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Breakup without breaking down State of Anxiety is a website dedicated to helping you through a breakup in an unprecedented manner. It's practical breakup advice and humor unlike any other - and, with huge results. If you've already done an Internet search and landed here, then you know there are more than a few tons of useless resources out there - especially for women. And, if you've been lucky enough in life to dodge a bout of anxiety up till now, a breakup [...]

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Sibling Smackdown: Anxiety Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

Despite a loving, generally happy home, my brother, Jeff, and I took “sibling rivalry” to a dark and desperate level. It was a class of anarchy like no other, and it drove my mom to counseling, and my dad to a dive bar in San Jose, called The Office, regularly after work. The turmoil began the day I was adopted at a year old from the Children’s Home Society of Oakland, CA in a svelte 1967 Pontiac station wagon, by an educated, young man and a petite woman with a bouffant hairdo. I believe it was aptly named a “beehive” back then, and was typically accompanied by hip, black, pointy glasses. Upon arrival home, I was stalked about the premises by my brother, Jeff (also adopted). As a toddler, my only hobby was annoying the piss out of Jeff. I had no reason, but hobbies are like that. I was only too eager to kick down, or otherwise destroy, his latest LEGO or Lincoln Log engineering marvels, and he soon lost all patience while harboring some ill-will toward his shelter-baby brother. […]

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