unfortunately, this whole affair lasted about three months until she decided that I really wasn’t interesting anymore. No drive, no ambition, all talk, no action, etc. It took awhile to accept it, albeit with a couple of texts and e-mails, nothing *too* crazy, but I finally did when she went alone on a planned trip to San Francisco we were both supposed to be on. When she got back she wanted to meet up and talk which I took as a possible sign for reconciliation, quickly to find out she was only meeting to close the book on us completely, never to see me again.

    I suppose I’m in the stage now where I’m trying to accept that I really won’t ever see her again. Her only window into a possible meeting was that she would “think about” my suggestion of sleeping together with no strings attached and that she may come into my workplace someday. Other than that, she wasn’t interested in anything from me as she stated very clearly she wanted to be single, that she dated me too soon after her breakup and that I did not have the qualities she looks for in a relationship anyway.

    Maybe it’s the loss of what might have been, the idea that I will never find another woman as beautiful and giving as she was when we first met. She showered me with affection and gave me everything I wanted but demanded I do the same and more. When I failed to follow through with romantic comedy level gestures, she lost interest and moved on. But ultimately, I hold myself responsible for putting my entire self work into a relationship with a 23 year old and I should have known better. I feel that on the outside I ultimately respected her decision and I haven’t done anything crazy, but I want to. I’m rehashing, reliving and regretting everything I ever did or didn’t do to help make this work. The romantic gestures she wanted, not being so scared she would go back to her ex boyfriend considering the connections they still had while we were together. Everything is replaying on a loop. When I read your article, I started to see a connection to the patterns my brain does in these things and, while my experience is much different than yours and you are not anywhere near the pariah I’ve become in my own situation, I do appreciate that someone else out there actually thinks in a similar way about breakups blanketed in anxiety.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Keith, I knew I had a half brother out there, but I didn’t know we’d meet this way! ;-) I read your post as if I was looking in the mirror. Uncanny. Without going into a ton of “you’re just like me” detail, trust that we have lived parallel lives. By way of (one) example, the last girl I was dating was 26. She was beautiful and I let myself fall for her despite a 19 year age difference and very little in common (besides great sex and a love for wine). I have made a career out of choosing the absolutely worst women for me. My brother went so far as telling me to do the opposite of whatever I was doing – only then would I stand a chance. I thought he was an a-hole, but he was right. I’ve learned many life lessons very slowly, and by repeating my mistakes a hundred times. This is also the definition of insanity. You have an incredible amount of insight, Keith – which is great. But, you are also highly self-critical – which sucks. Separate any poor choices from who you are. You are NOT your previous actions, choices, decisions, regrets, etc. Those were/are behaviors you’ve exhibited in one form or another. The do not define you. But, you are making them the core being of whom you are and your inherent character. Please don’t. You are not the sum total of your actions – good or bad. You control them, not vice versa. But, if you continue to make bad decisions (i.e., date 23+ year olds, you will mostly likely continue to feel like shit about yourself. At 37, you really have little in common with them, and they serve as a distraction for you. But, it’s really not my place to advise you here – I just want you to feel better through best choices. Take the 23 year old for example. You are faulting yourself for everything going awry. However, I see your only fault being the fact that you pursued a 23 year old. Sure, they typically look flawless. But, at 23, we all have a LOT of maturing to do. We also have very short attention spans. Chances are, you never would have held her interest for long – no matter how awesome you could have been. I can assure you that I’ve been my own pariah for untold years. It’s uncanny how badly. But, it takes what it takes, and I’ve learned along the way. So will you. It seems that you may have hit a nice point of self-awareness – the perfect time to turn your distraction and attention inward and deal with your own anxieties and need to distract. At the very least, choose someone much more stable and “boring” compared to the emotional chaos that comes with dating so much your junior. I honestly don’t think you are really missing your last girlfriend like you think you are. You are missing the distraction she provided. It’s like a drug – a very potent drug. And, like any breakup or drug, you are now suffering withdrawals. But, this will pass if you don’t act on them. Your focus should be opposite action of love, and divert your attention back to you and your own emotional needs. We both know that your ploy to have purely a sexual or FWB relationship with her was a tactic to reel her back in, and get another “hit.” Don’t. This may be what you want, but it’s far from what you need. -JP

  61. Tinyrain says:

    JP…thank you so much for your very very kind words. I’ve come back on this site a million times to reread your responses to mine and everyone else’s posts. They help keep me on this path of feeling better and healing when I’m feeling down and missing my ex-bf.

    I was doing okay for a while; this breakup hasn’t felt as debilitating as it did in the first few months. I’m living my life normally, gained back some of the 15 lbs I lost in the first few months of depression. Although there hasn’t been a single day that I haven’t thought about my ex in these last 10 months and I definitely haven’t stopped crying about it randomly, it really has gotten better. Over the past 10 months, I’ve made some amazing new friends, gotten very involved in the community, started training for a half marathon, gotten serious about my graduate school plans and even tried to start dating again (even though its scary and I feel like no one will ever be as amazing as the ex).

    And then I did some facebook stalking (incredibly stupid I know) even though I’m not friends with him on there anymore and found out that he is probably dating someone new. I shouldn’t be upset. I really shouldn’t. Its been 10 months, he has every right to be with someone else. We don’t even live in the same city anymore so it makes sense that he wants to be with someone in the same city as him and someone going through the same experiences as him while he’s away at school. But it still made me really really sad (and it still does). What does this girl have that I don’t? I know she’s incredibly smart because she’s at the same ivy league graduate school as him. A school that I can only dream of attending. I spent days comparing myself to her, even though I know nothing about her. All I had was a name and a face. She looked like a really really sweet girl from her picture and I should be really happy for him. But I can’t. It’s just not fair. Why does he get to be happy and in a new relationship? And with someone who is probably perfect for him? I was torturing myself. So I decided I had to block everyone to stop myself from asking these ridiculous questions. I blocked him, I blocked all his friends that I used to love, and I blocked the new girlfriend. I know it’s incredibly drastic and crazy. But I felt had to regain some control in my life, otherwise I would continue to feel awful. It still sucks ALOT and I will never understand why we broke up because it came out of nowhere, with no explanation. I still feel so disposable and inadequate. I will never understand how someone can be so loving and wonderful and then just shut off for no reason. I will never be able to trust someone the way I trusted him. A little part of me will always be a bit broken. But I feel like I’ve regained some sanity. And I’m going to keep bettering myself in the hopes that one day soon I’ll meet the guy that won’t ever make me doubt myself or our future together.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Nidhi! It is always a sincere pleasure to hear from you. I am so happy to hear that you find solace here. I’m telling you, obtaining some perspective and know you’re not alone are half the battle. And, I’ve obtained a lot of healing myself from what I receive and read from each of you. It’s quit the symbiotic relationship, fortunately. I stick by my premise that all that you are feeling is perfectly within the norm. As I’ve mentioned on here to others, the healing continuum is not a straight, upward and linear arrow. It looks more like a stock ticker, with dips, dives and rises. The difference, however, is that with all the dips/setbacks, the momentum continues forward and upward over the duration. This is precisely what you are experiencing. That said, you sabotage your own healing progression by not practicing “opposite action.” Meaning, you made some incredible strides to keep yourself busy with healthy activities (all very impressive) – but, then you Facebook stalked. FB is a horrific social medium. I have yet to see it do more good than harm – ESPECIALLY with regard to breakups or breaking-up marriages and relationships. I fully understand the temptation to practice some FB voyeurism. But, before doing so, you’ve got to chain the action out a little. Ask yourself, “What might I see?” and “How would seeing something ‘bad’ make me feel?” These two questions alone should cause for pause. The first thing I do if I’m unable to delete an ex from FB is to “unfollow” her posts. Nothing good can come from knowing what an ex is up to when you’ve been on the receiving end of a hurtful breakup. Moreover, the temptation to look at their page for a quick second is far too tempting. But, you already know all of this ;-) Lesson learned. Your action to block them all was not at all “drastic and crazy.” It was well-founded and precisely what you should have done PRIOR to learning about her. You inflicted a shit-storm of self-pain that was not at all necessary. You are now comparing yourself to someone whom is a complete stranger. Thoughts/Fears/Worries/Anxieties do NOT equal facts. No matter what thoughts you are torturing yourself with, chances are you are dead wrong. This goes with your ideas of his current happiness and state of mind. You simply do not know, and it simply does not matter. This isn’t about you – as much as you think and feel it is. It’s just not. She could be nothing more than a convenience distraction for him. It doesn’t matter. ALL that matters is YOUR state of mind and healing. So, please stop the self-berating line of questions. All irrelevant, I can assure you. If he was that great and the right one for you, then you’d be together. You will see all of this with clarity when you gain some more distance. No more self-sabotaging setbacks, okay?? Move in one direction only: Forward. Love comes to those whom first love themselves, and are available when it presents itself. Keep the focus on your recovery. -JP

  62. counterflank says:

    Al, Sharpie, Andres, Gill, Ali, Stu, TeaKay, Josh, everyone on board…we’ve all apparently hit some sort of distorted field in this voyage through the cosmos, or, turbulence in the realm of this mortal coil. I, myself, am hanging on by a thread of internal fortitude and survival instinct. This last breakup pretty much kicked my nuts through my chin. But it would take quite a bit more than that to collapse and raise the white flag, in which I have no white flags in my possession. You’re here for more reasons than you can currently conceive. At this point, I am beyond the anxiety phase, which is so common and natural after such a significant part of your day-to-day existence has been suddenly removed from your ‘normal’ routine. Recently I’ve been struggling with the sense of worth, purpose, low-points, and such. Even though I am well aware that I am part of my immediate, and extended(family, and, well, humanity) family that looks to me(as I look to them) a position that puts me in a place where I need to maintain focus and fortitude. Regardless…let go of the regret and guilt for just a minute, and focus on what you believe is your most achievable, and immediate objective. Every atom in your blood and body was once forged in the core of an exploding star. And now we are here…as bloody and shitty as it might be. This wasn’t designed to be an easy ride. We all have to just sit down and take a minute to look at ourselves as that ideal extraction unit. You are just that, so be that. It’s time to step up, and think of those around us, and those that we’ve never met before, that might just come calling on you to pull them out of a shitty situation. Part of the ship, part of the crew, as they say. Get through one more lonely, shitty night. I still have a tough time reflecting on those recent and dismal nights and times, but hey, who ever said this ride was going to be easy? I spent much of my time serving in a medic unit…in uniform, ready to do whatever it takes, at any given time to bring one of our brothers or sisters, mothers, fathers, etc. back to safe quarters. After this last breakup from a girl I thought for sure was ‘it’, I teetered on the rim of worthlessness and dejection. I have recently felt that I was of no further use or service. B*&^sh*t I say. Treat your self to a good night’s sleep, a decent meal, and seek out some friends and family..if they’re near. If not, make new ones. When it comes down to it, family and friends are but a smile and a handshake away, what ever part of this rock of iron and nickel you happen to reside upon. At worst, solitude will galvanize the armor and sword that is your essence. Never be ashamed of the tears, tribulations, and emotional-mental shit-storms that pour down upon you. Because it’s not just you underneath that dark cloud at any given time. For God’s sake, think of better times. Find just one reason to push yourself…and others will follow. Given the option, I would choose this uncertain, heart-broken, seemingly-God-forsaken shitty situation over the option of oblivion and never really knowing what you could have really done while you’re here. And tell those other struggling humanoids in your life how you feel about them without delay. Hang tight. J.P., our Captain, we got your six.
    United States

    • Liz W. says:

      Hey again my socal buddy! I happen to be at work and saw the link I posted onto my friends facebook a few weeks back with this article, decided to check in again and I’m glad I did. Almost 8 weeks post break up and 100% over it and free. My body mind and soul has rid itself of the delusions, false hope and low self esteem triggered thoughts/ emotions. I have no words of advice or wisdom since I’m not even sure how it happened myself. But the important thing is that it will and did happen, so if it can happen for someone who lives in their head/emotions as much as I do, everyone here will wake up one day and not realize they’re better; without knowing it. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with it but I live in Chicago and as most sports fans know our Chicago Black Hawks won the Stanley Cup last monday which for me was a huge distraction, even while they were in the playoffs I was too caught up with the excitement and pride watching game after game to be sad and dwell. I’m surrounded by die hard fans with jersey’s plastered to their torsos. It’s been a great and exciting time. What I can take from it is that anyone can get something to be excited about/ motived from and indulged with. I was working out every day and hanging out with friends really trying to distract myself and although it helped it wasn’t a “Quick Fix” like we all search for. But if there’s something you love to do or be involved with/ apart of, by all means do it. Now is the freaking time, and people take some time away from work and travel, work will be there tomorrow to kick your ass for another 8 hour day don’t worry! Another thing that made me realize I was over my ex was having an intense but amazing conversation with a really hot,intellecutal kind guy with crazy sparks and chemistry; Nothing came of it (I kick myself for this) but it totally woke me up. There’s always someone better…hate to say it for all those die hard love fans but there’s alot of people on earth. Your ex is your ex for a reason and they will always be stupid. YES STUPID. That fluttering feeling you get when you like someone or realize you have a connection means that one person who broke your heart didn’t break you, because someone else lit you up. It’s summer, atleast we’re not going through this crap in the dead of winter, depression is much harder to cope with when it’s cold, overcast and there’s snow. Like I said I live in chicago! Perk up everyone, enjoy your summers and life now!

    • JP Hatcher says:

      It is ALWAYS a pleasure to hear from you, Greg. Your wisdom is valuable – both to myself and others. Thank you for visiting so often. It’s a sincere pleasure to have you. Also, thank you for the email you sent to me personally. Know that you and your brother have been on my mind each day. -JP

  63. OJ says:

    Hey JP, you wrote “How to Avoid Self-Imploding After a Breakup” the same exact day of my Bday. That’s some kind of signal for me. Either way, after two years of getting dumped (and been through this hell called anxiety) recently i saw my ex gf. Just saw her, without talking. Then, somebody (for some unknown reason) told me that she was going to get married. So, everything went down to crumbs once again.

    So, you have any new advice?

    • JP Hatcher says:

      OJ, it’s a pleasure to hear from you. I am very sorry to hear of your pain. Hearing about your ex’s pending marriage is clearly a trigger for you. It would be for anyone. However, it’s hearsay. And, if it’s true, the “why’s” are irrelevant. All that IS relevant is the “how.”. HQW are you going to move past this and care for yourself and your own happiness? HOW are you going to let yourself heal from the pain of the separation? Somehow – and, I know this part is a bitch – you’ve got to get to the point where nothing she does has an affect upon you – where YOU are your priority until it’s time to let someone else close to you again. Regarding my own heartbreak, someone once told me that I needed to get to the point where I could wish my ex happiness. That statement bewildered me.for I only wished bad things upon her. Remember, forgiveness is for ourselves. It simply means to give up the hope for a different past. Practice forgiveness – good things will follow as you forgive and focus on your own healing. That said, the healing takes time. And, though much time has passed, it takes what it takes. Allow yourself the healing you need, my friend.

      Psalm 34:18 – “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”

  64. Mat says:

    This was amazing to read, I’ve gone over it a few times just to get it into my head that the end of the world isn’t actually coming because of what’s happened.
    I am not sure which phase I am in as despite feeling like I am smashed to pieces and suffering from a tingly body from hell…I can see myself in all of the phases.
    It has only been a week but I’ve been through this before five years ago and THAT one took me years to get over; I guess it hardened me for such pain but obviously not 100% because I am still hoping of fixing things but have also accepted that it won’t happen. What I thought was a perfect relationship was dropped on the floor last Friday when I found evidence of her up to something with another man, it all exploded and I reacted badly (violent to the house, not to her as I am not like that) and it scared her so much that she didn’t want to continue. That is all fair I suppose as I doubt I could trust her again and the same for her too. All I know is that I am devastated that everything I ever wanted was taken away and since we share mutual friends in a small town that I am now somewhat of an alienated leper to them most of them that I was close to…yes I reacted badly but I never physically hurt her….just smashed some went a bit wild on the furniture, she was the one who went to another man for me to react to in the first place!

    Your words are that good that I’ve saved the page as a favourite to re-read whenever I feel low.

    PS- The heavy metal thing is not working, simply because we both love heavy metal anyway. I tend to commute with the stereo fascia off and in the glove box so only the sound of the engine to keep me going :(

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Howdy, Matt! THANK YOU for the kind feedback. I can assure you that your world is not going to end … if you haven’t figured that out by now. Man, I can vividly recall the desperation I felt – even recently – after a breakup when I thought the pain would kill me. I was convinced that there was no way I would make it through. And, then – I did. I just kept living and faking it until I walked tall again. You can’t train for breakups. I truly believe that do not get easier past the first one. The first one teaches us the meaning and feelings associated with heartbreak – but, it surely doesn’t callous the heart. And, if it does, then we’ve become someone closed-off and no good to anyone. Please forgive yourself for your reaction to learning of her behavior with another man. You reacted better than I once did many years ago upon learning the same. Plus, the house probably needed a good ass-kicking :-) As for your scaring her away – consider it a good way of ridding of her. I’ve never believed that someone could be trusted again after straying. This is just my humble opinion. But, I stick to it. I do not believe it’s worth trusting someone again if they’ve betrayed you the first time around. If you are married, there may be grounds to work on saving the marriage. But, I’ve known a few cheaters in my day and it seems to be a hard habit to break. Just sayin’. So, even if you didn’t assassinate some furniture, I’d say get the hell away and stay away. Seriously, Matt – do you really want to put your heart into the hands of a woman whom would so callously harm it again? I think not. I am really sorry you are feeling the misery of a bad breakup. Give yourself copious amounts of “Matt time,” will ya? Regarding the heavy metal not working, that’s okay. Just switch to something she’d never listen to for awhile. Listen to NPR or some upbeat Jazz. If you’ve got satellite radio, keep it glued to one of the comedy stations for the time being. That’s your best bet. All while you savor the fact you are free of this selfish woman. She wasn’t the right one for ya. And, you know it. Godspeed, brother. -JP

  65. Al says:

    Is anyone else struggling with no contact? After my post on 1st June my ex and I talked and he said he wasn’t sure what he wanted so we decided to have a break but kept in contact. He wanted to come and see me to “talk again?” in a week or two but his texts and calls weren’t indicating any reconciliation so it was driving me mad wondering what was going to happen – in the end I asked for “no contact” so I could accept what had happened and move on….but 4 days in it’s driving me mad wondering whether I should let him come up to talk, but risk another rejection, or should I check his fb status to guage his mood? It’s soooo hard!!!! Having said that, nc is making me face all my emotions without the feelings brought on my any text messages or calls!!
    I know no-one can really answer for me, but it helps to share – good luck everyone, we CAN DO THIS and get the relationships we deserve

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hello, Al. I feel for you – as do your peers here. As I’ve said to others, the best thing you can do is to utilize “Opposite Action” right now. Meaning, do the exact opposite of what your anxiety and pain are driving you to do. Don’t call, don’t reach out in any way. Whenever you engage with him, it is making you feel crappier after-the-fact. Sure, not having contact feels like hell too. But, it’s a temporary hell that will surely pass. Contact will only exacerbate and prolong the situation. Here’s the take-away for you: If her really wants to reconcile, he will let you know. You won’t need to “gauge” his Facebook statuses to make the determination, etc. We go after what we want, and this will be clear to you. I know you know this. Just a friendly reminder ;-) So, you did the absolutely right thing by telling him you no longer wanted contact. You didn’t need to tell him why, as you owe no explanations. What’s important now is that you do what is needed to preserve YOUR well-being. It appears you are doing so, while questioning your actions. I can say with 100% certainty that you need to keep doing what you’re doing, while NOT questioning your actions. -JP

      • Al says:

        THANK YOU JP – perfect timing for such a supportive response as it’s been a bad day today! You are right of course, I don’t want to be with someone who “isn’t sure” and if really changes his mind he can come and find me and do the hard work!
        We all deserve better.

        • JP Hatcher says:

          You said it. It’s a hindsight thing that you will more fully appreciate later. In essence, we often go after something with even more tenacity when it seems to be going the other direction. It is counter-intuitive not to. However, this only drives what we want further from us. The reality is, if someone is worth our while, they will make at least an equal effort. If not, then we should stop ours as well. And, remember: His lack of effort has NO bearing whatsoever on your worth. When you start to believe this, it will set you free. -JP

  66. Andres says:

    Dude excellent post. A lot of truth in it and know I know that i am not the only one because at times when I felt that heartache and emptiness in my chest, I would wonder why me? I would not do anything, nothing would make me happy, wouldnt eat. I kinda feel bad some days. The weird thing is that I was the one who broke up with her because I was sick of it. She tried to get in touch with me but i didnt want to. 6 months later I missed her a lot and got depressed. We kinda talk now bcause I was her first as she was mine so any advice??

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hey, Andres! Great to hear from you, friend. At this point, you must genuinely ask yourself, “What do you want from her?” It appears from what you’ve written that she is still interested in getting back with you. Is that what you truly want, or will it be more of the stuff you became so sick of?? I am guessing that if you got back together, you might soon realize why you ended things in the first place. There is the chance, however, that you took some time to mull it over and realize that you care for her enough to put up with the things that annoy you. I’m just not sure. But, something is also keeping you two in touch with one another. It looks like you need to check-in with yourself and what you really want at this point. Only you can answer your question, I’m afraid. My best to you both! -JP

    • JP Hatcher says:

      The important thing to really focus upon, Andres, is NOT the “Why me,” but the “How do I allow myself to heal?” You are a feeling, compassionate human being. So, you are feeling exactly what you are supposed to feel right now. And, it takes time to recover. You’ve got to allow yourself that time. You ended things for valid reasons. There were things you could no longer deal with. It made sense to end things. It was not making you happy or keeping you happy. Now you miss her. Is that odd?? Not in the least. We’ve all done this. Well … most of us. Do you want her back to rediscover the things that drove you nuts? Do you honestly think those things that drove you away have changed or vanished? I can pretty much guaran-damn-tee you they have not. You’d be back with her for no more than a week before you’d be eying the door again. She was your first, and you were hers. Does that mean you stay together forever? Hardly. You taught each other a lot, I imagine. Things are still amicable. Sounds like a very nice split. But, you also don’t appear – upon first glance – right for one another. Don’t let nostalgia get the best of you. That said, you can always go back. Just make sure it’s for the right reasons. -JP

  67. Sharma says:

    Thanks for this article man. Thanks for the help.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Sharma! You got it. I truly hope it helped you in some small way. If nothing else, you can see that you are in abundant company here :-)

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Thank YOU for reading. We are a bunch of kindred souls who stand in unison for healing. -JP

  68. Gill says:

    Yesterday I cought a glimps of hope but today it seems like the heartache and anxiety twins are back. We broke up recently after 2 years but she still calls it a break even though she has “kind of” moved on or talking to her male coworker. It hurts to feel like she forgot all the good times over night and does not look fazed. It kills to think about if I even cross her mind. She said they kissed so my mind is already racing to think she’s already having the best sex of her life with this guy (most depressing feeling). Feels like rock bottom is very near. I really thought she was the one she was great and loved me unconditionally and then this. The feeling of doubting if I will ever find someone like her since only good times cross my mind is slowly creeping in. Sorry my thoughts are every where. I hope to here from you I would really appreciate some advice.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Gill, I apologize as your second post somehow slipped by me. I am truly hoping that you are feeling better as some time has passed. One of the huge mistakes we make while recovering from a breakup is to feel worthless – especially when the other person appears to have “moved on.” Everyone handles hurt and separation differently. It’s impossible to define what is going through her head, and your fears do NOT equal facts. Your thoughts are just that – YOUR thoughts. They are not reality and not a true reflection of the scenario. They are based on your worse fears and hurt right now. Many people handle hurt with shallow distraction, such as alcohol, drugs, or other “relationships” (rebounds). None of this works, or course. But, it doesn’t stop many of us from trying to numb or quickly move on. Your best course of action is to stop trying to decipher her actions, and work toward your own peace of mind. You have everything you need to heal right within you. Trust me on this. Keep your focus within. -JP

  69. Gill says:

    Amazing article!!!!! I couldn’t have said it better sounds exactly like me.
    I just cought a glimpse of a light at the end of the tunnel
    After reading this. So there is hope and you just don’t die from the
    Heartache. From someone who is in the first phase now it a minuscule
    Relief but something is better than nothing at least for now. I just wish the phases phased faster.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Gill! Hey, thank you for reading and providing feedback – it means a ton. I am stoked to read that you see the “light at the end.” And, “Nope” – you certainly will NOT die from the heartache. We call completely get the “miniscule relief” phase you are currently in. This will improve, however, each day – with plenty of set-backs and leaps forward. The recovery continuum is never a straight line upward, unfortunately. It would be so much easier if it were like recovering from the common cold. It takes what it takes, my brother. But, you will come out the other side a better, sharper, stronger man. Though, I know full well this is a lesson you would much rather not have had to undergo. Let’s face it, besides death, I cannot think of much pain worse than heartbreak. Also, rest assured that your ex has NOT forgotten you or all the good times. I am often surprised at the uncanny ability of some women to hide all signs of heartache. It hardly means she isn’t feeling it, or is not postponing facing the separation. As for what she is doing with whom, it’s irrelevant and you’ve got to keep your mind in the PRESENT moment. Don’t go there. Fears do NOT equal facts. Who knows what the hell she is doing – if anything. Let’s keep the focus on YOU. The single best thing you can do right now is to self-soothe, take care of YOU, and whenever you find your thoughts going to the past or future, bring them back to the present!!! As difficult as it is to stay in the moment, you’ve got to do so. Additionally, don’t reach out to her. Period. There is nothing good for you with her. Maybe someday – but, certainly not now or anytime soon. Do the opposite of what your anxieties are driving you to do. Don’t make contact. Call someone else. Eat right, sleep, workout, and be the best damn Gill possible. Soon enough, you’re going to be an even better version of yourself. -JP

  70. Sam says:

    Hey JP, Thanks for this man, you have seriously saved me from making myself look like a fool. We broke up 6 weeks ago, and i was planning on trying to win her heart back on our 5 year anniversary which is on july the 11th until i read your article. I am pretty much in the same situation as ‘Mikey Dilzs’, im only 24 and my girlfriend loved me unconditionally! It was almost too much at some points, and the relationship had got a little tired the last couple of months and it just seemed like we were headed in different directions. So i broke it off, she was really upset for 2 weeks while i was fine, and then as soon as i saw that she had moved on i was devastated! Ive never been upset over a girl before, and my sister even said “its good to see the tinman has a heart”. I realised how much she loved me and what i had lost, i put her up on a pedestal and i still probably do. I also pretty much asked her to promise me that we would get back together somewhere down the track, she said that she wouldn’t say yes but she wouldn’t say no either… She told me she will always love me, but jus that she is not in love with me and she lost her bf but she doesnt want to lose her best friend… I guess what is hard for me is that she has moved on so quickly and is being so mature about the whole thing in wanting to be my friend… I know she is definitely enjoying having the upper hand in the relationship for once as it was always me who was that person before… I know i will get it back eventually… And she even said to me with the relationship, if its meant to happen it will happen. The only thing that bothers me now is that, i feel like the relationship has somehow taken a part of me. Like even slightly before i decided to break it off i felt as though i was struggling to really communicate with people… Well at least be engaging and humorous…. Everyone is telling me not to be hard on myself but i guess i feel like ive lost it and wont get it back. I guess it could be my ego that is hurt too, as ive never put myself in the position to get rejected before and i guess now it kind of feels like i have…

    Sorry about the essay man, but any help or advice you could offer would be awesome… It gives me hope that although you wrote all the things i am feeling like self loathing, guilt, despair and real sense loss that you came through it and were able to write a fcking funny article! Thanks Bro!

    • Mikey Dilzs says:

      Thank god Im not the only one. Im telling you dude, be strong it will, the amount of progress I made in 3 days in crazy! When i miss her i think back to the times “I DIDNT WANNA BE THERE” and how much of a hassel i thought it was. If your anything like me brother, you got a big ego and insecure, exactly like myself. I was always peeking on the single side of the fence, looking at my buddies and such. Cut her off for 3 months, no communication. That will give you plenty of time to get over the lonely stage. Then reconsider your decision. If its changed, perfect, more fish in the sea. If you still miss her go out and get her back, NO GIRL gets over a 5 year relationship in 3 months, she may say shes happy but shes missing you 100%. It crazy to i called her the other day and told her “Were gunna be together someday” and she totally agreed. If its meant to be it will happen.

    • Shawna says:

      I wouldn’t worry about who has the “upper hand” if it’s a healthy relationship it shouldn’t be about control or who has more emotional will over the other. If you guys are gonna be together just have it be honest and genuine, don’t treat it like a power struggle.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Sam. I sincerely appreciate your post. Everyone gets a lot of “knowledge nuggets” from reading about the insight of our peers. It’s funny how we idealize people once they’re gone. Well, it’s not actually funny – it’s rather tragic. I can say with absolute certainty that if you were back with her, the reasons you wanted to be out of the relationship would come flooding back very quickly. We fear loneliness and the unknown. But, that’s hardly the reason to stay in something, and it’s definitely not fair to our partner. Essentially, it sounds like you did the absolute right thing for you both. And, she’s right – if you’re meant to be together, you will find your way back into each others romantic lives. Sometimes, a little distance provides just the right amount of perspective to know where you should be for the long run. Regarding “power” and who has the “upper hand,” the power in a healthy relationship always goes back and forth between the two parties, with no one having or holding the authority for any set period. It is a delicate balance that takes place naturally. It’s when the shifts don’t take place – and, one person continually holds the power – that an imbalance occurs and problems ensue. How you’re feeling now is also healthy. If would be abnormal for you not to be hurting at least some, or to not question the decision at times. All part of the process. We ALL get rejected. It has no bearing on our self-worth, though it feels like a direct hit at the time. You will get back on your proverbial feet soon enough. You have suffered an emotional blow, and you need time to recover. So, GIVE YOURSELF THAT TIME, Sam. Take care of yourself, and really appreciate your attributes. They are as real as anything can be. Your goal is to want the best for you both – in whatever form that takes place. Whatever she is doing has no bearing on whom you are, or your self worth. To think you are forgotten, passed over, or put aside is a feeling from a place of low self-esteem. These are just thoughts, and thoughts do NOT equal facts, my friend. So, quit the stinkin’ thinkin’ and focus on some positive daily affirmations about what makes her and others drawn to you in the first place. Finally, you’ve got to trust me on this: I handle breakups and loss probably worse than anyone alive. I wrote this essay – not as a piece of humor – but, as a means of personal survival at a time when I was at my lowest. So, I KNOW you can do it. Just stay out of your head! ;-) -JP

  71. Ali says:

    This article was definitely what I needed, it pretty much is spot on with every emotion that i’ve been feeling. I feel like i’m still in stages 1&2.
    I met me ex boyfriend when I was 22 and he was 25. At 22, I was finally happy with myself as a person, I didn’t jump in and out of relationships like most 22 year old girls because I wanted to make sure that I was ready to love somebody, so I made sure to love myself, and told myself that the right person would find their way to me. Well, he did. At my great grandfathers funeral. (So random, I know) Anyway, he made me want more for myself than a dead end job, and made me want to pursue the things I really wanted out of life, which meant getting into nursing school and taking a huge leap of faith and going back to college. A year into the relationship, we were constantly fighting about this and that, my insecurities had built up inside me, and I was constantly telling myself he was going to leave me, and he did. We got back together after a month of being apart, and everything was way better than it was before for the next 2.5 years.
    My heart and soul for the past 3 and a half years has left me, again, and this time….I told him I can’t beg and plead for him not to do this, like last time. Last time was so much different. Last time, I felt like i’d done everything wrong, like I was the cause of us falling apart. This time, I knew I wasn’t. I tried to blame myself, it’s a natural instinct when someone leaves you to try and figure out what you did wrong to make them leave. I tried so hard and searched my mind for even one thing, but this time I couldn’t come up with anything. This semester I felt like we fought less than we ever have, because i’ve been so busy with school. It’s hard to feel like something is falling apart when you think that everything is just fine. Sure, the past 2 weeks have been kind of shitty, but I just thought he was stressed about something – supporting me financially, working his ass off, etc. We were happy, I thought.
    He wasn’t happy. I stayed with him the night we broke up because I needed to feel ok. I needed his comfort. We didn’t have sex, but it wasn’t about sex. I just wanted him to hold me, so that I could feel safe. He’s the one that I go to for everything, and with nowhere to run, I ran back to the one who was breaking my heart in the first place. Like someone commented before, I kept falling asleep and reliving the nightmare every time I woke up, remembering that even though he was next to me, it was over. I I left at 6am, and cried my little heart out for about 12 hours straight, while he explained to me how he’s just not happy with himself and his life in general. I feel like an idiot for not realizing it, but I was giddy and in love. He watched me pack my stuff and hugged me before I got into my car. I didn’t want to let go, seriously, it’s the worst feeling in the world knowing I would never be pulling back into that driveway, or crawling into bed with him, or eating dinner at that table. The past 3 years of my life have revolved around him and I just can’t seem to get him out of my thoughts. I keep looking forward to Friday, then I realize that i’m not going to see him and it’s like i’ve been punched in the stomach till I can’t breathe.
    I honestly can’t explain this feeling, but it’s definitely the worst thing i’ve ever felt. I can’t lay in bed at night without thoughts of past times consuming me, watch tv without thinking that these were “our” shows – or if he’s watching them as well, I wonder if he’s thinking about me as he sees the emptiness of my side of the bed – or my empty shampoo bottles in his shower, I wonder if at night when he’s laying in bed alone if he’s thinking about how badly he wants me to hold him, because these are the things that run through my head.
    I wonder if i’ll ever feel normal again, or if i’ll ever love someone as much as I love him. I just miss him so much. I miss it all. It’s so hard to know that i’ll never be in that place again, with that person that I would have given anything for. I used to talk to him every night before bed, or if I was with him, say goodnight with a kiss. Now I haven’t talked to him in over 3 weeks and i’ve cried myself to sleep most of those nights.
    I’ve texted him here and there, one of them just to tell him that I had been invited by his cousin to her graduation party, I wanted to tell him not to worry about me going, And told him that I had declined the invitation so that he could enjoy his family without worrying about me being there. I was closer to his rather large family than he was, and it sucks that I don’t get to enjoy those moments with them anymore, but I felt like I should be a bigger person and not go. I’m sort of feeling robbed of everything that I took in initially for him in the first place, like his family, our friends, and even the dog we adopted. I lost half my family, the friends that we shared, and at the same time lost my financial and emotional support during the hardest time of my life; nursing school. It’s been a bad couple of weeks. Now i’m on week 4, and everyone tells me it will get better, but so far everyday I just wake up with that anxiety.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hey there, Ali! So, I drafted this very long response to you while on a flight to Kansas City, only to lose the entire thing when I hit “Send.” Argggh. I will attempt to recreate my composition. First of all, EVERYTHING you are feeling and experiencing is textbook normal. It is all part of the grueling process of healing. Myself, I get very caught-up in the nostalgia piece. I see that you are also struggling with that as well. My way of contending with the memories was/is to create new ones in new places – with new people. This is the time to lean on friends and loved ones. And, STAY BUSY. Distraction and tons of self-soothing are your friends right now. I fully realize what a shock-to-the-system this has all been for you – especially the loss of life structure and loss of extended family. It’s surreal at times. I can assure you that YOU will be missed equally as much. You cannot have a relationship that long end without a lot of emptiness for both parties. That said, your only focus at the moment is to move forward and really, really try to keep your mind out of the past. The past is often associated with depression, while the future can hold a ton of anxiety. The key is to stay firmly planted in the PRESENT moment at all times. Okay? If you feel your mind going backward or forwards, snap it back into your breathing and remaining grounded in the present. Additionally, fill your nights and weekends – I mean chock full those nights and weekends – with tons of healthy distraction. This includes eating well, sleeping on a schedule, working-out, and enjoyable things with friends/family. It will be tough for awhile to extract any enjoyment out of anything. That’s also normal. Gradually, you will glean some goodness out of events. Look for the humor in life. Your state of mind WILL shift – I promise. And, if you do some of these things, the shift will occur sooner. We all know you’re going through a personal crisis at the moment. But, it will lessen. Remember: Stay in the moment. When the sorrow ebbs and flows, let it pass through you without holding on to any of it. What will remain stable is you. Make new friends, go to new places, and experience new things. You were happy and lived a full life prior to this relationship. You were a complete entity then, and you are now. Happiness might seem fleeting at the moment, but you will feel it again. And, if you’re like the majority, you will end-up even happier. That’s how these things work. As I’ve said before – What we want, isn’t always what we need, or is what’s best for us. You are right where you’re supposed to be, Ali. -JP

  72. Matt says:

    This article is classic. As an older (39) single guy I’ve done this often, and recently. Every time I acted like an idiot in phase 1 I promised myself I would never do it again. Well, my girlfriend and I got in a fight, she went distant and needed “space”…or it was a cheap easy way to break up (that is still to be determined)…either way, I apologized for my end of our problems, sent flowers, let her know i care and then…..

    Went blank for a while.

    Nada for about 5 days or so. Just walked off the map. Was it hard? Yes. Did I want to text her over and over and over? Yes. Did I want to call her? Yes? Did I drink a bunch and pass out on sleeping pills (i cant believe how accurate that part of the article was)? Yes. But did I grovel and chase her?

    No. No way. No effing way.

    Then a text from her “I really Miss you”…then some small conversations over text…then she goes blank herself. At this point. Ok, I could get upset, call her a volatile b1tch and tell her ill never call her again. Or I could plead, tell her I loved her and bombard her with texts. What did I do? I acted like it didn’t bother me. I would shoot her a text every day or two w some innocuous joke or pleasntry, and not get upset when she didn’t respond.

    She called…eventually…and I acted (and felt) completely comfortable talking to her (despite the nervousness in her voice). Im not sure where its going to go or end up…but i have taken the high road. She is the one that has been flakey and now, when you examine the behavior of boht of us in retrospect..well, she looks like the one that handled it poorly (because, quite frankly, she did)
    I guess what I wanted to share is that Phase I is absolutely critical not only to your relationship and chance of reconciliation, but more importantly your dignity in the more than likely event there is no reconciliation. Keep a straight face fellas, don’t show your cards, be an oak tree, read a zen book, never beg, never plead. Be kind to them, but not desperate. Regardless of what happens, taking the high road is so much more satisfying. It’s taken me about 20 years of dating to finally execute on it properly..and it was brutal. But in the end I am the good guy and she is standing there looking like the idiot. Take the “Eastern” approach.

    This is the best way to handle it. Trust me…it is. But there are very few people that have the willpower to execute on it properly.

    If you are in the first few days of a break up…GO BLANK. GO GHOST. Its the best thing you will ever do. Agree with the space or the break up and never let them know you are upset. You will thank yourself for it later. Trust. me.

    Great article…very well written and very accurate

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Great to hear from you, Matt. Ahhhh … If I had a dime for every time I’ve sent a dozen flowers in an attempt to make amends, I’d have quite a few dollars! And, you know what’s sort of funny?? Not once did flowers work. The money I could have saved!! Anyhow, I absolutely love your post. “Go Ghost” is a million dollar term, and I know a lot of people will strongly benefit from what you’ve written. What a kick-ass phrase, my man! And, I cannot over emphasize “taking the high road” that you articulated. Wonderful and sage words! You can never, ever go wrong heeding such advice. And, you are so very right: Very few of us are able to execute on the tactic …. including me, up until recently. I want to sincerely ‘thank you’ for your kind words, Matt. And, THANK YOU for the brilliant words of wisdom! -JP

  73. Mikey Dilzs says:

    Wow, this was great, but Im about to throw you a curve ball. Please respond, I feel like I have demonds in me right now, and thank god I am not the last person dealing with this pain. I wish it on no one. Im the one who ended a 5 year relationship, but feels like Im the miserable bum whose never going to meet anyone like her and live at my mothers until im 65 and die alone. Im 20 now and fairly young, we started dating when we were 15 and she lives around the corner (typical puppy love). I recently ended it because I just didnt want to be there, I wanted to go out having a good time with all my buddies, enjoy my 20′s (after all, I am in my prime). But as soon as I realized she has moved on through stalking her Twitter, Facebook, ect. I broke down, I did end up calling her and speaking with her, and found out this was one break up to many. Its probably because Im a jealous person, none the less, last night I thought she was the one for me, I cried, like a little school girl. Now, she is a great girl, and I do care for her with out a doubt, Ive just been in a relationship for so long, its all I know. I feel like I cant go through life with out her now. Ill put in my head the worst possible, rather disturbing scenarios, just like you said getting tag teamed by 2 porn stars. Ya I know, its bad. But it comes down to me being afraid of the unknown. Not knowing whats going to happen with me. Is there anyone else out there. I know its weird, I would love to marry this girl, its just the timing for me right now is a huge factor, but Im just second guessing myself saying that if I let her go I willl regret it for the rest of my life, is this really what I want. Maybe Im just a selfish pr** who doesnt want their ego damaged. But right now, I feel as if I will never get over this and it will stick with me for the rest of my life. I just keep telling myself “If its meant to be, its meant to be”. Article was fantasic, comments are great too. Please respond, and Id love for you to set me straight.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Michael. I’ve gotta tell ya … you answered your own question: “It comes down to me being afraid of the unknown. Not knowing whats going to happen with me. Is there anyone else out there.” Not taking the leap of faith and ending things would have been a disservice to you both. Hell, the fact you lasted 5 years from 15 to 20 is nothing short of miraculous!! You were kids. Now, you’re young adults, and you HAVE to really live. I cannot tell you how many countless couples remain in broken relationships simply because they are too afraid of the unknown you spoke of. It’s incredible. Most of us are guilty of it at one time or another. I certainly am. As a matter of fact, this essay was based on one of those relationships! I stayed with her too long, until even she realized I didn’t want to be in it. Then I completely freaked-out because I didn’t have her. I didn’t even want her! I was afraid of life alone. I am soooooo thankful she kicked me out of the nest, because I would have been miserable with her. And, I have dated some amazing women since her. Remember this: What you are wanting right now, and what you need are two different things. Stand by your decision. You know it was the right one, and it is one you made from your heart of hearts. Of course you will miss her and feel like shit if it looks as if she has moved on. Anyone would. But, you’re not that forgettable, and you are the one whom needs to move on. If your worlds align down the road, and you want to get back together, then the timing might be better. And, you answered your question further with your mention of “timing.” Everything … I mean EVERYTHING in life comes down to timing. You two had an amazing 5 year tenure. But, it’s time for you to move on and live. You are, indeed, in your prime. Live accordingly. And, when you hit those lonely moments, be fair to her and don’t reach out from a point of loneliness or to feed your own ego. You’re a very smart guy. You already know you’re making the right moves. You said some very sage things, and you have a clear head. Stay the course, pal – you’re doing the right thing. Thank you for the kind feedback. And, you nailed it: “If it was meant to be, it would be.” -JP

  74. Jak says:

    Really great article, thank you – can relate to every single bit..!!

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Thank you, Jack! Hopefully, you didn’t buy the ring though ;-) Wishing you the quickest recovery ever. Hang tough. -JP

  75. Mr. Raincloud says:

    This was amazing. Ha I almost thought it was based off my exploits after the recent run in with fates cruel joke. Reading this when I’m feeling some type of anxiety has been a blessing, thank you good sir.

    I made it a week with no contact. The couch is now my only friend. I was fortunate enough to have my lease come up on my apartment during that week. Real mistake was contacting her to let her know if return the things I found. After talking to her and her saying she feels as upset as I do. Then she became as unresponsive to me as before. 1 step forward 2 steps back right? Feeling this way makes even the smallest sliver of hope seem like a pass into heaven.

    All I’ve come to hold as truth in this time period is that logic has no meaning (even the most outlandish ideas are possible), the second is that the female is a cruel cruel creature. They will play with your feelings during this stage like a cat plays with its recently caught prey before they put it out of its misery.

    Ohhh and beware night time. It is no friend to anyone in this state

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Howdy, “Mr. Raincloud.” I hope that isn’t an indication of how you are feeling – though, it seems likely. I am glad to be of service, and bummed that you are feeling down. It seems it is time for your to just worry about you for awhile, and TRY to not let thoughts of her detract your progress. No easy task, I know. But, it’s especially important if you are feeling angry and doing you both a disservice when you do, in fact, interact. It’s tough to remove yourself from the situation. But, it’s often the most sound move. I know full well how rough nights can be. If you could plan to be around friends or family – or, at least out and about when possible – that would serve you well right now. I know you feel like holing up and being alone. But, it’s the worst thing for you. Lean on the ones who care about you, and try, try, try to stay busy and distracted until the feelings subside a little. Just my humble advice – one feeling man to another :-/ -JP

  76. Al says:

    What a great article, I’m lying here churning with anxiety about a current break up from my boyfriend of nearly 2 years and you made me smile, I know it’s going to be hard, but I know i can go through and come out the other side. One of the hardest things I find about break-ups is how they bring back any feelings of rejection from previous relationships, like my divorce from my ex-husband – I think it’s important to try and recognise that and move beyond it.

    thanks again – and good luck everyone!

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Al! I am humbled by your kind words – thank you. I only wrote the article as a means of somehow dealing with my own pain. It was cathartic. The fact that it has helped so many is just a huge, humbling, wonderful result. I am very sorry to hear of your loss and resulting pain. As you can see here, you are in abundant company, unfortunately. But, you’ve got a great mindset and the cognitive ability to move through this. And, you’re right – breakups have a way of resurrecting the past. Just let it all move over and around you, without clinging or hanging on to any of it. And, thank you for writing. -JP

  77. stu mann says:

    And i just want to add this was the best article ive read in 8 months of searching the internet. It seems as though you have been in my mind!
    The total loss of control of rational thought is so true. The weight loss, sleepless nights, the thoughts that she is sleeping with everyone and having filthier sex than she did with me.
    Id also like to add that she already seems a different person. Shes becoming someone i dont recognise from the little ive heard about her. Shes cut contact with our oldest mutual friends and seems uncaring and cold. I dont recognise the woman i hear about anymore.
    I know that until i concentrate on my own happiness i will be stuck in phase 1 and 2. What your artcle doesnt mention is that you tend to flit between the phases somewhat. Ive started to move on, then moved back and bothered her again. Its not a straight line of recovery. Other artcles mention the 5 stages of denial, pleading, anger, grief and depression and acceptance. Again with these ive been through all of them a few times now, except full acceptance.
    Im starting to wish her a happy life now, which i think is part of acceptance, but i know it will still kill me to find out shes with someone else. Be glad though when ive dealt with that part.
    If i can just leave her alone know perhaps one dayill heal and then, as you say, she will contact me and ill have moved on when its too late for her.
    If i hadnt acted so stupidly since the split i feel we may have had a chance. I thinkive totally ruined it by doing everything you describe.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Stu, I wanted to add that you really nailed it here when you wrote, “I know that until i concentrate on my own happiness i will be stuck in phase 1 and 2.” EXACTLY! And, you’re also right about flitting between phases. No recovery is without setbacks. They’re demoralizing. But, also perfectly normal. Try to stop focusing on what she is doing. It doesn’t matter, and you are not ever going to be forgotten. No one knows what the future holds for either of you. But, the right thing to do now, is simply to stop reaching out and focus on you. Again, I honestly don’t believe you could have changed the outcome. If anything, your actions hastened the inevitable. -JP

      • stu mann says:

        Thanks jp
        Yes your right that i have to stop focusing on her. I saw her with her friend in my town centre last week and it hit me like a punch to the abdomen. Stupidly i texted her to say i was in the local coffee shop if she fancied a chat. Of course i got no reply. That made me finally decide to just leave her be and concentrate on myself. After 8 months ive still not given her more than 3 weeks without being pestered by me and i know if shes ever to miss me she will need to actually know nothing about me. Like someone else said, i need to be a ghost.
        We have totally cut each other out of our lives in all other regards. No facebook stuff or mutual friends. I dont know where she lives or what shes doing , and vice versa. I really want to be invisible to her
        We have a problem of the house i live in is owned by us both, so we will have to communicate sooner or later, but im going to leave that to her to contact me, and then ill just answer politely and matter of factly. She will be expecting emotional replies so to get to feel better i need to show for myself that i can act cool, and hopefully feel cool inside too.
        I do still struggle with the fact that she seems to have just moved on instantly. After 23 years and with no nasty stuff ( we were still laughing and going out to the cinema and having sex 2 weeks before we split) she doesnt seem to miss me at all. That has really got to me when i have found it so hard to cope. I think she is very busy and maybe this is how she has dealt with it.
        My hope is that one day i can wake up and not think about her as my first thought. I constantly have thoughts of running away, as i find it hard to go out into our town for fear of seeing her, especially if shes with another man. That feeling of running comes often. Also, i live in england, as you may have guessed, and the weather here gets me down. Ive been waiting for summer to do more stuff but we get about a week here before it rains again! Cycling a lot with my cycling club has helped and im hoping by autumn, when my cycling stops that im feeling better. Another lonely long winter like the last one terrifies me.
        The loneliness in the evenings and weekends is hard. Having that person to talk to and laugh with. Im getting used to it and sometimes like being on my own, but the bad days are still bad when i just get restless and bored and low.
        I find it hard to give up all hope for us. She originally just wanted space, or oxygen to breather as she put it, but 8 months down the line it looks more permanent now. If i can accept its over and move on from her then i can heal…but its not like a switch you can just flick off. im discovering its a long long process of ups and downs and hopefully the ups start to get longer than the downs.
        At the moment i still do focus on her and hope she realises that a lot of what we had was good. She admitted she still fancied me, still enjoyed my company, still enjoyed sex and our house and life in the main. I never stopped her going out with her friends or away for weekends with them. So little seemed wrong…yet she fell out of love so what can i do…nothing.
        And doing nothing is the best i can dofor myself to stop hurting myself. As in no contact or thoughts about her.
        Im getting there , but a lot slower than i thought i would. It really is tiny steps forwards, then a bit back and so on.
        I get comfort from your blogs jp that i will get there one day. Im just a bit scared that ill never be able to move on fully from her, given that for 23 years i loved this woman with all my heart
        Cheers for listening,

        • stu mann says:

          Just read a post further down about the power balance. Thats very pertinent.
          She has held all the power in this split, from dumping me to not replying to texts and emails, and when she has replied she has taken charge
          I so want that power back
          Last year, a month after she told me how she was feeling, i got angry and told her i wanted her to leave in the morning. For the first time in ages i took charge and she looked small in front of me. She cried and said who would want her, she was so high maintenance., and then we had amazing sex.
          The next day i was back to my normal self and the power shift had lasted one evening. Ive not had a day since then when ive felt in charge, its been all her, and this has made me feel weak and pwerless
          If i can get back my strength and take charge in my life , i will feel so much better

          • JP Hatcher says:

            Hello again, Stu. My last relationship with a girl named Shannon was exactly as you describe. RUN. Run far and run fast, and don’t ever look back. Trust me on this one. -JP

  78. stu mann says:

    Hi all
    If you bear with me id like to tell my story so far.
    Im a 43 year old man who split about 8 months ago with my girlfriend of 23 years. Yep i was 19 and she was just 17. First love for both of us.
    Now ive always been the anxious type and have become needier over the years. She became the strong onenand basically lost attraction for me because of how weak i became, and how little i emotionally supported her. She was mother to my child.
    She was the dumper. She told me about a year ago that she didnt think she was in love with me anymore and to say it hard me hard was an understatement. I begged her to give things a chance to see if we could make it work, which to her credit she did, but now lookimg back i know i should of just let her go then.
    She said she needed space to see how she felt , but the utter fear of losing her and being on my own, made me persuade her to stay.
    For 4 months we continued, with me becoming so smothering and keen to pleases that i drove her further away. Although we continued to have great sex there was no affection from her anymore. All the little things had gone, like kissing and touching. But we still got along well overall.
    By the end of October last year i was getting bad vibes from her again, culminating in friends children staying the night and her staring zombie like into space whilst i looked after then. When i confronted her the next day she asked when i was going to give her thenspace she had asked for…and i just crumbled.
    We agreed to split and for 6 weeks we lived under the same roof. For all this time all i did was cry beg and plead her not to go. Only now do i realise how much this made things worse , but even today ive found this hard to stop.
    She eventually left 3 days before xmas..walking out of the door crying after stroking my face, saying we would still see each other soon. Its now the end of May and ive never seen her again.
    Xmas and new year were the loneliest most horrific period of my life. In january i was signed off work with depression and for 7 weeks i hounded her with texts, emails and calls. She got distressed every time and i made it so hard for us both.
    Eventually by mid feb i got a bit of a grip, went back to work, and felt like i was recovering. What no one tells you is these things come in waves. You lift up for a few weeks, then you crash again.
    My biggest discovery is that every contact with her makes me feel worse, as once again ive slipped this last week. It was my birthday and i got a card from her mum. I emailed her mum to thank her and got a reply telling me how shen had new younger single friends…i was ok with her old friends, all respectable married women, but here she was partying with young single girls.
    A big issue for me has been the jealousy. She is a cery attractive 41 year old woman…way to good for me and ive always known it. To think of with other men cripples me to this day, and i think because of this ive pushed way too hard to try and win her back before its too late
    All ive done is made her hate me…and the hate has started to come from me too.
    Ive known all along how my actions have made things worse yet something inside me has made me continue. Ive never stalked her but i can feel it their urging me to do it. Its madness cos otherwise im a sane rational person.
    I have had the hardest mmost devasting experience of ,my life and the loneliness kills me every day. Im dreading winter already as the summer allows me to some some things like my cycling, but on days like today i just sit and feel sad at everything ive lost.
    She was my best friend and lover . Financially im in dire straits now, and holidays and cinema and restaurants for meals…who do i go with.
    I will say until my borthday last week i was improving, but another wave has hit me this week and i have felt so low . I emailed her for the first time in weeks , this one a nasty angry one as the angernhas really surfaced now. I immediately regretted it as i know she wont reply. Why do i do this to myself?
    I have low self confidence and know for certain i will never find anyone as gorgeous as my ex.
    8 months since the split and people think im improving, and some days i feel i am, but its a much slower process than you realise. 23 years and its my first break up. Life is very hard right now, work, home, eat, sleep, same again. The weekends i used to love but now i dread so much.
    I hope i can come back to this post in a year and laugh, but right now the pain is still huge.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Thank you for opening up and sharing your story, Stu. Rest assured that your pain is well-understood by myself and many, many others. Please don’t blame yourself for your past anxiety or insecurities. EVERYONE goes through periods of feeling “less than.” For some of us, these periods last a long time – and, that’s okay. What is pertinent, is that you take the time that is needed to focus on what it is YOU need to feel solid on your own. Because you started dating so young, you both literally grew-up and matured in this relationship. I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did since you were both so young. That says a lot about the character of you both. Typically, young love lasts a fraction of the time you and your ex did. Based on what she is doing now – experiencing the things she didn’t when she was younger – I truly believe you would have grown apart at some point, despite any anxiety and insecurity you were exhibiting. It seems that neither one of you did many of the things your single peers did who grew up single. Some people need to do these things, and some don’t. I definitely did. But, we’re all very different. It also seems that she was very hurt by hurting you, and that she knew she had to be true to herself while not wanting to bring pain upon you. Unfortunately, that’s a “no win” scenario for you, my friend. It just is what it is, and there is truly no one to blame. There just isn’t. Not you, not her. The relationship just ran it’s course, and you were not ready for it to end. Most relationships end with at least one person left standing alone wanting it to go on. Does this lessen the pain? No. It hurts worse than anything besides a motorcycle crash. It’s our least favorite pain in the world. And, there is no cure by time and self-care. Time will pass. But, the self-care part is now your goal. You needed to work on feeling better about Stu. So, this it the perfect opportunity! The FIRST thing you need to do is to stop berating yourself for past actions and feelings. Breakups feel like shit!! And, we ALL do things we regret during and afterward. So be it. Every moment is a brand new opportunity to do things better. You WILL have setbacks. Some days you will feel okay, while others feel like you fell off a cliff again. That’s actually perfectly normal. It’s part of the healing process. It’s an upward continuum with plenty of dips along the way. Just ride the ride and let the healing happen. In the meantime, practice some mastery – those things that make you feel good about yourself. Excel in the areas you know well, while taking on some new challenges that distract you from the current angst. Dreading the weekends is a top issue for anyone experiencing a breakup. What you need is a lot of STRUCTURE. Plan your weekends well in advance. Keep them chock full of events and plans with others. Lean on your family and friends. Just stay busy!! The day will come sooner than you think when you will be thankful for your time with her, and – believe it or not – be thankful that it’s over. Because you will finally like Stu again, regain your confidence, and meet someone that is a far better fit for you and where you are in life. I’m sure your ex was “gorgeous,” but beautiful girls are plentiful. And, you will date others. What’s more important is that – when you are ready to date again (not for awhile!) – you choose on substance as well as attraction. Remember – we choose people who reflect how we feel about ourselves. It’s time you started feeling better about you. -JP

  79. Elizabeth W says:

    Hey Jp loved your article-
    I’m definitley still in phase 1, its been about 3 weeks. Maybe you could give me a little perspective. I’m trying really hard to get over it and move on but it feels so unfinished and I only texted him the day aftter to apologize for the part I played and haven’t spoken to him since so heres the story (any feedback/ advice would be awesome thanks!) My name is Liz and my ex’s name is Marty we were together for 8 months and he broke up with me 3 weeks ago. He’s 27 yrs old and works in a rail yard doing 12 hr shifts. I’m a 23 yr old student working front desk at a hotel full time. Becuase of our inconsistent/ busy schedules we saw eachother about once a week . He doesn’t talk about his emotions and didn’t always know what he wanted. But he’s a good guy and I didn’t mind taking it slow and being patient. Well we had plans to go to his family lake house that saturday. He got off work at 7am that morning. I assumed he would sleep in til 10pm like always. I spent the day with friends and made a few drinks. He sent me a text at 4 asking if I wanted to meet up at his cousin’s party or meet later. I said later since my friends were already there. He got to my house around 7 and seemed tense. (I don’t think he liked the situation, post drinking and he didn’t like one of my friends.) He said he wanted to go home and sleep for a couple more hours, which I found bizarre becuase he just drove 40 mins to get there. My friends left and I suggested we take a ride and talk. I asked him if he wanted a relationship or if being friends would be easier, he said friends for now and I asked why. He replied he didn’t feel a connection. (This is the gyst of what was said I don’t remember exactly) The next day my parents pointed out how I shouldn’t of made plans and been drinking before even though I thought we wouldn’t go til late at night and I would have time to gather myself. I felt horrible and texted him I was sorry and that I screwed up and that’s not how I wanted the night to go. He responded “Me neither.” I texted him asking if he wanted to meet up, he replied he had food poisoning so maybe thursday or friday. I replied “Ok hope you feel better :) ” He never responded to that and when thursday and friday came he didn’t make contact. I haven’t heard from him since monday before last and I have not initiated any contact. Now I’m just hurt and confused. Should I attempt to make contact or would it be best to leave it alone? I want him in my life and I still want the relationship but I will move on if that’s all there is to do. His reasoning just doesn’t make sense. You don’t invite someone to a family party and lakehouse if you don’t connect with them. I just want to find out what happened and get some clarity. I care a great deal for him. Thanks for reading this I appreciate you taking your time to help out another person, very kind.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      It’s great to hear from you Liz – though, I wish it wasn’t because you were feeling so badly. I shall cut-to-the-chase and give you my humble two-cents from a guy’s perspective with the hope that it helps you. First of all and, as badly as you want to – don’t make contact. If anything is ever to come of you two, it will need to come from his initiative at this point. You’re right about his reasoning not making sense. He is not being up front with you about all of his feelings/frustrations. But, it’s not up to you to pull them out of him. The best thing you can do is … Nothing. Let him miss you, and if he truly cares about the relationship, he will let you know. You apologized for whatever may have upset him – which is great. The rest is up to him to communicate and address. Myself, I simply cannot work with people whom lack communication skills, or don’t say what they mean. Healthy relationships require copious amounts of communication. He may not be the one for you if he can’t do this. I know how badly you want answers. Hell, you deserve them. But, you must first be okay with never having the answers and never obtaining closure. Anything else, is a bonus. So, from this point forward, try and stand your ground and just be okay with whatever he does or does not do. Easier said than done, I know. But, really ground yourself in your own life and stay busy with your job, friends, and family. If he doesn’t reach out, then he is definitely not a good match for you anyhow. Right?? And, at 23, you’ve got a beautiful life ahead of you which will be rife with opportunity. So, I certainly wouldn’t worry if this one doesn’t go the way you wanted. Life has a way of guiding us to where we should be – even if it isn’t our will at the time. -JP

      • Elizabeth W says:

        Thanks Jp. Well it’s been almost a month and I’m not sure if it was your words of encouragement or my best friend dragging my a** out and surrounding myself with good people but amazingly the depression/desperation feeling that weighs us all down post break up contact or no contact has really subsided. I read this quote the other day that got me thinking “Don’t chase after anyone who wants to leave you. If they want to walk out, hold the door open for them.” This is true. We shouldn’t waste/ invest our time and hearts with people whose hearts aren’t in it. We deserve nothing less than genuine. If there’s anything I can take from the “realtionship” it’s that I shouldv’e gone with my gut and broken up with him when he became emotionally unavailable. Still haven’t made contact and I’m not going too. I doubt he will and I’m caring less and less each day. Can’t wait for when I no longer care in general…it’s coming! Jp; Keep doing what you’re doing buddy, you have a dark sense of humor and genuine touch. Very rare. I think you have a real gift for advice and delivery. I’d be interested in reading future publications. The only advice I can give to my fellow break up dwellers is try and use as much outside logic and perspective as possible ex: my ex said he had food poisoning to avoid meeting up instead of ignoring me (which would actually be better) or being straight with me. Anyhow don’t waste your time on people who don’t care/ stopped caring too easily. Find somebody who will. Plenty of damn people out there (Most will be alot hotter than your ex) Keep it real Jp!

        • JP Hatcher says:

          Hello again, Liz. I am phenomenally happy to hear about your progress!! Such great news. Sounds like you’ve got a really solid friend over there – a few of them. That is a great quote, indeed – and, so very true. You mentioned “going with your gut.” Such a common theme. Soooo many of us ignore our own instinct and stay when we need to go. It’s human nature to want to stick it out and fix things. Don’t blame yourself for that. I can tell you 1,000 instances where I should have ran like my ass was on fire, but I stuck around for more asinine behavior from a horrible person. What matters is that you are out now, and you learned from this. Silver lining ;-) You sound so strong and clear headed. I am loving this. Now, just know you may have moments – even days – of weakness when you lest expect it. But, it will pass, and you will find your strength again quickly. Just come back here and read what you wrote (IF that even occurs). I’m sorry that your ex couldn’t just step up and communicate with you. But, not everyone has that skill. He was so clearly not a fit for you. I’m happy that you also see this. Keep up the steady progress, Liz. We love your strength, attitude, and advice! -JP

  80. Bob H. says:

    Thank you for your inspiring piece on the anxious man and ending relationships, it was truly a blessing and I wish I had found this years ago! I just recently ended a relationship with an amazing girl. I need some time to get my stuff together, and felt that I was not making her happy enough and it tore me down inside. I thought that it would be best to break it off for a while to “get some space” I Wasn’t trying to hurt her, I was really at that time thinking that it would make things easier on her. This logic is still lost on me, so please don’t judge. The thing is, we didn’t talk for about a week or tow, then we kind of moved along in a no sex, “not in a relationship” phase where we still did thing occasionally and talked and texted. I was under the impression that I really did love this girl more than anything and that she was definitely a keeper. then when I started to get comfortable enough to start putting things back in order it all got crappy. She just contacted me the other day telling me that she needed space and that if we are ever to get back together she needs time to do things for herself and get her stuff together like I did. You and everyone else seem to say that no contact is the rule and never to approach the idea of getting back together. In this case I guess things are a little weird. I Was the dumper, and now It seems I am the dumpee. I do want to renew the relationship and realized my faults were associated with a bad place in my life where anxiety, depression and my job were cause me to be overly introverted and selfish. So Should I maintain no contact and never try and rekindle the relationship? Is this always the worst thing to do and never happens or works out?

    Thanks again, your article did really help me, and it is so wonderful to know I am not just a silly girly-man that can’t handle a break up and that other men go through similar anxiety and craziness. Alas, this is the way it has always been for me!

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Bob! Thank you for posting. Your situation is one that I have not yet encountered. Though, it’s reminiscent of one I once had … with the same results. Regarding what I and others on this site dispense as helpful advice – it’s always case by case. And, in your current scenario, I would give her the space she is requesting, while first ensuring that she knows where you stand and what you want. The end goal, of course, being that you both want the same thing at the same time. Show her – don’t just tell her – that you want things to work and that you respect her wishes. My belief is always to “Be great, then be gone.” Make a genuine kind gesture that shows her what she means to you, then back off enough to allow her to process things. She isn’t going to forget about ya, I promise. And, as you know, you can’t talk someone into wanting something. She needs to realize this for herself. Just try to remain some quiet confidence and give her what she is asking for. As for your past faults, we ALL have them. Imperfections are what separate us from one another. So, don’t you dare berate yourself for anxiety, depression, job stress, etc. The last girl I dated left because of my job stress and heavy travel. Could I help it? Not at all. So, I let it go. And, if your anxiety has been a long-term issue, please seek help for it in the form of a therapist or even medication. It makes an incredible difference, and there is NO shame in seeking help. There is, however, shame in not taking care of yourself. Remember: Anxiety and mental “disorders” are the number one reason people miss work. So, you’re hardly alone and you’re definitely not “crazy.” And, having insight and emotions does not make you a “girly-man.” They make you human. Keep us posted, Bob. We’re pullin’ for ya. -JP

      • Mikey Dilzs says:

        Going through the same thing Bob. It sucks, I havent eaten in days and feel as if I have an elephant in my stomach. The best thing to do is give her space. If its meant to be it will all work out!

  81. TeaKay says:

    Part of me thinks I should have listened to what you said in your blog, JP, and burned his stuff, part of me is glad I didn’t.

    I posted a few weeks ago. I was blindsided with a breakup following a bad vacation. Cue a week later and I was largely feeling better, happy even. I went to drop his stuff off (a suitcase I had borrowed for the vacation we went on — I would have felt a little unnecessarily vengeful not returning it). I was a little nervous to see him, but the anxiety wasn’t crushing. I got there and he asked if I wanted a drink, I said sure. Then a cigarette, okay. Following the cigarette I asked him what were even doing. He thought I wanted to talk. I thought he wanted to talk. So, he asked me to stay for dinner. I was still rockin’ the anxiety diet, but managed to choke down a little bit of food. So, we continued to talk…I told him how I was doing, told him I was thankful for the time we spent together. He thanked me at one point in the evening for not trying to talk him out of it. I told him I didn’t exactly have the fight in me anymore. Then we were watching one of our favorite shows and before I knew it, he was calling me ‘baby’ again, pulling me onto his lap, kissing me. My head was spinning. I told him he would have to fight for me, to prove he wanted this, if it was going to work.

    We were back together for about two weeks. I’m glad we were…I needed some absolution regarding us absolutely not working as a romantic couple and I got it. I was anxious over the past few weeks, having horrible nightmares (thanks, subconscious for cruelly trying to work out what I didn’t want to process). I couldn’t do it, nor could he. He broke up with me again (third time’s the charm, right?) last night. I saw it coming though. I’ve been expecting it since we got back together. ‘It’ is just not there for us anymore.

    If I’m to be honest with myself, I’m sad. I knew it wasn’t going to work, but for whatever reason I wanted to come to that conclusion on my own…then, I think I already had and simply didn’t want to hurt him. I’m glad he ended things for us though. He wasn’t feeling well because he has been stressed out about our situation and I’ve been having nightmares about family members dying and being raped, including the most recent nightmare, which involved my now ex brutally and violently raping me. I can tell you that one was especially awful as I was sleeping next to him that night. I woke up horrified that he was next to me and was absolutely afraid of him.

    The anxiety is certainly present…and I tear up when I think about having lost him. But, my brain isn’t consumed by him and the break up didn’t hurt as much as maybe it should have. I think I’m simply sad about having lost the companionship I felt with him. At this point we both want to be friends after some time… We never did anything truly awful to hurt one another, we just realized we weren’t optimally compatible when it comes down to it.

    I still love him, but I think what we both experienced over the last two to three weeks is being in love passing to simply loving and caring for the other person, much like a friend does. That’s largely why “it” wasn’t there like it used to be.

    I’m thankful for the good times I had with him. I’m keeping my head up, smiling, allowing myself to feel the pain of my current loss when appropriate and knowing I’m okay and will soon be great. What’s more? I feel free…

    This blog and those who post and share their struggles continue to help me. Thank you, JP, and thank you all. Onward and upward. We’ve got this!

    • JP Hatcher says:

      I recently went out with a girl that I really liked and split from. We split because I accidentally text her rather than a friend with the same name about a girl I was on another date with. I know, I know … I deserve it. Anyhow, I really like the original girl – a lot. Things were amazing – until I completely screwed them up. After weeks of trying to reconcile, I was finally able to obtain a lunch date with her. Upon seeing her again, she looked great, but her personality sucked-ass. I mean, it really sucked. I couldn’t stand her. I knew I shouldn’t have even been there with her. That ship had sailed, and I somehow got ahold of it’s anchor rope and reeled it back to the dock. BIG mistake. The lesson I received was this: What we want, and what we need are most often completely different. It appears you recently learned this hard lesson yourself. I am so very sorry you are learning this the hard way. But, if you’re anything like me, it’s the single best way for you to move on. The great news is that you both respect one another and things were amicable. No harm, no foul. Move on and don’t look back. This is the best kind of breakup, in my honest opinion. There is no one to blame – certainly not yourself – and, you can move forward with peace of mind. You handled things quite eloquently, and precisely as most anyone would have. You should have absolutely no regrets. Not a single one. If only all breakups could be so healthy. Regarding being friends – I would completely table that for now. Look out for YOU, and what’s in your best interest in the long run. If you can be friends down the line, and it’s a worthwhile pursuit, fine. But, it should hardly be on your radar right now. You’ve got a phenomenal mindset and disposition, and I’m greatly impressed with your feedback and advice. You’re a testament to us all. Nice work! Now, stay the course, and – when appropriate – let love in. We all know you deserve it! Thank you for the update. You are a valued contributor and friend to all. -JP

  82. Carlos says:

    Very nice article, i went through most of that, the text war, the email rain, the constant stalking on instagram, until i slowly held my balls and decided to stop doing this, because she totally didnt care about me, and was problably laughing about me with one of her friends, or worse, another guy, after the breakup i went and bought myself a nice dodge charger, and just happened to see her like three weeks after the breakup in our college, and we spoke for a while, i didnt apeal to her mercy, or asked her to take me back (although my entire being cried for me to do it) instead we had one hell of a cold conversation, where she made totally clear that she had moved on, she noticed my car and she was like: “wow nice car, i like it, i knew you would react like this, i knew that you would either get a new car, or get a new girl” i totally felt like sarcastically saying: “I got both”, but some little tiny part of my brain still clinged to the idea of not upseting her because there was an infinitesimal posibility of me getting her back. :) we are such pitiful idiots sometimes… :)
    Right after she dumped me:
    It was hard at first, it literaly felt like i had an elephant on top of my chest, y had lots of trouble breathing, and my heart felt like it was gonna crack in two any minute.
    Today its been little more than two months since she dumped me. Ive been through a fair amount of break ups in my life (iam 25); Including a two year long relationship, and had never experinced being “heartbroken” to this degree.
    For a moment (and i think that sometimes i kind of still do) i thought that she was perfect, smart, pretty, devoted, well centered in life, focussed in her goals, talented. But its only now that i can set aside the good things and see her for what she really is. It is only now that i can see all the small little details and really negative things that i chose myself to accept because i loved her. It is after this stage when in finally know there is hope, i can finally accept that she isnt as perfect as i thought, and that there is a posibility of life after her. It isnt so bad right now, i dont think of her every minute, but rather once every 30 min or so. There are days when i barely have her on my mind, and i think i will be fine, but hertbrak its like a persistent cancer you cant get rid off, Once you think you are fine, you look at a tree, and see a leaf falling, then you remember that trees have fruit, and that the most beatiful fruit are apples, and then for no aparent reason you suddenly remember that time you went on shopping for groceries and you were so good for each other, and life seemed not to matter…does this ring any bells? :) its sucks that our most powerful organ also acts against our recovery mostof the time…
    I iam a rather good looking guy who has no trouble getting a nice girl, however i fell totally incapable of living someone right now! i feel so empty and still emotionaly attached to her! I really do not want to make anyone go through the same experience that iam going through right now, being the rebound reliever sucks!
    Anyways for the first time in a while i think i will make it, it hurts still andi remember her a lot, and sometimes even cry, but it is gradually less and less each day, and eventually i know that i will know someone new, who will apreciate me more, and def better than her. My best wishes to you all guys, and hope that you get through your breakup with your head high, try not to to loose too much of your dignity running after her, but if you do, dont worry that much neither because we have all been there and its at times like these when our heart goes on comando and leaves us with almost no little say in our actions. God bless you all.
    Carlos Luis :)

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Impressed. That’s how I feel after reading your post, Carlos Luis. Just damn impressed. You are navigating this breakup just as you should. And, you’ve been REMARKABLE at restraint, self-respect, insight, and taking care of yourself. You handled your run-in with her at school like a friggin’ PRO. Especially considering her comment. It doesn’t matter that you restrained your comments because you hung-on to the infinitesimal chance you would get back with her. You played this by-the-book. And, because you’ve been doing so, you are right on course for as quick a recovery as one could hope for. You said a lot of things that nailed it on the head. It often feels that our hearts and minds work against us during a breakup. That’s because we are powerfully mental and emotional beings. And, if we don’t control the trajectory of our thoughts and actions, thereby harnessing the power within us – they can often work against us. I wanted to lobotomize myself during my last breakup because I could not silence the negative speak in my mind. My highly active brain was literally turned against me, directing all of it’s effort, synapses, and neurological processes to my detriment. It was an endless barrage of self-defeat. You used some great analogies in describing your thoughts and behavior as you heal. But, what’s more important, is that you fully recognize it all to be absolutely normal! Heartbreak is a major bitch, and it takes what it takes. There is no set recovery time, no matter how long or how short you date someone. There is no exact science to it. It just “is.” And, you have come to realize this, while taking notice of the inherent setbacks. Because recovery is not a linear path to the upper right quadrant of the healing scale. Rather, it is rife with dips and troughs that feel as if we’re going in complete reverse. Only to awake the next day and feel twice as good … while we wait to feel bad again. It’s all part of the process. We don’t need to understand it. We just need to ACCEPT it and ride it out until we get to the point where you are beginning to enter: There is life after this person. Moreover, there is a BETTER life after this person, because this person wasn’t the grandiose individual we thought they were! It’s really bizarre how we completely idealize some people after they’ve hurt us and left. I call this the “mindfuck” phase, because that’s all it is. It serves no other purpose. Absence often results in idealizing. Pay it no mind, my friend. The setbacks and romanticizing you sometimes feel are all perfectly normal. Just stay on track. And, a hearty “thank you” for providing the kind words to other readers and suffers who visit. It means a lot to hear it from you. Be patient – that heart of yours is going to serve you quite well going forward. NO doubt. And, enjoy the new ride ;-) -JP

  83. Marko says:

    I am 10 months in on a 20 year relationship break up and omg it has been hard, scary and nothing I would wish on anyone.
    The anxiety has been a huge learning curb, it all started about 3 years ago with my wife saying out of the blue that she didn’t love me and she wanted us to recreate our lost love, little did I know she was actually having an affair.
    I eventually found out when she tried to cover up an email and I wondered why.
    For a fair while I wondered why I related to so many things in the break up books for women, your article here has been so insightful and a really good laugh, good to see there are more guys out there like me : )


    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hello, Mark. Well, my friend … damn. YES, that is a painful separation for even the strongest heart to bear. I, along with many who have written to me via this site and email, know what a major shock to the system this is for you. I am very sorry that you are experiencing this scenario. And, I am even more sorry that it is at the hands of someone too callous/selfish to address her issue with you directly, rather than going externally. I am huge on communication and addressing things head-on. So, when I come across instances where a partner cheats on another without having first exhausted all avenues to address and remediate whatever is troubling them – well, I have a serious problem with it. In my mind, there is never a reason to cheat on someone. And, not a soul would want such an act perpetrated against them. So, why anyone would thinks it’s okay to do it to another caring human, is beyond me. It comes down to selfishness – pure and simple. One partner’s particular need(s) is not being met, so that individual gives permission to themselves to breach the trust, violate the relationship, and wrack the other partner with pain. I call “bullshit” all over that behavior. There are a LOT of guys out here like you, Mark. I am merely one of a whole lot of us. And, I hate to see ya going through such sorrow. And, yep – anxiety comes with it, unfortunately. The physical and emotional toll is such that your body can be overwhelmed, and anxiety is a byproduct of the circumstance. But, it’s not always bad. Short-term anxiety serves a purpose too. Hopefully, it is driving you to self-preserve and make Mark a priority throughout the healing process. I greatly admire your ability to find the humor in the hurt. It’s there – typically in nuances of our behaviors as we try to contend with incredible pain and loss. As they say, “In life there is pain – suffering is optional.” Seems trite – but, in that statement lies our freedom to overcome and understand the meaning of the Serenity Prayer. You deserve some great healing moments and events in your life. I’m betting you will reap them soon. You will be in my thoughts as you traverse whatever comes next for you. And, remember: “Forgiveness is simply letting go of the hope for a different outcome.” Letting go. So, practice forgiveness in order to set YOU free. -JP

      • Marko says:

        What you have said is so true and to be honest I hadn’t looked at it in that light, I’ve been focusing mainly on keeping my children happy through this whole process as I have them 50% and keeping up with work.
        Only when our financial settlement had gone through and we both agreed on 50% share of that has my wife told me she has been unhappy with us for the last six years.
        I am pretty gob smacked as I never really saw it that way, we have two beautiful kids now 7 and 10 our mortgage was nearly paid out and she was doing full time uni without having to work, I helped enormously with the house work just to relieve pressure for her during exam times and when assignments got hectic.
        I’m not over demanding toward affection or sex but I do love to leave home and come home to a cuddle and kiss and sex I would have liked more but I wouldn’t make her feel bad for not wanting to.
        I am pretty angry and sad for how selfish she has been towards her children and myself but I need to accept my situation.

        • JP Hatcher says:

          When I read through your scenario again, Marko, I feel like you did and gave your best. I have been in more than one relationship where I thought everything was perfect, only to get blindsided later. Not everyone communicates ….. some not at all. In the absence of communication, we remain in the dark. This leads – naturally – to anger and sadness after the fact. It can also lead to incredible amounts of post-analysis and regret. I hope this is not the case for you. It seems you have nothing about which to regret. And, you are right – acceptance is your key to mental and emotional freedom here. Practice the fine art of forgiveness (Letting go of the hope for a different past), as this will help with your healing. Additionally, it will set a great example for your kids. Try to find 3 different things at the end of each day for which you are thankful, and focus on those each night as you go to bed. This will serve to feed the positive in your life, while starving the negatives. It’s a small thing to do. But, if practiced every day, it has a huge impact. Thank you for checking-in. -JP

  84. counterflank says:

    Good morning all. Just dropping in quickly to wish J.P. and all you the best in your/our day-to-day efforts to seek and gain strength in these dark times. I am well aware that there are millions of our brothers and sisters, here and abroad, enduring some horrendous situations. But among the various echelons of the human experience, within a relatively “stable” environment, having our hopes and dreams of a future with someone we adored and loved with all of our hearts and souls crushed, disintegrated, blown up like the death star, whether it was slow and drawn out, or acute and unforseen, still ranks amongst one of the most difficult and painful situations we humans have to endure.
    I’m packing and organizing some things and preparing to move into my new place back here in the city I grew up in. So stayin busy.
    And J.P., it’s quite mutual brother. If you happen to pass through “socal”, let me know. We’ll raid the local pizza joint then barge some sand dunes in that beast of a truck (if you still have it)while blasting some metal. Either way, you’re a pillar of strength and experience for those of us that have “stumbled” upon this site, internally beaten, bloodied, and devastated. You are just as great a listener as you are a writer and overseer of your bothers and sisters.
    I’m getting back into running, but sleep is still erratic. I’m exhausted but have to get these boxes sorted. Also have to reset my yahoo password. It has something to with my ex, and apparently my memory is blocking it out. Anyhow, you all take care of yourselves. I’m one month and some day from that infamous phone call(really, a phone call? How old are you?!), so it’s still a relatively fresh wound that’s just beginning to scar over. One step at a time. I’m right here in the muck with all you.
    Back soon,

    • Elizabeth W says:

      Hey there.
      I read your post, it’s very well written. I’m at month 1 myself. I’m curious how you’re doing almost 8 weeks out, any better?

      • counterflank says:

        Hello Elizabeth, and thank you! I’ve been off the grid for a couple weeks as I’ve been moving into my new place. A much needed change of venue and serenity indeed. Anyhow, two months and four days in, I’m doing significantly better. There’s still the occasional, seemingly spontaneous hail-storm of nostalgia-induced tears, pain, and loneliness. But I feel I’m to the point where I can actually conceptualize, and visualize better days. I’m at a rather stoic and pensive stage, but am able to spare a smile of gratitude here and there. Amongst my support foundation of friends, family, and exercise, this site ranks right up there with those blessed things that have helped me get through this situation. I hope you’re doing better, even at this relatively early stage, and depending on the circumstances. Regardless, hang in there! If you haven’t already, read through the rest of J.P.’s articles as well as the posts of our wounded comrades. Take care of yourself, may you find that inner strength, and keep in touch here.

        • JP Hatcher says:

          Well, well, well …. look who we missed! Welcome back, dear friend. Glad to see … make that STOKED to see that you’re doing so much better. You are a testament to internal fortitude and plugging into the right people and things. Of course there will be setbacks. A lot of us don’t realize that setbacks are actually part of the healing process. There is no healing without plateaus and slip-ups, etc. Healing never occurs in a straight line. It is just so good to see you faring so much better. There will come a day – and, probably not far off – where not only will she realize what she lost in you, but you will not longer care. I will even go so far as saying you will be glad she did what you did not. Any man that can open his heart and help strangers navigate the same emotional landscape is a man worthy of hanging on to with white knuckles. If she didn’t realize this at the time, she will. But, you’ll be on to bigger and nicer things. Life has a way of putting us right where we should be. -JP

  85. counterflank says:

    Solid copy. As for any stealing of thunder, YOU and all those that have been brave enough to share their situation on this site have inspired me to express and formulate this rough draft of my current personal synopsis (although any “editor” would pick me apart like a depraved mako shark). I haven’t checked yahoo account in a few weeks, but will asap. Gonna get some Shuteye for now. You all hang in there. Back soon.
    United States

  86. counterflank says:

    Wow. By far the most brilliantly written and relevant site I have come across in my recent search online in regards to the living hell of post-breakup anxiety, guilt, and every other mind-bending, gut-wrenching, seemingly endless monsoon of misery that we have, or are currently experiencing. I actually found this site about a week ago. My sudden breakup with my girlfriend of a year and a half, whom I was planning on proposing to this October, occurred on the infamous date(in my mind) of Sunday, April 7th, 2013. After reading J.P.’s article, and all of your posts I both lmfao for the first time since the breakup, and cried my tear ducts dry within a 45 minute window. I was at the point of thinking “Am I crazy? Am I weak? Am I a bad person?”
    I served as an E.M.T. here in “SoCal” for 4 years. In fact, that’s how I met her. She’s a dissertation away from her Doctorate in Psychology(go figure). Besides 911 calls, we often get pulled “Out of service for I.F.T.(inter-facility transports). That’s where you take a relatively stabilized and hospitalized patient from one hospital to another for various reasons, and make sure they make it there alive. This also includes behavioral emergency patients that get shipped out to other facilities for certain reasons. In this case the receiving location was exactly 100 miles south(L.A. County). Relatively un-eventful transport, in the middle of the night. We work 24 hour shifts, so not exactly the highlight of the job, but that’s what coffee and redbull are for). Upon arrival in BFE, that’s when I saw one of the most breath-taking smiles I’ve ever seen in my life. I maintained composure and relayed all relevant information to, at the time, one of the most beautiful, eye-opening women I’ve ever seen. My partner and I left the facility, and he immediately commented on my apparent interest in this women. One week later we got sent to the same facility. Unusual overall. Typically our banter after the non-emergency call would consist of grumbling and loud music on the rig. But I thought to myself, “O.K., the stars are aligning here, opportunity knocks. I’m going to have myself a cup of coffee, brush my teeth, and pull off a subtle, calculated, 007-style approach on this apparent second-chance at bliss. After a 2-hour ride in the back of the ambulance(we rotate every 2 calls, 911 or non-emergency), we arrive at the facility that, at this point, I was actually eager to get to. As I told my partner upon arrival, “I’m swingin for the fence on this one.”
    I had written my phone number down on a business card I picked up at a bar in N.Y.C. a couple months earlier. It was relatively anonymous and had plenty of blank, white surface on the back to accommodate my 10-digit number and name. Low-and-behold she wasn’t working this particular night. Contingency plan: Assess the potentiality of relaying this info to one of the 1 or 2 people that were present at this late hour. After a few subtle inquiries to an older lady that was receiving the patient, I was successfully able to relay this business card as well as have a positive recommendation put in motion. Uniforms and charisma can work magic:) I’m a very sentimental and sincere man that is far from promiscuous. This was my first and only attempt to demonstrate interest in a colleague while on the job. Although I had received numerous flirtations from some very attractive E.R. nurses in the past. Ten days later she texts me. (September 4th, 2011 at 2311 hours.) My memory is rather extensive and detailed, which serves well in practical matters, but in this case, is proving to be a double-edged sword. We hit it off with shared interest in sci-fi, medical related stuff, music and art, amongst many other subjects. 3 weeks later she drove 80 miles north to hang out with me. I took her around my relatively small, beach side city and took her out to an Indian restaurant for lunch. 3 hours later we were making out at my house and discussing our interest in seeing one another again…sooner than later. I bent over backwards for her for the following year and a half. As I always have for any lady that caught my interest and managed to enter the sacred realm of my heart. I did, however, eventually develop an uneasiness with a couple of her guy friends that were her ex’s. I only ever made a handful of comments, rather mildly, but that apparently had a far greater impact than I could of imagined. I’m currently in therapy working to find the source of this. 3 weeks into therapy, we may have a lead. Anyhow, our time together was amazing. Within a year of being together she asked when I was going to propose! I felt this was it, I’m all in. I told her, “October of 2013.” Life was great. I resigned my post as an E.M.T. here and moved in with her in L.A. and began the application process with various agencies. We regularly traveled back to my mom’s house up north and stayed for days at a time, as she’s going through a messy divorce after 50 years of marriage. WTF, dad, why are you being such a d*&$ when you guys are in your late 60′s?! She was happy to have the company. Anyhow, I treated her like a queen, as I always have in the past. I opened the car door for her every time. Picked her up from work and took her out to breakfast on a regular basis. Full-body massages, breakfast-in-bed, you name it. Friendship, companionship, and loyalty to the end I proclaimed in my mind, heart, and soul. The weekend of April 7th comes around and I hadn’t heard much from her since Friday, as she went down to Irvine to meet with some friends to plan their Coechella trip 3 weeks later. Than she went to a BBQ at a friend’s house in L.A. on Saturday, April 6th. I texted something along the lines of “O.K., well I hope you’re doing alright. If you have a spare 30 seconds, say hello if you would.” Then the phone call came approximately Sunday around 1230 hours(12:30p.m.). I was at my mom’s house painting. “I don’t think we should be together anymore.” Flesh wound, I’m hit. Take cover. Then the .762 caliber round that pierced my descending aorta impacted my sternum, and exited out my lower back, ripping and severing every organ and artery in between in the words of… “I like somebody else.” If you’ve ever seen “Saving Private Ryan”, think of the part in the beginning where they’re storming Normandy and the mortar round goes of near Captain MIller(Tom Hanks). Shock, disorientation, dis-belief, desperation. Then the sound comes back on. “Fine, you’ve made your choice, now live with it.” I said. Survival mode kicks in. Adrenaline, catecholamines(stress hormones) begin to flood my system. I could barely breathe after that seemingly fatal round impacted my chest. After a few brief words regarding who gets what, I hung up and immediately deleted her name and number from my phone. Then the pictures on my phone and p.c.. I’m 36. I’ve spent the majority of the last 16 years of my life in 3 serious relationships, that for one reason or another resulted in excruciating breakups. Usually because they either flipped their lid, or decided to distance themselves due to family illness, or anxiety over school or work. In this case she just bailed. As if Maverick just ejected for no good reason and told Goose, “You fly this thing, I’m out.” Traitor, fair-weather friend, emotionally stunted little girl. Make your bed and lie in it. May you rise with crabs from that tight-pant wearing pansy.
    I’ve learned a little something in my time. And that is to immediately remove all traces(A.K.A. fragments of the round or grenade that just blew your ass 50 feet back.) Within 5 minutes of hanging up I packed the couple of pictures I had here at my mom’s, her running shoes, clothes, etc, and initiated my tactical retreat. I saw the blood and knew what awaited me. I had to take measures now and brace for the coming shit-storm. I drove back while she wasn’t there, packed my stuff and returned to home base. I called and texted every friend and family member to inform them of my situation. Essentially I was calling for both re-enforcements and an immediate extract from the hot zone. Within minutes the cavalry replied, stating their support and offering to come stay with them. When I talked to my mom, she just said, “Get yourself home and we’ll get through this.” I took her up on the offer. Here I am a month in, sleeping on the couch in the living room by the fire place(Just like J.P.!…Except at my mom’s house:) I have a nice place lined up here in town come mid May with my old roommate who’s a former Airborne Spec-Ops guy, but for the time being I’m back in the house I grew up in. A hidden opportunity to catch up with my mom and share our pain in our situations. Supporting one another. I have been successfully extracted and will soon return to “HQ’ at my old roommates. Back to the drawing board. Starting over.
    But this one really took the wind out of my, literally. The first 2 weeks I spent heaving for breath, on the verge of tears, but couldn’t cry as if in some emotional/mental purgatory. After 10 days of not sleeping due to that “C.N.N. news ticker” J.P. mentioned appearing every time I closed my eyes, and not eating, I wound up in the local E.R. that I used to drop critical patients off in. The morning of April 19th, I awoke with respirations at 40 breaths per minute(Normal is 12-20 in most cases), blood pressure was spiked to 160/90(normal for me is 126/80). My mom did not hesitate to expedite me to the E.R. I felt as if I was circling the drain. But I fought and leveled myself out. As mentioned previously, something inside will take over. That, I believe, is your survival instinct. You are tapping into one of the deepest, most primal parts of your being. I was administered 2mg of Ativan(a mild sedative) and released.
    The irony is that I opted to seek counseling at the mental health facility next door that 2 years ago sent myself and my partner to the behavioral health facility in B.F.E. that I met her at. Talk about irony. I looked to the sky and muttered, “With all due respect Creator, Universe, you do have a fucked up sense of humor at times.”
    I returned home and managed to actually sleep about 6 hours. I awoke as from a coma. Slightly phased, but somehow I felt as if I regained some sense of life and functionality. Since that time I have struggled to stay busy, stay active. I even accepted my good friend’s offer to work at his locally successful pizza joint right here in town while I re-apply with the local agencies once again. And how therapeutic it has been. Just working hard, slangin pizzas, and hanging out with a bunch of great people. It’s a bit like Cheers. As I had frequented his business whenever in town. And although I took my ex there numerous times in the past, somehow my mind has blocked that out and allowed for a sense of sanctity. As for Target, Trader Joe’s, Simones, Downtown L.A., no offense, but I will not be perusing around those aisles/streets for some time. A change of scenery is in need, indeed. Perhaps it’s time to return to N.Y.C.
    Like you guys mentioned, I made the mistake of making another the center of my universe, as opposed to a co-existing, harmonious universe that, if it were to disappear, would leave some traces and have some impact, but would not compromise my center of being. My world was, and still is slightly upside down. The internal war has raged between self-worth, guilt, anxiety, sorrow, talk about situation normal, all fucked up.
    I became an E.M.T. because of my innate nature to get people that are in a shit situation the hell out of there and back to safe quarters. I put in a good tour, but I have far more work to do. I have read your posts and cried with you, as I am now. Ask that question, “Who were you before you met this person?”. As one of my friend’s said, “You were fine before you met her, you’ll be fine again.” While that statement might seem to undermine certain aspects of the experience, in essence it is true. J.P. is spot on. Make yourself the center of your universe. Dig deep. Breathe. And get some exercise for God’s sake! It is imperative that you get active, as counter-intuitive and difficult as it may seem. This is a physiological process. Your mind and body are flooding with chemicals designed by evolution to initiate a fight or flight response to a predating tiger, or flying bullets, except now it’s like a tiger standing on it’s hind legs armed with an AK-47 coming at you full bore. It’s time to mount a tactical retreat followed by a counter-attack! Call upon your friend’s and family. Imagine that chopper coming in to pick you up and get you the hell out of dodge. Stay focused, hang tight, we will get through this.
    I agree full on with metal therapy. I’ve busted out the old Machinehead, Slayer, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Mudvayne(listen to their song “Are You Happy Now?” at a reasonably loud volume and get your ass ready to run a half mile. Then a mile, so forth and so on. I’ve ran marathons in L.A., S.F., S.D, and a Spartan Race in Malibu last December. My recent ex actually got me into signing up for these events with her. Running broke me out of a spiral 7 years ago after a breakup from my first ex. I’ve continued since. I was far more athletic then my recent ex, but she actually would just sign up for these types of events for the hell of it and push through it. Although the first 2 weeks after April 7th I started smoking cigarettes like a chimney and only achieving one 5 mile session just prior to my meltdown on April 19th. Perhaps I began to associate running with her and acted out of spite with smoking. That has tapered to a minimum as I transition into re-centering back to myself.
    I am able to eat solid food once again as of about a week ago. I can breathe, almost sleep more than 5 hours, with a unisom here and there, and the anxiety has reduced, but still rears it’s gnarling teeth every other day. Typically anger is not a frame of mind one would want to be in on a regular basis under “normal” circumstances, but right now, I’m feeling it. And it feels good. I have been extracted from the hot zone and am beginning the planning phase of my “counter-attack”. I am in pain and do miss her immensely. But if she punched out that easily, well, again, why would I want to be with a traitor like that? I hold accountability for the handful of passive-aggressive comments I made, but 99.99% of the time she was treated like royalty. We did our best, and if we didn’t look for the reasons why and learn from that. I sought a therapist out within 30 minutes of that haunting phone call. But as mentioned before, be cautious of over analyzing.
    I know it seems as if it will never end. As if you will never find someone like that again. And in some regards, hopefully we won’t, if you know what I mean. Do not isolate yourselves. do not be ashamed to seek help. And do not spiral into alcoholism or drugs. At least not for too long. I’ve tapered off the beer and wine and am determined to rebuild my life. The last 2 weeks I forced myself not to dwell in anguish, or allow my mind to proceed with it’s “memory dump” of the past. Today was a rough one, however. I indeed found one of her hair scrunchies yesterday morning lurking in the guest room at my mom’s place. It briefly phased me as I removed it from the premises. As my wounds scar over and I am able to stand again, I was also able to step outside the “infirmary” and gaze into the distance where the battlefield that tore me apart lies. I acknowledged today that I miss her a great deal. I looked at my phone for the first time in weeks and actually mourned the absence of her texts. But nothing further. Here I am typing through tears. I feel and share your pain. But hang tight, extraction units are on their way, in one form or the other, including father time. We may be bandaged and bloody and in immense pain, but we will rise again, I assure you. Most of us have been through this before.
    Stay hydrated, re-calibrate your mind and soul, and find that inner-strength. I am wiping these tears from my face, not just for myself, but for all of you as well. As any flesh wound heals slowly each day, this inner-catastrophe will also return to stability in time. Take care, and thank you so much J.P. for your insight and for making me laugh for the first time since that dismal day almost one month ago. I’ll be around on this site for a while. Unit 501 standing by.
    California, United States

    • JP Hatcher says:

      WOW … someone just stole my thunder!!! “G” – your post is EPIC. You are a phenomenal writer, a steadfast survivor, and just a solid hell of a guy!! If I knew you, we’d probably be best friends. Hot damn … there is so much to say, but your post says it ALL. Your story will be incredibly helpful to EVERYONE who is lucky enough to peruse it. Myself, I’ve already read it twice. There were some incredible nuggets in there. That said, I want you to know that as I read your words, I am literally hanging-on to them feeling everything you have felt. Not only because I’ve been there (more than once!) – but, because you are an incredible illustrator with words. I truly hope you found that in just writing it all down, there was some bit of healing in the process. Look, you cannot blame yourself for letting her in your heart – which you already conveyed is a sacred place and a big deal. It is! Where we often make a critical error – and, what has been especially true for me – is that the lines between ourselves and the other person can become blurred. It happens largely unconsciously, until one day when they don’t call back for awhile; or, send a text that seems amiss; or, otherwise act indifferently; we get that lump in our throat and lose our breath because we suddenly realize that losing this person is just not in the cards. That we now feel we cannot do without them. How did this even happen?! Because we lead with our hearts and emotions and not our heads. And, why not?! It’s a wonderful feeling to get lost in someone sometimes. UNTIL IT ISN’T. Therein lies the abhorrent danger. We have to maintain ourselves and demarcate whom it is we are as individuals. Together we are great. Alone we are still a whole entity. This is NOT to say we aren’t in emotional shambles when a relationship fails. It means, it will not be an all-encompassing devastation to our core being. I am so incredibly impressed by how you are handling this. I wish I could lend my strength as well – and, I am – virtually! You are doing so many things right, that we could all learn from YOU. Any advice I could give you would be trite, as you clearly already know what to do. In reading your story, I could see nothing you did wrong in your treatment of her. None of us are perfect. So what if you made a few comments that could be interpreted as “passive-aggressive?” Who doesn’t?! Seems to me that you are a one-in-a-million guy that any (HEALTHY) woman would love to meet and marry. So, please don’t ever judge your past actions. They were rock-solid. And, keep up the counseling. I still go, and always will. EVERYONE should be so lucky as to have a personal soundboard in life as a therapist. We all seek advice in life – some from family, some from friends, and some from a professional. Getting help is the opposite of weakness. Realize that you will, indeed, miss a lot of things about your ex. But, loneliness is a temporary state-of-mind. You can fill those gaps with friends, family and taking care of your mom. Being with the wrong woman, however (and, she was), is a recipe for future disaster. Congratulations on getting out – whether or not by choice. “God bless the broken road …” You are a testament to us all, and I am incredibly appreciative of your time in telling your story. It will, no doubt, help a LOT of people. I wish you the speediest of recoveries, my friend. Don’t forget that you will revert and plateau in your healing! But, that does NOT mean you are going backward. It’s all part of the twisted process of heartbreak recovery. Stay the course and “Charlie Mike” … -JP

  87. jayzee says:

    JP – I love how both your article and your responses to your readers use a fantastic mix of humour and intense clarity to cut through to the chase. Please let me know when your book is out – I’ll be head of the queue to buy it…

    Sharing stories and hearing how others are suffering the same pain is incredibly comforting – keep up the good work mate – it has helped me enormously.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hey, Jeremy! Thank you for commenting and for the highly valued feedback. It’s caring souls like yourself who make taking risks all worthwhile – both on others and on ourselves. I am humbled by all the genuinely heartfelt people out there – both, men and women – who post and write emails to me regarding this subject. When I wrote the essay, it was merely to try and cope with all my pain and anguish. I seriously thought it would kill me. I could not have handled it worse unless I lit myself on fire! I handle each relational interaction better than the last. That’s all we can hope for, as we are ALL “work in progresses.” I could not be happier that I was able to help you in some positive way. You are part of a very large community of kick-ass people experiencing a temporary setback on the way to greatness. Thank you, again! -JP

  88. Illeist says:

    Loved this article so much, exactly how I’m handling things. It was really funny too. I’m handling all this at a snails pace. I finally got into an angry stage and started to feel better two months after everything happened. I stopped thinking about her as much, maybe once twice a day. Now I’ve sent her a message saying sorry for telling her off. What’s worse is she really wants to be friends, and I get hit up with a friend request on FB. I keep thinking that maybe if I be her ” friend” she’ll regain interest in me. Haven’t accepted that request though, but now it’s just like stages 1-2 all over again.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Handling at a “snail’s pace” huh? Welcome to the natural process of breakup recovery, my dear friend! It takes what it takes. Which is usually way too damn long for what we think we can tolerate. Your recovery will move forward, move backward, plateau and stall altogether. But, throughout all those phases, you are actually healing a little more each and every day. That is, as long as you cease contact and move forward without her. That includes having her on Facebook. I swear, Facebook has revolutionized and turned break-ups on their heads. All for the worst. Prior to FB, breakups were a hell of a lot more simple. Social media has added another emotionally intensive task to the breakup. But, the simple answer is “Unfriend.” You are hurting. There is no reason to be “friends” right now. Maybe down the road, but not now. And, look, we both know you are not in any place to just be her friend. I STILL can’t be “friends” with most of my exes on FB. It’s not healthy or sane for me to know what they’re doing, eating, saying, or thinking at any given moment. And, it’s probably not healthy for you right now either. If things are going to work-out, they’re going to do so with or without her as a FB friend. But, if you feel like you cannot fight the urge, than accept her request, then immediately go on to her page and “Unsubscribe.” As you probably know, this will keep her as a “friend,” but prevent you from seeing her updates. That is, unless you go back to her profile page with the intent of viewing what she’s been up to. DON’T. Unsubscribe and forget she is even in your queue. That’s precisely how I handled the Facebook aspect of my most recent breakup. Then I finally got to the point that I didn’t want to remain connected to her at all, so I deleted her altogether, which made her mad. But, by that point, I didn’t care. Oftentimes, absence makes the heart grow stronger. -JP

  89. TeaKay says:

    Great read…got dumped two days ago. Our relationship went from blissfully in love to over in less than a week (so glad I wasted my PTO on a shitty vacation that ended my relationship). That was a smack across the face. I searched for “Why does one feel anxious following a break up” and stumbled across this. Great reaffirmation of what I know. I would have stayed in that relationship until we exhausted everything. I guess I’m just a fighter like that, unhealthy or not, he just isn’t. So, I just need to remember the things I let slide that actually annoyed the fuck out of me, move on and let go. Great guy, miss him like crazy, but I suppose I’ll just get someone even more awesome. ;) (And I feel like I’m handling this at warp speed. It’s going to bite me in the ass, I just know it.)

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Thank you for the very kind words! I am saddened to learn of your parting. In reading your post, it’s tough to discern how quickly you are genuinely recovering versus possible sarcasm to mask the pain. My gut is that it’s a combination of both. It seems that you are, indeed, rebounding from this at an impressive rate because you saw some definitive red-flags. But, that despite his shortcomings and annoyances, you miss him nonetheless. Absoluuuuuutely normal! It’s perfectly normal to miss that which was not healthy for us. People who quit smoking crave and miss cigarettes too. But, it would have killed them. Ever heard the saying, “Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same”? Well, you’re living it. And, I have lived it …. a few times. I jumped head-first into numerous f’d up relationships that were hugely detrimental to my well-being. I knew it every kiss and step of the way. Did that stop me from moving headstrong and blindly forward for the temporary high?? Hardly. The key is to learn from this one, and use the bad for good. I love that you are able to laugh at the situation and your role in the dysfunctional bond you had. It’s healthy to step outside of yourself to see it for what it was: A two-party shit-show destined for the drain. It’s often funny the jacked-up things/people we will fight for. I don’t think it’s going to take much time and distance for you to more clearly obtain confidence in the fact that this guy is far better as a memory. As for your PTO, as soon as you earn some more, take another vacation with a close friend and savor your new-found lease. For, every beginning is some other beginning’s end. It is a sincere pleasure to hear from you. -JP

      • TeaKay says:

        I’m amazed by all of the responses you provide to those who comment. Thank you for your words of encouragement. You are truly a kind soul. My birthday was yesterday. I was initially incredibly saddened as I had taken the day off to spend with my ex at his request… My roommates/best friends stepped in though and made the day truly extraordinary. I was concerned about my birthday following our break up so closely. As it turns out, I’m so glad it did. It was an opportunity for me to be reminded of the many beautiful people in my life who do love and care about me. I’m really feeling mostly at peace about all of this. Looking forward to that book when it comes out. I’ll certainly purchase a copy. Best of luck in life and love. You’re truly a cool guy and thanks for all you do to aid the broken hearted. We are NEVER alone.

        • JP Hatcher says:

          Hi, “J!” HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!! Thank you for your posts and personal email. Know that each and every one of these mean the world to me. Also, I think of everyone often throughout my day and week. How could I not!? We all intimately know that heartache certainly doesn’t take a rest … especially at night and on weekends. The responses I provide to posters are from my own experience – both, in the past and today. I’m single as most of you, and I traverse the pitfalls of dating and separating just like everyone else. I just tend to find the humor in in more often now. It’s like the adage, “In life there is pain – Suffering is optional.” It’s not easy, but we actually do have a choice. It would be much easier if there were a On/Off switch to our hearts ;-) Anyhow, I was VERY pleased to read of your positive birthday experience while surrounded with good friends. Soul-soothing, isn’t it?! Great news. Internal peace is so nice … when we can attain it. Nothin’ like it. Keep up the close connections with those who matter. We get back what we put out. Looks like you’re in good shape! -JP

  90. Tinyrain says:

    It’s like you were in my head, journaling my thoughts over the past few months! Loved it, you’re great with words and you definitely understand what it’s like. I can’t stop blaming myself for this breakup. It is like the headache that won’t go away, thinking about the whole year we dated over and over and over and coming up with no reason for why. I didn’t get an explanation only that he didn’t love me the way he used to. And if I stop replaying the year, than I’m worried I’m just fooling myself into thinking that I’m worth someone better. I honestly should be over by it now, its been over half a year and we haven’t talked at all. I’m obviously completely irrelevant to him and I’m sure he’s already met so many more interesting people. Its a vicious cycle, I’ve started thinking: what if I did/said something and didn’t realize it was an absolutely crazy/awful/abnormal thing to do! He was always so wonderful to me and appreciated me and it always felt like it was meant to be until it wasn’t. I wish I had been funnier, smarter, or something and it wouldn’t have been so easy for him to end it. What was so awful about me that couldn’t be worked on?! And how did this happen to me? I’m clearly missing something because he was one of the good guys, the best I’ve had. I don’t have a single friend who went through this kind of unexplainable painful breakup. I feel even worse because two of my very best friends are in serious happy relationships right now and we’re all in our mid 20s. I should be happy for them but I’m not. It just makes me upset that its working out for them and not for me. I know, I’m a totally awful and selfish friend. I don’t know how or where I will find someone with his qualities again, and I can’t help but think that this is proof that I got lucky and had too much.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Nidhi. Okay, I need you to step back and re-read your post to me. It is RIFE with negative self-talk. The focus needs to come off and away from him, and directly on to YOU. You ARE worth it. You ARE worthy of love. You ARE meant to be with someone whom appreciates you and all your inherent qualities. And, you WILL end up with such a man. You are so young! I write these things knowing you feel like absolute shit after all of this time. Healing takes what it takes, so please stop judging your progress. Moreover, please stop judging yourself. Please do not even entertain the thought of entering another relationship until you first love yourself. Somewhere along the line, you lost who you are and have tied your self-worth and validation to some guy. STOP. You didn’t make him go away. We cannot know what was going on within his head. Your thoughts do NOT equal facts. Your fears do NOT equal facts. Your mind is working against you right now, and I need you to regain control and try your best to stop the negative self chatter. Sadly, what you are thinking, feeling, and experiencing right now is quite normal. When someone leaves us or hurts us to the degree you have been hurt, we often turn on ourselves and automatically believe it was due to our shortcomings. How ’bout you ask yourself this: “What if it’s not?” What if you had nothing to do with it? What if you aren’t to blame? What if he had his own crazy shit going on in his confused head, and he would have left no matter what you did?? Doesn’t seem plausible?? Guess what? It IS. You’re not even considering forgiving yourself of any injustices, or even the notion that you have nothing to do with his actions. Why not? It’s just as likely as any other self-detrimental scenario you are imagining. As for feeling you were “too lucky” or “had too much” going for you while with him – that just breaks my heart. BULLSHIT. We all deserve the love we give. If he wasn’t up to the task, then – despite how it currently feels – you are better off. Why can’t you believe that something much better is in store for you? Do me a huge favor. Spend the next couple of months working on getting your self-esteem back. Do some soul-searching to determine why it is you are feeling so down about yourself. Then focus on some personal mastery: those things which you’re really good at. The things that make you unique. Trust me when I state that the answers to ALL of your woes do not reside with him. Rather, they are all within you. You have everything you need to be free, to love yourself, and to believe you are worth the best. -JP

  91. Josh says:

    I can’t thank you enough for this excellent article. This is one of the most sadistically funny and tragically relevant things I have ever read. I am going through this whole process myself right now. I’m only on day two. I’ve barely been able to eat anything starting a few days before the breakup became final. I can feel the weight dropping off of me.

    In my case a lot of the problems in the relationship stemmed from my own insecurities. I’m seeking help for those things so that hopefully I won’t allow them to damage future relationships. In the past the anxiety I’ve experienced after a breakup has always driven me into another relationship before ever really processing the ending of the previous one. I’m going to try my best to avoid doing that this time. Thanks again for the article. I genuinely laughed while reading it and god did I need to.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hey, Josh! Um … we might be related. I have done EXACTLY as you have been doing. I kept choosing horrific women who all reflected how I felt about myself at the time. We choose those who reflect how we feel about ourselves at any given time. This is so important to remember. But, you are ahead of the curve because – not only do you recognize your self-destructive pattern in choosing to date these people – you are working on it, with plans to stay single until you know you will make a much better choice. This is PRECISELY what you need to be doing for yourself! You’ve got a ton of insight about yourself, brother. It’s clear to me that you are right on track. Your reward for this hard work will be a great relationship with someone HEALTHY that you choose from a much better place. Someone whom is an equal yet SEPARATE entity that you are not relying upon for your happiness. You’ve got this. Keep up the good work, and stay on track!! -JP

  92. Simon says:

    Thanks for the article and it was a good read, I’m currently at early stages of phase I – it ended on Thursday!

    The relationship we have… Had was perfect, we had been friends for 6 years before dating and everything was perfect, she said she found her true soul mate and best friend in me and well to be honest nothing was going wrong.

    I know it sounds silly but we had signs pointing to us everywhere we went, and I know people will say its typical in a relationship you see these things – but whenever we went for a coffee or shopping the shops would play our fave songs, the TV would put our song on adverts – and one time having a coffee the bubbles in both our cups made hearts! Everything just worked and then it ended and she said she dont know if her feelings were true!

    I am a mess and when we’ve talked about it all I can see she still has those feelings there, like me I’m easily read and I think she’s being stubborn about it! I just don’t know what to do, as we work so well together and I’ve had enough relationships and heartaches in the past but nothing like this… And I know that’ll sound cliched but that really is the case, I’ve never had this ache, cried so much and ate and slept as little as I have.

    I know we can work if I can get her back – it’s just trying to win her back and I know that’s what I need to do!

    But thank you for the article!

    • Simon says:

      Also there wasn’t a night where we wouldn’t FaceTime or talk, we were one of those couples that could chat about anything and everything no matter how serious or childlike!

      On nights we wouldn’t chat, she’d end up face timing me or vice versa and I just cannot understand how one minute nothing’s wrong and then all of a sudden in a blink of an eye it’s suddenly over!

      I can honestly say and so can my mates there was literally no signs to this happening!

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Simon. As I read each word of your emails I could literally feel the pain you are experiencing. I’ve been there. REALLY been there. It’s as if life stands still and you are convinced you do not have the strength or will to go on. That’s when you dig deep and find the will. You must realize that somewhere along the way, you lost much of yourself, and somehow allowed yourself to meld with her. Your identity became you with her – rather than just “you.” You literally tied your self-worth and happiness to the relationship working out. And, therein lies a critical error: You let the lines and boundaries of who YOU are bleed into who she is. But, the fact remains – you are a whole and complete entity WITHOUT her. She was merely a very nice, lovely accompaniment to your life. You fully remain “you” with or without her. Like a fence post – despite how you currently feel – you remain firmly entrenched and upright on your own. Otherwise, you’re just a post leaning on another for support. Look, I get that you want – and, feel you NEED – her back. The heart wants what the heart wants. But, is that what you really NEED? Is that what’s best for Simon long-term?? Is it? My concern is that real feelings don’t change in the “blink of an eye.” So, something is very much amiss. My concern is YOU, as you are the one suffering here. So, before you work to salvage this, please ensure it’s something truly worth salvaging. You know you are in good company here, and we all want you to feel better ASAP. Whether or not she is the woman for you, I cannot know. Just proceed with incredible caution. -JP

  93. Nikolai says:

    Very insightful and expressive piece. This pretty much ticked almost all the boxes for me including the music! Needless to say I feel better about the situation, helps to see with eyes unclouded.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hey, Nikolai! Thank you for reading and writing. It always helps to know you are far from alone. I can assure you that you are feeling what you are supposed to feel right now. Let it crest over you like a wave. Hold on to nothing. Just let it pass over you while you remain emotionally stable. You will be a better individual on the other side of this – I assure you. My very best to you! -JP

  94. Alysha says:

    Hi JP,
    Thank you for the wonderful article- humour is a wonderful thing during tough times! Me and boyfriend were together for 3 years and we lived together for 2 of those years. I was completely in love with him and I truly believed he felt the same way. He applied for a job in the military a few years ago, a job which he told me would never cause a breakup between us and that if he got the job, he would definitely discuss it with me before accepting the job because it was a job that required him to spend a lot of time away from home. I believed him when he reassured me that I was his number 1 priority. Two years later, in what was a very long and drawn out application process, he was offered the job. I arrived home from work one day and he told me that he had fallen out of love with me and would be leaving me to go to the military in a few months. I did all the things you should never do after a breakup- texting, calling, pleading, buying gifts but all that did was add to my pain. When he left to go to the military, he promised me that he would keep in contact with me but I haven’t heard from him since. I can’t help shake the feeling of being “disposable” to him and even though he was the one who did the breaking up, I still feel guilty that I let him fall out of love with me, even though he claimed that I did nothing wrong and was a great gf. Any tips on how to overcome this “empty” feeling since he left? It’s been 6 months since our split and some days, the pain is unbearable. Thank you for your wonderful advice so far xx

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Well, hello Alysha! I thank you for writing to me. Obviously, I am very sorry to hear of your loss and subsequent hurt. Though, I greatly appreciate hearing from readers, I NEVER like to hear of anyone hurting in any way. Anyhow, I need you to stop blaming yourself for whatever shortcomings your ex may have. I don’t know what was going on in his head, as that would be impossible. What I do glean from your story is that you were present, real, and “you.” That’s all we can be. NOT REGRETS, Alysha! If for whatever reason that is not enough for someone, that is on them – not us. So, any “empty” feelings you are experiencing should be negated. You are a whole and complete, wonderful person. Don’t give any of that away on someone whom makes you feel any less. Why don’t you believe what he’s saying when he specifically stated that “you did nothing wrong and were a great girlfriend?” Seems to me that he was absolutely right. And, knowing such is your ticket to freeing yourself from errant blame. You did nothing wrong! Love yourself for the giving, caring woman you are. And, let the next man reap the rewards that the last guy so carelessly discarded. Are we clear?? GOOD! -JP

  95. Jen says:

    What if you have a child with the person that you’re trying to get over? I feel all of these things and literally feel like I could die, but we have a 4 year old son together so not speaking to him altogether isnt possible. I’m also still living in the house that we were together in, and I’m stuck because until I can find some way to work and pay for child care, I’m living in his house, which he is fine with, but it makes things so much harder. I don’t have friends or family that will help, and I’m drowning and feel as if I’m failing as a mother while I’m trying to get over this. We were together 8 years. Please help me.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Jen. I am very sorry to learn of your pain. A child definitely muddies the healing process. You certainly need to stop the self-criticizing thoughts/feelings that you are “failing as a mother.” That is hardly the case. It sounds like your options are severely limited at the moment. In your instance – which is not at all uncommon – the priority needs to be on your son and yourself. That said, if you have nowhere to go I am uncertain how best to advise you. Clearly, you’ve got to keep up a strong front for your son, while keeping his home and environment as stable as possible. If I were in your situation, I would probably have a candid conversation with my ex about him possibly staying somewhere else for a duration while you search for work and a new place. Be open with him while trying to eliminate the emotions. Let him know you are hurting, want the best for yourself and your child, and need his assistance. I’m not at all sure if he would be willing to leave for awhile and give you that space – but, it seems worth a shot. If he’s a gracious man, perhaps he would be willing to loan you the money and co-sign for a small apartment. I realize this totally assumes he can afford it, and would be willing to do so. Since you are the mother of his child, and you are genuinely trying to get on your own, I am throwing out all options. If these are not viable options, you may need to turn to your state/county for shelter assistance until you can secure employment. Jen, I will be thinking of you, and I am sorry I cannot be of more assistance. Yours is truly a tough scenario. -JP

  96. Earl says:

    JP. Thank you for this. Found it via google. I’ve never dealt with anxiety until maybe the past couple months. Then just over a week ago my girlfriend of 2 years left me suddenly. My anxiety is now at an all time high and the break up was as if she took an anxiety knife and stabbed me with it whilst twisting it deeper in.

    I definitely went through phase 1 very quickly and I’m definitely in phase 2. I feel like I’m stuck here (or I may revert back to phase 1), but I will heed your advice. This article was very good and it gave me some hope as well as a few laughs.

    Just want to say thanks. :)

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hey, Earl! Well, I’m flattered that you did a Google search, stumbled upon my article, and found it to be of good use to you. Anxiety can come up at any time, unfortunately. But, it often serves a good purpose. In this instance, however, it has worn out its welcome. It definitely helps to know you are far from alone. I receive a ton of emails each week from people in the throes of breakups just like yours (and, mine). Also, you are right where you need to be. Just ride this out. It’s going to be better on the other side, but there is no way of expediting the process. If only. Hang tough, kindred brother. Rely on your family, friends, and supporters. You already know who they are. We’ve all got your back. If needed, get some professional help for the anxiety. You need to sleep and eat. There is no shame in getting help. I did. Sending you the utmost positive mojo :-) -JP

  97. Abby says:

    I really loved this. I’m an 18 year old (I know, I know. So young) girl from Seattle that stumbled upon this randomly. My boyfriend I dated for a year and I broke up recently. It was a conglomeration of life + bad timing + build up of things + being too young. I suffer from anxiety. I’m not sure yet how severe because it comes and goes, I’m slowly learning how to handle it. But anyways. Things didnt end messy. But they got messy along the way. You must hear so many break up stories I hate to add mine but I would just like some insight, since your article was so on point. He said he just didnt want to be in the relationship anymore, it was making him depressed and someone he didnt want to be and frankly I felt the same way although I wasn’t ready to part ways and I was convinced we could make it work if we just tried. We weren’t miserable together though we still love each other. And even though things weren’t going so great towards the end we still laughed and went out and did things, we still had the joy of laughing with each other and the ability to still have meaningful conversations, like I said life just kind of happened. Anyways so when we broke up, the night of I guess it was messy but not ugly I guess there’s never a good way for break ups to happen especially with anxiety. And then you know, we had moments here and there of trying to talk, not to work things out relationship wise but to find a point where we both could be cool with each other and embrace the situation and possibility of a friendship. At first the break up wasn’t mutual on my part. But within time I understood why it needed to happen and understood that something I perceived the night of the break up as a selfish act on his part was just what needed to happen. There was a lot on my part that needed to be worked on, and even then and now I can say that I take a lot of responsibility for the break up. The root of the problem was that I was working at his house (I’ve graduated high school, he’s still a senior) like I said we’re young, I know. Anyways his mom owns a daycare business and had offered me a job a while back since I took a year off from school to grow up a bit and find myself a little more before college this fall. That opened the door for us to start getting too comfortable and for the relationship to no longer feel free and young. Anyways those are all things that I look back now and see that should have never happened and that’s not why I’m here writing this. After we broke up I still worked there for about a week until I figured out it was just going to be too hard and too much and the best thing to do was for me to leave. Since then we had our ups and downs, sometimes it felt like things were okay and we had found a middle ground or said our peace. The thing is everyone told me “Don’t talk to him, He has to miss you. You have to play the game now.” And I was very wishy washy about listening to that advice. I just didn’t understand (and still don’t to be honest.) how you can spend a year although I know that’s relatively not a long time, and share so much intimacy and experience so much only to play games at the end of it all. So I didn’t handle the breakup well the night of, there was a lot of begging (not in an degrading way but an anxiety induced stupor kind of way.) and trying to convince other wise on my part. But then after quitting my job, I wrote him a letter and thought I could leave it at that. Maybe I’d hear from him, maybe I wouldn’t. And I tried to keep my distance because of course space had been an issue and more than anything I knew and know now how much I needed to work on myself and love myself. He continued to try to contact me, it was just small talk of course but still it just made my mind wander. And what I didn’t want to happen (because I know it doesn’t work like this) was to just accept the friend title for the sake of still having him around and then just painfully friend zone each other while I struggle to somehow not completely wash away any trace of my feelings for him but simply learn to accept and embrace the new circumstances. To wrap this up yesterday he was really sick, and he had had a rough night the day before with some family issues. So me being me decided to pick up some food and candy for him just to make him feel cared for. I offered to leave it at the door if that was okay but he insisted I come in. So I did and I maintained my composure and space and wanted to make sure he knew I went to see him to offer him comfort and care and not as some cheesy scheme to try to work something out because that was really my only intention to show him despite the state of things I still cared for him. I sat on his couch and he instantly asked if we were cool. When the night before I realized he was sick and having a hard time with family issues I had sent him a text saying that I basically needed time and space to accept and welcome a friendship because if not I was simply going to friend zone myself and put myself through a painful situation when really what I need is to learn to let things go. I answered with the same things I said the night before and that opened pandoras box because things started getting messy. Things were being brought up and talked about and he admitted to putting up a wall and blocking his feelings out and still he insisted on not wanting the relationship anymore and said he still loved me and cared for me. He wouldn’t touch me or look at me in the eye much unless I asked him too and he said it was just hard to not feel like hes getting sucked into it again. Because he still wants to be with me but he thinks we both need to find ourselves and grow and experience things and I whole heartily agree but I needed closure (and he agreed that we needed closure, and I told him the things I needed to know to get that) but yet all I was getting from him was kind of cold and almost resentful responses and looks and I mean it really kind of just broke my heart ha! It seemed like his wall was so high and he was blocking his feelings out so much that anything I said he just didn’t want to agree or really hear me out because then that would mean he had to feel and process things, which hes not. But still I managed to somehow turn things around and somehow managed to leave not on the best note but on a well enough note to hold us off for some time. My plan is to just disappear from his life for a while, for as long as needed. To venture out and find myself and take some time for myself. Let myself be enough you know? My real question to you is. Am I a nut? Haha am I being immature about this whole thing? How does one get through a break up with such high anxiety and no friends? (His friends are my friends and it just gets too tricky.) I’d still like to be friends and I know sometime in the distant future we’ll find some solid ground. But until then how do you get through it? I find that I get through things best when I am alone or I want to think so. But I just don’t know how to get rid of this painfully sick feeling in my stomach? I feel like this is somehow my fault although I know its not totally my fault. I feel like I’m going to be forgotten or replaced. I just feel lost. And I know you don’t have all the answers but it seems like you made it through something similar. I’d just like to hear from you.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Abby! I was very careful to read every word of your story. You are adorable and intelligent. You are also deeply caring and insightful – all incredible characteristics of a young woman whom deserves the very best in a guy. So, do NOT ever settle, young lady!! PLEASE. You are wise beyond your years, I can assure you. I can discern from your writing and your emotive descriptors that you know what’s up. Also, you remind me a little of Juno ;-) If you’ve seen the movie, you recall how well-versed she was. Anyhow, what really struck a chord with me was your comment: “share so much intimacy and experience so much only to play games at the end of it all.” RIGHT!? I never understood people whom can be so intimate, only to turn it off later. Those people, my dearest Abby, are scary. Without further adieu, “NO – you are NOT nuts.” Not even close. If anything, you are the most grounded young lady I’ve encountered thus far. Embrace the wonderment that is within you! That’s the good news. The bad news …. well, there’s no easy remedy for getting through this. I often use the saying that “The way through the pain IS the pain” because it’s so damn true. And, the thing about young love is that it most always ends. It’s part of your journey. It’s also necessary in order to know what you really want and need later in life – when you’re really ready. Not to placate you – as I know you believe you are ready now. And, maybe you are. But, it isn’t with this guy at the moment. So, the best thing you can do is exactly what you described above: “Venture out and find yourself.” I love this! “Let yourself be enough.” My word, young lady – do you realize how intuitive and intelligent you are?! Why don’t you take over from here and write my replies!? This is the kind of advice and feedback – EXACTLY the kind of advice and feedback – that I’d be giving YOU. So, if it helps, I will read it back to ya ;-) I’m not kidding, Abby. You already have the answers within you. None of them lie within him or his agenda. It’s high-time for YOU and your agenda now. I wish I could tell you there is an easy way through the heartache – but, there’s not, except to lessen it with what you’re doing: focusing on yourself and what’s best for you right now. Keep yourself extremely busy; have plenty of plans for each day (especially weekends); STOP BLAMING YOURSELF; and be your own best friend right now and going forward. You’re right – I don’t have all the answers. But, I have navigated some treacherous losses with the flair of a seasoned pilot. And, you will too. I KNOW you will. You clearly have some talents, so I say leverage them and get busy being the best “You” that you can be for the time being. Let him fade to black. If it’s meant to be, it can “be” some other time, in some other phase of your life. Right now is the “Season of Abby” – so, live accordingly!! Okay?? -JP

  98. Elliot says:

    This article was amazing to read. I’m glad I came across it when I did. I would say more, but I truly do not think words can explain the light that you shine with this article. I will say, thank you.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hey, Elliot! I am truly taken aback by your kind words. THANK YOU! It’s feedback like yours that is giving me the drive to work on a manuscript for a book of the same title. In other words, the article is being vastly expanded to include a lot more helpful advice from my own perilous experiences. ;-) Thank you for being part of my “rock ‘n roll” survival test. And, thank you, again!

      • TeaKay says:

        I love, love, love this idea! I would also love some actual personal stories to give life to your advice in your humorous writing style included in said manuscript. Something about the way you pen pain in a witty and funny way is amazing. You truly have a gift and it makes those in pain realize not only are they not alone, but it’s okay to laugh about how pathetic they are at the moment/were… Life’s funny if you stop and pay attention from time to time and we all need to laugh more, especially when we’re hurting.

  99. darren says:

    Ok heres my story. at @0 years old i was studying for a degree and met a woman who was 25. she was so messed up but stunning and i mean stunning. to be with this woman I moved out of my family home and dropped out of university.
    Two years later we had a baby. I felt entrapped at the way our child was conceived and had no feeling toward her but as soon as our child was born i became as good a father as i felt i could, but the damage had been done. my partner at the time had a grudge for me not being there during her pregnancy. we continued to try sort things out till when i was 27 i left her and she made many bogus accusations that made me unable to see our daughter. I moved o a different town though continuosly fought to see our daughter.
    this is where the real story begins…I was 29 and had not seen my daughter for a year and met a 20 year old girl. she spoke very refined seemed very mature for her age. we were together for almost two years and spoke of marriage kids etc and us both being asian she met my parents who were happy with her.
    however the problem was her parents. after 9 months in the relationship she told her parents who flat out refused, we broke up only to reconcile two days later and agreed to continue the relationship without her parents knowledge.
    any how it came to november last year and i found out all sorts from her past that she had been quite promiscuous, always in and out of relationships and acted to me like she was a virgin but clearly wasnt. i felt a fool but tried to judge her based on how she had been with me. she was needy and attention seeking and could be very cold at times and described herself as an ice queen previously but assured me that i was the one. Everything was great till i found all this out. At this point for months we had been talking about her telling her parents about us and she was adamant she would stay strong.
    When doomsday came and she told her parent on the 3rd december last year her parents flipped but she stayed strong for a bout a week and a half even thouygh all sorts of family were coming round to tell her to leave me and she wouldnt. then out of the blue she said she needed space which i gave her a few days and then text her saying i missed her. she then rang me to have a go at me that i wasnt there when she told her parents both times and that i should have been. this second time round i told her my finances were low as by this stage i had moved 200 miles away from her and it was a long distance relationship. though i started to come down every week to see her even though she didnt want to see me at times she would say. we would be able to see each other only for a few hours at at time and ended up on each occasion only sleeping together or arguing.
    Her parents had stopped her using her phone and we could only talk at night.
    eventually i became paranoid that her parents had introduced her to someone else and started calling the family home and they made her change her number a few times but she would always give it me.
    her family had basically asked her to have no contact with me for a month to see how she felt about me even though we were. it came to january this year and i asked her to tell her parents that she wanted to be with me as she had said that all along.
    january 20th our 21st month anniversary she rang me on witheld after her family made her change her number and called me to break up with her cousin there as well. she said she had to had to trust what her cousin said!! she blamed for three things..not being there when she told her family, though i explained again why, then she was annoyed that my mum had told her she should have a court marriage to me so that her family would have no option but to accept us. it was an innocent suggestion on my mums part but my ex saw it as us thinking of ourselves and not her parents and then finally she was annoyed that i found out about her past. she said if she was so bad why i was with her and i told her bc i judge her for her present not her past and believed she wasnt that person. even though she had told me the silliest things which i bought up in front of her cousin. she was crying in this phon call where i was more annoyed at how she was doing this and ended up wishing her good luck and putting the phone down on her.
    i then realised my mistake as i had no number to call her back on. later on fb she reactivated her account and removed me as a friend. i sent her a msg asking if she would call me as i felt we didnt get to talk properly. i got no reply. 5 days later after sending many emails i visited her outside her workplace where i had surprised her many times in the past only for her to walk past and only say that she was late for work. i told her i ha travelled 200 miles to talk to her to no avail. i spoke to some colleagues who were friendly to me and the said they will find out what they could do. eventually she sent out a letter saying that she hda chose her family and that she couldnt be with someone who already had a family and that after what my mum said that she couldnt be a part of my life. i was in shock especially when she also sent me an email a while later from work saying that she would inform the appropriate authorities if she felt threatened by my overbearing presence.

    after all this i was in a state of shock and depression for a month and am only just coming out of it. i had contacted her on her parents house phone where she told me something different every time. that she got over me within a day and had destroyed all our memories and was dating other guys and how she was too important. her dad had a 50,000k a year job and she had a degree and was living in a nice house and all that mumbo jumbo.other times she would tell me im a decent guy etc and she wasnt good enough for me. all this has left me so confused especially when this person had stayed round my parents house and id had my mum cook all her favourite dishes. the sad thing i after all i had been through with my childs mother i thought this was my cloud in a silver lining. apart from the emotional baggage this girl carried she seemed to have everything going for her. not to mention how hings were in the bedroom! it came to the point where any flaw on her i could overlook and she had gained my trust completely. ims o hurt and betrayed that she could just move on like nothing happened where i thought we had a connection as we had so many things in common. though not sure if she had a narcissistic personality.

    Sigh so sorry for the length but any ideas on anything and especially for being able to move on from this would be of great help? Im so lost like i really felt she was the one.

    btw jp thank you for your email you sent me. this is my story and im hoping i can get your view on this.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Darren. Wow …. that’s quite a story of hell you have been through with this girl. My number one thought and concern is her age. She is just way too young to take seriously. She is not yet an independent enough woman to live her own life, separate from the influence of her family. Darren …. you don’t need this shit. Period. She’s a kid. You’re not. Though your age is not a great distance apart, she has a ton of growing-up to do. She has put you through all these ups and downs because she is not in control of her own decision-making. You don’t need any part of this. At this point, your maturity far exceeds hers. And, that’s all that matters. If you reengage with her, all you will get is more of the same crazy antics, I can assure you. Run far and run fast, my friend. And, don’t look back. I could not be more certain of what I am saying. -JP

      • darren says:

        Thank you for your reply jp though it is easier said than done. I honestly don’t know how to stay strong now as its her brothers birthday tomorrow and we happened to meet on his birthday. Part of me is considering to see her because we always used to discuss the happy memories of how we met and being still in denial stage I still somehow believe that I can talk and rekindle the old memories with her. Please give me advice on what to do.its been two months going on three and I still am in denial and still my hygiene is suffering as well as my appetite. I never loved anyone this much and for her to be cold like this is killing me.

        • JP Hatcher says:

          Hi, Darren. As you know by now, there are no shortcuts through the pain. That said, there are a million ways to prolong it. And, a top one is to expose yourself to the source, thereby circumventing your own recovery. Opposite action, my friend. Remove yourself from the source of the pain. Ask yourself why you are making yourself and your own well-being secondary, while she has become your primary focus. YOU need to be your own priority. Your recovery and path through the pain is of paramount importance. Treat it as such. Stay away from all things “her.” If it was going to work, it will work with our without your concerted efforts. Now is the time to make yourself number one. -JP

          • darren says:

            Jp…thank you for your replies I do so much appreciate it. I would like to ask how you managed to put yourself number one? I have no motivation to put myself first as since the age of 20 I’ve put my other halves first…every time my ex had a problem I’d be there. It’s been 3 months and she’s still stuck firmly in my mind. I was also wondering if I could personally email you as went to see her last week and wanted your advice on what happened if that is ok?

          • JP Hatcher says:

            Hey there, Darren. It is my pleasure to reply and assist in whatever small way I am able. You asked how I managed to put myself first. The short answer is that at some point – for every one of us – we reach that moment where something deep within us takes over. We “grow back our balls” and despite how much we miss the other person, we miss our well-being even more. Something inside takes over, takes the reins, and fights for us when we feel we’ve got nothing left. I don’t know what that “something” is, but I have felt it take over for me on more than one occasion. It’s like an alter ego that stands-up for us when we become too weak, too frail, or too pathetic to stand-up for ourselves. Don’t you think it’s high time you made yourself a priority?? Don’t you feel you’ve earned it by now? And, absolutely you can email me directly anytime via the link on this site. I am willing you the strength and internal fortitude that you so need right now, Darren. -JP

  100. Parissa says:

    I really loved how honest and open you were in this article. Your writing is very creative and emotive! I can connect with a lot of what you are saying in this article! Nice to know it doesn’t matter where we all are in the world, that we all are fragile and at risk of heartbreak. I like the fact that you almost talk someone through getting over someone! Hell, I already feel healed and its only been three days!!
    Think the most important thing I have taken from reading your story is, that everyone hurts, that more than likely they will be deeply hurting too even if they are re bounding or having it off with millions of people or loads of fun in bars or clubs. The point is they do deserve to be happy, to try and heal too, just as much as you. But not to focus on them, leave the broken pieces on the floor and move on…don’t try and fix them. I’ve realised it’s ok to move on, get over the ‘idea’ of them and look towards just simply being happy with others rather than a walking miserable rain cloud who seems to dampen everyone else’s sunshine. There will be days where you wake up and think of them, but I’m going to take that as a positive that my time was not wasted as I must have enjoyed their company whilst it lasted. Loved reading what you had to say its really cheered up my day!!

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Parissa! It is a sincere pleasure to make your virtual acquaintance. Thank you for your kind words. Honestly, I just wrote from the heart, while hoping others would see that they are not alone in their pain and anguish. Unfortunately, heartbreak is universal. I am really glad this essay and the resulting comments have helped you. In addition to the posted comments, I have received many emails by a lot of people truly hurting and seeking peace. I truly hate to see anyone hurting. And, you’re right – it is rare for at least one party in a relationship – no matter how shallow – to not come away hurt when it ends. We are feeling, caring beings. We are programmed this way, and it all serves a purpose in the grand scheme of things. You have incredible insight and feedback. Much of what you wrote clearly illustrates that you “get it,” and you not only see the best in people, but that you also extend and wish for happiness toward all others. That’s a tough thing to learn, and especially to put into practice. So, great for you!! Impressive. Again, I am stoked to hear that I somehow brought you some cheer. Reading your comments brings me the same. I wish you the absolute best. We get what we give. Consequently, you’ve got great things coming your way. -JP

  101. Mike says:

    That was awesome man! Keep up the good work!

  102. darren says:

    Hi jp I commented earlier..please let me know you’ve read it. I need help with issues surrounding for me the last ten years

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Darren. Please forgive the delay. I have been in the process of moving and I am behind on my responses. I have read your email – thank you. I will reply back directly to you via your email rather than here. Hang tough, brother – you’re stronger than you give yourself credit for. Chat soon … -JP

  103. J says:

    JP, thanks for this post. While my situation isn’t identical to the one written about, I’m trying to wrap my head around things and keep myself from drowning in a pool of over-thinking bullshit, something I’m generally prone to.

    Basically, my ex-girlfriend and I got into a period of mutual depression and disinterest. Neither of us made much of an effort to really take an interest in the other. We developed friends outside of our relationship and eventually, I just said, “What are we doing? We should probably just break up.” And things were ok for several months (despite her becoming incredibly distant and mean), though, stupidly, we continued to live together. And sleep in the same bed.

    She’s about to embark on a trip out of the country for six months (an issue that contributed to the distance, she wanted me to come and I felt like I couldn’t leave work), which will likely give us both perspective. However, two things happened this week. She brought home a guy on Saturday night while I was staying in a hotel for the weekend (a gift from some out of town friends). Whether or not this happened because she thought I was with someone else is unclear, but she was clearly ashamed. Since Sunday (when i came home early and discovered this situation), I’ve been a fucking wreck. I mostly don’t even care about the dude, but all I can see is how I fucked this relationship up. That I should’ve fought harder. We had dinner the other night and I explained that I’d be willing to fight, to make this work, if it was still possible. Not begging, but just stepping up for the first time in a long time. She accepted my offer, but the next morning, declined it. Saying that she really needs this time to sort out her priorities. Her I want to get over this but I also have a deep hope that she comes back with a fresh perspective and we can start over. I’m pretty lost in the weeds and I can’t sleep or eat, mostly due to loss, but also some pretty strong jealousy over why I couldn’t be “that guy” she slept with.

    Quite the entangled web of crap. I’ve been through a lot of breakups, but I’ve never felt like this in my life. I really feel like she is the one for me. When things were good, man, they were SO fucking good. *sigh* Help?

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hey, Jeremy! Thank you for sharing your story. It resonates with me and – I’m sure – with sooo many others. The part about “over-thinking” is a classic trademark of the breakup. It’s a quagmire in your mind, where almost every waking moment and every ounce of brain energy is misdirected toward making you feel worse. You’ve got to turn it off – and, it’s a bitch to do, I know. This has been the component I most struggle with, as I have a very active mind. As many posts do, yours reminded me of the precise relationship that formed the basis of this essay. Except my ex wasn’t leaving for 6 months, but for 2 years to attend medical school. I blamed myself to the Nth degree for the relationship imploding. DON’T. There were clear reasons you were “complacent” at the time. You were not happy at the time. But, as typical, we romanticize the nostalgic past – it becomes far greater than it actually was – until we create this grandiose image of it in our mind’s eye. Trouble it … it’s a complete bullshit fabrication of reality. The fact it, the relationship was fractured and you seem to want to take on 100% of the onus. Incorrect, my friend. And, I’m guessing if you look back on the past for a moment, you will recall that you were not happy. Now that you both have some perspective, and you realize that MAYBE you do, in fact, want to work things out and try for happiness together – the timing might work out. Trouble is, we aren’t in control as lone individuals. The best thing you can do at this moment it to be missed. That’s right, back up get some “Jeremy time” and go against everything you feel like doing at this moment – which is probably pleading for her return. You’ve likely planted a great seed, she is giving things some thought, and now all you can do is let nature do what it does without our futile intervention. By way of example, my situation ended in me doing the opposite of what I am recommending to you. I just kept pursuing. Picture yourself trying to catch a yard chicken. It only runs circles away from you. I managed to do the same, and I came away feeling pathetic after my attempts. Had I just chilled, I would have given myself and the relationship the best chance of reconciliation. Jeremy, this does NOT mean that backing-off will ultimately win her back. But, from what you’ve written, it seems it might be your best chance at the moment. My reasoning is twofold: (1) She clearly wants time to think things over. And, (2) You, my friend, need to take care of YOU right now. You need sleep, sustenance, and exercise. She is not the end-all, for the love of …. and, no matter what happens, you will rise again. It’s like the Garth Brooks song: “Somethings the greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.” Right now, she seems the greatest thing that ever happened to you. But, from my vantage – and, again, based on what you’ve written – you’ve handled this relationship very well. You’ve made some great moves. So, please stop berating yourself!! It seems that she knows you are serious about starting fresh – even if she is leaving for 6 months. You’ve made your case. Ultimately, you can both review what you want to do moving forward, then respect each others decision. I don’t know what is best for you – a future with or without her. What I wish for you both is happiness and health. Right now, you are on the short-end of that deal. So, please keep in mind that she does NOT hold the key to your happiness – YOU DO. All you need is within you – no matter what happens. So, stop second-guessing yourself. Be the man that attracted her to you in the first place. And, get some damn food in you!! You got this – either way. -JP

  104. Jeffro says:

    Aaaah Im not alone!!….. JP so many of yours words rang true for me, especially the emotional rejection. I get major anxiety when i get close to a girl and im starting to realize its fear of rejection, so once we do break up the s”@it hits the proverbial fan! I turn into the self doubting, needy, reassurance junky who simply cannot cope without that person, all doubts and bad points in the relationship are forgotten, only the feeling that I simply cannot function without that person, intense phase 2 stuff!!

    Recently I had been achieving phase 3 after weeks of feeling crap, so what do i do? Go see the ex, have a great eveing sleep together, cuddle etc etc…. yep you guessed, straight back tp pahse 1 like a muppet!!

    So your words have been great, Im determined to move forward now, no more setting myself up for rejection!!

    Thanks Again!

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Jeff. Nice to hear from ya, brother in good company. As I read your post, the first thing that came to me is how important it is that we are completely “whole” prior to entering into any bonds with another. Also, how pertinent it is to maintain boundaries. Myself, I have definitely failed on both paths. It’s something I am working on all the time. It’s just a hypothesis, but I am guessing that if you went into your next relationship having given yourself the time to bolster yourself back up into feeling the man that you are, you will not so easily lose your bearings and a piece of yourself in the future. You will be far more likely to allow people to move in and out of your life, while remaining whole and steadfast in the belief of your core strength. I know this is true for me. You will also be far less likely to lose sight of what’s really important and what you actually want and NEED from a relationship, and not fall into the trap of needing that other person to function. But, trust we’ve all been right where you are, Jeff. It’s a crap-ass feeling that will pass as you focus on your strengths and what it is about you that makes you unique. I can discern that you have a great sense of where you are and what you need to do. Now, it’s all about EXECUTION and playing it out. Don’t get pissed at yourself for setbacks or going back to her “like a muppet.” I’ve been the king of puppeteers, my friend. Remember that the way through the healing and pain IS the healing and pain. Godspeed to you on your journey. I am absolutely confident you are on track and will nail this, while coming out on the other side a stronger, more whole, and full entity. Just set the boundaries next time, and don’t give pieces of yourself away to anyone – especially the wrong ones. -JP

  105. Jess says:

    JP this was great. It made my emotions seem less crazed and real and very okay to feel. You are an amazing writer and made me laugh so much. If you’re not with someone right now, one day you’re going to make some lucky girl very happy and laughing forever.

    I’m a complete fail. I ran into my ex bf unexpectedly after 5.5 months of complete no contact. We sat and talked normally like old friends. It was really nice and not awkward. I was able to keep my composure and surprised myself. I didn’t bring up our relationship or make him feel uncomfortable for breaking my heart into a million little pieces unexpectedly and not giving me a reason why. I acted like nothing was wrong and I hadn’t been hating myself everyday for the past few months. I felt better after we talked, maybe I didn’t miss him as much as I thought I did. He texted me later to say hey it was great seeing you today. We texted back and forth once and that was it. I sent him an article a few days ago about figuring out your life & career, which was something we discussed when I ran into him. He replied saying thank you for sending it and that he’s been trying to figure out his life and career constantly and can never come to a conclusion. And that he needed to figure out what he was passionate about. He included an article he had read that he thought was interesting. Then he said to let him know if he could helpful as I figure out my career too. I should’ve left it right there. Right?? But did I? No of course not. Because I’m a fool and I got carried away with how nice it was to talk to him again. I responded with my thoughts on the article, included a blog that reminded me of his article, asked him what he wanted to do next careerwise, and talked about my career interests.

    He never responded. Its been about a week. I didn’t say anything about us, it was a very straightforward email, like two friends talking. I am definitely not reaching out again. But I feel like by me being too friendly & nice and acting too nonchalant, it rubbed him the wrong way and now he knows I’m not over him. He probably thinks I want to keep talking to him and maybe somehow reconcile. I worked really hard to keep my distance after the breakup. Did not once reach out in any way right after we broke up. I proved that I accepted that he just didn’t love anymore and I didn’t throw myself at him. I made it a clean break. But I ran into him once and it was nice to talk again. And now I feel like I ruined it. Feel like whatever dignity I gained by staying away and being a mystery is lost and he’s weirded out. I didn’t say anything clingy or emotional. But somehow I just get this unsettling crappy feeling because he didn’t even dignify my email with a response. I’m so mad at myself for responding a second time. And I’m so angry this is my life and I managed to lose this perfect guy who loved me like I never imagined I could be loved. I guess I wasn’t that special.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Jess! Well, you made my Valentine’s Day with your kind words. I’m a humble guy, so knowing that I am helping fellow kindred souls ….. there’s just no better feeling. I think my upcoming book will add a lot of assistance in the same way. That’s my goal anyway. Enough about me! Let’s talk about YOU. First off, your emotions are right on. What your feeling is the downside of relationships. And, don’t let the face it’s a Hallmark Holiday add to your pain. I’m solo too, and I’m sure the other amazing posters above are flying solo for the time being. I need you to stop bashing yourself!! You are NOT a fail and you ARE special. Why are you externalizing your self-worth and giving your ex the power to validate you?? You did precisely what I did when I ran into my ex recently. I played it off, then melted down later. Guess what, Jess? You’re human and blessed with a heart, compassion, feelings, and great empathy. So, you want to punish yourself for that?! Egregious. You are exactly what you should be. The sad actions lie with him and his inability to ground himself anywhere. I implore you to stop berating yourself. He gave you some more false hopes, and you took the bait because – God forgive you – you have feelings!! What would be bad, is if you did not, and cared not. You ruined nothing. Your thoughts are working against you. Remember, thoughts do NOT equal facts. You have no idea what’s going through his confused mind. But, I can tell you this as a man, and as someone analyzing the situation – you did not ruin a thing. Believe in this. You have absolutely nothing to feel badly about. If you must feel badly about something, feel badly that you gave him yet another opportunity to completely abuse your feelings. You didn’t ruin a thing, rather he did not deserve your time and attention this go around. Period. But, I completely understand why you did what you did. Your last two sentences were upsetting to read. First of all, no one is perfect but Christ. Second, if he was so good, he never would have left you high ‘n dry the first time. That is definitely not perfection or love. We are all imperfect. But, he was also careless with your feelings and emotions. That’s not right to do to anyone. The fact that you wrote what you wrote proves that you are, indeed, special. Everyone who has written me shares a unique quality: The ability to love unselfishly. The problem is, we don’t always choose the right people for us, and the love is unrequited. I am sorry that he set you up again only to knock you back a notch. Lesson learned, Jess. Now, you simply know what to do the next time he rises to the surface. Happy Valentine’s Day! -JP

  106. Kaitsu says:

    Hello :)
    This was the best thing i have read in while about mens break-up issues! I broke up with my girlfriend one month and half ago and i loved her and she loved me but i have kids from previous relationships and its been a problem all the time. I have been a emotionanl wreck for while now and your artickle helped me alot :) I smiled, because this is exactly what i am going through. I called my ex on saturday night and cryed and pleaded her to take me back. She was drunk and told me that she will never take me back, doesnt love me anymore…she let it all out. I been a wreck after that and i cant get her words out of my head. She apologized the next day! Nice thing but i am still a wreck.
    Its like you said and even listen to John Mayer :D I have been trying not contact her but she keeps sending me this text messages how am i doing and it always gets my hopes up but i just end up calling her and making a fool out of myself! Thanks for a great article !!!

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Kaitsu! I am wishing you a speedy recovery as you embark upon the healing process. Thank you for writing, and for your kind words. Kids from a previous relationship definitely complicate things – but, since the children are your priority, you already know what to do. My brother’s marriage nearly broke from the same scenario. Know that you will not remain an emotional wreck – it will turn. Though, it’s never as quickly as we’d like. Healing is gradual with plenty of setbacks. If I had a dime for every mean word I’ve heard from an ex that still hangs in my head ….. well, I’d have a shitload of dimes. Sometimes, people are very callous in their word choices. Alcohol doesn’t help. It’s nice of her to text – but, it’s doing you a disservice. If she doesn’t want to reconcile, you may want to consider asking her to let you be. Your priority at this point is your own well-being, while taking care of your family. Another woman will come. Right now, get back on your feet, my man. Again, thank you for reaching out. As you can see by the comments above, there are a lot of us going through the same thing at any given time. You are not alone. Stand tall. -JP

  107. Jordo says:

    I am only 21 and for the first time in my life I have felt anxiety from my last 2 break ups. I go through the whole “how will I find a girl like that again”, “man she was gorgeous, I’ll never be able to get a chick like that again”, “I’ll never be able to experience what I did with her, with another girl”, and so on. That is the type of stuff that eats me up. My first break up was with a girl I was with for over two years and was my first “real” relationship. When we broke up I took it extremely hard because I took the girl for granted and realized what I had lost. I was lost and depressed for a good month. Then I met a new girl that goes to my college who really helped me get out of that dark place. We dated for a few months but my expectation of a relationship were not fair and I was still used to my first girlfriend. The break up wasn’t as hard on me but I am still sad. What I’ve experience with both break ups now is I sleep a whole lot, and every time I wake and realize what I have lost, my heart starts to beat uncontrollably/pressure on my chest. This goes away after a few seconds but it is an awful feeling. I’ve never had trouble with meeting girls but I am a really sensitive guy, I can’t stand how I let this stuff get to me and how much I dwell on how and what things were.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Jordo, on behalf of everyone here – we feel your pain. Everything you are feeling is well within the norm – even the anxiety. It would be odd if you weren’t feeling it at this point. But, young man! Have no fear …. this is hardly the best thing that will come your way. You’ve got youth on your side, and one day soon you will realize what I’m saying as truth, and you will even be thankful she was one of those you were glad came through your life for the role she played in your personal development. But, right now – unfortunately – you’ve got to go through the drill. The way to the healing IS the healing. So, ride its ebbs and flows and let this pass through you. Hold on to none of it, but the lessons learned. Easier said than done, I know. Regarding the anxiety attacks you are feeling, it would be wise for you to breathe through them with meditative breaths. It’s easy stuff. Just breathe in slowly for about about 4 or 5 counts, and exhale slowly for the same amount of counts. Focus more on the breathing than the counting. Do this from a comfortable and relaxed seated position with your arms relaxed. Take as many slow breaths as you need until you feel much calmer. This is the quickest remedy for your sudden anxiety. Do this meditative breathing as soon as you feel the anxiety coming on. And, remember: Thoughts do not equal facts. So, do not give your chaotic thoughts the merit they scream for right now. Just take care of you and make that a priority. Also, being a sensitive guy is actually a great thing, and most women – at least the kind you need and want – will appreciate this trait. So, BE YOURSELF. Finally, don’t judge your judging. It’s perfectly acceptable to feel crappy right now. So, let it ride, and do not blame yourself for things. It sounds like you need some time for YOU – alone. No rebound relationships. Get healthy and feeling great about the remarkable guy you are, and then you will be ready for the right one. You will also attract the right one. I hope this helps, brother. You are hardly alone in this. If you need someone to talk to, seek the comfort of friends and family or a campus counselor. Use the resources at hand. Plus, it might even be free. You’re gonna be just fine. -JP

    • Gill says:

      I’m in the exact same boat as you Jordo and about the same age also. Man I wish I didn’t take her for granted

  108. Kate says:

    I’ve been through all of the stages of dumpee with my ex, from 1-4, 1-3, 2-1, 4-2.. every combo in the times we’ve been on and off. Unfortunately it is very difficult to practice the “out of sight” theory, I know it’d work perfectly, but we play in a band together and there’s no way I’d consider quitting that. I’m pretty focused most of the time, and pals and family think I’m always really solid. My default exterior is stoicism, which is perfect for seeming “fine” when I’m around him, but I find it difficult to then seek guidance save for a couple of friends (who have heard it all to death). We’re still super close friends, probably because we haven’t been with anyone else really, and it’s so hard not to turn to him for the support I need in other aspects of my life. I’m really chuffed to have come across this little beauty, I get really ticked off by the puffy drivel that exists in self-help world. So, thank you very much and best of luck with the book.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Kate. I am sorry to read that you are having a rough go. Your situation is unique in that you’re in a band that you don’t want to leave. I don’t blame you. Though, this would be the perfect time to break-out on your solo career ;-) It’s great that you are still good friends. Truly, you are handling this like a champ. That said, the exposure to your ex is definitely going to make things tough. In my past experience, however, the better the break with my ex, the easier it was to move forward. It’s like the closure was inherently built in to the process. It’s tough to explain, but I’m happy to see that you are still good friends. My unsolicited advice would be to keep leaning on those close friends of yours. Good friends will be there for you no matter how often you bring up the subject. They’d want the same. I wish you a speedy and healthy recovery, Kate. You seem like a well-balanced, sharp, and talented woman. Rely on those masterful skills of yours. -JP

  109. Sameboat says:

    Well thought I was feeling better….. I’ve been
    Talking with some other women even went out
    On a few dates. But it all feels wrong. I can’t
    Stop missing my ex!!! I didn’t call her or text.
    But last night I drove around and actually started
    Crying. I feel like I did at the beginning.

    This is nuts its really tearing me apart

  110. Sameboat says:

    Thanks for writing this article! You really made me feel better. Its been 3 weeks since she dumped me. I went through the texting and the pleading all to no avail. I love the chicken analogie! and I changed her name on my phone… I’ve lost weight and sleep, but I just can’t stop thinking about her! I want to stop but I can”t its driving me crazy… nothing makes me happy… but your article has really cheered me up and I plan on using your suggestions… Thanks again

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hello, “Sameboat.” We’re all in this together, for sure. And, thank you for your kind feedback. Everything you’ve been doing to try and salvage the relationships is what we all do. Try some “opposite action.” In other words, do the opposite of everything that tempts you to try and reconcile that isn’t working. It’s high-time to give yourself some healing time and to start thinking about yourself and your own happiness. Why are you making her a priority, while you and your happiness are a distant second?? Let this be the winter and spring of YOU. -JP

  111. GJ says:

    I am right in the middle of a break up and read your article with relief as I thought I was going out if my mind until I knew other men had reactions like me. My emotions are taking me to very unhealthy places but although I know that I can’t seem to stop myself and I feel pathetic and foolish. I am still in stage 1 and stuck there.

    As far as I can tell, unlike everyone else above, there is a child involved in my break up as I have a 4 year old son with my (ex) partner. I say ex as we are still living in the same house even though she told me nearly 3 weeks ago that we were over. It came totally out of the blue, like being hit by a truck, while our son was asleep upstairs. I couldn’t make out why and she clammed up just saying I should move out of our home that I have been working to provide for her, not that I can afford to but that’s another story as I can’t afford to pay for 2 properties.

    First she said no hurry to go, then couple of days later it was I needed to get out as soon as possible. Not that easy when I’m still reeling and in total shock as I stand to lose my partner, son and home. It gets worse. She then tells me she has been seeing someone else for 3 weeks which is why she wants to break up and I know him. She tells me who he is and what they have been up to in detail. I thought my heart was going to burst through my chest and that I would pass out. Then the threats began with her saying stuff like ‘leave or I will call the police and lie and tell them you hit me so that will make you leave’. She even goes out in the evening to see this guy and stays out all night and comes home so late the next day that I have to phone work and not go in as I have to stay to take care of our son. The worst thing is that as she suffers from depression my mind makes excuses for the crap she is dishing out, it tells me it is not her fault as she is behaving weirdly as she is ill and I need to save her! What kind of ass am I???

    I know I need to go but am worried for my son and can’t afford to get out so quickly. Meanwhile she is carrying on in front of my nose and while she is out sends me texts saying she is sorry she hurt me. This is so not right I feel I am losing my mind. I have dropped 20 pounds in weight in the last 19 days and the first time I have smiled in all that time is when I read your article. I felt like a complete freak for my crazy, stupid, weak, mixed emotions. I need to sort this out but am unable to see the daylight. I have lost respect for myself and can’t imagine life either with or without her. The worst is my son. He asked for none of this crap. My anxiety is sky high, I can’t eat, sleep, concentrate, have missed work to care for our son, my job is at risk because of it and I am potentially homeless shortly. It sucks.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hello, GJ. I have read your post at least four times. It is very moving, and your are very well-spoken. My heart goes out to you at this time. I know you are suffering. And, “yes” – as you can discern from the posts above, you are certainly in stoic company. As bad as you feel right now, you’ve got to keep taking care of yourself. You MUST eat. Even if it’s protein smoothies until you can take on more calories. I’ve been there. I lost a lot of weight when I was writing this essay. I got to the point where I could eat only chicken broth and crackers. It was terrible. I thought it would kill me – but, it didn’t. I was even afforded many other opportunities to screw-up with even better women. And, you will get there too. Having and protecting your son adds a very complicated layer to this whole scenario. You seem like an outstanding father. Here is what I know: Depression can doom relationships. Without knowing your ex – and, I hate to comment without knowing her – it seems she is hurting badly, and is trying to find some relief or happiness wherever she can. At the moment, that seems to be through distracting with some other guy. Trouble is, “Wherever we go, there we are.” In other words, her problems are still with her, and she is not addressing the core issue (her depression). I feel for both of you. I don’t wish a brain chemical imbalance upon anyone. And, it is tough to see her handling it in a manner that is so painful to you. I hope she gets the help she needs, then realizes what she has done to you. In the interim, however, you have to take care of yourself, and be there for your son. I know this is a tall request, but do your best to let her chaotic behavior move around you, without knocking you off center anymore. Know that she will be erratic until she gets the help she needs. My guess is that once she realizes that her pain is not alleviated through another person, she will either wise-up, or keep searching for another distraction in something else. But, that’s just a guess. The important thing is that you maintain your stable, emotional foundation and be the solid one for your son. Clearly, you are in an unenviable position – one that is not all that uncommon, I can assure you. But, you are not good to you, your job, or your son until you take care of yourself. That means shoving some food down. When I was at the same emotional depth, I could only eat if someone was eating with me. I had to eat all my meal with someone that could satisfactorily distract me just long enough for me to relax and get some food down. I also stayed with friends, and never alone. If you have anywhere else to go, it is best for your own mental and emotional well-being to leave – not for any other reason but to preserve yourself. I can only imagine how intolerable it is for you to be in the one place safer than anywhere else (your home), and have the person you love bring in so much negative energy. If she won’t leave, then it’s best for you to do whatever it takes to limit her affect upon you. The amount of weight you’re losing is alarming, and your health is an absolute priority. Your boy needs you. And, please stop judging yourself! Unless you banged her mother or sister on your front lawn, you do not deserve what is happening to you. Don’t define yourself by the situation. Rather, try and separate yourself from what is happening by focusing on your strengths. Write them down if you have to! Recite them daily, because your solid traits have not waned or vanished though this turmoil. Lastly, do not project into the future whether or not you will be with her, or without her. No one knows right now. Just live in the present moment. That is all you have, and the present minute is all that matters. Be as mindful as possible throughout each hour to just stay in the moment. That will help you to get to the other side of this. Again, I am sorry you are hurting, my friend. Seize the man within you, pick him up, dust him off, walk tall, and move forward moment by moment. -JP

  112. McG says:

    Hi, thanks for the article. This is my second sleepless night now after our breakup over 2 months ago. Have been averaging about 4hours a night. I have been feeling really anxious and scared for the past week or so.

    The story is, she is a co-worker and I see her everyday in work. We split up and I know she is definately not the girl for me but now she has jumped into a relationship with another guy at work and now I have to see that which is causing me massive anxiety and chest pains. After we split I didn’t really care at al for monthsl until I seen her move on with someone else. I don’t want her back as I know its not the girl for me but seeing her everyday with another guy is killing me.

    I have decided to take a couple of days off work because of this as I feel absolutely exhausted and worn out.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hey, Andy. Great to hear from you – though, not under these conditions. I went through a breakup like yours at my first job after college at a huge, well-known company. It was hell because I still had feelings and she was dating a Sales guy in another department, then I would see the two of them at work, at lunch, and in the company gym after work. I’ve heard 100 similar work-related breakup stories. They are always extremely painful for at least one of the participants. It’s why we’re not supposed to date at work ….. yet, most marriages are traced back to a work encounter/meeting. I’m not about to lecture you on the “dating coworkers” premise – as most of us have done so – some unscathed, others with the battle scars. You’ve, unfortunately, come away with the short straw on this one. That said, you do not need to suffer like this. I don’t blame you for taking a couple of days off. Clearly, this is only a short-term solution. Can you use your vacation time to give yourself a break and getting stronger prior to going back? Your own well-being is paramount. And, if this is going to be unbearable for you – OR – if it’s going to lead to you getting fired, or risking your career, then you need a plan. I managed to just steer clear of my ex at work. But, we had a large campus, and I was always worried about running into her. Eventually, things calmed down for me, and I stopped caring. But, being around the person we long for and must see with someone else is a torturous way to get through a breakup. That said, it’s also probably the fastest way to get through one. But, I suspect this is all more about YOU then her. You were doing okay for quite some time until you saw her seemingly happy with someone else. That is getting to you more than anything else. This tells me that your current state-of-mind and unhappiness/anxiety/depression is about where you feel you are in life then where she is. Consequently, your new goal should be to reach a point of indifference, and where you can honestly wish her well. Seems ridiculous at this moment, I know. But, until you can actually feel the feelings, fake them. Envision you are there – that you really do feel this way for her. This is imperative, Andy. Why?? Because, when you do, the same will happen for you. It’s one of those twisted nuances of the universe. We get back what we put out there. I’m not Zen Buddha … but, this is the case for all of us. We reap what we sow. Sooooo, start sowing some positive mojo, brother!! It’s the right thing to do. Dig deep, and try to feel happy for her because it will free you in the end. You aren’t doing this so much for her as you are yourself. This will unequivocally free you from the negative emotions of disdain, jealousy, and self-loathing. She’s worth it. And, YOU are worth it. Pray for her, just as you would pray for yourself. Wish her well – if only in your mind. And, eventually, as crazy as it sounds, the bonds of this despair and anxiety will be broken, friend. And, in the meantime, take care of yourself. Try breathing exercises before bedtime, eat well, EXERCISE daily, and take care of you. This will not be easy. It may be the most difficult thing you’ve done. But, you’re going to get through it, and be an even better man on the other side. The fact that you can discuss this at all tells me that you have it in you to overcome the sticking point. And, if I can do it, so can you. -JP

  113. Lina says:

    Woops posted my comment in the wrong place.

    Thanks JP, its encouraging to hear that I’m doing at least something right! Its been 4 months since d-day and still haven’t reached out to him. It makes me a little sad that he’s said nothing to me in all that time. But I’ve reached the point where I KNOW talking to him will do nothing to help me. Because I know that something changed in his mind about me irrevocably and nothing I say or do will change that. But that doesn’t take away the sadness or the pain or the what-if questions. I’m still struggling with this idea that this is not the kind of guy that you’re supposed to lose, the one you wait for your whole life: one that calls you EVERY night for a year to say goodnight I love you, was always there for me, and was loving and cute, brought gifts when he met my parents for the first time and played ping-pong with my dad, one with friends who adored me and were so much fun to hang out with and vacation with, one who never argued with me and was so smart and successful (investment banker haha). It was a very painless relationship and we gelled really well. I could go on and on. But then he moved away for business school, and an ivy league at that, and suddenly fell out of love like I mentioned before. I wonder if being around all those type A girls at school who are ridiculously successful made him question if I was good enough. I have a good career but I was never ambitious like him. Or maybe it was such a big life change that he couldn’t handle a long distance commitment. I’ll never know because the only answer I got was that his feelings were different and he didn’t know why. But maybe one day I’ll just stop asking why and that will be the ultimate release. Its definitely going to be really hard to find someone else who matches up and will stick around.

    I also feel SUPER guilty for defriending him and his friends on facebook (I know fb is silly) almost immediately after we broke up. It felt like a juvenile thing to do because I loved them a lot. But I just couldn’t stand to see reminders of him on their wall and I knew I didn’t have the self control to not look. I hope they don’t hate me and can remember all the good times we had. Did you ever feel bad about cutting contact with your ex’s friends?

    Also I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through another breakup. But given the great advice you’ve given everyone here, hopefully you will be okay really soon.

  114. Matt says:

    Thank you for this article. It makes me feel better knowing that others have gone through and survived these types of experiences.

    My ex recently ended our seven/eight year long-distance relationship (Which started on MSN and with phone calls; we live around 150 miles away from each other. And we never lived together.) by cheating on me with a random stranger she found on Craigslist, and then dumping me. For the past three years, the relationship was an emotional roller coaster with her saying she no longer loved me–breaking up with me, and then taking it all back 3-7 days later. Or we would agree to be friends with benefits only to find ourselves back in a relationship a week later. And I didn’t help matters with my crying, begging, etc. In my defense though, she would break up over the phone, provide little explanation, and then hang up on me. That’s how she operates. I remember one time she waited to break up with me right before she went on a trip with her family to Italy… We’re talking on the phone, everything seemed fine, then, bam, “I want to break up,” then she hung up on me. But during her trip she would e-mail me to tell me things like, “I wish you were here.” After her trip, we got back together.

    I think we remained together for so long because we’re both insecure basket cases with anxiety, with me being the most insecure, I think. She would tell me things like she was afraid of being alone and that she thought she was fat and ugly (she was neither). We were also each other’s first. She was my first kiss and girlfriend as well.

    Relatively recently, she started seeing a psychiatrist and taking medication for her anxiety. So what I think happened is she slowly eased herself out of the relationship unbeknownst to me (I thought we were still working it out). I mean, not two weeks ago before she cheated on me, during a visit around Thanksgiving, she was talking about how I was her “safe spot.” And a month before that she was talking to me about what I thought about adoption, having kids, and marriage…

    Regardless, It’s too bad she didn’t use her new found confidence to, you know, break up with me in person and stand her ground instead of giving some stranger she found on Craigslist a handjob, not tell me about it for a week while telling me she loved me–and make plans with me to hang out for the following weekend. When she did finally confess, she did it over the phone, left out the handjob part, and then broke up with me. It wasn’t until a few days later when she finally started answering my questions that she told me about the handjob… And she told me because she thought the encounter didn’t bother me… (I lied because I was confused and desperate). I told her that her cheating actually turned me on… I know, confusing. What ended up happening is we started to plan on seeing each other for sex, but then that fell through because she changed her mind a day later and said she needed space and time to heal; and that she didn’t feel right about having sex with me. Then she told me that we might talk again in 2013 and be friends, but she didn’t know. Meanwhile, I was able to contact the guy she cheated on me and I did so because I wanted to know the extent of the relationship. Then my ex and I got into a fight where I told her she was full of shit, that her friendship with me was fabricated, and that her love was bullshit. This ended with her telling me that she never wanted to speak with me again. Then, two days later, my ex contacts me to tell me how I got into contact with the guy she was with. So I lied to my ex about contacting the guy by saying he contacted me first (which makes absolutely no sense), which scared her because she thought the guy was stalking her. After 10 minutes of continuing this lie, I finally told her the truth since she was becoming distressed and didn’t believe me to begin with. Then she blew up and hung up on me. I e-mailed her telling her that I was confused, hurt, desperate… which is why I lied and why I contacted the guy she cheated on me with, but she responded with basically she never wanted to talk to me again, that she wasn’t my friend, that she wasn’t my girlfriend… and that she’s moving on with her life. This hurt me immensely because 1) she lied to me about loving me for the past few years (she told me she **once** loved me though) 3) she was callous towards my feelings this entire time and was during the course of much of our relationship… 4) she was the closest person in my life, who I had completely trusted, and she backstabbed me by cheating me on. And when she started disclosing the details of her infidelity (back when I pretended it didn’t bother me) she told me in this voice that indicated she was getting turned on by the memory of it, which contradicted how I imagined it. I imagined this sad naive girl getting drunk and grabbing the closest guy to make out with him so she can prove to herself and her boyfriend that the relationship was over. The reality is that she scoped out some guy she thought was cute on craigslist, planned to meet him, met him, made out with him in some park, then jerked him off.
    So, I did something extremely stupid. I e-mailed her this letter basically outlining everything she did to me, in detail, how she cheated on me… how she let the guy cum on her dress (she told me this), how she told me she is bi-curious, how she told me she was turned on by the idea of me paying her for sex (we had this conversation when we began making plans to see each other just for sex), etc. How she was a bitter bitch, how she treated me like garbage these past few years. How she talked trash about her family– but that it wasn’t her family that was the problem, that it was her, etc. Basically, I aired out a bunch of dirty laundry, sent it to her… and then forwarded the same email to her family members and friends THROUGH her email (I guessed her email pass). To make matters worse, she lives with her family still, isn’t very close to them and is an extremely private person. And this is exactly why I did it. I wanted to betray her in the worst way possible because she betrayed me. I wanted everyone to know what she did.

    Then I instantly regretted what I had done and started apologizing through texts, voicemail, email, etc. I even Facebook messaged her mom apologizing. But I got no response. Then a week or so later, my ex emails me saying she didn’t hate me, she isn’t angry, that she appreciates the apology, but that she isn’t my friend nor girlfriend anymore. And that she could never speak to me again because of the pain I caused her, that she is moving on with her life, and if I “harass” her family or friends again, she’ll get the authorities involved. Then she wished me a happy new year and a good life.

    It’s been, I think, around 12 days since that e-mail. I’ve contacted her once in response to it in which I rehashed what she did to me and the harm she caused, then told her never to email me again. Then I texted her a week after that telling her that I was sorry, that I am grateful for her forgiveness, that I missed her, and that she was best friend.

    Anyways, that’s how I lost my best friend and my first girlfriend.

    I was very nice to this girl. I’d work a 9-hour shift, and then drive 4 hours just to see her. Or I’d buy expensive flowers and gifts for her after we’d have a fight that she started. I can go on and on and on… I always supported her emotionally and tried to build her self-esteem. The same can’t be said about her towards me.

    I don’t think she’s a bad person, but she didn’t know what she wanted, strung me along (I didn’t help things), was callous towards my feelings, and she cheated.

    Right now, I don’t know what to do. It’s difficult not to think of her. I want to talk to her. I want to see her. I miss her. But I know that e-mail changed everything between us. Most likely (100% likely), we will never speak to or see each other again. But, then again, that may be for the best. At first I regretted that email I sent, but then I remember what she had done…. she cheated on me. I imagine her smiling and making out with another man that I will never see, and then I get extremely angry. I’m just a confused mess.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Thank you for your email, Matt. I am actually going to email you directly rather than replying here. Your ex was/is emotionally abusive, and you are the victim of emotional abuse. It’s often worse than physical abuse because of the mental anguish and recovery time. Trust that the single best thing you can do is to never, ever have contact with her again. She is a toxic hurricane of a human that will take you down. I am going to send you something I want you to read. Hang tough. -JP

      • darren says:

        Hi Jp…wow what an article. Hi Matt I just want you to know I’ve just been through a very similar experience to yourself and its been 5 weeks now since she broke up with me on our 22nd month anniversary( which my ex acted as if it meant a lot to her) mine too is a long story and I’d like to be able to share it with you at some point but also to jp…please could you too send me the same thing you wanted matt to read as I am suffering with severe depression and emotional trauma on the past. Jp, if you would like me to post my story here I’m happy to do so but really need some help and hope what you sent matt can help me too. Your article is the first time I’ve been able to control any thoughts I’ve had. I’m more than a mess I’m no longer the same person.

  115. Sleven says:

    hey great posting im glad I found this. Me and my brother ex were deeply in love for 6 months in a 3 hr distance relationship. one day at work she text me said it was over. she strung me along for two weeks till I made a drunken ass out of my self at a party she invited me to. then told me she only saw me as a friend and I told her no thanks. By about a month after the break up she had pictures of her and a new guy on her facebook and I lost which led me to making a drunk ass out of myself again and us having a falling out. I think im ending phase 2 and slowly moving into phase 3. i hav been going to counseling for depression and anxiety over this. I hope it ends soon, but your article helped and provided for a good read amd good laughes.

    • Sleven says:

      idk how i got typeo but it shouldnt say my brothers ex it should say me and my ex

      • JP Hatcher says:

        Hi, Scott. Do not judge yourself for your actions. You are a compassionate, caring, guy – the kind a healthy woman wants to have. I don’t know the nuances of your relationship with her, but she definitely had her hooks in ya. Ask yourself if you would have chosen her if you felt better about yourself when you started dating. I am betting you would not have. I can tell you from experience, that I have chosen the absolute worst women for myself at my lower points. Such people reflect and validate how we are currently feeling. So, stay out of relationships for a bit, until you feel you are on solid ground. As for your ex, she sounds young. Young love is fickle and has no bearing on how great of a guy you could be. And, if I had a dime for every instance that Facebook has caused turmoil in a breakup …. or, has even caused breakups – well, I’d be loaded. I cannot wait til the day Facebook goes the way of MySpace. Get her off your social media sites, and get to feeling better about YOU. I am glad to hear you are in counseling. Just remember that feelings and thoughts do NOT equal facts. And, that you will probably never figure this out. I want you to focus on you, and what you need to feel less anxious and depressed. I assure you, there are plenty of caring, patient women out there for ya. I hear from them all the time. Women who are feeling the same way you are at this moment, because they chose someone from a low point. You are hereby on “dating probation” for 90-days, my good man. This is the season of Scott. Work accordingly. -JP

  116. Stephen says:

    What a brilliant read, it is really satisfying to know that im not the only one this has every happened to. I went through a break up (my first after 5 years with her) around 4 months ago and have only just began to let go/ work towards step 3. Although i would have loved to have found this at the time, i think for some people they need to just experience it because i wouldn’t have believed it was possible to feel good again a few months ago.

    Anyway thanks for having written this. I was laughing at the ridiculousness of my behaviour when reading it!

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hey, Stephen! I am VERY grateful for the feedback – thank you. Trust by the volume of emails and posts that I receive, that you are anything but alone in your process of healing. And, five years is a long relationship, which – unfortunately – yields a long recovery. If it has been 4 months, then you are almost there. You will find yourself thinking of her less and less, until one day you realize that you barely think of her at all. My guess is that your next relationship will yield a greater degree of happiness than the last. I truly believe things end because we’ve got something better coming our way. Sometimes, fate needs a swift kick in the ass …. even though it hurts in the chest. My very best to you, Stephen! I am happy for your great progress thus far. -JP

  117. Pete says:

    I don’t often comment on posts but I found yours very refreshing and summed up in some instances exactly how I feel. I wanted to be one of the many comment supporters to tell you how important such an article is for people like myself who can’t just treat a break up so lightly and forget about it all.

    My own story is that my partner returned after three weeks after starting a graduate scheme. I sort of knew it could be the end of our relationship beforehand or at least I was the nay-sayer, simply because there was a chance she’d be based in another country (although not a very far one). But she was the one who told me to be optimistic. She comes back and I knew that spark was gone. She’d rationally thought at what are chances of us being happy in a situation and came to the conclusion it wouldn’t work. I was devastated.

    We did a lot of the things you have mentioned, such as stay together for the next few days, had sex, kissed and cuddled. It was as if everything was normal but we were over. I guess she felt she owed it me and I know that she still loved me, but that spark was gone.

    Over the course of the Christmas holidays I saw her a couple of times but as every self help article says, everytime you see them you want them to be the way they were but you don’t realise it’s all changed or at the very least you don’t want it too. It’s 3 steps forward, 4 steps back. She finally got all her stuff last Thursday and it made me feel numb.

    I’ve already rambled on a lot but I think you realise after the initial grief that maybe things weren’t as good as you thought. Some people like myself simply find it hard to let go and be single. I have realised I need to find myself as you and many other people have said but it’s a tough one when you’re grieving. I’m positive about the future but you can’t help getting the anxiety of the unknown.

    Thanks again for such a positive article and your steps are all so true! I could literally write a part for each bit of what I did and where I went wrong. Right now, I guess I am between 2 and 3, which isn’t bad seeing as I only saw her less than a week ago.

    On a parting note I also think that all the commentors have been very helpful being open about how they feel. I hope that maybe someone reads my comment and it helps them a bit in some way because some of your comments have helped me put my own mess into perspective.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Pete, I am honored to have heard from you. I am moved by your words, and impressed by your insight, ability to overcome, and how far you are already along in your own healing. You are ahead of the game – truly. You are definitely one of a litany of us who take breakups and loss as a sledgehammer to the sternum. And, I just gotta tell you – your breakup is so similar to the one this article is based upon that it’s uncanny. My ex got into medical school in NY, and left me in CA. I assumed – based on our talks – that we’d stay together and date until she completed school. But, she became so incensed and enraged that I did not opt to move with her, that she did precisely what your ex did to you. And, you already know the reset of the story! I never got her back. And, I made an ass of myself trying. I unintentionally hurt her, and she intentionally hurt me back. So, not only are you not alone …… but, we have experienced a very parallel loss. Now that I’ve gained some distance, I’m actually glad things worked out as they did. And, SO WILL YOU. You have stated some incredibly insightful things in your letter.You really have a solid handle of these things. Especially the part about the realization that things are better as a memory, and they really weren’t as good as the false construct we create in our minds after the fact. Nevertheless, you are owning this recovery like your personal bitch. Incredible. I am proud of you, and I don’t even know ya, Drew. Keep up the incredible work. You are truly an inspiration to us all. And, to me. -JP

      • Pete says:

        Thanks for the kind words JP, you really are an empathetic individual. You are providing a virtual shoulder to cry on for us heart broken to get through this rough patch and ready for the next bump in the road. So you thanks again, it means a lot.

        It sure is a tough one when you break up over distance because you still love that person but then a lot of that has been built through being around each other, how does that transfer to such a distance, not very well from past experience! At the same time in my case I think it just brought out the cracks and we would never have been strong enough to keep going anyway. You can’t help loving it makes us human, so I am trying to embrace the pain for what it is.. That’s the main thing I hold on to through these hard times. I am trying to be strong but it is a day at a time right now.

        Keep up the good work on your site and make sure you get that book published. We (us heart broken) need a bit of humor at times like this and yours hits the spot! :)

  118. Dan says:

    Thanks for this. So well written and true. I’m going through the early days of a breakup. I was cheated on and I know my ex is already planning new hook ups. I’m having some up and down days, I dislike what my ex did but I think I mourn the loss of that closeness with him more. We still have to live together until we can sort out getting rid of our apartment. My anxiety is through the roof and seeing myself having a future or being happy seems impossible. How do I get through the first few weeks? Thanks

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Dan. I greatly appreciate your email – though, I wish you weren’t suffering. As you can see from some of the comments, you are in good company. We are all kindred souls. Additionally, I receive even more emails than posts – and, unfortunately, there are a LOT of people going through the same or similar trials at the moment. Since you were cheated on, you already know what you need to know about your ex. That there’s a special place in “karmic hell” for them ;-) But, that certainly doesn’t alleviate the pain – not a bit. We miss even those whom have done us wrong, simply because we spent so much time with them, while sharing so much intimacy. It’s those we’ve been closest too who can hurt us the most. My best advice to you is to get out of the apartment until your ex is gone. Stay with family, a friend, a coworker – whomever you need to stay with to get you away from a very toxic environment. That is your most pressing issue right now. You are in the midst of the fire, and you will only continue to burn there. So, remove yourself from the source. This isn’t just me talking. It’s called, “Opposite Action – of Love.” there are certain steps you should be taking in order to care for yourself and expedite your recovery. A primary step to take, is to do the opposite of what is driving you to want to reconcile with him. That means, no contact whatsoever, removing yourself from the situation, and focusing on YOU rather than him and what he is doing. While you are doing these things, you can also try eating healthy, getting sleep, and trying to exercise. You are the priority now. Act accordingly, and you will begin to get the upper hand on this, while getting your power back. Once you do, use it to keep moving AWAY from him – not devising how to “win” him back, or get back at him. You are the better man, my friend. I hope this helps somewhat. This WILL pass – and, you will find even great happiness – I have zero doubt. But, only if you first see how important you are, and believe that you are so worth it …… because you are. -JP

  119. Drew says:

    A Very well written article have to say, I haven’t smiled or even laughed for the last couple of weeks. This article is the kinda thing i needed to know i am not alone in the world of self-destruct. At the moment am at stage 1 and as am writing this comment my head feels like its gonna explode am anxious and sweaty cant even concentrate, well my story is i had been dating to the last two and a half years till recently everything just fell apart lose of interest, lazy at almost everything, annoying and not to mention lies and secrecy we stop having normal conversation like we used to, sex!!? “Sorry am tired maybe another time” i tried to reason with her but wasn’t working in the end she told me it’s best if we become friends Words one don’t want to here, we spoke almost everyday until i decided one day not to pick her calls and move on from there, basically i knew i had been dumped or there was someone else she was seeing. Well days went by we weren’t talking until i bumped into her at a friends birthday party on boxing day, we sat at the same table and boy it was very uncomfortable.

    The memories started flowing as i loved her so much and did not understand why she did the things she did i kinda dove into a blame myself state wishing things were different.

    WORSE, days after i sent her a text message in the hope she would reconsider and things could go back to the way they used to be doing everything together loads of great sex and stuff. Now here i am draining myself in sorrow.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Drew. You may be surprised to learn that I wrote this essay as a cathartic way to help heal myself. It wasn’t even meant to be funny. I found the humor in it later, as I began to recover. So, knowing that I am helping anyone at all ….. well, that’s a huge bonus. So, thank you for your kind words. It means a ton. I am writing a book based on this essay, and I hope that it helps even more people like us. Sadly, I have had another bad breakup since writing this piece – a recent one. But, adhering to my own advice has helped greatly. First and foremost, I feel your pain – literally. So, feel some solace in the fact you do not walk this walk solo by any stretch of the imagination. Secondly, you will not explode or otherwise combust. Just be sure to stay far, far away from her. Get away from the source of your pain, my friend. Trust me on this. And, try not to become nostalgic for the past. It was certainly not as good as your mind is not creating it to be. We always romanticize what was. Just be realistic as to how things really were. As with everyone whom has written to me regarding their similar pain and suffering, you are clearly not alone in your suffering. That said, you will recover from what feels like a horrible loss. Then you will look back on it, from a much happier place, and realize that she wasn’t even right for you anyhow. -JP

  120. JP Hatcher says:

    Hi, Phil! Thank you for writing. And, don’t worry – break-ups are laced with anxiety, even for the “non-anxious.” In other words, you’re as normal as your peers (excluding me – I’m pretty damn anxious). I am very sorry to hear of your anxiety and heartache. My first thought regarding your breakup is around your ages. Unfortunately, except those born in the 1940′s, marriages and relationships that begin at 20 to about 25 never seem to last.This is due to how much personal growth and change that still has to take place during those formative years. So, no matter what you could have done – nor how amazing a man you are – the odds were already heavily stacked against you. Twenty year old women are built for fun – not relationships. And, despite your best intentions, you tried to make a “go” of it with her at that age. This is a common mistake of many men (including myself). And, more often than not, it ends with a painful sting to the heart. It appears that she handled it pretty well, and was fairly open with you. But, that hardly eases the pain. You are handling things in a textbook fashion for the most part. You are seeing a therapist and you’ve eliminated alcohol (a depressant). You are keeping a clear head, being accountable, and focusing on getting better. I like it!! Nice work, Phil – truly. You also don’t have a thing for which to blame yourself. You really don’t. This is an age thing, and if you want a relationship built to last, you’ve got to find someone older. Fortunately, women mature FAR quicker than men. The one thing I would now focus on, is feeling whole and content on your own. You do NOT need someone to complete you. You are a complete entity on your own. Honestly, the best thing you can do for yourself right now, is to stay clear of any relationships for quite a while. Co-dependency will only prevent you from knowing and loving who YOU really are. And, I can assure you, there’s a good man inside of you whom you should get to know. He’s worth it. I sound a little nuts, but trust me on this. And, please don’t give yourself a timeline with which to find “your other half.” You are both halves to your whole. We are complete entities alone. You want to find someone whom compliments you, and you her. Not someone whom fills a void within you. When you get to this point, you will know. And, you don’t want a woman whom relies upon you to fill her up either. Two whole entities in a relationship are like two fence-posts that, alone, can stand firm. In other words, avoid a leaning fence-post, and don’t be one yourself. You have everything you need to be “you” right within yourself. I am 100% certain of this. So, stay busy, stay sober, and stay true to yourself, Phil. You are doing the right things, and I’m proud of ya! Really. Keep me posted on your progress, and stay out of the past!! Focus on what matters right now: YOU. -JP

  121. Phil says:

    Thank you JP. This really helps. I am usually not anxious, because I am usually not single. I had a breakup almost a month ago, which came kinda surprising (like NOW?)
    but also I’ve expected for a while that she might want to feel free and whatnot. She was 20 when we started dating and I was 26 and soon enough I realized I could love this girl and be with her, and the it dawned that she probably wouldn’t. It didn’t make leave her though, instead I created an illusion that “she might realize..” and so on. “She’ll get older”.
    Then she asked for a pause. I knew immediatley that it was over, but went along, clinging to hope; but still saying to myself it was over. (and totally: Boy I’m taking this really well, I’ve matured, Yup…I’m strong)
    Then almost a week ago I started feeling depressed, interlaced with a growing angst followed by heavier and heavier panic attacks. I finally grew balls and met her to tell her it was over. The mistake we did (now obvious) was to spend one last night. We didn’t fuck or anything (thankfully) but instead it was a merry-go-round in tears and panic and guilt. I had a panic attack, she would take me out of it, then she would feel guilty and cry, and I’d comfort her, than we were fine for 45 minutes, whatching a movie, and then it would start again. I constantly forgot and remembered it was over. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking it was over, then noticed her and relaxed, before remebering it’s over and the a new panic attack rushed over me.
    I’m since feeling better and have together with my therapist started a plan which really helps me. Also I’ve quit drinking all together,

    I realize it wont be easy; it’s still fresh, I really did love her and still do, and I am a person whom, as of yet, seem to need to be with someone to feel complete. I feel sometimes my life doesn’t matter without someone to depend on and who depend on me. But I hope to find my other half within me the coming year.
    Anyways, (a lot of bla) thank you for this. I was funny, lighthearted and insightful. I think I’m verging between stage 1 and 2 so I’ll keep reading it. It was really good JP.

    Also people: I find it really helpful that my therapist gave me a tight schedule. It means that I feel I have to answer to him…that he depends on my and I on him. It’s been brilliant so far.

  122. teenytiny says:

    this is the best breakup article i have read in a long time. a major relationship just ended, about as mutual as a breakup could get and we are not angry with one another, but man, grocery shopping today just pushed me over a panicky edge. i still really love him but he is so scared of getting close and moving forward, and i am in my mid-30′s and want a lasting, stable thing. so it is definitely over. but he texts me all day about how much he misses me. i think i am getting closer to ok, and then i’m at the store, and that terrible coldplay song comes on and i realize i’m buying the ingredients of our favorite dinner and boom, panic. i come home, hit the google, and found this, thank god. as a lady, i cannot relate to those pink books anyhow. they tell girls to get hobbies. who needs to know how to have their own interests? sheesh! and thanks. this is helpful

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Jessica! The best?! Really?? Wow … thank you! Sounds like you had a healthy breakup. I mean … as “healthy” as a breakup could be. You’re feeling very nostalgic right now. So, I recommend that you take my advice and change your venues – that includes grocery stores and what you make. Whatever meals you shared, should not be made for quite some time. This is an excellent opportunity to branch-out a little and broaden your culinary expertise. And, if you’re in your mid-thirties (young!) and he isn’t on the same page regarding a life-long commitment, then you’ve made the RIGHT choice. It is definitely time to bounce. Embrace your anxiety and panic. Hug it and lick it until you don’t fear it anymore. It’s a natural feeling right now. I just gave away 2 hermit crabs that I had for 3 years. I even miss them! Anything good – or, that lives in a shell or pineapple in the sea – that has been around for awhile is going to be missed. As for him texting you – it needs to stop. Tell him to stop, or call your provider and block incoming calls/texts from his number. If not, you are prolonging pain unnecessarily! I am certain that he misses you. But, he wants you around in the capacity that is convenient for HIM. Well, that’s not acceptable for what you need, and that’s okay. Let him know what living without you is like. That includes receiving your texts. Right now, you and your happiness are priority #1. -JP

  123. A. Deer says:

    I’m a female but found this to be the BEST article I’ve read in the last 5 months since my breakup. Even though I BROKE UP WITH HIM I felt all of these same things you mentioned above. Because i was forced to make the call he wasnt strong enough to make. I even lost my mind and tried to give it a second chance and created a plan to ease him back into the idea of being together again THEN that ship naturally burned + sank and I broke it off with him AGAIN. Talk about feeling completely backasswards. I keep putting him on a petistal when in fact he deserves to be smacked in the face with it instead. I will never understand how someone can just stop feeling even before the relationship is ended. I will never understand someone who takes things for granted + gives up. I will never understand someone that moves on in less time it takes to brush your teeth. I will never understand. But that’s the thing I need to know most. You can’t understand someone who isn’t right for you. You just can’t. So stop trying! I think I’m somewhere between phase 2 and 3 but I set myself on fire again to get there. It burned more the second time but at least I knew for sure it wasn’t me who was the problem. Thank you for writing this. I might actually sleep tonight. Every time I feel sad or anxious I’m going to read this again. It made me smile for the first time in 5 months. It made me feel less crazy to know I’m not alone. You should write a book I immediately!!!

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hello, “Jhdavani.” Thank you for the email and your very kind words regarding my essay. You will be happy to know that I am writing a book based on this essay. I have almost completed my first draft of the initial manuscript. I have a long way to go, but I know it will help a lot of people – including …. me. Anyhow, back to you! It seems you’ve got a great head on ya, and you know what you want and need going forward. The best thing you can do at this point is sever all contact so that you can move on and meet the guy whom you are supposed to be with – the man whom wants to commit to you 100%. Also, whenever you find yourself trying to figure out his behavior say the word, “STOP!” Even if people nearby give you weird looks. You can also keep a hairband or rubber-band on your wrist and snap it every time you start ruminating. It’s the opposite of Pavlov’s Dog’s response – trust me. Soon, your mind will associate the ruminating with pain and punishment. It’s not as sadistic as it sounds. Or … it is. But, it works! I’m a HUGE ruminator, and I have to hit my genitals with a rubber mallet to make it stop. Almost. It’s a waste of your mental energy because you cannot crawl into his crazy brain to figure him out. You’re really good at this recovery thing. I can tell by what you’ve written. I love your feedback because it will help others. And, know that you are nowhere near alone. I am even going through a very similar bout. I was with a trainwreck of a woman recently. And, it’s exactly what you describe. Sometimes, when people are so bad for us, we have no other option but to PAY ATTENTION! This guy is just that bad for you. Congratulations for extending him the multiple opportunities to be present within your relationship. He failed. And, a heartier “Congratulations” for knowing when to walk. He clearly missed a great woman. Sleep well knowing this, and keep yourself busy with work, friends, hobbies, and “YOU” until you’re ready to meet a much more appropriate suitor. As men, we often don’t know what we’ve got until she’s gone. I hope when he realizes this, you are actually gone! ;-) -JP

  124. amy thompson says:

    Thank you for this. It is brilliantly written and it absolutely helps to know that men have feelings too after a break-up.
    Unfortunately I was let go by my boyfriend last week. We dated for over a year and I gave him so much love, patience and respect. He said I was the nicest girl he ever knew and he told me everything he loved about me. He said he didn’t feel things the way he should and that he wasn’t sure if he appreciated me the way he should. I don’t understand why. I am an extremely easy going girl friend. I gave him no drama, only tender love and happiness. Then he walked away and gave me up. I keep wondering if he feels anything. I have no idea what his thoughts are. I deleted his number and he hasn’t contacted me.
    It hurts so much. I feel like a knife is inside my chest all the time. It actually is giving me physical pain. He is all I can think about. I love him with all my heart. I need to let go. I am letting go.
    Again, thank you. You are a real man of good character and heart. You are a special person.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Amy. First of all … THANK YOU for the kind words. It means so very much to me. Second, I do not know the age of your ex, nor the circumstances surrounding your relationship. But, I DO know guys. And, we are more complicated then we let on. The single best thing you can do is to avoid ALL contact. Trust me on this. He needs to realize what he’s lost, and he needs to miss you. That said, do not hold out hope for a different outcome. He sounds like one of those guys – like I was when I was a few years younger – whom does not appreciate things until it’s far too late. I know it seems cliche and annoying to hear at the moment – but, down the road, and while you are in the arms of a man whom truly values and appreciates you for the amazing woman you are, you will be so very thankful for the fact he released you into the wild for a better man to capture your love and admiration. I believe this wholeheartedly, and so should you. Let me give you an very personal example. Me. The single best girlfriend I ever had was 4 years ago. Her name was Carly, and she loved and adored me in a way that I was simply not able to comprehend or appreciate …. until way later. When she walked, I went back to her and tried to show her that I realized what I had, I had learned my lesson, etc. etc. She would have none of it. Trust was, her overwhelming love and pure healthy attraction to me freaked me out. I wasn’t ready. It takes guys til at MINIMUM age 35 to grow-up. She was the greatest thing I let slip away. She won’t even talk to me now. And, if and when he realizes what he has lost, you won’t want to talk to him either. Just do me a favor: Don’t reach out to him ever again, and move forward – now. It’s simply not your job to hasten his lesson. He will learn in his own time. And, you will be long gone. Stay the course, Amy. And, know that I – and, so many others – are with you side-by-side in spirit. You are not defined by his shortcomings. The best is yet to come for you. -JP

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Thank you for your email and very, very kind words, Amy. It means the world to me. And, I can assure you that most men have feelings – they just don’t know what to do with them. I am so sorry you are hurting right now. I am glad your ex was open and honest with you. That said, it doesn’t help with what you’re feeling. I don’t know your exact situation, but so many people our there are dating without the ability to give back, or even receive the love they think they want. Those people are NOT for you. I don’t know why he could not feel more. But, it certainly isn’t any shortcomings on your part. You can walk away knowing you were the best version of yourself, and you took your bond seriously and presented yourself extremely well. He was not able to match your efforts, and he bowed-out. Unfortunately, no matter how kindly he did it, the pain you feel is not lessened. First of all, stop thinking about his in the context that, “He left you” or “He gave you up.” You invested a lot of your most valuable asset (“you”) into this relationship, and there were diminishing returns. Consequently, you know he is not right for YOU. Right? It’s not so much that you need to let him go – it’s that you need to do right by you. You wouldn’t invest in a steadily declining stock. So, you certainly shouldn’t be placing your heart and emotions into a relationship that provides no ROI. Forgive the stock analogy. My point is that you and your feelings are worth FAR more, and deserve to be placed accordingly. Rather than focusing on how seemingly great he was, focus on how great/valuable/wonderful/dedicated/compassionate/fun/and happy you are. Invest accordingly, my dear! -JP

  125. Neil Kapoor says:

    Here’s my problem..I’m at stage one. Haven’t left it and its been about three weeks since the breakup. She literally is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen..we’ve been together for four years and I don’t understand how she can be so cold about this.

    It makes no sense that she’s not feeling the hurt, heartbreak, and anxiety that I’m feeling. I needed physical pain to offset me emotional pain so I got a 12 inch tattoo going down my side. Nothing to do with her or anything…it was a tattoo I’ve wanted for years, just finally got it.

    The problem for me is that I can’t stop thinking about the unbelievable sex we had for four years straight without it getting old. I don’t sleep at night because i think she’s out there doing what we used to do with another guy.

    My heart rate has been at high levels since the breakup and can’t find a way to calm down. This article is the first sign of light at the end of the tunnel.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hey, Neil! First off, it has only been 3 weeks, my friend! Cut yourself some slack. It takes what it takes. Three weeks is nothing in the grand scheme of it all. You are also idealizing her at this point. I have seen a plethora of hot women – and, I did you not – every day I think I’ve seen the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Here’s what else I know. Women handle emotions much differently than men. They are uncannily adept at turning off their emotions. This does NOT mean she is not hurting, or feeling everything you are. This simply means she is much better than you are turning it all off. I have seen this more than once, and was equally shocked at what appeared to be the ease to which the girl flipped the switch. Don’t be fooled. Trying to understand it beyond this, is a waste of your time, emotions, and focus. No one spends four years with someone and doesn’t suffer the loss – no one. But, that doesn’t mean you should do four more years with her. Someone one told me that, “The things we want, and the things we need are not the same.” Focus on this for a bit. It just might help set you free from the mental tyranny you are placing yourself under. Congrats on the tattoo, by the way. And, know … yes, KNOW that I feel your pain. I ended-up in the ER after a breakup because of chest pains and irregular heartbeats. I also lost 12 pounds. Do me a huge favor: Do NOT do this to yourself. I beg of you. Love yourself more than I loved myself. I can assure you, Neil, you’re gonna rise above this. YOU WILL. I am the absolute WORST at breakups and feeling despair. Yet, I have been through a few – one very recent. And, I am able to see the light as well. Because if you scored that one, you are gonna score another. That’s not an issue. I get hung-up on the sex thing too. But, I’m serious – as my dad said, there’s nothing between her legs you aren’t gonna find between 100 other sets. You may just be pleasantly surprised. As for her being with another guy – your thoughts/anxieties do NOT equal facts. It’s a mind-f@ck that you’ve got to stop feeding. You have no idea what she’s doing. She could be volunteering with the homeless to find herself for all you know. Stop with the stinkin’ thinkin’. Whenever I do this – and, I do it a ton – I focus on my work, my writing, and the things I’m great at. And, I soon realize how my next woman is going to be better than all the ones previous. I’ve been right every time. And, you will be too. Please take the steps you need to take to get through this initial depressive period. See your doctor, and get some anti-anxiety pills and/or sleeping meds to get you over the rough spot. I took Ativan and sleeping pills to help me over the hump. Just use judiciously and without booze!! And, please let me know how you are progressing. Okay?? -JP

  126. Tim says:

    Great article. I’m over 3 months into my breakup and felt extreme anxiety today. I’ve read so much but this is the first article that really describes what I’m going through and just wanted to thank you. I don’t think I’m near stage 3 yet but I can see some hope. I’m still idolising her and go through spells of thinking of ways to win her back. I made most of the mistakes that you describe so I’m at a point that I know anything I say or do wont get her back and I’m trying to hold on to any dignity that I might have left.

    I felt compelled to leave a comment as someone mentioned above, there is some relief knowing your not the only one going through this. Thanks again

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Thank you for your post, Timmie. I don’t know how long you were together, but the 3-month mark is a typical spot for some anxiety. The heart somehow knows these anniversary points in our recovery. It happens with recovering addicts as well. What you’re feeling is totally normal and par-for-the-course. Just ride it out, brother. And, you are NOT alone. And, never feel bad about having a heart, feelings, or the ability to give of yourself wholeheartedly. The next chick is gonna reap the rewards this one so foolishly discarded. And, if she does happen to come back – I hope it’s when you’re over her. Stay frosty, friend. Good things are coming for you! -JP

      • Tim says:

        Thanks JP, just saw your reply now. 6 months later now and I stupidly looked at her facebook. ( I feel I’ll look petty de-friending). Near the end of the relationship I was seeing signs she was into a guy she worked with. Of course she denied this and said I was being paranoid. It’s clear now that she has been with this guy so I’m really hurt about this and especially about being “paranoid” when my instincts were correct.

        I realise I’m being pathetic and it’s her right to do what makes her happy. We were only together a year but she was the first girl I’ve ever been in love with at the age of 26. It’s taking all my energy not to contact her. I logically know I’ll end up with someone who is better for me but I’m just having a hard time trying to get rid of the pain I feel. Since my last post I did meet her out one night and did all the begging and saying things will be different but it was like talking to the wall. Our biggest problem in the relationship that I know of was me being quiet at times. I’m really working on it and just my general self confidence. (I’m not really bad I just get into my head too much at times) She knew I was working at this but still ended it.

        I’m sorry for this rant, but just getting stuff out as I think my friends and family are fed up with hearing about it which I understand. I work across the road from her so I see her from time to time which kills me. I think I should be over by now so I’m just worried that I still feel like this.

  127. Mariano says:

    I’ve been searching for breakup/heartbreak articles written by dudes (or for dudes, at least), and, no kidding, 95% of the articles are written by chicks and for chicks. It’s extremely annoying to feel as if you’re the only guy on the planet who can get so anxious, emotional and depressed over a breakup… as I am right now.

    It sucks that we’re almost always portrayed as the bad guys, when heartbreak is as real for us as it is for women. At least they can stay in bed for days on end watching Bridget Jones’ Diary, and blubbering uncontrollably to their best friends.

    We don’t have those tools. Centuries and centuries of social conditioning have engraved almost at a genetic level the notion that it is not socially acceptable for a man to cry, or be depressed or be frail. We have to be perpetually stoic. Well, I’m not going to apologize for being a sensitive and emotional guy.

    I can’t thank you enough for posting this. Not only was it informative, entertaining and funny as hell, it also helped me find some solace since now I know that I’m not the only guy who has to go through this BS.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Mariano. Well, I cannot thank YOU enough for the valued feedback. Kindred souls, brother. And, you absolutely nailed it. We are, indeed, conditioned to live this way. I love that you said you make no apologies for being a “real” and present person. YES!! Golden. Embrace the man you are. Not only because it’s rare and the way you should be – but, because any woman worth your time and emotions will treasure and value those EXACT characteristics. Hell, so many women constantly complain because they cannot find a man with “feelings” and the ability to openly communicate. Clearly, by the replies to this essay and the many emails I’ve received, there are a lot of us out there. I wish you the absolute best, Mariano – truly. And, the fastest recovery possible. I am glad I could help in some small way. You are definitely not alone. Here’s to your healing … -JP

  128. Robert Z says:

    Thanks for writing this bud, it describes my recent life pretty well, except I hate the heavy metal :P

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Thank you, Robert. The feedback means a lot. I still listen to the metal at least once a day to keep my heart black and calloused – ha! And, I seriously hate it too. But, it beats the hell outta Maroon5 and Coldplay. -JP

  129. Lina says:

    Awesome article, thank you so much for writing this. I have been really good about not talking to my ex bf, haven’t spoken/contacted him since the day we broke up. Its been 2 months since then. I’m doing better than I was a month ago. I think im in between Phase II and III. I’m struggling with not putting him on a pedestal. To me he was the smartest, most successful and loving person I will ever meet and can’t imagine meeting someone better who will care about me as much as he did. Silly things like the fact that I went as his date to his best friends wedding makes me sad. Who will ever take me as their date to a wedding?! I never ever imagined he could just fall out of love and hurt me, through no fault of my own (his words not mine). Its really hard to see what the problems were in our relationship, except that at the end he suddenly stopped loving me. I really liked your line in one of the comments about we attract those that reflect how we feel about ourselves.

    Thanks again…made me laugh alot :)

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Lina! First off, a hearty CONGRATS for not reaching out to your ex!! That’s just damn impressive. Honestly, I still fail at this. I even sent a text last night. It was an egregious error. I am happy to hear that you are feeling some bit of relief. You are definitely idealizing him out of nostalgia now. You’ve got to get control of those thoughts. It’s almost funny how people become so grandiose and almost flawless as time passes. What happens is that we focus on the few nuggets of good, while giving those little moments all of this power. Meanwhile, we downplay the negatives and real facets of the relationship. Next thing we know, we’ve come to realize that we just lost the single greatest partner we’ll ever have in our lives. Except ….. we didn’t. this is all a totally false construct of the person and scenario that we’ve created in our whirling minds while in the midst of our sadness. It’s absolute self-sabotage, and you will see the relationship for what it truly was once you gain some distance. You will also see the nuances of the gray areas. Sure, there were some great things. Nothing is all good or bad – all black or white. But, there were also some bad things about it, and it was not the right relationship for you, nor was he the right guy. And, he is hardly the only guy whom would take you as a date to a wedding!!! You have given the wedding event way too much weight as well. You somehow merged some of your worth with him and what he says and does. You are a strong, independent woman. I know this because you’ve shown it over the past couple of months. You WILL meet someone whom is better and “safe” (worthy of your emotional investment) for you, and you WILL love again! Keep in mind that you have no idea where his head was. That is completely independent of you. Meaning, there are so many people among us who should never be entering into relationships because they don’t have their head straight at the time. So, focus on YOU. This is your time now, and make the most of it to get completely back on your feet and feeling better. And, when you are feeling prime (or, close to it), you will allow the right man into your life. Until then, maintain some boundaries to protect your most valuable asset: YOU. -JP

      • Lina says:

        Thanks JP, its encouraging to hear that I’m doing at least something right! Its been 4 months since d-day and still haven’t reached out to him. It makes me a little sad that he’s said nothing to me in all that time. But I’ve reached the point where I KNOW talking to him will do nothing to help me. Because I know that something changed in his mind about me irrevocably and nothing I say or do will change that. But that doesn’t take away the sadness or the pain or the what-if questions. I’m still struggling with this idea that this is not the kind of guy that you’re supposed to lose, the one you wait for your whole life: one that calls you EVERY night for a year to say goodnight I love you, was always there for me, and was loving and cute, brought gifts when he met my parents for the first time and played ping-pong with my dad, one with friends who adored me and were so much fun to hang out with and vacation with, one who never argued with me and was so smart and successful (investment banker haha). It was a very painless relationship and we gelled really well. I could go on and on. But then he moved away for business school, and an ivy league at that, and suddenly fell out of love like I mentioned before. I wonder if being around all those type A girls at school who are ridiculously successful made him question if I was good enough. I have a good career but I was never ambitious like him. Or maybe it was such a big life change that he couldn’t handle a long distance commitment. I’ll never know because the only answer I got was that his feelings were different and he didn’t know why. But maybe one day I’ll just stop asking why and that will be the ultimate release. Its definitely going to be really hard to find someone else who matches up and will stick around.

        I also feel SUPER guilty for defriending him and his friends on facebook (I know fb is silly) almost immediately after we broke up. It felt like a juvenile thing to do because I loved them a lot. But I just couldn’t stand to see reminders of him on their wall and I knew I didn’t have the self control to not look. I hope they don’t hate me and can remember all the good times we had. Did you ever feel bad about cutting contact with your ex’s friends?

        Also I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through another breakup. But given the great advice you’ve given everyone here, hopefully you will be okay really soon.

        • Paula says:

          @ Lina,
          I know exactly how you are feeling. Your story is almost exactly like mine, except he didn’t move away and he just broke up with my less than a week ago. I was wondering how you were doing now?

          • Lina says:

            Hey Paula…I’m so sorry that you’re going through this. It really is the most awful thing, feeling helpless and powerless to change their mind even though you did nothing wrong. I’m doing better now I guess? Its been about 8 months. I still miss him and think about him and what he’s up to at school everyday. But I never begged or reached to out to him which I am proud of. I think that’s the best advice I can give you, to just walk away and never look back. Don’t do or say anything you will regret a week or months later. But if you do, its okay, don’t be too hard on yourself and just resolve not to do anything that will make you feel worse. Believe that you’re a good person and believe that you deserve better. I started questioning those two things about myself after we broke up. But I’m realizing that I’m only hurting myself. I still do it to be honest, I struggle to let negative self-talk take over my life. So try not to do that to yourself. The thing that’s been helping me is to think that this amount of sadness and pain can’t last. Happiness and love will come back to us in a lasting way one day, and this happened for some good reason even if it makes no sense to us right now. Its still really hard, I can’t lie. But its so much easier than it was a week after we broke up. So you have better days ahead of you. Hope that helps in some small way. Also thanks for replying to my post, it helps to know that I’m not alone.

  130. tanya says:

    I was just dumped about one week ago. I’m a total mess, I begged for him back and told him I’d do anything to make it work and every day it does seem to get better( but maybe it’s because I texted him that day). Waking up this morning, I realized how much of a dick he was for just letting go so easy and seemingly to not even have a hard time with it at all but I still felt anxious and went on a google spree to find anything that would make me sane and actually want to crawl out of bed. This has helped me so much and I just want to thank you a million for posting this! You have no idea how much better I feel just to know there are actual correct steps I should take to heal better. Thank you!

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Tanya! Well … I am so sorry to hear of your pain. You may FEEL like a total mess – but, YOU are not a mess. You are not defined by your situation. Therein lies your freedom. It’s not easy – but, you can now choose how this will play out for you. You are not a passive victim. And, I say you choose to be awesome. When I wrote this essay, I had no idea it would also appeal to women. And, I truly felt – and, often still feel – that I handle break-ups worse than anyone alive. That may actually be true. So, if I can muster-up the internal fortitude to press on, I know you’ve got the mojo deep within you to do the same. I can hear it in your words. You’ve got conviction, and you’ve got strength. And, that’s all you need from here on out. Just try not to let someone’s bad actions dictate your agenda anymore. Let him be a dick in a vacuum. A hermetically sealed shit-box that doesn’t have any bearing on you for another minute. ;-) And, practice some major “opposite action.” Meaning, do the exact opposite of what your racing thoughts are driving you toward when you know it’s not in your best interest. NO CONTACT. You were great. Now, be gone. Let him wallow in the wake of your absence. -JP

  131. Devonne says:

    Thank you so much! Your article helped make me smile and reminded me that I’m not completely off my rocker. I especially liked the comment about the hair…but only cause I know he is going to have a super hard time getting mine out of his apartment. He might not even notice, but feels rediculously good to think he might :-P Thanks again.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hey, Devonne! I’m super stoked I could help. Yeah, he’ll be finding your hair in strange places for over a month. My exes hair would even show-up in my clean underwear drawer, wrapped around my toothbrush, in my truck …. every damn where! Tenacious stuff you ladies have growing out your heads! ;-) He’ll notice. Don’t discredit how memorable you are. -JP

      • TeaKay says:

        Devonne…loved your comment about the hair. I’m so fortunate my boyfriend never spent the night at my place and was only there a handful of times. My place has not been poisoned…only the things he bought me and clothes he commented on/liked/remind me of dates we went on, etc. We did spend a ton of time at his place though. And given he was tearful and sad to break things off (said he still loves me, just can’t do it), I’m hoping my demon is hanging around his kitchen, living room, dining room, shower, on his deck, and especially in his bedroom and bed… Everywhere he has to be, especially as he often works from home.

  132. Gillian says:

    I have felt so shitty for the last 3months.i laughed and cried reading this and I can empathise with the feelings of each stage u described!
    Thanks so much!u can do the post mortem on the breakup and it just makes things worse!

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Gillian – I am so sorry to hear of your anguish. Guess what?! You have a huge consortium of peers! The best thing you can do for yourself is to keep your head and mind out of the past. Eyes forward. Do the opposite of what your emotions are driving you to do. It will greatly exacerbate the speediness of your recovery. God speed …. -JP

  133. RPC says:

    Great article! that’s exactly how I feel since june.
    We broke-up 5 months ago, I was already in the final phase but last week, because i guess I have a popcorn instead of a brain I called her and said that I would like to re-build our relationship and promised that it’ll work between us and that we could be together to the rest of our lives. She told me that she needs time to think bout it. Stupidly, I asked if she had someone within this time and she told me that she had 3 different relationships, shit! Result = back to phase 1. I’m here like a dog because I really love her, but I would prefer forget her, and be what i was 4 years ago. I think my problem is jealousy, if I accepted the fact that probably I would have done the same (without paying), by now I was ready to move… I’ve no interests in other women cause i’m blind. Any advice? By the way, now I know that I’m anxious, and why I react so bad to all of this. Thanks! really.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hey, RPC! Stop judging your judging of yourself. Instead, go EASY on yourself. You’re human, my man. You’re going to falter at times because you’ve got a heart! That’s a good thing. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t reached out to an ex with a plea of reconciliation. I’d like to say I haven’t – but, that would be a ridiculous lie. And, who knows if she really had someone else – or, 3 someone else’s – or, if she’s telling you that to get at you. They say if someone talks like that, it’s because they haven’t moved on. But, do NOT let that cause you to reach out to her again!!! If you really want to see if she misses you – you’ve got to leave her alone. Women are like yard chickens. If you chase them, they’ll only run in circles away from you! By the way, we ALL have anxiety at times – especially during a breakup. So, let it come and go. You’re gonna be just fine. -JP

  134. Hazel says:

    Cheers for this, your hilarious writing was just what I needed :) Seriously super

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hazel is a stellar name – and, the name of my absolutely favorite relative. Thank you for your kind words, Hazel. Ya made my day. It just goes to show that anxiety really does have a funny side. Torturous … but, funny. -JP

  135. Betty Boop says:

    JP, I want to say thanks for writing this. I woke up this morning still feeling like crap, went online and found your article and I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. I’m going through a break up with a guy I was with for 8 years. We lived together, hung out together, and even worked together. Now that we’re broke up I find myself in this anxiety mess not knowing what to do with myself & wondering if I’ll ever be myself again. I’ve even lost weight and don’t get much sleep. :( I do have moments where I feel like my old self again – then I still end up feeling like crap. It’s kind of discouraging! He seems to be doing fine which also makes me angry because I’m such a mess. Every memory in my house includes him. I have been staying at my mom’s because my house makes me sad – sounds ridiculous I know but true. I laughed really hard about the fat, lazy demon comment because I feel that way about it. I am hoping I won’t feel this way for long – can’t wait to be myself again. You gave me some hope knowing that I’m not the only one who goes through this. :) You’re a beautiful writer – so grateful to have found this – it really helped!

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, “Betty.” Sigh … I am sorry for your pain – very. I know it well. It feels like a colossal hole in your world. Tap in to your resilience and your ability to adapt. You have it – I can feel in in your email. Laugh at the things you can. And, do not feel weird about staying with your mom. It’s NOT crazy!! After my last breakup, I couch-surfed for 2 months! I did not want to go home. I lived out of a bag, and it was just what I needed. You WILL be yourself again. And, there WILL be setbacks, unfortunately. No recovery from anything is ever a straight line diagonally upward. But, it’s all part of your recovery, and you will always be moving forward …. even when it feels like you are regressing. Lean on those you love and who love you, until you feel enough love for yourself again that you can walk on your own. If he was the right man for you – you’d know it, and you would be together. And, I can assure you – no one is “fine” after losing their best friend and love after 8 years! Some people can just hide it better than others. But, this isn’t about him – it’s about YOU. And, right now, “you” are a priority. So, let’s keep it that way. Redirect all your thoughts back on to what is good for you going forward. And, make sure the next guy is a worthwhile enough man to receive you and what you offer a relationship. No negative self-talk, and no settling while you’re feeling low. This too shall pass, and try not to date until you’re back to believing how good you truly are. That way, we can ensure you choose the guy whom reflects what you deserve. -JP

  136. JP Hatcher says:

    “Bonesy,” I gotta tell ya, until I wrote and posted this, I had no idea just how many of us go through the exact same emotions at any given time. Accept my sincere condolences that you are currently feeling pain and grief. Know that you are NOT alone. You’ve got a great attitude and, clearly, some solid internal fortitude (more than I’ve had!). So, no doubt you’ll be just fine with some time. “It’s from down on our knees that we learn to stand.” I love your end quote: “Life goes on … so, let it.” Thank you for the mutual inspiration! – JP

  137. bonesy says:

    JP, a big thanks to you for taking the time to post this article. Like many of the folks on this post, I too am going through a anxiety filled breakup. I am between phase 1 and 2 (its only been a couple of weeks). Coming across this post really helped me to have a mental game plan for moving forward.

    Life goes on… so let it.

  138. Gi says:

    Omg fabulous article first time I have smiled in days. I have had pretty much all those emotions in one day? Anger, uncontrollable outbursts, and the ever so pitiful late night messages saying he is the best thing to happen to me! And the demonic devil worshiping dj’s with a soppy love song playlists on the radio everyday. But good to have a little chuckle! Thanks

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hi, Gi! It means a lot to me that I could bring a smile to you. I have found the best “revenge” from a break-up is personal success and mastery. So, focus on what you’re good at – whether it is your job, a hobby, or a craft – and, be the best damn individual you can be. He wasn’t the “best thing to happen to you.” YOU are priority #1, and in the end – we only have ourselves and our own path. This is true for EVERYONE. Certain people might come along that ENHANCE who we are – but, no one completes us or makes us whole. You, my dear friend, are your very own, whole entity all by yourself. WE ATTRACT THOSE WHO REFLECT HOW WE FEEL ABOUT OURSELVES. So, focus on YOU for awhile, until you’re standing tall again – even if you have to “fake it ’til you make it – and aim high on the next one. Ya know why?? Because YOU’RE WORTH IT. Period.

  139. Jeremie says:

    I’m going through phase 1 and 2 at the same time now..and i thank god for your article coming across on Google Search, i guess i decided i needed to fix myself up, more for future reference and can only do that if i can go past the present and not dwell on the past. Great article! Sincerely thank you!

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Hey, Jeremie! Thank you for reading and writing. I really appreciate the sentiment. I love your outlook – seriously. You sound like you’ve got this recovery thing locked-down. And, “yes” – nothing good comes from looking backward. It’s like looking in your car rear-view mirror. You only use it to see what you’re leaving behind. -JP

  140. Spanish Fred says:

    JP Hatcher,

    Wow.. Before today, i thought I was the last of my kind (Anxious, weak, Miserable at heart over a break-up). I believe I’m almost at Stage 3.. I must confess, I fought urges to not buy an engagement ring. Have you written anything else on this subject?


    • JP Hatcher says:

      Spanish Fred … you are sooooo not the last of your kind! ;-) I am glad to hear you are 3/4 of the way to feeling much better. As for the engagement ring – yeah, don’t. I can attest that was my single biggest mistake ever. And, I laugh at it now. And, you can laugh at me too. I welcome it. I was pathetic. But, that was then. As for writing anything else – I am 15 typed pages into a manuscript that I will have published on this exact topic. So, “yes!” And, it because of kind-hearted, epic people like you that I have been moved to write the book. So, thank YOU. I will contact you with an update as I near completion. I am close to submitting it to an agent. Keep up the kick-ass work! -JP

  141. Mari says:

    I absolutely loved this! It was funny, clever and genuinely helpful. Thank you so much

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Thank you for the kind words, Mari. It’s all real. And, from pain I was able to get out of my own head long enough to realize the nuances of bad breakups can actually be ….. funny! Myself, I’ll take the laughs wherever I can get them. -JP

  142. Jhm says:

    Wow…hahaha. This made my day/life. I did everything you said not to do (except the ring, I’m cheap/greedy, probably why she left me in the first place hahaha)…genius.

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Well, my friend, I only said not to do those things so that I could save someone else the misery (and, money) of my egregious mistakes! Don’t blame yourself for why she might’ve left. It’s our imperfections that make us human and unique. I should be cheaper – but, I don’t even balance my checkbook … -JP

  143. Osman M says:

    a very refreshing read….truly hits home

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Your feedback is valued, Osman – thank you. I am sorry if you went through a similar break. But, the premise of “misery loves company” always helps. At any given moment, there are a whole lot of us dealing with this exact same situation, in the exact same manner. But, it’s not like we can quit women …

  144. This is very insightful.

    I’m going through a gut-wrenching break-up of my own right now, but I’m the dumpee and female. And we were both anxious people so this break-up has been preceded by none other than 6 other break-ups before this between us both because we could never just stay committed to break-up.

    Although I’ve got nothing bad to say about him and hope he’s happy, I’m ready to stop feeling like I’ve got an elephant sitting on my chest

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Oh, darlin’ …. I get it. Those types of breakups are more common than not. That’s the anxiety driving you two back together – despite the reasons not to be in a relationship. I am glad to hear you are ready for closure and to move on. On the upside, you are someone willing to work at relationship. But, you’ve got to make sure it’s with a worthy candidate. Kind of a catch-22, since we are never quite sure if someone is “worthy” until we get to know them a little. Damn … dating is an exercise in futility at times. Hang tough, girl! -JP

  145. Joe Ehasz says:

    The best! Man, what a great article! It’s me totally! Thanks bro!

    • JP Hatcher says:

      Joe, it’s kind of nice to know there are a lot of us out there who react the same way. I’m glad I could help in some small way. My very best to you and your well-being! -JP

  146. Luke Harrison says:

    Haha that was excellent bud!!
    U explain things very well and with excellent humor!
    As an big anxiety/depression sufferer I really feel it after a break-up, even if I didn’t really care much for the girl anyway..
    Great article, very informative and funny as f#¥k!!
    Good job.


    • JP Hatcher says:

      Luke, thank you for the honest feedback. Rest-assured, we are very similar in your pain. But, also know that you are hardly alone on your path. Be sure to choose someone that deserves a man as insightful as you, and whom will respect and thoroughly appreciate how multidimensional and compassionate you can be. Truly, you deserve it. -JP

    • jeff says:

      Wow im going through phace 1 and 2 and this sucks big time.after 13 year marrie and three kids my wife want to divorce.I cry to her, ask for one more change etc I got days with a lot of anxiety and imagine stuff.all this make u feel like u go to died and never will happy again.thanks for this post looking forward to start to a new live and pass all this pain

      • JP Hatcher says:

        Hey, Jeff! Thank you for the read and your post. You are clearly facing a huge hurdle, and I am incredibly sorry for your pain and loss. The one thing I hope you take away from this post and website is that YOU ARE IN GREAT COMPANY!! So many people are going through very similar separations. It sucks – plain and simple. It’s not fair, not right, and the suffering is anything but brief. But, so many great men are suffering similar fate, and you can successfully traverse this. It’s just going to take a lot of support from family and friends – and, maybe a therapist. I, for one, LOVE the assistance of a good therapist. We should ALL have one. My hope is that in reading some of the posts on this page, you will glean some strength and healing in coping with your own pain. You are in all of our thoughts. -JP

    • Larry Davis says:

      thanks this article may have saved my life.

      • JP Hatcher says:

        Larry, that is the single greatest compliment I’ve ever received about this essay. That said, I am concerned about your pain. Just know you’ve got a LOT of us in your corner. -JP

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